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Here’s the @homestuck-rarepair-week 2017 calendar!

Homestuck Rarepair Week is a week dedicated to pairings (and poly ships) that go underappreciated. This year, the week will be from April 2nd-8th (late and early submissions are allowed).

How can I contribute?

You can create art, music, stories, videos, or any other forms of content that you can think of. To get it featured on this blog, tag your post with #hsrarepairweek or @ us. You can also submit posts through the submission box.

More on the prompts under the cut!

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> Save Me - @resonae

“Five years ago, Bangtan found out Seokjin was spreading his legs for rich sponsors so their group could find success, and everything fell apart.”


gif/graphic tag game: favourite clan of elves | tagged by witchofthekorcari
↳ i’m tagging ohaldir & evungelinelilly

“For Morgoth had long prepared his force in secret, while ever the malice of his heart grew greater, and his hatred of the Noldor more bitter; and he desired not only to end his foes but to destroy also and defile the lands that they had taken and made fair.”