this! just look at this perfect face!


     “Did you cut the -”


     “And add the -”


     A smile tugged at your lips as you looked approvingly up at your boyfriend, savouring the pure normalcy of cooking a meal together and spending an evening in the bunker. You didn’t get to do stuff like this often - especially when you were constantly on the road, hunting down one murderous beastie after another. So whenever you had the chance for domestic and safe, you jumped on it. Today you’d decided to make lasagna. Sam had approved whole-heartedly from behind his computer screen.

     “I know, I’m awesome,” Dean said, smirking arrogantly. He’d clearly caught your smile. You rolled your eyes but placed a quick kiss on his cheek, ducking under his arms and heading for the stove.

      The pot on the burner held a steaming red sauce, perfectly seasoned using your mother’s old recipe. You delicately dipped the tip of your index finger into the pot, bringing it to your lips to taste.


     It was perfect.

     That is, until Dean appeared beside you, a long-suffering look on his face.

      “Jeez woman, must you do that?”

     “Do what?”

      Dean gently grabbed your hand, holding your still-extended finger up for you both to see. “That.

     You raised an eyebrow. “What? I was just testing the sauce.”

     “Couldn’t you use a spoon?”

     Indignation flared through you, arms crossing over your chest. “I just washed my hands. They’re clean!”

     Dean scoffed, putting down the wooden spoon he was holding. “That’s not why I’m objecting,” he said, voice dropping an octave.

     You ignored the involuntary shiver that ran down your spine.

     “Well, what is it then?”

     “When you do that …” Dean pulled the palm of your hand up to his mouth, lips brushing your skin as he spoke. “You’re just too …” He kissed the inside of your wrist. “Damn …” The fabric of your shirt pulled taught in the fingers of his free hand. “Distracting.”

     Before you had time to protest Dean’s lips were on yours, his arm wrapped around your waist as he walked you backwards into the counter. The cold edge of the steel island dug into your back. Within seconds Dean had you off the ground, the cool counter underneath your thighs and his torso wedged between your legs.

     “You’re one … to talk … about distractions,” you mumbled in between kisses, letting Dean pull your leg up around his waist.

     He smirked. “It’s not my fault you’re so irresistible.”

     You smiled against Dean’s lips, pushing your hands against his chest. “True. But …” You pulled back enough to look at him. “We have other things to do right now.”

     Dean slumped forward, forehead resting on your shoulder. “Do we have to?” he drawled.

     You let out a breathy laugh. “Yes.”

     “But we’re finishing this later.”

     Mischief lit your eyes as he pulled you closer to the edge of the counter. Closer to him. Your lips collided with his as he set you back on your feet, his hands tight around your waist and stubbornly holding on.


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tattoo artist - t.h smut

I wrote this for @tbholland aka Meg: Queen of Ruining My Life (ily though) lmao. gif credit to parkery (tom’s so fucking cute look at him!!!!)

warnings; smut smut smut, swearing also

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You entered the tattoo shop, the buzzing sound of tattoo machines filling your ears. You walk up to the reception desk and give your name, the receptionist woking you to take a seat and wait while she brings out Tom.

You were getting your second tattoo, however at a different place this time. Your first tattoo was done somewhere more dodgy, the design was not the best but it was only small and on your shoulder so you weren’t too bothered. This time, you wanted something bigger and more delicate and feminine - a sternum tattoo of a mandala lotus design. You spoke to your friend about the tattoo and she recommended this place.

After waiting about 5 minutes, the receptionist Paisley returns with a man in tow, his brown locks slicked back, his arms covered in various designs, forming a sleeve on one arm. He wore a tight fitting black t shirt, the sleeves tight around his muscular arms. You could vaguely see his abs through his top, the fabric sitting nicely against his skin. He wears a single hoop earring in his right ear, his warm brown eyes are welcoming and his smile is award winning.

“Y’alright love? I’m Tom, what can I do for you today?” You silently admire him as he shakes your hand, his touch lingering slightly.

“I’d like this on my sternum, just under the boobs.” You tell him, showing an image of the design you want. He asks for the phone, sketching up an image similar to the work on the photo. His design is even better than the picture you show him, causing your heart to flutter slightly. You like this guy already.

“Is this alright, darling? I was thinking the top of the flower could come up right between the breasts?” He tells you, his ideas full of passion.

“That sounds perfect, actually,” you smile at him.

“Sweet. Shall we go out back and get started then?” He asks you, leading you to the back room where the tattooing is done. He takes you over to his station, readying the machine and ink while you strip yourself of your top, laying down on the leather seat before removing your bra. You feel Tom looking at you from the corner of his eye, still preparing the tattoo machine, slightly distracted by the image of you lying on the seat in front of him, lacking clothing. Your hands cover your nipples, asking Tom how to position your breasts. You’re quite confident, something he finds endearing about you. He tells you to lift your breasts up and pull them apart, slightly, so he can get the stencil on perfectly. Tom carefully puts the stencil in place, the lotus flower fitting perfectly central between and under your breasts, his touch sending a wave of electricity through you.

“Is this your first?” He asks, as he changes his gloves to start tattooing you.

“Nah, I have a really shit one on my shoulder of a rose - it’s only small but I have a pretty high pain tolerance.” Tom’s eyes never leave yours as you talk to him.

“How shit is it? You might need a touch up or a cover up, if you want one of course.” You consider his offer, finding yourself wanting to come back to see Tom again.

“It’s pretty shitty but I never see it so it doesn’t bother me too much. I’ll show you it after if you’d like? Then we can devise a plan?” You ask him, you can tell Tom enjoys talking to you about tattoos. He’s passionate about them.

Tom smiles at you as he picks up the tattoo machine, dipping the needle in ink and turning the machine on to start tattooing you. He begins tattooing, going over the stencil with the needle. The feeling of the warm skin of his arm on your stomach is sensational, his brow furrowed slightly as he concentrates on getting the design perfect. Your heart rate picks up a bit the closer he gets to just under your breasts, his hand just skimming the soft flesh. He notices your breath hitching at the slight contact, briefly breaking his concentrated stare on the tattoo. Smirking cockily to himself, his eyes go back to the design he’s tattooing, his fingers skimming your breasts again; this time more intentionally.

“Take deep breaths through the pain, sweetheart.” He tells you, though you both know full well that your rapid breathing isn’t because of the pain of the tattoo machine, but rather the feeling of Tom against you.

The pain was not unbearable, although it was more uncomfortable than the small one on your shoulder.

“All done. I’ll pass you a mirror and you can tell me what you think? Then we can go through aftercare and stuff like that.” Tom says, cleaning up your tattoo. He hands you a mirror to take a proper look at the new design just under and between your breasts. It’s a beautiful design of a lotus flower, better than the original picture you showed him. You smile as you look at the design some more, loving the look of the ink on your skin.

“Thank you so much! I love it.” You look up at Tom, smiling. He hands you back your top, advising you not to wear your bra just yet as the skin is still sore, and talks through aftercare as you pull the fabric over your head, careful not to flash anyone your nipples. Tom watches you carefully as he speaks to you, taking in the soft skin of your stomach and breasts, watching them disappear as you pull your top down. You catch him looking and blush profusely, to which he smirks at you.

“What about this little tattoo on my shoulder? Do you think it needs covering? I trust your professional opinion.” You ask him, laughing slightly at your last statement, easing the tension from before.

“Lemme have a look,” you pull down the sleeve of your t shirt to show him the old tattoo, “oh yeah that’s pretty shit, love. Do you want something similar or different when you come back for a touch up?” He asks, inspecting the tattoo. Again, the feeling of his fingers on your skin ignites something in you, causing butterflies in your stomach.

“I think the rose is pretty tacky not gonna lie, plus it’s not even my favourite flower.”

Tom leads you back out to the main reception area, going behind the counter to book an appointment for you.

“How’s next Tuesday, around 6? It shouldn’t take too long to cover, darling.” He tells you, your heart skips a beat when he calls you darling, just making him more attractive to you.

“Sounds perfect.” You smile at him. You pay Tom for your tattoo, leaving the shop with a blush on your face and the thought of Tom’s hands on you.

When you go back to get your other tattoo covered, Tom immediately jumps up to greet you, asking about your recent tattoo. You show him it, as it’s healed, and he smiles to himself, clearly proud of his work.

“Looks amazing, babe.” He smirks as he tells you this, somehow knowing what his little pet names do to you.

The shop is fairly empty, only one other customer in there and Tom tells you that their receptionist is off sick so he’d been having to cover reception all day. You laugh at this, unable to see him sat behind the desk for the day, he seems all to fidgety to be bound to one place.

“Don’t laugh at me, sweets, I’m in control of the needle remember.” He smiles at you, the flirty banter between you two just adding to your attraction to one another. You sit on the same leather chair, pulling the sleeve of your top down so Tom has access to covering it. He places the stencil over your old tattoo, his breath hot on your neck - you feel like he does this on purpose. Tom gets called out into the main reception area, just as he was about to start tattooing you.

“Ah, fucks sake. I’ll be back in a sec, love.” He tells you, leaving the room to see what he’s needed for.

He returns maybe 5 minutes later, your head shoots up from your phone, looking at him expectantly.

“So the other guy, Gary, had to go home early. Family emergency. I’ve just put the closed sign up on the door, hope you don’t mind, I just don’t want people disturbing us.” He tells you, slightly out of breath from the explanation.

“Tom, it’s fine, I don’t mind at all.” You smile at him, putting your phone down and sitting back up on the chair. The thought of being alone in the shop with Tom somehow gives you a boost of confidence, “besides, I quite like the thought of just you and me here.” You stand up as you say this, walking over to Tom.

“Is that so?” He smirks back at you, cockily. His hand reaches for the door, closing it slowly. You continue walking over to him, backing him against the door.

“Mhm. I like that we won’t have any disruptions.” You’re dangerously close to him now, still not touching one another - teasing.

He smirks at you, “careful what you say, darling, you might get me a tad too excited.”

You blush at this, knowing Tom has some sort of feelings for you making you both nervous and excited.

“How excited, Tom?” You lean up, your bodies making slight contact now. You can feel his heartbeat against your chest, fast. He’s still smirking at you, looking into your eyes for any signs of doubt. After finding none, he leans close to your lips; “very excited.”

You growl as you grab his t shirt, smashing his lips against yours. His arms go straight to your waist, curling around you and bringing you closer to him. Your hands move up to his curly hair, feeling soft between your fingers. You tug his hair as you deepen the kiss, causing Tom to moan softly.

“Fuck, darling, who knew you were so rough?”

“Shut up and kiss me, Holland.” He chuckles and brings your lips back to his by grabbing your jaw, guiding you to him. One of his strong, tattooed arms are still wrapped around your waist, his hand slides down to grope your ass, causing you to moan now. You deepen the kiss, tasting Tom. He reciprocates, moaning at the feeling of your tongue on his, teasing you with a “what else can that tongue do, sweetheart?”

His other hand moves from your jaw to your ass, lifting you up. You wrap your legs around his waist, his strong arms holding you close to him. You can feel his arousal on you, his cock prominent through the material of his jeans. You whine at the feeling of him on you, your senses are consumed wholly by Tom - his smell, his taste, his hot skin, his hands on your ass, the feeling of his hair between your fingers.

Tom leads you to his tattooing station, setting you down on his leather chair, never breaking the kiss. You lean up to kiss him, as Tom pushes your top up, feeling the soft skin of your stomach beneath his fingertips.

“Don’t be so gentle, Holland.”

“Darling, you don’t know what’s coming.” He tells you, leaning in to kiss you again. He pulls away from the kiss biting your lower lip, causing you to whimper.

He works on getting your jeans off as you work on his top, pulling the cotton material over his head, his hands immediately going back to your jeans, you lift your hips so he can slide them off. He pushes your legs apart, fingers digging into the skin, while he kisses you. Your hands roam his body, pulling his torso towards you, tracing his prominent abs. Tom breaks the kiss and starts kissing down your neck, causing your eyes to flutter closed as he roughly sucks the skin there.

“Looks like you have many ways of marking my skin.” You laugh at your own comment, feeling Tom smile against you before he bites down on your neck, causing your laugh to turn into a loud moan.

“Darling, you sound so good.” He tells you, his hands are still gripping your thighs, his lips and tongue continue their attack on your neck, you’re so turned on your pussy aches. Tom continues kissing down your neck, stopping to pull your t shirt over your head, and proceeding to kiss down your body. He unhooks your bra, your soft boobs press against his hard chest. Tom leans down to kiss along your breasts, kissing the lotus flower he tattooed on you last week. His left hand glides up your thigh, coming to your centre. He feels you through your underwear, which are wet from your arousal.

“Fuck, you’re so wet. Is this all for me?” His words cause you to moan, “yes, baby, all for you.”

Tom smirks to himself again, his fingers continuing to tease your pussy. He brings his other hand up to take your panties off completely, leaving you bare and beautiful before him. His mouth waters at the sight of you, legs spread, pussy on show, incredible boobs, hickies covering your neck and collarbones. His hands go back to your thighs as he leans his entire body lower, his face coming in line with your pussy. You moan at the sight of Tom between your legs, his tattoo covered arms flex as he lifts your thighs over his shoulders. Tom leans in to kiss up your thighs, teasing you. You squirm under his touch, causing him to lift one hand upto your stomach, holding you down.

“Stop squirming, baby, it only makes it worse for you,” he’s smirking smugly, his lips looking incredibly red and inviting.

Tom leans down again, this time licking up between your folds, to your clit. You let out the loudest moan yet, his warm wet tongue surprising you. Your hands fly to his hair, keeping him right between your legs. He licks up again, coming to your clit which he flicks with the tip of his tongue. Your hands grip his hair harder, wanting him to stay between your legs forever. He moans as you tug his hair, the sound vibrating against your aching pussy.

“Fuck, Tom, ‘m close, babe.” Your legs are shaking on his broad shoulders, his hand still holding you down, his tongue flicking your sensitive bundle of nerves. You bring his head closer to your cunt, his tongue never stopping. You look down to see him already staring at you, making eye contact while he works wonders on you with just his tongue. You come at the sight of him and the feeling of his tongue on your clit. You grip his hair harder, arching your back while your legs shake from the incredible orgasm. You moan out loud, “fuck fuck fuck, Tom!” eyes rolling to the back of your head. Tom laps at your pussy while you come down from your high, tasting you.

“You taste so sweet, darling.” He tells you, leaning back up to kiss you, the taste of your cunt still lingering on his lips and tongue.

“I bet you taste sweeter.” You challenge him, smirking as your hands come down to his jeans, pulling on the button and zip.

“As much as I’d love to see your pretty lips wrapped around me, if I’m not inside of you soon I think I might lose my shit.” Tom tells you, searching for his wallet. He finds it in his back pocket, pulling a condom out.

“You’re one of those guys,” you tease, giggling to yourself. You know full well that Tom isn’t like other guys, but teasing him whilst he’s ready to fuck you seems to add to his dominance.

“Sweetheart, I’m not one of those guys.” He tells you, pulling down his jeans and boxers. He pulls you in for another kiss, your hand going between you to roll the condom onto his hard cock. Tom groans at the feeling of your small hand on his aching dick.

“You’re so good, baby.” You smile st the compliment, leaning back against the leather chair. Tom follows eagerly, spreading your legs and positioning himself between them. He lines his cock up with your wet entrance, pushing in slowly. He’s thicker and longer than what you’re used to but he feels so good inside you. Tom let’s you adjust for a minute, holding back to make sure you’re comfortable before pounding into you. He thrusts hard into you, his cock going deep inside you, hitting your g spot instantly.

“Fuck! You’re so good, baby.” You tell him, the feeling of his cock inside you is heavenly. His inked arms are situated either side of your torso, your own arms reaching up to wrap around his shoulders. You moan as he thrusts into you wildly, now knowing you’d adjusted perfectly to him. You scratch down his back as he fucks you, causing Tom to moan loudly as well. You can see sweat forming on his forehead, his lips parted as he focuses on your body beneath him. You pull him down for a sloppy kiss, a messy mixture of lips and tongues, he bites your lip s few times, causing you to whimper. One of his hands comes to rest on your breast, feeling the soft flesh between his fingers. He groans at the feeling of your boobs, mixed with you clenching your pussy on him.

“Shit, darling, so tight.” His moans punctuated with thrusts. You are a moaning mess beneath him, his hand slides down to your clit and rubs there, adding to the immense pleasure you’re feeling.

You moan loudly at the sudden contact, clenching around his cock again.

“Yes, darling, is that good? You like when I fuck you hard and rough?” You moan at this, answering with “yes, fuck.”

You feel your second orgasm approaching, Toms thrusts become sloppier, your cunt clenching tightly around him.

“Tom, babe, i’m gonna come.” you moan out at him

“Don’t hold back, darling. Come for me.”

You come on cue - Tom’s fingers on your clit mixed with him hitting your g spot with every thrust bringing you to the edge. You clenching around Tom sets off his orgasm, he comes with a groan, emptying his load into the condom. He thrusts sloppily as you both come down from your highs, pulling out and discarding of the condom before collapsing on top of you.

“Y’know, when you asked me to come back for a touch up I was not expecting this.” You tell him, giggling as he lies his head on your chest, your fingers rubbing through his hair.

“I wasn’t expecting you to be so kinky, sweets.” He smirks at you, looking into your eyes. Your heart flutters as you lean down to peck his lips, admiring the different designs on his arms. You notice he had more tattoos on his thighs, calves and one on his chest. You spend the rest of the night talking about everything and nothing.

101# Soft Klance of the Day: “I like you, Keith, and I mean that as in… I love you.” Lance confesses one night where he catches Keith alone on the Bridge.
Keith blinks in surprise. “Wait, you are gay?”
Lance face palms. “Is this seriously the first question you are asking just right after I confessed?” He looks back up and smirks. “I am bisexual, -bi- the way.”
“Ohhh. “Keith pauses. “Well… I like you too.”
“Oh, neat…aaaand that was anticlimactic.” He scowls at Keith. “Look at what you did, we are surrounded by perfect stars and you still managed to kill the mood.” He snorts and starts laughing. “Couldn’t have expected anything else from you.”

BTS REACTION - Touching Your Butt


You two were walking hand in hand though a park but that was until you saw a beautiful flower on the grass and without thinking it twice you let go of his hand to take the flower making him pout of the sudden lose of your warm . While you were kneeling down to take it he spanked your butt with one of his hands chuckling at your shocked reaction. 

“What was that for?” You asked him. “It was your punishment for ignoring me” He told you pouting. “But that flower was so pretty, prettier than you.” You teased him sticking your tongue at him. He gasp exaggeratedly putting one hand over his chest. “ How could you? I’m worldwide handsome.” He told you acting offended but at the end you both were chuckling at you childish argument. 

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He was in his studio once again leaving you alone and bored. Leaving a sigh out of your lips you went to his studio to help him or do something to distract yourself from this bored day. You went direct inside without knocking on the door, he was there sitting on his chair with his amazing blonde hair. You went to him and placed yourself on his lap with your arms around his neck like a little kid hugging his mum.

 “Baby what are you doing?” He say with a chuckle. “I’m bored and i don’t know what to do” Then a smirk would be placed on his small lips before squeezing your ass with both of his hands earning a gasp from your lips. “Why did you do that?” You asked with wide eyes to your boyfriend’s action. “I know how to entertain you.” a smirk was now on your face nodding your head to him as a signal that you want it. His breath was now on your right ear where he whispered to me three words that make me groan. “Go to sleep” seeing your reaction he just chuckle before sparking your ass again. 

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Rap Monster
 “Namjoon this is the fourth plate that you broke today” you yelled at your clumsy boyfriend. He just looked at you with an innocent smile on his face making a heart with his arms. “Don’t look at me like this.” you said to him before turning around so your back was now facing him and  your  arms crossed over your chest.

 “Love, you know that i’m a clumsy guy,  you should know it.” you sigh “I know .” you say with your arms now hanging on either side of your body. Before you could turn around to look at him you felt his hands graving your butt firmily. “What do you think you are doing pervert?” you told him holding your laugh. “You know…after all our arguments we do the make up thing…” He told me with a smirk on his face and a wink before graving your butt once again.  

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You two were playing Mario Bros , you were winning over him and he didn’t like it at all so while you were on your knees trying your best to won him he put one hand over your butt distracting you from the game this making him smirk and get ahead of you. “That was cheating.” You told him while trying to get ahead of him once again. “I didn’t cheat i only wanted to touch your pretty ass Jagy” 

A smirk was now on your face when your hand went to grab his butt and giving it a quick squeez making him froze, you toke this oportunity to get ahead on the game and finally it was the end of the race when you proclamer yourself the winner. “Yah that was cheat you touched my pretty flower ass” He say pouting. “I didn’t cheat i only wanted to touch your pretty ass.” you say the same words that he said to you teasing him with a wide smile on your face. 

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You just woke up in the arms of your amazing hardworking small boyfriend. Yesterday you saw a picture on instagram of Jimin’s ass, the jibooty, and you wanted to compared his with your own even if it sounds weird. 

You where now sitting on the bed while touching Jimin’s perfect ass with jelousy. “How can my boyfriend have better ass than me.” You asked yourself without realizing that he was now awake chuckling at you. “Babe you don’t have to worry your ass is perfect.” He told you before grabbing it making you come closer to him. “But it’s so small, it’s just like your hands, so small” You say with a soft small voice, he just looked at you chuckling at how childish you are. “So that’s why are we made for each other, my small hands for your small little ass.” he said grabbing your ass with his hands making you crash into his chest whispering with a smile on your face. “So cheesy…”

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He were waiting for you to go sit with him on the table to eat dinner the two of together. After you finished cooking you placed it on the table going around the table to sit on the chair next to him.

Before your butt could touch the chair Taehyung placed his big and soft hand there making you sit over it. A small gasp go out of your mouth made it for the squeeze of your boyfriend’s hand on your butt. You looked towards him with a glare. “Taehyung what is your hand doing under my butt?” You asked him receibing a box smile from him. “Sorry princess but you took the chair where my hand was siting.” You stood up taking his hand in yours intertwining your finguers together before locking your eyes with his. “Now your hand isn’t siting on my chair anymore.” You both just chuckled before starting eating.

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You were about to go to sleep but you were  thirsty so you went to the kitchen to drink a glass of water but when you went to take one glass you didn’t reach were the glasses were, you stretched your small arm all you can but before you reach it you felt a spark on your butt from behind. 

When you turned you saw an smirking Jeon Jungkook. “Are you having troubles to reach that glasses shortie?” He asked teasing your height. You just glared at him receibing a chuckle in return. He approached you and took one glass for you. “Did you put that there right?” You say talking about the glasses but he just smiled at you before sparking your but again. With a wink and a lip biting he just walked away before saying. “See you in bed sexy shortie.”   

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Soo I can’t get passed thinking about how Sweet Pea would look at his SO. 

Like you’d be able to see the love in his eyes, literal heart eyes. 

And how he’d never be the first to say I love you, unless he really really messed up. But you’d still know that he loved you more than life itself. 

How about the little proud look on his face when you get along with his friends and soon they are you’re friends too.

Or the smirk he’d get when you put someone in their place, regardless of who it is and what it’s for. 

Or how he’d always be trying to be better for you but you’re like, lawl - you’re perfect.

How about him watching you when you’re getting ready to go out, watching you do your make up and your hair, just in awe. Then you put the outfit on and he almost looses his shit because he wont believe he deserves you. 

Constantly feeling he’s not good enough because of some shitty past, but knowing that he couldn’t live without you so he’s the best version of himself that he can be.

I literally can’t stop thinking all of this! 

I can’t stop staring at this. It’s literally the most perfect manifestation of our personalities AND my complete adoration of him. So in case you were wondering how I’m doing, all ya gotta do is look at that smile on my face. He’s my literal favorite human, my whole world, and the love of my life. We’ve fought hard to get to where we are and I wouldn’t trade any of it.

I’m still here, still around, just ridiculously busy. But I plan on doing some writing this week after I officially finish my training at work. A friend gave me a deadline that I must fulfill. Promise I’ll share whatever comes of it.

In the meantime, enjoy this little update of my life.

xoxo, me

Me: Ben Barnes is a so pretty, that if Hades had a prodigical handsome son, he would definitely be named Ben Barnes, hell his eyes are deeper than Tartaros, his hair are just picture perfect and he has body of a god. I had to stop the show like 5 times every episode, just to take closer look at his gorgeousness.

Also me: Billy Russo is an disguisting slimy excuse for human being, who can choke for all I care. Moment when Frank ruined his fake ass face was the most beautiful moment of a whole season.

when ur bf is bigger than u and knows u dont mind surprise smooches rb if u agree


The Holy Jinity 

heith week day 6: colors
strange nature, to feel your tether… we could coexist - x

the fic i wrote (rated mature) 

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would you ever draw camila? like with lil nina?

camila loves her happy lil girl more than anything

I commissioned a modern Tarzan and Jane from the incredibly talented @punziella and here’s the final result!! I couldn’t be happier with it, it’s absolutely perfect and I just love it so so much I can’t stop staring at it, thank you so much Pauline!!


I do know some things. Not enough to build a life together, but I suppose we’ll get there.