this! is! spartaaaaa!!!

Does anyone remember

-The Troll face
-Madness?! This…. is…. SPARTAAAAA!!!
-The Philoceraptor
-Socially Awkward Penguin
-Me gusta
-You don’t say
-Well excuuuuuuuse me princess
-I hope she made lots of SPAGHETTI!
-That’s NO GOOD
-Do a barrel roll!
-I herd you liek mudkipz
-mlg yolo swag with the doritos and mountain dew
-Guy with broom going “ALL THE THINGS!”
-I don’t always ___ but when I do I ____
-One does not simply ___
-How ___ views this
-All the other image macros
-Keyboard cat
- I guess you could say *puts on sunglasses* (pun) YEEEEAAAAAHH
-All your base are belong to us
-It’s a trap!
-Nyan cat
-Gangnam Style
-Peanut butter jelly time
-What the fu-BOOOOOOM
-SnooPING AS usual I see
-I’ll have to give myself a PRRRROMOTION
-*squishes someone with roadroller* WRYYYYYY
-It’s time to D-D-D-D-D-D-Duel!
-The car with the three people grooving
-Fucking magnets how do they work?
-Oh no! Oh no! Oh no! *Kool-aid Man shows up* Oh yeah!
-Pepperidge farms remembers

Life with photosensitivity be like
  • Body: *sees the sun*
  • Body: Oh my god! The Bat Signal! This means we are under attack!
  • Me: No. No it does not. That is literally just the sun. Calm the fuck down.
  • Body: We have to protect ourselves by killing everything!
  • Me: No. No. That is the opposite of what you should do.
  • Me: No. No no no what the hell are you doin-
  • Body: *stabs kidney and lights skin and joints on fire*
Dragon Game spoilers ahead!

All I can say, is that I am very pleased how Dragon Games went. I am a little disappointed that “Mira Shards” was only in one episode. But a bit shocked on still that Darling and Apple “kiss” *fans self*. And DEFINITELY not in a bad way either. 

Just didn’t think Mattel would have it in them. Yes yes I aware it was to “resuscitate” her (Don’t even know WHY she stopped breathing but she did). But I am happy they took that step. I was secretly hoping it was Raven. But, eh, I also adore Darling as well *wink*. Besides..

We got this scene didn’t we? I’m a very happy Rapple fan and broke my heart earlier of their break up T^T. Don’t cry Apple…

Good grief Apple your eyes can’t get any bigger. Man, Raven’s voice actor was seriously on point during this scene. But man did it hurt. 

I will admit, I was startled at this scene 

SHE JUST LITERALLY “THIS-IS-SPARTAAAAA” HER RIGHT OUT THE WALL! SHE CAN’T FLIPPING FLY AND CRAP EVIL QUEEN! WHAT WERE YOU THINKING!? (Thankfully bean stalk caught her but that scared the begeezus out of me! O_O). I literally screeched and started yelling at my monitor. Glad she was okay though, heh. 

Faybelle with shades was too perfect. Got a kick out of that. Hope you guys also enjoyed Dragon Games. I was seriously impressed with the art and shading as well. I can definitely tell a lot of work was put into it. I’m impressed. 

Good work Mattel. Let’s just hope the lack of detail that’s been going into dolls has been going into the animation team for the movies/series *casual thumbs up*


IS THIS A CUTE PHOTO OR WHAT?! LOOK AT THEM BEING SO ADORABLE! Seriously, it’s a photo of “we’re totally dating, it’s official, let’s take a photo of the memory”. Am I right or am I right? Guys? Guys? :’D

Feel free to message me with thoughts on the mini series. Thanks ~