Simon trying to act surprised that North died even though she suggested to kill him back on the roof. 

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personal rant

I easily get nervous and angry and at the same time my logical thinking runs in a little bit different way and oh god, sometimes it makes it so hard to voice my thoughts.

Because whenever I say what I think, whenever I point the solution, I see that people don’t grip the problem the way I do. Sometimes that makes perfect sense in my head usually is assumed to be “odd” and “illogical”. And I din’t want to be called “dumb” all the time, okay? I may not be super-intelligent but believe me everything in my head is very logical. It’s just not the same logic that most of the people I know follow? I jump from one point to another and skip three problems on my way because it’s the only thing that makes sense in my head. It is logical for me. And whenever I try to explain I get so angry because I hear, I see in their eyes, that until then people just plainly assumed that it doesn’t make sense. And it makes me so nervous and frustrated and it suddenly becomes even harder to explain and I usually just give up. Because when I continue explaining people tend to say that “i won’t admit I’m wrong”. 

Bitch, this makes sense, just look from the other perspective. It still makes sense. Why can’t you just listen to me?

There is Officially Nothing More Important to me than Matt Holt
remyma: This weekend I celebrated a milestone with my best friend, my partner in everything, my husband, my forever @papoosepapoose I love you so much- not only because you are the perfect soulmate but because you are the epitome of a real man, the essence of a great father, and the definition of loyalty & if I could start life over the only thing I would change is meeting you sooner so that I can spend more time with you💋
We’ve known each other 13 years & been married a decade😍 we renewed our vows amongst our closest friends and family members
It was a small, intimate setting and one of the most precious moments of my life…thank you Husband, u always make me happy 💍
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chen linong’s list of priorities:
1. escaping and winning the game
1. finding out who the handsome policeman is