Tapsee to pair up with Jai in Thiru's next

Tapsee to pair up with Jai in Thiru’s next

Actor Jai, who is riding high on the success of his film ‘Valiyavan’ has signed his next under the direction of Thiru. It was earlier reported that Trisha will be donning the the female lead role opposite Jai for the first time in this untitled movie. But now, it looks like Tapsee will replace Trisha in the film. The makers recently approached Tapsee with the story, listening to which she readily…

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My classmate that loves to sing love songs to me! 😊
newbee.. #Thiru he has a countless number of my selfies in his phone!! 😂

“It’s not a Bond’s French lip-lock with Lakshmi Menon” – Vishal

“It’s not a Bond’s French lip-lock with Lakshmi Menon” – Vishal

While a week is left for the release of Vishal’s ‘Naan Sigappu Manithan’, the entire crew was present last evening at Prasad Lab for interacting with media channels pertaining to this project. The film is directed by Thiru and is produced by Vishal under the banner of Vishal Film Factor with UTV Motion Pictures releasing it.

With accordance to the film being certified with ‘U/A’, G Dhananjayan,…

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Came from a long drive on a cloudy day. Good drive after couple of days....

Staying indoors only and not moving out too much now a days. Was thinking to go out from the past week but due rain and poor health, couldn’t step out of house.  Today, somehow made up my mind to try something different as I was totally bored and pissed up being in the house. 

On a 200km long drive…..cloudy and cool breeze…..

'Naan Sigappu Manidhan' review

‘Naan Sigappu Manidhan’ review

[su_highlight background=“#ff999e”]Family friendly – No[/su_highlight]

Almost a Pandiya Naadu sequel, both in terms of how these movies have re-invented David going after Goliath and Vishal hitting these roles out of the park. Great to see a thirsty underdog getting his due.

Even with marketing this film, NSM is smart in targeting a certain demographic and unapologetically satiating them. Be it…

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How to War?

Book: Hitler’s Panzers: The Lightning Attacks that Revolutionized Warfare

Author: Dennis Showalter

Chapter 1: Beginnings

The Western world has developed three intellectual approaches to war. The first is the scientific approach. The scientists interpret was a subject to abstract laws and principles. Systematically studied and properly applied, these principles enable anticipating the consequences of decisions, behaviours, even attitudes. The Soviet Union offers the best example of a military system built around the scientific approach. Marxism-Leninism, the USSR’s legitimating ideology, was a science. The Soviet state and Soviet society was organized on scientific principles. War making was also a science. The application of its objective principles by trained and skilled engineers was the best predictor of victory.

The second approach to war is the managerial approach. Managers understand war in terms of organization and administration. Military effectiveness depends on the rational mobilization and application of human and material resources. Battle does not exactly take care of itself but its uncertainties are best addressed in managerial contexts. The United States has been the most distinguished and successful exemplar of managerial war. In part, this reflects the country’s underlying pragmatism: an ethic of getting on with the job. It also reflects a historical geography that, since the Revolution, has impelled America to export its conflicts-in turn making administration a sine qua non. As demonstrated by the disasters suffered by Harmar and St. Clair in the 1790s to the catastrophe of Task Force Smith in 1950 Korea, without effective management, successful fighting has been impossible.

The Germans developed a third approach: understanding was as an art form. Though requiring basic craft skills, war defied reduction to rules and principles. Its mastery demanded study and reflection, but depended ultimately on two virtually untranslatable concepts: Fingerspitzengefühl and Tuchfühling. The closest English phrase is the more sterile phrase: “Situational awareness.” The German concept incorporates as well the sense of panache: the difference, in horsemen’s language, between a hunter and a hack, or in contemporary terms, the difference between a family sedan and a muscle car.

About the book:

The book is written in a cocky American viewpoint as is most books in this genre available in most libraries. Panzers were any WWII fan’s childhood vehicle of choice. The power and the magic behind them had captivated my innocence right from schooldays and my sojourns with WWII literature further strengthened them.

Special dedication to two seniors from college (BITS-Pilani), Raghunathrao Pathwardhan, prince of Pathwardhan and Thrivikraman a.k.a. Thiru.

New Post has been published on

New Post has been published on

POTA buat lebih ramai orang radikal, akibat penahanan tanpa bicara

Presiden Majlis Peguam Malaysia Steven Thiru berkata Pota membenarkan penahanan tanpa bicara selama dua tahun. – Gambar The Malaysian Insider oleh Kamal Ariffin

Penahanan tanpa bicara mempunyai kesan yang sebaliknya dalam memerangi keganasan di beberapa negara, kata Majlis Peguam, ketika pihak berkuasa di Malaysia bersedia melaksanakan undang-undang anti-keganasan kontroversi barunya tidak lama lagi.

Presiden Majlis Peguam Malaysia, Steven Thiru berkata, pengalaman di negara lain yang menggunakan undang-undang tersebut mendapati, lebih ramai orang menjadi radikal setiap kali seseorang dipenjarakan tanpa kesalahannya dibuktikan di mahkamah.

Badan itu dimaklumkan mengenai perkara itu oleh penggubal undang-undang anti-keganasan di negara lain yang kini tidak lagi mengamalkan penahanan tanpa bicara dalam memerangi keganasan.

Penahanan tanpa bicara ialah satu ciri Akta Pencegahan Keganasan (Pota) baru yang dijangka mula berkuat kuasa bulan depan.

Walaupun Thiru tidak menamakan negara tersebut, difahamkan ia termasuk negara demokrasi matang di Eropah Barat yang mempunyai sejarah luas memerangi keganasan dan militan.

“Keganasan sukar ditentang dan mereka tahu tidak ada cara yang pasti menang untuk mengalahkannya. Tetapi, mereka juga mengatakan, penahanan tanpa bicara bukan jawapannya,” Thiru berkata pada satu forum di Kuala Lumpur, semalam.

Forum anjuran Majlis Peguam itu berhubung Pota, yang diluluskan di Parlimen bulan lalu, dan membenarkan penahanan tanpa bicara selama dua tahun.

Pengkritik mendakwa, Pota sama dengan Akta Keselamatan Dalam Negeri (ISA) yang kini dimansuhkan dan undang-undang itu tidak membenarkan tahanan mempersoalkan atau mengkaji sebab mereka dipenjarakan.

Kerajaan pada tahun 1960 mendakwa ISA bertujuan melawan pemberontakan komunis, tetapi ia kemudiannya digunakan pihak pentadbiran bagi menahan ramai ahli politik dan aktivis bukan komunis antara tahun 1980 dan 2013 apabila ia akhirnya dimansuhkan.

Thiru berkata pengalaman di negara lain mendapati, apabila individu ditahan tanpa bicara dan apabila tiada maklumat atau bukti mengenai sebab mereka dipenjarakan, ia mencambahkan simpati dan sokongan orang ramai.

“Para penyokong ini tidak semestinya pejuang tetapi mereka boleh membiayai pergerakan itu,” kata Thiru.

“Negara yang berada di barisan hadapan menentang keganasan seperti Australia, Perancis dan United Kingdom, yang menghadapi kegiatan yang dahsyat, tidak terburu-buru menggubal undang-undang seperti Pota. Jadi, mengapa Malaysia berbuat demikian?” – The Malaysian Insider

Plunked your butt down in a chair, rifled out some thoughts on your trusty keyboard ★ Now you know don’t say thank

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3Novices:TN Governor invites Jayalalithaa to form govt

3Novices:TN Governor invites Jayalalithaa to form govt

Chennai, May 22 (ANI): Tamil Nadu Governor K. Rosaiah on Friday accepted state Chief Minister O. Panneerselvam’s resignation and invited AIADMK supremo J Jayalaltihaa to form the Ministry at the earliest. “The Governor of Tamil Nadu accepted the resignation of Thiru O Panneerselvam, Chief Minister and his Council of Ministers with effect from the forenoon of 22.05.2015,” said a statement by the…

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Super Khiladi Returns (Thiruvilaiyaadal Aarambam)- Hindi Dubbed Blueray

Super Khiladi Returns (Thiruvilaiyaadal Aarambam)- Hindi Dubbed Blueray

Storyline: Thirukumaran (Dhanush) is a carefree laid back guy who has a great time with his friends (Karunas, Sukumar and others). He falls in love with Priya (Shriya Saran), who is the sister of Guru (Prakash Raj), a rich business tycoon. The story is about a cat-and-mouse game between Thiru and Guru, who is against Thiru and Priya’s love. Thiru (Dhanush), the hero wins the game at the end.


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Live with Passions

We always know that we needs passion in work only we will enjoy it and happy with our life. 

I am still exploring my work and life. 

Yesterday met up with my friends and Thiru. 

Andrew was drag by me. He is really my best brother. He is a good man. A big brother. A good listener. An idealistic person. He is one kind of legend. 

I like his way of living, although too serious for us ordinary people to accept, He loves what he is doing. I feel like fall in love with him the moment he shared the topic that he loves. He is the future bright star that become my idol instead of partner. 

Anyway, he is one that I am really glad that I know him and knows the story about him. I like the topic he shared, the ability of one who study a serious topic, although he sometimes find it hard to explain to us the layman, but once you understand they are all really an interesting one. 

Palm Oil Sustainability (RSPO) issue, History of Physics, and yesterday Food Waste issue in the world. 

He is actually my teacher since secondary, my biology and chemistry were taught by him for SPM and STPM. 

People always remind me about life, dreams, passions, challenges, love what you do. 

My family kind of friends, he is my “grandpa”, I salute for his knowledge and his kindness to people.