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“It’s not a Bond’s French lip-lock with Lakshmi Menon” – Vishal

“It’s not a Bond’s French lip-lock with Lakshmi Menon” – Vishal

While a week is left for the release of Vishal’s ‘Naan Sigappu Manithan’, the entire crew was present last evening at Prasad Lab for interacting with media channels pertaining to this project. The film is directed by Thiru and is produced by Vishal under the banner of Vishal Film Factor with UTV Motion Pictures releasing it.

With accordance to the film being certified with ‘U/A’, G Dhananjayan,…

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Came from a long drive on a cloudy day. Good drive after couple of days....

Staying indoors only and not moving out too much now a days. Was thinking to go out from the past week but due rain and poor health, couldn’t step out of house.  Today, somehow made up my mind to try something different as I was totally bored and pissed up being in the house. 

On a 200km long drive…..cloudy and cool breeze…..

'Naan Sigappu Manidhan' review

‘Naan Sigappu Manidhan’ review

[su_highlight background=”#ff999e”]Family friendly – No[/su_highlight]

Almost a Pandiya Naadu sequel, both in terms of how these movies have re-invented David going after Goliath and Vishal hitting these roles out of the park. Great to see a thirsty underdog getting his due.

Even with marketing this film, NSM is smart in targeting a certain demographic and unapologetically satiating them. Be it…

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How to War?

Book: Hitler’s Panzers: The Lightning Attacks that Revolutionized Warfare

Author: Dennis Showalter

Chapter 1: Beginnings

The Western world has developed three intellectual approaches to war. The first is the scientific approach. The scientists interpret was a subject to abstract laws and principles. Systematically studied and properly applied, these principles enable anticipating the consequences of decisions, behaviours, even attitudes. The Soviet Union offers the best example of a military system built around the scientific approach. Marxism-Leninism, the USSR’s legitimating ideology, was a science. The Soviet state and Soviet society was organized on scientific principles. War making was also a science. The application of its objective principles by trained and skilled engineers was the best predictor of victory.

The second approach to war is the managerial approach. Managers understand war in terms of organization and administration. Military effectiveness depends on the rational mobilization and application of human and material resources. Battle does not exactly take care of itself but its uncertainties are best addressed in managerial contexts. The United States has been the most distinguished and successful exemplar of managerial war. In part, this reflects the country’s underlying pragmatism: an ethic of getting on with the job. It also reflects a historical geography that, since the Revolution, has impelled America to export its conflicts-in turn making administration a sine qua non. As demonstrated by the disasters suffered by Harmar and St. Clair in the 1790s to the catastrophe of Task Force Smith in 1950 Korea, without effective management, successful fighting has been impossible.

The Germans developed a third approach: understanding was as an art form. Though requiring basic craft skills, war defied reduction to rules and principles. Its mastery demanded study and reflection, but depended ultimately on two virtually untranslatable concepts: Fingerspitzengefühl and Tuchfühling. The closest English phrase is the more sterile phrase: “Situational awareness.” The German concept incorporates as well the sense of panache: the difference, in horsemen’s language, between a hunter and a hack, or in contemporary terms, the difference between a family sedan and a muscle car.

About the book:

The book is written in a cocky American viewpoint as is most books in this genre available in most libraries. Panzers were any WWII fan’s childhood vehicle of choice. The power and the magic behind them had captivated my innocence right from schooldays and my sojourns with WWII literature further strengthened them.

Special dedication to two seniors from college (BITS-Pilani), Raghunathrao Pathwardhan, prince of Pathwardhan and Thrivikraman a.k.a. Thiru.

Song 399: iravupagaR palakAlum  (thiruvaruNai) இரவுபகற் பலகாலும்  (திருவருணை)

ராகம்: ஸாமா, தாளம்: கண்டசாபு (2 1/2) (எடுப்பு 1/2 தள்ளி) Raagam:Shama, Thaalam:Kandasapu (2 ½)(Edupu ½ thalli)

iravu pagal pala kAlum iyalisai muth …… thamizh kURi
    thiramadhanai theLivAga thiru aruLai …… tharuvAyE

இரவுபகற் பலகாலும் இயலிசைமுத்தமிழ்கூறித்
    திரமதனைத் தெளிவாகத் திருவருளைத் …… தருவாயே

parakaruNai peruvAzhvE parasiva thath …… thuvanyAna
    aran aruL saR pudhalvOnE aruNagirip …… perumALE.

பரகருணைப் பெருவாழ்வே பரசிவ தத்துவஞானா
    அரனருள்சற் புதல்வோனே அருணகிரிப் …… பெருமாளே


För ett par dagar sen åkte Nicklas Thirus aka @tajroo hem till Sverige från #revelstoke efter att ha visat kanadensarna hur man tweakar sina grabs!

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New Post has been published on The Rakyat Post

New Post has been published on

Reforms to MACC under way

KUALA LUMPUR, March 4, 2015: 

The calls for a reform to the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) are increasingly becoming a reality with draft proposals prepared on how the commission could become more independent.

One of the proposals was for the establishment of an Anti-Corruption Service Commission (ACSC) that would act as an oversight to the MACC.

This, according to the Malaysian Bar Council, would allow for better power in hiring and firing personnel, allowing the commission to have a greater say in recruitment policies.

Among the other four proposals included in the amendment to the existing Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission Act (MACC) 2009 is expanding the powers of the MACC to investigate public officials living beyond their means.

Bar Council vice-president Steven Thiru said this would require amendments to Section 36 of the MACC Act, among others.

“This means the commission should be given the power to investigate officials whenever there is suspicion they are living beyond their means and they may not even need to be linked to an existing investigation,” he told those attending a public consultation on the reforms, held at the Straits Trading Building here tonight.

Another important reform proposed was in terms of prosecution powers, whereby it was proposed that both the office of the Public Prosecutor and Attorney-General be separate.

In this, the proposal was to emulate practices by Hong Kong, where the A-G’s office was a political appointee charged with duties of the first legal officer to the crown.

There ,the Public Prosecutor was independent of the A-G and was solely responsible in deciding whether a prosecution should be brought in the public interest.

Outgoing Bar president Christopher Leong said in really allowing MACC to effectively combat corruption, a wider range of reforms was needed.

“Part of the proposals is to separate the office of the A-G from the public prosecutor because there is an inherent conflict in the two.

“The A-G is a political appointee and chief legal adviser to the government.

“In fact, in all civil suits, the A-G acts as representative to all members of government, including cabinet ministers.

“Wearing the hat of public prosecutor, they are in theory placed in the position to actually prosecute public servants including ministers if there is cause to do so. Therefore it should be split,” he explained.

In order to get these reforms in place, amendments to the Federal Constitution were necessary, which Leong said was possible.

He said the initiative to reform the MACC was suggested by MACC chief commissioner Tan Sri Abu Kassim Mohamed himself, who sought the help of the Bar in coming up with proposals.

“We know MACC is serious about reforms and the government is supportive of the MACC in this regard.

“Paul Low, of Transparency International, (now a minister in the Prime Minister’s Department) did say that the Cabinet approved proposed amendments to the Constitution, if needed,” he shared.

Speaking to The Rakyat Post after the event, Leong said as the government had  shown its support, the ball was now in the Opposition’s court.

“I know that Pakatan has been told of these proposals and in general they are receptive but they did not say outright that they were supportive.

“One of the things to determine (if the reforms can be implemented) is whether there is enough support in Parliament.”

The draft proposals were a joint initiative by the Bar, Institute for Democracy and Economic Affairs (Idea), Centre to Combat Corruotion and Cronyism (C4) and Citizens Network for a Better Malaysia. 

Thiru admits Mervyn’s complaint at bribery commission!

Thiru admits Mervyn’s complaint at bribery commission!

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Wealthy businessman Thiru Nadesan has admitted before the bribery commission that the complaint lodged against him by former public relations minister Mervyn Silva to be correct, reports say.

Mervyn’s complaint alleged Thiru had constructed a multi-storey building on a plot of land extending to several acres in the heart of Gampaha town, rented it to former economic development minister Basil Rajapaksa, had influenced tenders of the ministry and swindled public money in cohort with various racketeers from India and other countries.

The commission summoned Thiru recently to investigate the complaint. There, he had brought the deeds and other documents to prove his ownership of the land in question. In addition, there were the approved building plans, non-acquisition certificates, street certificates, tax payment slips etc. He said he had given the building free of charge to Basil.

When asked as to why he had given it free, Thiru had no answer to give. He failed to negate the conclusion that he had done so in order to get Basil agree to his nefarious deeds, and was unable to give an acceptable reply to the commission. Therefore, he has indirectly admitted the allegation by Mervyn that he had constructed the building and given it free to Basil in order to influence tenders of his ministry. Accordingly, there is the possibility of the bribery commission getting the attorney general to serve Thiru with indictment, reports add.

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