And up to the bat today is … !!!

Day 5 : Anime Character You Feel You Are Most Like !!!

…I literally have no idea. Never given the idea much thought. First one to come to mind was Gaignun Kukai (Nigredo - black haired guy in the center of the picture) of Xenosaga though. Aloof to the point of seeming cold or even like a jerk most of the time. Heavily observant with people. Often attempting to not get involved. Observer distance. Trying to do things mostly on my own with no one else around to bother me. Keeping a ton of secrets for no other reason than I wish them to be secret. Like suits. Can’t stand grown people acting immaturely or whining. Tend to be the one to make major decisions that other people should be able to make on their own but turn to me for some reason. Also; my parent is probably nearly as bad for me as his.

Would she try and snatch my body in search of eternal youth? Possibly.

Best one I’ve got on this question - onward!