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Presumably on 5 February 1977:

“Promo Stopover - George Harrison pauses on a European tour to promote his Dark Horse ‘33 1/3′ album, distributed worldwide by Warner Bros. Results are reviewed at the Paris stopover by, standing from left, WEA executive Benoit Gautier and Axelle Picard; Harrison; Neushi Ertegun, WEA International president; and WEA management personnel Dominic Lamblin and Bernard de Bosson. Kneeling, from left, are Claude Nobs and Jean-Francois Favart, also from WEA.” - Billboard, 5 March 1977

George Harrison, from the Thirty-Three & 1/3 album liner notes

Photo: Bob Cato

The following is an article from the Observer-Reporter, Washington, PA, on 8 December 1976:

Life Still Changing For George Harrison At Age 33 1/3

By Mary Campbell

AP Newsfeatures

Former Beatle George Harrison says he was in a better mood last summer when he made his new album, ‘Thirtythree & 1/3′ than he was when he made his last album, ‘Extra Texture.’


‘Why not?’ 

It’s one of those quick answers the Beatles used to give in the early days of their giant fame and packed press conferences. But Harrison now has been a solo performer for seven years and he quickly adds, as befits his present maturity, ‘Because I just concentrated on doing the album. I avoided everything else. Previously I was trying to do half a dozen things at the same time.’

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Oh, ‘Beautiful Girl’, for me I can see all around beautiful girls in one way, ones who look good, and sometimes you see ones who don’t particularly look good but have such beauty within them, and when you get a combination of both then it’s fantastic. Beauty to me is something which comes from within and is not limited to the physical body, although that is helpful. (laughs) […] It’s really just something that’s coming out of the heart.
—  George Harrison on the song “Beautiful Girl” in a promotional interview for “Thirty-Three & 1/3”, broadcast 22 November 1976
I’d be willing every time I write a song, if somebody will have a computer and I can just go up to the thing and sing my new song into it and the computer will say, ‘sorry’ or 'yes, okay.’ I’m willing to do that, because the last thing I want to do is keep spending the rest of my life in court, or being faced with people thinking, 'Oh, well, they beat Harrison on “My Sweet Lord,” let’s sue’… they can sue the world! It made me so paranoid about writing. And I thought, 'God, I don’t even want to touch the guitar or the piano, in case I’m touching somebody’s note.’ Somebody might own that note, so you’d better watch out.
—  George Harrison in a promotional interview for Thirty-Three & 1/3, broadcast on American radio on 22 November 1976

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