thirty sconds to mars


My trio MarsArt speed drawing gifs! (Actual videos at this link)

i don’t even know how to make actual gifs

Happy Birthday, Tomo!!!

anonymous asked:

you talk like you know it all but you know nothing. people like kirstinka and barfoli nd all the whores Jay and Shan fuck deserve it

Oh my fucking god. 

1. Kirstinka and barfoli? What is wrong with you? How old are you? 

2. Where is your feminism? Don’t ever call a woman a whore or any other derogatory name like that because they have sex. 

3. A) We don’t know who’s sleeping with who so chill. B) It’s none of anybody’s business who’s sleeping with who so chill. 

4. Jay and Shan are trying to worm out the weeds like you.

5. It’s time for you to log off and go and spend some time on yourself to and to reevaluate what you should be posting/saying/anoning when you decide to log back in.