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Alexey Titarenko: The City is a Novel 

Born in 1962 in Leningrad, now St. Petersburg, Alexey Titarenko has been taking photographs for over thirty years, in four major cities: St. Petersburg, Venice, Havana, and New York. Alexey Titarenko: The City is a Novel at the Nailya Alexander Gallery brings together, for the first time, prints from every phase of Titarenko’s career, including rarely exhibited photomontages from the his first major series, Nomenclature of Signs; key photographs from his groundbreaking series City of Shadows; and never-before-seen work produced within the past year.

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In the second half of the century, these fumbling experiments with the female interior gave way to the more decisive technique of surgery—aimed increasingly at the control of female personality disorders. There had been a brief fad of clitoridectomy (removal of the clitoris) in the eighteen sixties, following the introduction of the operation by the English physician Isaac Baker Brown. Although most doctors frowned on the practice of removing the clitoris, they tended to agree that it might be necessary in cases of nymphomania, intractable masturbation, or “unnatural growth” of that organ. (The last clitoridectomy we know of in the United States was performed in 1948 on a child of five, as a cure for masturbation.)

The most common form of surgical intervention in the female personality was ovariotomy, removal of the ovaries—or “female castration.” In 1906 a leading gynecological surgeon estimated that there were 150,000 women in the United States who had lost their ovaries under the knife. Some doctors boasted that they had removed from fifteen hundred to two thousand ovaries apiece. According to historian G. J. Barker-Benfield: “Among the indications were troublesomeness, eating like a ploughman, masturbation, attempted suicide, erotic tendencies, persecution mania, simple ‘cussedness,’ and dysmenorrhea [painful menstruation]. Most apparent in the enormous variety of symptoms doctors took to indicate castration was a strong current of sexual appetitiveness on the part of women.” The rationale for the operation flowed directly from the theory of the “psychology of the ovary”: since the ovaries controlled the personality, they must be responsible for any psychological disorders: conversely, psychological disorders were a sure sign of ovarian disease. Ergo, the organs must be removed…

The overwhelming majority of women who had leeches or hot steel applied to their cervices, or who had their clitorises or ovaries removed, were women of the middle to upper classes, for after all, these procedures cost money. But it should not be imagined that poor women were spared the gynecologist’s exotic catalog of tortures simply because they couldn’t pay. The pioneering work in gynecological surgery had been performed by Marion Sims on black female slaves he kept for the sole purpose of surgical experimentation. He operated on one of them thirty times in four years, being foiled over and over by post-operative infections. After moving to New York, Sims continued his experimentation on indigent Irish women in the wards of the New York Women’s Hospital. So, though middle-class women suffered most from the doctors’ actual practice, it was poor and black women who had suffered through the brutal period of experimentation.
—  Barbara Ehrenreich & Deirdre English, For Her Own Good: Two Centuries of the Experts’ Advice to Women
Under-appreciated Fics Rec

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These Two.  (1.5k words)

Yuuri and Victor can’t stop thinking bout each other long enough to give the journalists the answers to their questions.

Everybody Loves Me (5k words)

Viktor is the CEO of a powerful company. Yuuri is a worker in a coffee shop. Viktor can’t live without coffee

Collab With Me? (4k words) (WIP)

After Phichit posts a video of Yuuri watching Viktor Nikiforov’s latest video, one thing leads to another and suddenly Viktor’s flying to Detroit to do a collaboration with Yuuri.

Viktor, of course, is excited to get to know and befriend the beautiful vlogger he saw online and quickly became infatuated with. Yuuri’s freaking out because THE Viktor Nikiforov - one of the most successful YouTubers in the world - is talking to him and he has no idea what he’s doing (of course, he’s secretly just as excited as Viktor himself)

aka the YouTube AU where Yuuri’s a cinnamon roll and Viktor loves him for it

When I’m Sixty Four (2k words)

AU. These days, Victor and Yuuri are content living together in the peaceful home they made in St. Petersburg. But even after thirty four years, Victor still manages to surprise Yuuri. And who knew Yuuri still had moves left in him?

(Victuuri Week 2017 Day 8: Valentine’s Day)

I Like You (2k words)

Yuuri’s friends pressure him to confess to his long time crush, Victor. But, Victor beats him to it!

Basically a lot of fluff about them being third years in high school.

When The Tides Turn (3k words)

Victor, despite being a legendary skater and the world’s most eligible bachelor, has had horrible luck in the romance department. Yuuri’s never even been on a date. Chris and Phichit decide to set them up on a blind date in the hopes that luck may finally be in their favor.

Cursed Love (3k words)

“This blood of ours is cursed, Vitya,” Mama rasped, her blue eyes, identical to Victor’s own, pleading for him to understand. “The moment we fall romantically in love with someone, we curse them with death. The moment we realise what joy we have attained with another person, our curse will take them away from us, forever.”

Victor lives with the burden of a family curse over his head, running away from any opportunity to love, fearing that any affection will lead him to the heartbreak that consumed his entire family. But Yuuri Katsuki had captured his attention, his every thought, and Victor has no idea what this warm feeling attached to the mere thought of Yuuri was.

Victuuri Week Day 4: Free for all

Remembrance (3k words)

Victor remembers the confusion, hurt and rejection when he finds the empty hotel room that had once been occupied by an individual bearing the name of Katsuki Yuri hours ago, and said individual was now en route to Japan. He remembers sinking to the carpeted floor in his pajamas before returning to his own room to curl up in his comforter. He remembers Yakov coming over to help him pack with pity evident in his eyes when the check out time had long past and Victor was nowhere to be found. And all Victor could do was lie immobile on the bed with tears he thought would never end. He remembered lecturing his own self mentally, that it was ridiculous to act this way for someone you had only met once, but yet, he could not deny the fact that last night was the first time Victor had felt honestly living, relieved from the burdens and expectations as a renowned and international ice skater. Being with Yuri had felt absolutely right.

or a fic of how a heartbroken Victor had fared since that banquet and how he finally won Yuri’s heart

Ends and Beginnings (3k words)

When Yuuri told Victor he wanted to “end this”, Victor’s heart was broken.

Somewhere I Have Never Travelled (4k words) (WIP)

Victor is a specter, a killer, a myth, a machine trying to be a man.

(Victor falls in love with Yuuri—beautiful and out-of-nowhere, like the impractical black of his Aston Martin amidst the sea of tourists and locals in the streets of Barcelona. Yuuri falls in love with Victor like the slow bloom of a flower in spring in the middle of bustling Tokyo, tended and taken care of.)

Words and Worth (1k words)

Viktor overhears some fans saying not-nice things about Yuuri. It makes him angry.

Breathe In, Breathe Out (3k words)

Yuuri was never one to talk to people about his feelings- or his anxiety for that matter. He always hid away in his bathroom when the attacks came, but this time he has a panic attack on the ice and Viktor must step up to take care of him.

Moonrise (Royalty AU) (5k words)

couple o’ fics about yuuri + victor as princes.

Fall a Little Faster (3k words) (WIP)

If asked the question, “What are you most afraid of?”, Victor always has the same answer: “Falling in love.”

Most people take that answer as confirmation of his playboy nature or his phobia for commitment. Which is not true at all.

Then again, it isn’t like he can casually say, “A curse will kill me and my lover if I do” like it’s no big deal.

Victor has a curse so he sets an impossible set of expectations for his true love to make sure he never falls in love.

Then, he meets Yuuri Katsuki and somehow, the impossible doesn’t seem too impossible anymore.

You Can’t Order a Latte on the Rocks (2k words) (WIP)

Yuuri Katsuki is a twenty year-old dance major, working part-time at a coffee shop. Victor Nikiforov is a world-famous figure skater, who happens to enjoy coffee. Yuri Plisetsky happens to think they’re both gross, and is just there for the caffeine and to watch as the two of them quickly become one another’s inspiration. [coffee shop!au]

Old but Gold (5k words) (WIP)

“Hey Yuuri.”


“Do you know why ancient Spartans used to wear red in battle?”

A history quiz by your long-time lover you haven’t seen in a month? Totally fitting the mood.

“Uhh.. They wanted to conceal any possible injuries from the enemies while in combat, right? So the blood wouldn’t show and give the enemy any hope.”

Victor hummed suddenly looking all smug and proud.
“Yeah that’s what they wanted you to believe, but the truth is my favorite color used to be red at the time and their general was my friend.”

Was this man really trying to show off. By bragging about minor historical facts he had participated in?
Wait was that flirting?!

Aka the AU where both Victor and Yuuri are like really old vampires and while their first meeting was hundreds of years ago Victor remains the same dork Yuuri first met.

What Brings Me to You (4k words)

Viktor Nikiforov’s new apartment is haunted—he’s less bothered by this than you’d expect.

Painting a Portrait of Love (3k words) (WIP)

Foreign Politics where never King Viktor’s strong suit. Sure, he was nice and everyone loved him, but say one bad thing and it was all over. Looks like King Phichit of Thailand can experience this first hand. King Viktor is supposed to visit Thailand to follow with war proceedings, but it seems Phichit’s butler is a little bit of a distraction. Or a big one. Funny, wasn’t he here to start war? Oh well, might as well have fun while he’s here. (Monarch AU! King!Viktor, Butler!Yuuri!, and Heir to the Throne!Yuri!)

Soon a Happy Ending (2k words) (WIP)

Once upon a time, oh so very long ago

Would you like to hear a story, little one? The sun’s almost set, but I think we still have time.

Life After You (1k words)

Viktor wakes up and realizes his year with Yuuri has been all a dream.

Seb Dating Someone Younger Would Include
Author’s note: Please let it be known that in this instance, by younger, I do not mean dating a thirty-four year old as a fourteen year old as that is wholly inappropriate and also illegal. Also I’m sorry for inconsistent uploads as of late, I’m graduating very soon and I also have a birthday coming up really soon.

- Him wanting to post pictures of you all the time but he doesn’t because he’s afraid of the backlash that you might get
- You “borrowing” his clothes a lot
- He is very private with your relationship and is hesitant to talk about you in interviews because he’s afraid of the backlash that you may get
- That’s not to say he is ashamed of you in anyway, he loves you deeply and is proud to be dating you, he is afraid of the effects that his “passionate” fans may have on you
- On the occasion that he does talk about you/ posts a picture with you etc, he asks you not to look at it for fear comments would have a negative effect on you
- As much as he denies it, he is slightly insecure you’ll find someone closer in age and that you can “relate to” (his metaphorical words not mine) better and you’ll leave him
- When the two of you go anywhere together in your own car, he drives
- Him taking you to try new things all the time
- Making jokes about the age difference constantly, for example he’d say “back in my day….” and you’d follow up with a “when was that 1842?”
- He is your number one supporter in anything you do
- He takes candid pictures of you all the time
- While he wants to shield you from everything negative that could be said about you, you still see some of the stuff. Sure, it will upset you, the comments on your Instagram or Twitter, but you will always have Seb there to reassure you
- Nose kisses
- He’s the most excepting human ever when it comes to you
- He always tells you how proud he is of you because he remembers what it’s like for a lot of young people and he always wants to make sure you feel validated, loved, and appreciated

Imagine Meeting Mary for the First Time - Part Two

Originally posted by out-in-the-open

Author’s Note: Here it is! Part two! I’m still behind on the season, so I don’t know what shady shit Mary does but I know she does it. Tumblr spoils a lot, but all I know is that she works more with the BMOL. I’ve not seen the finale so I can’t wait to see how that rips my heart apart. - Haley xx 

Part One

The past few months was hell when it came to interacting with Mary. She was being shady with Dean and Sam about her actions anyways, but when it came to you asking her where she’s been or when she’ll come back, she ignored you; like you didn’t exist.

Your brothers thought that Mary being in their lives again was making your life a living hell. But it wasn’t. The fact that she acted like you weren’t there was; Mary didn’t look at you, didn’t speak to you. You were invisible to her at all times. You weren’t looking for another mom, you had a great one back home in Mississippi. You weren’t looking for a friend either. You were looking to be friendly for the sake of your brothers. Her sons.

When Mary brought back food to the Bunker, you were surprised she brought some for you as well. A sack of burgers and two cases of beer slid across the table towards you and Sam. You and Dean dug in while Mary explained what she had been doing. 

She’s been working with the British Men of Letters.

You watched Sam drop the burger he was unwrapping and shift around in his seat. Toni the so-called rogue member of British Men of Letters was the one who tortured Sam. 

Dean and Mary were arguing when you stood up. “What the hell is wrong with you?” you asked her. “You think bringing food and beer would soften the blow that you’re fucking with the Brits?”

“Y/N,” Sam said, grabbing your arm, trying to pull you down to your seat. 

“No, Sam,” you huffed, pulling your arm out of his grasp. “They hurt you. And anyone who loves you would understand not to get involved with them,” you spat in her direction. 

“You don’t know anything about what they’re doing,” Mary said, leaning across the table. “And you don’t know anything about me and my boys.”

You rolled your eyes. “I’ve known your entire life story since I was seventeen. I could fucking recite it in my sleep. It’s you that doesn’t know anything about your boys. You don’t know that Sam prefers salad over burgers or the brand of beer that Dean likes. You’ve been dead for thirty-four years, and now that you’ve shown us that you don’t care about your boys,” you said, adding finger quotes, “it’s about time you’ve left.”

You pushed away from the table and left the room. 

There was no way you were going to let Mary hurt Sam even more with this. She might be Dean and Sam’s mother, but she wasn’t their mom. That woman’s been dead since 1982.

What Goes Around, Comes Around

Summary: Adult Henry and Regina have a talk the first time his adoptive daughter tells him that he’s not her father.


At thirty four years old Henry Mills knew that he’d never fallen in love with anything quicker and harder than he had for his daughter.

He’d never planned to adopt. It hadn’t been a goal or even a thought in his head at the time but the minute he’d laid eyes on her he knew. She would be his and he would be hers forever.

He’d only been twenty-three when he first met her mother. Barely out of college when they’d ran into each other but he easily became enraptured with her warm, honey-colored eyes and melodious laughter. Luisa had been her name and it was only on their third date that she’d first told him about her daughter. Naturally he’d been shocked and a little apprehensive but still undeterred. A few months later she’d finally let him meet her, her little Olivia. Dark chocolate eyes and chubby red cheeks, she’d wrapped her tiny finger around his and he knew there was no going back.

A week being a part of their lives taught him more about love than an entire lifetime of reading and writing about fairy tales.

Twelve years and a wedding later they’d still been blissful. He truly thought that he’d found his happily ever after. But of course he’d forgotten the most cardinal rule of life.

It’s often more tragic than you expect.

A car crash stole Luisa away from them. One irreversible moment and suddenly he found himself standing over her casket, surrounded by family, his hand holding onto his daughter’s.

It would only be the two of them from now on.

A fact that Olivia appeared to struggle with.

She missed her mother, that much was clear. And Henry tried as hard as he could to give her a safe place to grieve, a place with him but she’d pushed him away. They used to be so close but she wasn’t talking to him anymore, she wasn’t talking to anyone. Isolating herself from her friends and family. He made excuses for her and tried to give her space, but things came to a head one afternoon when he’d gotten a call from the school saying she’d never shown up. After hours of searching for her only for her to come home and walk past him as if nothing had ever happened he couldn’t help it. He lost it.

Within seconds they’d enter a screaming match and before he’d even seen it coming she’d yelled the words he knew he’d never forget.


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Happy Birthday, Sammy

Warnings: None
Characters: Sam & Dean Winchester, Sister!Winchester Reader
Reader’s Age: Old enough to drive
Word count: 652

Y/N: Your Name


You ran down the bunker hall and into the library, almost slipping in the process. Sam was leaning on the table, talking to Dean.

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SAMMY!” you yelled and tackled Sam to the ground. You laid on top of your brother, hugging him.

Sam laid there in shock for a moment before patting your back and mumbled a “Thanks”

“Y'know, Sam, she does that every year, you should really learn to expect it,” Dean chimed in.

“Yeah. It was cute when she was little, but every year I expect her to grow out of it.” Sam pushed you off of him.

“I will never grow out of it,” you slapped Sam who held up his hands in defense before getting up.

“It’s just a birthday, Y/N.” Sam helped you up.

“Just a birthday? This was the day that you, Sam Winchester, was born! Thirty-four years ago today you came into this world!”

Sam and Dean both gave you a weird look. “What’s wrong with you?” Sam asked.

“Oh, nothing…” you smiled and ran off.

You had planned a few things to do with Sam today, you wanted to make sure it would be things he really enjoyed.

“C'mon, Sammy!” you waltzed into the library where Sam was sitting.

“Where we goin’?” Sam looked over at you.

“You and I are gonna spend the entire day together for your birthday. Dean, you can come too if you want,” you offered.

Dean chuckled, “I’m good, but thanks.”

Sam sighed. “Okay, let’s go” Sam got up and followed you outside.

“Where are we going first?” Sam asked while getting into the passenger side.


You arrived at Sam’s favorite diner. You got a burger and Sam got a salad. You guys talked about everything. From cases to things happening in school.

Once you both were done, you guys headed back out. You got back into the car and drove off.

You pulled into a zoo parking lot. You and your brothers rarely go to zoos, but you’ve always enjoyed them. “The zoo?” Sam questioned.

“They have a few new exhibits! I’ve been wanting to check them out!” you opened your door and got out. Sam chuckled but nonetheless got out.

After paying to get in you both decided to go to the new exhibits first. Your first stop is the Stingray Touch Pool. The stingrays were small but loved to be petted.

You and Sam headed out of the touch pool and went towards the seals and sea lions. They were having a show. You and Sam both sat down on the bleachers and watched the show. A zoo staff member talked about the seals and showed a few tricks they can do.

Once the show was over you and Sam headed over to the giraffes. “Look, Sam! You’re almost as tall as them!” you joked, earning an eye roll from Sam.

After a long day at the zoo, you and Sam decided to call it a day. You had more stuff planned, but you two were too tired to do anything else.

You and Sam arrived back at the bunker. You guys walked into the bunker and down the stairs. You two walked into the library to see food covering the tables. One table was full of junk food and the other was covered in healthy food. Dean was sitting on a chair in front of the junk food table, reading a magazine.  

“Dean?” Sam spoke first. Dean hummed in response, “What is all this?”

“Y/N wanted a big surprise when you got home so she had me buy a bunch of food., Dean answered.

"Happy birthday, Sammy!” you cheered. “There’s a table for Dean and me, and if you want you can have a cheat day, but then there’s this table for you that’s filled with your rabbit food.”

Sam chuckled and walked over to the healthy food table. “Thanks, Y/N… and Dean.”

Dean raised his beer, “To Sam,” Sam grabbed a beer and raised it. You grabbed a nearby water bottle and raised it.

“Happy birthday, Sammy.”

I hope y’all like this one! I’m open for tips on improving!

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passengers (2820)

one week before hyperion reaches habitat 7, the pathfinder team is brought out of cryogenic stasis. their first obstacle: shouldering the weight of what they’ve left behind.

scott ryder/liam kosta. 5886 words, sfw, falling in love over improper use of the tempest group chat. written for fun 15 days before andromeda’s launch so everything is Probably Very Wrong

DISCLAIMER: this fic is not based explicitly on the andromeda gameplay that’s been revealed so far, but there are still a few canon bits hidden here and there. if you don’t want to read spoilers then please don’t read.

The first thing Liam Kosta thinks after six-hundred years of cryogenic stasis is: Am I awake?

And then, when it’s apparent that he is: We made it, right? Did we make it?

And after that he isn’t thinking much of anything but thank God, thank God– are the others–? Oh my God, thank God, because no amount of experience in the field could really prepare anybody for something like this, and they’d known that going in.

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100 Years - Warren Worthington III X Reader

Word count: 2.1k
Requested: no.
A/N: I kinda really want a review on this and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t cry while writing this. I honestly don’t know how I came up with this.
WARNINGS; Smut, death mention

‘I’m 15 for a moment

Caught in between 10 and 20

And I’m just dreaming

Counting the ways to where you are’

Warren never had it easy, his life had been hell since he was nine years old. he discovered he was a mutant and his father disowned him. He reverted to running away to anywhere, his father had been responsible for many mutant deaths and he was certain he would kill his own son too, if given the chance. Years later, at fifteen ( six years to be exact), Warren was standing inside of a closed cage used for mutant fighting. He had nothing really, just his dream of being free and able to run away with the white wings spanning out of his back. They had to be useful for something else than violence, he knew it. But he couldn’t leave. This messed up place was his home and all he really wanted was to feel loved for who he was and not be a center of attention for entertainment. The blond boy found himself staying up late just to dream up a better place than here. There had to be some one out there who would love him as he was, there was someone for everyone wasn’t there?

'I’m 22 for a moment

And she feels better than ever

And we’re on fire

Making our way back from Mars’

He had give up a lot of his dreams since he was fifteen, Warren no longer believed in love. He was a lone wolf, he had many one night stands, many nights drunk and many fights. He had stopped dreaming of this freedom he craved for so long.
Warren’s twenty second birthday was different, he hadn’t seen interest in anyone until he looked out into the crowd of the people who were watching him fight. His eyes landed on her and his body froze for a moment. She wasn’t visibly interested in the fighting yet somehow her whole body had him captured. He watched her throughout that night, he had to speak to her.
He had never been nervous, except when he was hiding away from his father and sneaking behind his back to cut off his wings, but now he was nervous to even look in this girl’s way.
Once he caught up to be behind this woman, Warren froze again. He wondered if she would even want to speak to a freak like him. Probably not but he wanted this so bad, he had to speak to her and he wondered why. Gently, the angels hand landed on the shoulder of the unnamed lady. She spun around to reveal her y/e/c eyes and a bright smile. She paused, unsure why he wanted to seek her attention as Warren mentally prepared himself for a rejection. “Hello, I’m y/n. You are?” her voice was soft as Warren swallowed down his fear. “I’m Warren, and I must say you look very, very lovely” his thick British accent came out.

Neither of them knew how it happened, but the two woke up the next morning together in a pile of limbs, wings draped over y/n’s soft y/s/c skin. Their clothes were in a pile next to them as y/n rubbed her eyes and focused in the white wings around her body. She took time to caress him and love him. Warren had never felt any kind of affection, not for a long time. Then it all came back into her mind. The soft sounds he made as she praised him and pressed her fingers in the spot between his wings. His moans were soft and muffled as he buried his face in her neck, thrusting himself in and out of her body at a relatively calm pace. He had always been rough but he could swear his body was on fire when he was inside her. Or the way he groaned loudly when her fingers tangled into his blond mess of curls as his thrusting sped up, her tugging the roots as a way of appreciation during their hook up. Her legs wrapped around his waist as he rocked himself fluidly. Warren took it all in as he remembered the night before, a heavy blush falling to his cheeks as he was on a high that was love.

'15 there’s still time for you

Time to buy and time to lose

15, there’s never a better wish than this

When you only got a hundred years to live’

It hurt when he watched y/n get dressed and press her lips to his cheek as she left. The thought of him never having that kind of high, that kind of touch, that kind of love again had actually hurt him. Part of him wanted to chase after her but he was physically drained and had another fight today. No time for love. He hung his head and sighed to himself. But he noticed the small slip of torn paper later with her number. Maybe this angel with a broken heart had a chance after all. Hr had never stuck with a one night stand, he had never even tried by now, things had to be different. For the first time in his life, he prayed.

'I’m 33 for a moment

Still the man, but you see I’m a “they”

A kid on the way, babe.

A family on my mind’

Some how, this boy got the girl and now in their mid thirties, he was asking to start a family with his wife of four years. She wasn’t a mutant and he didn’t think she would want a mutant child. He wondered why anyone would want someone who was a freak of nature like he was. He paused for a moment and took in her beauty. “Can I ask you something?” he swallowed as his lover looked up with soft eyes. “Of course”. Warren ran a hand through his hair, “Do you… want to start a family with me?” Warren’s voice came out so soft that y/n had barely heard it. Her lips pulled into a smile, “of course I do”.

Warren had fallen into the wrong when he joined Apocalypse when he was only 24 years old, and somehow, she loved him even then. Y/n loved him with the permanent tattoos on his face and his permanent metal wings, which ached so horrible. He had cut her with them during the simple task of cuddling and was so terrified to touch her, but her response was only “we’ll learn”. He considered himself beyond lucky to have her.

“Angel…” y/n started as Warren blinked back to reality. 'hm?’ “We’ve already started our family… I’m pregnant”. Warren’s eyes widened, “really?! Aren’t you afraid they’ll be a mutant like me and-” Y/n cut him off. “That’s what I’m hoping for, actually. I’ll have two angels in my life and more reasons to stay strong”.

'I’m 45 for a moment

The sea is high

And I’m heading into a crisis

Chasing the years of my life’

Their son was twelve now and Warren swore he was going to be the death of him. He watched his son grow his used to be white wings and comforted him when the pain was unbearable. He valued a lot in life now, his family was his everything. Warren wondered how his life had passed by so much and was open to his son, telling him he had been in the wrongs more than once. On one night, when the only child of them was sick, Warren was sitting with his twelve year old, telling him that he would always love him and the moat important thing was to be proud of who he was. “dad, I know… I’m proud of who I am because you’re my dad. I’m like you and I’m me”. His heart swelled, here he was, chasing after another dream. He wanted another child, and he was impatient.

'15 there’s still time for you

Time to buy and time to lose yourself

Within a morning star’

Warren held his little girl when his son was almost thirteen. His eyes were glossy as his wife had given everything she could, he had a new person to care and love, but he no longer had the woman who had given this to him. He felt pain, and of course, he was losing his mind. She had given her life for a new life that was rowing inside of her, suddenly Warren felt sick, like it was his fault.
His son turned fifteen, his daughter two. That was the day he seen her again, this time, she was real. “How?” he asked as his wife, who was long dead, now held his cheek in her palm. “Mutants are able to vary, aren’t they? I’m a mutant as well… I gave myself a second chance, for you. I’m nor immortal. Just able to heal” she cooed softly. “but why did you leave me all alone?” he asked with a more than broken heart. “I never left you, I would never leave you. Do you know why? Because you’re in my heart”.

'15, I’m right with you

15, there’s never a better wish than this

when you’ve only got a hundred years to live’

For the first time in a long time, Warren felt at ease as he watched his children grow and his wife grow old with him. “Pretty soon he’ll be going away to college” Warren sighed as he watched the seventeen year old boy who resembled him so much play with his four year old sister. “That just means we have to watch and care for our daughter just as much as we did him when he was an only child” y/n sounded softly. Warren nodded, “maybe we could get a dog”. Y/n felt her lips pull into a smile, “that sounds wonderful”.

'Half time goes by

Suddenly you’re wise

Another blink of an eye

67 is gone

The sun is getting high

We’re moving on…’

The house had grown quiet and empty, the once young and blond angel was now aged and gray haired. His children had given him grand children. His son was now thirty four years old with a wife and two little boys. His daughter, a bright young girl who resembled her mother and had his white wings, was twenty two years old and expecting her first baby. She had grown up to be a nurse. His grandchildren found it wonderful that he knew so much, “Grandpa has to know! He always knows!” they’d cheer. It warmed Warren’s heart.
Warren sat down uncomfortably, his back aching. His wings had the tendency to schedule and he’d sit up crying most nights now. Y/n looked up, “pretty soon the house will always be empty…” it wasn’t a thought the two adored, they feared it more than anything. The angel smiled, “We’ll be alright”. And they would.

'I’m 99 for a moment

And dying for just another moment

And I’m just dreaming

Counting the ways to where you are’

Warren had become ill and was on bed rest. He was sick, he knew this. He lost her for the final time. His son was Sixty six and aging, his daughter was fifty four and by his side. “It will all be okay” they assured, he knew this, he was an angel. He counted down the moments until he’d be knocking on heaven’s door. He didn’t want to leave his family behind but it’s a part life played.

'15 there’s still time for you

22 I feel her too

33 you’re on your way

Every day’s a new day’

In the end, it was believed the mind plays memories in a sequence for the last seven minutes of brain activity. His memories were jumbled as he found himself looking at a very young woman again, her beauty catching him off guard. She smiled her captivating smile and he was drawn in like she was a siren of the sea. Maybe this wasn’t the end, but was the very beginning.

'15 there’s still time for you

Time to buy and time to choose

Hey 15, there’s never a wish better than this

When you only got a hundred years to live’

He hadn’t moved, still staring at the unnamed stranger as he dreamt up his life with her. He paused, so many choices and so many things to say, he gently reached forward and touched her shoulder gently to grab her attention. She turned around with her y/e/c eyes shining, “yes?” she hummed out softly. Warren’s lips tugged into a smile, “I couldn’t help but be captured by your beauty, can I get you a drink?” he offered with a calmer tone than what was in his head. She smiled and nodded, “I’d like that, on two conditions”. He nodded, “yes?’ She paused, "Your name and a conversation”. “of course”.

War is just a racket. A racket is best described, I believe, as something that is not what it seems to the majority of people. Only a small inside group knows what it is about. It is conducted for the benefit of the very few at the expense of the masses.

I believe in adequate defense at the coastline and nothing else. If a nation comes over here to fight, then we’ll fight. The trouble with America is that when the dollar only earns 6 percent over here, then it gets restless and goes overseas to get 100 percent. Then the flag follows the dollar and the soldiers follow the flag.

I wouldn’t go to war again as I have done to protect some lousy investment of the bankers. There are only two things we should fight for. One is the defense of our homes and the other is the Bill of Rights. War for any other reason is simply a racket.

There isn’t a trick in the racketeering bag that the military gang is blind to. It has its “finger men” to point out enemies, its “muscle men” to destroy enemies, its “brain men” to plan war preparations, and a “Big Boss” Super-Nationalistic-Capitalism.

It may seem odd for me, a military man to adopt such a comparison. Truthfulness compels me to. I spent thirty- three years and four months in active military service as a member of this country’s most agile military force, the Marine Corps. I served in all commissioned ranks from Second Lieutenant to Major-General. And during that period, I spent most of my time being a high class muscle- man for Big Business, for Wall Street and for the Bankers. In short, I was a racketeer, a gangster for capitalism.

I suspected I was just part of a racket at the time. Now I am sure of it. Like all the members of the military profession, I never had a thought of my own until I left the service. My mental faculties remained in suspended animation while I obeyed the orders of higher-ups. This is typical with everyone in the military service.

I helped make Mexico, especially Tampico, safe for American oil interests in 1914. I helped make Haiti and Cuba a decent place for the National City Bank boys to collect revenues in. I helped in the raping of half a dozen Central American republics for the benefits of Wall Street. The record of racketeering is long. I helped purify Nicaragua for the international banking house of Brown Brothers in 1909-1912 (where have I heard that name before?). I brought light to the Dominican Republic for American sugar interests in 1916. In China I helped to see to it that Standard Oil went its way unmolested.

During those years, I had, as the boys in the back room would say, a swell racket. Looking back on it, I feel that I could have given Al Capone a few hints. The best he could do was to operate his racket in three districts. I operated on three continents.


Smedley Butler on Interventionism

Excerpt from a speech delivered in 1933, by Major General Smedley Butler, USMC.

I’m sorry, I just love the idea of Luke running into TCW and Rebels characters, even Maul. Can you imagine the progression of the Luke and Maul relationship?

Year One: “I’m sorry, sir, but Ben Kenobi died on the Death Star. Vader killed him.”

Year Two: “But I told you he was dead.” “He tricked us.” “No, I’m sorry but I’m pretty sure he’s dead.”

Year Three: “I promise, he did not trick you. He really died.”

Year Four: “The man’s dead, and I don’t need this frustration right now. Go away.”

Year Five: *sigh* “If that’s Maul, tell him that Master Kenobi is STILL dead and no, I don’t want to talk to him.”

Year Thirty-Four: “First, how did you find me? And second he’s still dead.”



This is the same little spiel as before. There’s been a recent increase of wanting to use older fc’s around the rpc so I bring you my list of Black Females 29+ These women are all in their 29/30′s ‘cause I’m starting there and then slowly going up. This list will have under resourced fc’s mostly. Anyway this is part one of what I hope I’ll remember to add to. Also these are fc’s you should remember when wanting to gif!

  • Meagan Good: Thirty five years old actress. She is of African american, Afro-Barbadian, Cherokee, and Puerto Rican descent. She has appeared in Think Like A Man, Code Black, My Wife and Kids, Stop the Yard, You Got Served and played Lara Vega and Minority Report. So yeah, she has a long filmography.
  • Sonequa Martin-Green: Thirty two years old actress and producer. She is of African-American descent. You may know her from her role as Sasha Williams in The Walking Dead and Tamara in Once Upon a Time. She was also in Star Trek: Discovery.
  • Teyonah Parris: Thirty one years old actress. She is of African-American descent. Making her debut in Mad Men as Dawn Chambers, one of her noticeable roles came as Colandrea ‘Coco’ Conners in Dear White People followed by a stunning performance in Chi-Raq. She currently plays Missy Vaughn in Survivor’s Remorse
  • Tika Sumpter: Thirty six years old actress, model, producer, and television host. She is of African-American descent. She started her regular role on One Life to Live as Layla Williamson in 2005. She appeared as Raina Thorpe in Gossip Girl. She currently plays Candace Young in The Have and the Have Nots. Sumpter also played Michelle Robinson Obama in Southside With You.
  • Yaya Dacosta: Thirty four years old Brizilian American actress, producer, trained dancer, and model. She is of Brazilian and African-American descent, and multilingual (girl can speak Portuguese, French, Spanish, and conversational Japanese). She first appeared on our screens in Cycle 3 of America’s Next Top model where she was named runner-up. She appeared in Ugly Betty as Nico Slater. She is most known for her role as April Sexton in the Chicago P.D., Fire, and Med series.

On Christmas night, 1807, Lafayette lost his wife Adrienne. Her last words were whispered into his ear: “I am yours entirely.” Je suis toute à vous. He walled off the entrance to her room, a sanctuary only accessible through a small, secret door through which he “alone disappeared on certain days of the year to be with her”. 

“I will never recover. For thirty-four years of a marriage in which her love, her goodness, the greatness, the tenderness, the goodness of her soul honored my life, I grew so accustomed to all that she was for me that she became an indistinguishable element of my own existence…I knew I loved her a great deal, that I needed her, but it is only in losing her that I have been able to separate myself from what is left of me for the rest of a life which had once seemed to me so full and will now forever be empty of happiness and comfort.” 

This is one of those splash pages that’s forever iconic, and I can’t tell you how much that fucking DELIGHTS me. Over the years I’ve seen this image parodied dozens of times, even extending outside of the comic book medium. SO OF COURSE I CAN’T REMEMBER OR FIND A SINGLE FUCKING EXAMPLE, but I do promise you that they exist.

It’s fascinating to me how this image is so well-loved and so often recreated. So RESONANT. It’s from a thirty-four year old stand-alone bridge issue where nothing earth-shattering happens, no major comic book characters are introduced, there’s a fight but it’s over and done quickly and, beyond its character work, is largely forgettable.

So why does this image persist?

It’s part of what made the X-Men the greatest comic book series of its time (and ALL time, in my view): the humanity and raw emotion behind it. This is Kitty Pryde, fourteen years old and FURIOUS (for reasons I’ll explain in a minute), fighting back against her father figure. It’s the combination of adult anger and teenage wording. It’s the TRUTH of it. Not just in how Professor Xavier is a jerk (HE IS), but in how every single one of us have had that moment where we KNOW our parent figures are being unreasonable and underestimating us.

This issue is about Kitty’s refusal to let others decide her path and her determination to fight back. As a young Jewish girl and mutant, it’s a such an important issue for the woman she’ll grow to be, and this is her first return volley in that fight.


On this day in music history: April 25, 1992 - “Jump” by Kris Kross hits #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 for 8 weeks, also peaking at #2 on the R&B singles chart on May 23, 1992. Written and produced by Jermaine Dupri, it will be the debut release and biggest hit for the Atlanta, GA rap duo. In 1990, friends Chris Kelly and Chris Smith are discovered by producer Jermaine Dupri at a shopping mall in their native Atlanta. Dupri is at the mall with the rap duo Silk Tymes Leather who he is producing. The boys come up and ask them for an autograph when the young producer asks if they are a group themselves. When they say they’re not, Dupri is impressed enough with their natural charisma that believes that he can make them stars if he produces a record on them. He keeps in touch with them before beginning record them. Dupri’s father Michael Mauldin, an executive at Columbia Records gives the young duo their name, dubbing them Kris Kross after the look that Dupri has cultivated for them wearing their baggy clothes backwards. They cut a demo that includes the track “Lil Boys In Da Hood”. The song attracts the attention of Ruffhouse Records founder Joe Nicolo, who signs them to the Columbia Records distributed label. Released in early February, the single initially languishes for its first month in stores until it receives an unexpected boost after the duo performs the song on the March 29, 1992 episode of “In Living Color”. Entering the Hot 100 at #61 on April 4, 1992, it rockets to the top of the chart just three weeks later. The huge runaway success of the single driving Kris Kross’ debut album “Totally Krossed Out” to the top of the pop and R&B album charts and to sales of 4x Platinum in the US. The duo record two more albums “Da Bomb” and “Young, Rich & Dangerous” in 1993 and 1996, both of which achieve Gold or Platinum sales. Kris Kross break up shortly after their third album, attempting solo careers. They reunite in early 2013 for a twentieth anniversary concert for their former label So So Def Records, planning a reunion afterward. Sadly, on the eve of the tour, Chris “Mac Daddy” Kelly dies of an accidental drug overdose on May 1, 2013, twenty one years and one week after “Jump tops the pop singles chart. He is only thirty four years old at the time of his death. "Jump” is certified 2x Platinum in the US by the RIAA.

Thought You Forgot About Me

Title:  Thought You Forgot About Me

Author:  Emily

Pairing:  Thomas Shelby x Reader

Dates Written:  Thursday, July 14, 2016 - Friday, July 15, 2016

Date Posted:  Friday, July 15, 2016

Word Count:  2,067

Request:  Yes!  “Hiiiii I would like to request a Tommy Shelby (loooovvvee him soo much,so fucking fine lol) reader known the shelbys since she was a little girl,but got sent away,years later she’s back to visit them,reader capture Tommy attention cause how beautiful she grew up to be causing the Shelby boys to flirt with her,Tommy gets possessive and protective over her”

Author’s Note:  This is my first request and I have never been so excited and nervous!  I really hope that you guys and the anon who requested this enjoy!  I do feel though that this one is kind of a let down but hopefully not!  Feel free to request what you guys want to read!  And if there are any Supernatural fans, we have a SPN imagine coming soon from our amazing writer, Jordan!

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