thirty day pokemon challange


Day 2: Dark type. 

Winner: Hydreigon

Ah, Hydreigon. Very power, much big, wow, so fierce. One of my fave dragon types as well, though a few other ones beat it. I love its desgin though, and though it takes a very long time to level up it’s worth it imo. 


30 day pokemon challenge.

Day 1: Favourite bug type. 

Winner: Yanma.

I always did have a soft spot for this dragonfly pokemon, even though I’ve never captured one before the elite four. However once I did capture one in X, I discovered that it can be a good fighter, especially with a compoundeye/hypnosis combo. Nearly a hundred percent accuracy. Furthermore I love its shiny, the blue really works on it. 


Day five. Fairy.

Winner: Mawile

Ah, good old retcons. And out of all the pokemon that were retconned into fairy, Mawile came as a (pleasant) surprise. It nullified its fighting weakness, and steel protected its new fairy typing against poison and steel. Win win situation. Anyhow, Mawile always did have a cool design in my opinion, and the mega evolution made it even better. He’s a tough little guy and I’m really happy that he got a buff like he did. 


Day for. Electric. 

Winner: Ampharos.

Ah, I always loved the Mareep line, I mean, cuddly sheep, who wouldn’t love it. And then I saw the mega evo of Ampharos and I instantly fell in love with L'Oreal Kalos’s mascot. It gains dragon type through mega evo. But even without mega evo, it’s mega cute, and mega badass. I love how friendly it is in the pokedex entries, and the design was quite good too. Did I mention it gained dragon type with its mega evo? Anyhow Ampharos climbs the way to the top, just beating out the Luxary line, on my list of electric pokemon.