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Jared Leto has taught me so much and changed my life in so many ways. He has inspired me to be a better person, to be whoever I want to be and told me that anything is possible. This man is a truly incredible and talented individual who I look up to so, so much and who inspires me every day of my life.

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Is the portrait where Eliza's wearing that powdered wig the only painting we have of her?


Here are her life portraits:

1787, age 30

This was painted by Ralph Earle in 1787, when Mrs. Hamilton was thirty years old. The artist at the time was In prison for debt, and Mrs. Hamilton sat to him in order to aid in his release. (source: Life Portraits of Alexander Hamilton).

c. 1796, age 39

By James Sharples. Little is known about this portrait because, from what I know, it only popped up recently (people used to believe a different portrait by Sharples was of her).  This link claims it was when she was still Miss Elizabeth Schuyler, but the artist was not in America at any point before she was married.  Considering he did her husband around 1796, it’s a fair guess that is when this was painted as well.

1825, age 68

This is from an original miniature on ivory painted by Henry Inman in 1825, when Mrs. Hamilton was sixty-eight (source: Life Portraits of Alexander Hamilton).

1846, age 89

This is from an original pencil drawing made by Eastman Johnson in 1846, when Mrs. Hamilton was eighty-nine. In March, 1846, Mr. Johnson had a studio in the Capitol at Washington, and one day Mrs. Hamilton wandered into it. Mr. Johnson got her permission to make this sketch, of which he writes, “ It was a perfectly good likeness of a pretty, frowzy old lady.” (source: Life Portraits of Alexander Hamilton).

1851, age 94

This is from an original crayon made by Charles Martin in 1851, when Mrs. Hamilton was ninety-four. (source: Life Portraits of Alexander Hamilton).

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solo singer jk and solo singer jm making a collaboration and then jk suddenly confess to jm the day the collaboration was released, maybe?👀

Jungkook’s leg was bouncing anxiously in the chair he was sitting in, feeling suffocated in the room filled with a couple of producers, a manager, and Park Jimin–a rising artist that he had recently done a collaboration with. Their music video was releasing today so they all thought it would be a good idea to gather their team and pop a bottle of champaign or two in the hotel they had been staying at.

He was nervous thinking about how people would react to their music video because they had decided to take on some more serious themes to get a message out there. For some reason, in the months that he had worked with Jimin, the older had picked up a rather annoying skill of reading Jungkook’s emotions. And maybe that’s why he had gone over to sit by the younger, resting a soothing hand on his thigh sending a shiver down Jungkook’s body.

“Don’t be nervous. They are going to love it, Jungkook.” His thumb rubbed at his leg and Jungkook couldn’t tell if this was helping or making it worse.

“I know I shouldn’t be nervous, I just can’t help it.”

Jimin sighed and picked up two wine glasses from the table as well as one of the bottles. Tugging a confused Jungkook up from his seat, he drags him out of the hotel room and mutters something to his manger on the way out.

Jungkook is surprised to find themselves on the roof of the hotel not even two minutes later. “What are we doing here?”

Jimin sets the glasses down. “You needed fresh air.”

“The music video drops in five minutes.”

“I know.”

They don’t talk much up there, Jimin simply poured them a glass of champaign each and leaned over the balcony, watching the view. But then he listens to Jimin ramble about simple and beautiful things, like he had all of these past months. And he did the same thing he always did–stare at his lips and begged for the courage to claim them as his own.

And then he caught the words.

“You know Jungkook, they asked me who I wanted to collaborate with out of thirty-five artists. And I chose you.”

The champaign was making his brain fuzzy. “Wait what?”

Jimin chuckles and swirls the liquid around in his glass. “I chose you.”


“I could tell…You’re…special.”

Jungkook didn’t mean for the champaign glass to chatter on the ground as he surged forward and smashed their lips together.

It was an impulse decision but it needed to be done. Jungkook wasn’t going to stop until he told Jimin what he needed to–until he took his breath away. Jimin didn’t fight it at all, in fact, he kissed back with just as much fervor. He was lost to the point where he completely lost his sense of time, and when it was over, a void he didn’t know he had was filled to the brim.

“I love you.”

Jimin let out a watery laugh and kissed Jungkook’s wrist. “Took you long enough.”

“And I don’t want this to end after this music video.”

“You’re crazy to think you’d ever get rid of me Jeon Jungkook.”

Jungkook glances at the time on the watch wrapped snugly around his wrist. “Oh shit. The video dropped half an hour ago…”

Without a word, Jimin unfastens Jungkook’s watch and tucks it away in his pocket. “Forget about it,” he says when Jungkook gives him a confused look. “What’s time to us anyways?”

Jimin connects their lips once more, stealing beats of Jungkook’s heart.

“And maybe I love you too.”

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