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Jared Leto has taught me so much and changed my life in so many ways. He has inspired me to be a better person, to be whoever I want to be and told me that anything is possible. This man is a truly incredible and talented individual who I look up to so, so much and who inspires me every day of my life.

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Is the portrait where Eliza's wearing that powdered wig the only painting we have of her?


Here are her life portraits:

1787, age 30

This was painted by Ralph Earle in 1787, when Mrs. Hamilton was thirty years old. The artist at the time was In prison for debt, and Mrs. Hamilton sat to him in order to aid in his release. (source: Life Portraits of Alexander Hamilton).

c. 1796, age 39

By James Sharples. Little is known about this portrait because, from what I know, it only popped up recently (people used to believe a different portrait by Sharples was of her).  This link claims it was when she was still Miss Elizabeth Schuyler, but the artist was not in America at any point before she was married.  Considering he did her husband around 1796, it’s a fair guess that is when this was painted as well.

1825, age 68

This is from an original miniature on ivory painted by Henry Inman in 1825, when Mrs. Hamilton was sixty-eight (source: Life Portraits of Alexander Hamilton).

1846, age 89

This is from an original pencil drawing made by Eastman Johnson in 1846, when Mrs. Hamilton was eighty-nine. In March, 1846, Mr. Johnson had a studio in the Capitol at Washington, and one day Mrs. Hamilton wandered into it. Mr. Johnson got her permission to make this sketch, of which he writes, “ It was a perfectly good likeness of a pretty, frowzy old lady.” (source: Life Portraits of Alexander Hamilton).

1851, age 94

This is from an original crayon made by Charles Martin in 1851, when Mrs. Hamilton was ninety-four. (source: Life Portraits of Alexander Hamilton).

“No matter how many deaths that I die I will never forget. No matter how many lives that I live, I will never regret. There is a fire inside of this heart, and a riot about to explode into flames.” - Jared Leto, 30 Seconds To Mars.

Get Rid of Me

I’m a single thirty-one-year-old artist
and I live with my best friend
devoid of human contact,
I become tyrannical, punishing
I get angry

because I’m totally heartbroken.

I had a nasty dream about depression
sexual thoughts
clothes, perfumes, and champagne
french kissing
fears, pride, weakness and

writers that nobody reads.

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More information on the Zine

Just another update on everything to remind everyone on everything going on. Please remember that March 31st is the LAST day for applications, UNLESS we don’t reach thirty artists for the zine. Please make sure to send in your applications just in case we do get thirty artists before then because we have gotten several artist emails for the applications. I am also looking into how the book is made as well as the bundles, once I figure things out, I will make sure to post an update about the book as well. From what it looks like, the bundles seem to be staying the same with the amount of applicants willing to do side pieces along with doing art for the main book.


Day 11: Your favorite food.

Hey kiddos, I’m back! So, my favorite foods are burgers and beans (you probably can’t tell, but I was having lots of tomco feels). I think this kiddies actually would be a cute couple, sadly it won’t be canon, sigh!

EDIT: Oh, almost forgot! From now on I will be making my thirty day challenge drawings in ink, cause it’s INKTOBER!!!!

parapluiepliant a réagi à votre billet “srsly i wish i could see how your brain comes up with those recaps. i…”

Mais, c'est vrai. Cresmix has a point. I was asking myself that question a few times so far when I read your wonderful recaps. :) I am educated in English but I wouldn’t be able to use it in the same way you do. Therefore: chapeau, mon amie!

Aaaaw thank you. That’s funny, because I’m kinda paranoid about making big mistakes in english/awkward sentences in my recaps but in the end I guess it doesn’t matter for crack edits, it’s not like i’m writing meta or something 

(I love that you call me “mon amie”, btw, it feels very bourgeoises at a Salon in Paris in the mid-thirties criticizing avant-garde artists (yes it’s a very specific scenario, my brain is weird, don’t judge me)


Collective Actions - The Appearance, 1976

Appearance was the first action organized by the group of artists and poets who would later become the Moscow Conceptualist performance art group Collective Actions. A group of around thirty fellow artists and friends received invitations to attend Appearance. As instructed, they traveled just outside of the city and gathered on the edge of a field to wait for the action to start. After a short time two figures—Lev Rubinstein and Nikita Alekseev—appeared from the forest on the opposite side of the field. Crossing the field to meet the audience, they distributed documents for viewers to sign as testimony that they were present at Appearance. In the following years, other actions were staged where viewers were invited to listen to a bell ringing in the snow, to pull a rope out of the forest for hours, or to have their pictures taken as they crossed a field.


Sargy Mann (British, 1937-2015)

“It was in his mid thirties that the British artist Sargy Mann started to go blind, due to cataracts present in both of his eyes; but he has carried on his life’s work as a talented painter in spite of this. This perseverance has paid off and his canvases regularly sell for upwards of £50,000. He has stated that before he went completely blind he defined himself as a landscape painter, but since then, his artworks have become more complex and mysterious.”