“900 hundred years of time and space and I’ve never met anybody who wasn’t important before.”

“everybody’s important to somebody, somewhere”

across time, doctor who has always been a show for every person. ordinary people are important. you are as important as the next person, and the next person is just as important as you. but episode 3 isn’t just about an ordinary person. it’s about rosa parks. 

there’s no tin robots, metal cased evil yelling exterminate, no corpse looking monks, no beast that feeds on a leaf. no, it’s about racism and assholes. doctor who has never been more timely than it is right now. 

the doctor and her companions do not really save the day. they protect history. they make sure that rosa refuses to give up her seat. but that is all they do. remember graham’s beautiful apprehension like no, i cannot stand this. and the doctor says, we have to. 

and that is the most remarkable thing. i was almost afraid they’d let the doctor swoop in and save the day but no, that moment, that entire moment was all rosa as it should be.

racism didn’t end. we see yaz and ryan talking about being in this century and still be at the receiving end of it. but what is beautiful is how there will always be people like rosa, who ironically, refused to stand up as a way to do exactly that, to stand up brave and say “no.” and we see clearly how the doctor falls away in the background because sometimes it’s not about saving an all powerful, really-cool-looking-without-her-coat doctor that saves the day, doctor who is a show about people. it’s about a woman who refused to be dictated by society’s inhumane expectations. it’s about a woman of color who fought, and that fight is echoed throughout the universe.

and we, well we sit back and cry our hearts out. this is powerful and brave, as doctor who knows how to be. thank you, malorie blackman for an absolute classic. 

I loved that after Ryan got slapped in the face every reaction was shown in slow motion, also how 13 started running and you see how she is screaming : NO!” I liked that for multiple reasons.

First one, the most important one. the storytelling reason. The shook got multiplied like this. You had time to realize: Fuck! There really is rasism going on here. In doctor who. Realistic rasism. Damn, it’s get serious.

2. 13′s reaction. We know from the 10th and 12th doctor that the doctor is never really worrying about things like skin color or sexuality. But in the moment Ryan got hit you could see the realization and panic on 13′s face. And you could hear something in her shatter. because that isn’t an alien invasion she can fight against. That is something horrible that only a lot of time and eduaction can change. And at this point Ryan was in real danger. Not because of aliens, but of his skin color.

This moment was os damn powerful. The whole episode was powerful!


doctor who season eleven ✢ episode three, rosa

I can be a police officer now because people like Rosa Parks fought those battles for me. For us. And in fifty-three years, they’ll have a black president as leader. Who knows where they’ll be fifty years after that? That’s proper change.