still, the beat did not stop

not from the wyverns or from the Thirteen or from the Blackbeak covens who picked it up, stomping their feet or clapping their hands

not from the Blueblood heir, who clapped her sword against her dagger or the Blueblood witches who followed her lead 

the entire mountain shook with the sound

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lexa washing clarke’s hair is such a good mental image for me though like… clarke soaking in a tub, absolutely drained from ambassadorial duties and dealing with typical skaikru nonsense, leaning into lexa’s hands as she massages her scalp. lexa taking such care in making sure everything feels nice and relaxing, enjoying the simplicity of the task. clarke feeling like she’s being absolutely pampered in a way she’s never been before- baths didn’t exist on the ark, and neither did the many shampoos and treatments lexa apparently has in her hair care regimen.

the symbolism of the moment is absolutely spectacular as well. lexa, commander of the thirteen clans, who has countless numbers of handmaidens and servants willing to wait on her effectively stripping herself down and putting herself in the position in which she’s completely dedicated to gentle and basic labor. 

It’s official: Sharon Carter will NOT be in Infinity Wars.

If there was ever any doubt that she was there to do little more than to establish Steve’s heterosexuality this should be your proof. And once that was done, Marvel got rid of her.

Because let’s be real. She’s not going to be in Spiderman. We aren’t going to see her again in the MCU. Hell, if we even get a mention of her that will be shocking, the way that Marvel discards “love interests”.  

And this has always been my problem with her character, since I first read her in the comics. She was created to be a love interest and unlike other female comic characters wasn’t given a reboot in the 70s/80s to make her more than that. 

Marvel needs someone to screw up for a plot point to happen (pretty much her role in comics!Civil War): Sharon. They needed someone to suddenly have a useful skill they never had before to keep the story moving  (i.e. a Mary Sue): Sharon. They want a bad ass woman to point to, so they give a woman a gun, but make her shrewish and bitchy: Sharon. 

In the MCU, they need to remove any question of the obvious affection between Steve and his long time friend that might call into question their sexuality. Why Sharon is there to seemingly randomly kiss Steve with no chemistry, no build-up and no other reason to include her in the movie.

Two things to say to you Marvel:

1) It’s the 21st Century. Stop doing this to a supposedly female lead. Reboot Sharon once and for all and make her more than a caricature of a supposedly awesome female lead. Actually make her awesome! 

2) You better have not tanked Emily Vancamp’s career by letting all of the fandom hate rest on her shoulders. It was crappy how you threw her to the wolves. I can only hope that all the negativity she faced won’t prevent her from moving on to other, non-marvel roles. She’s a talent and I’d love to see her in more things. 

seventeen’s reaction to their child waking them up because they had a nightmare

thank you for my first request~ it was really fun to write, I hope you like reading it ٩(●ᴗ●)۶


seungcheol ~

With years of experience under his belt, Seventeen’s papa would know just how to handle this situation (having thirteen kids will do that to you). He would wake up without hesitation, lifting his child into his arms and carrying them back to their room. After placing them onto their bed he would listen intently as they explained the bad dream. “That sounds pretty scary- but don’t worry, I have the perfect idea.” Scoups would start to pick up some toys and pieces from old halloween costumes, putting on a warriors helmet and armor and holding up a sword. “I’ll sit beside you all night and guard you, okay?” Not only would this make his child feel safe, but it’d earn a giggle out of them as well because, god, their dad is a dork.

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jeonghan ~

At first Jeonghan would think he dreamt the little voice calling out for their appa, but when he felt his arm get shook his eyes would shoot open, “Hm? What’s wrong, baby?” He would listen closely as his child talked about their nightmare, holding their teensy hand in his the whole time. His first thought would be to take them back to bed and stay by their side just until they fall asleep. However, he knew there was a good chance they’d have another bad dream and he should probably be with them until morning, so, he’d wrap an arm around them and hoist them onto his bed instead. Snuggling them against his chest he’d wrap them up in his blankets and turn off the lights. “You’re safe with me. Try and get some sleep.”

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joshua ~

Jisoo would be wide awake as soon as he hears his child’s footsteps beside the bed. He would give a sweet smile, peering down at them to ask what’s wrong. It doesn’t matter how late at night or early in the morning it is, he’ll be there for his little one because in his eyes they’re just the most perfect thing to walk the earth. “A bad dream, huh? I know just the thing to get your mind of it.” After lifting them onto his bed and enveloping them in several blankets, he would reach for his guitar. There’s no doubt Josh’s child would love music- especially when their dad was the one singing. So, naturally, a song would be the perfect thing to soothe them and get them back to sleep. “♪ Baby goodnight~ Baby goodnight ♪”

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junhui ~

I can definitely see appa jun priding himself on being the cool dad. So when he hears his child had a nightmare, his response would be pretty different from the other members. “Would a movie make you feel better?” You see, Jun figures that there’s no point in sending them straight back to sleep if they’re just going to get scared all over again. He knows that watching one of his kid’s favorite films will definitely soothe them and probably lull them to sleep too. So, they’d be curled up on the couch in no time, his child settled comfortably on his lap. And what do you know? Just like Junhui had predicted, that little cutie passed out within the first ten minutes of the movie.

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soonyoung ~

Hoshi just absolutely loves being a dad. It can be tough, but he always finds a way to make a bad situation fun for him and his child. So, after taking a moment to wake up, he greeted his child with a sleepy grin. “You had a bad dream, huh? Well, lucky for you I know just how to protect you.” He’d hold their little hand and guide them back into their bedroom, where he would begin to gather pillows and blankets from the closet. He’d assemble them around his kid’s bed and pin up the blankets so that they drape over it. After crawling into the fort he’d tug the covers over his child and him, placing a kiss on their forehead. “Nothing can get in here, this fort is stronger than any monster or ghost! You’re safe, so don’t be scared anymore.”

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wonwoo ~

Poor Wonwoo really needs his sleep. “Why aren’t you in bed? Is something wrong?” He would ask groggily. Struggling to keep his eyes open, he’d listen as his child explains their nightmare. The whole while he’d be racking his brain for a solution. He’d finally decide on something, placing them on his bed and pulling them close to him. Wonwoo would pull out one of the books his child likes from his desk drawer. With a little smile, he’d rub their cheek with his thumb “This one’s your favorite, right?” After a few minutes of reading, he’d hear their breath go steady as they fall asleep. He’d yawn, placing the book aside and resting his cheek on the top of their head. 

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jihoon ~

I think it would take Woozi quite a long time to get used to the affection children need as well as give. Of course he loves his little one, but sometimes he gets a bit flustered. When his kid crawled under the covers with him, he’d turn on his bedside lamp and say “You’re supposed to be asleep. Are you feeling okay?” He would furrow his eyebrows as they explained their nightmare. Once they finished, he would offer to tuck them back into their own bed (mostly because it’s late and he has work the next day). But when he moved to pick them up, they burrowed deeper into his covers and looked up at him with big eyes. Jihoon would smile, letting out a little laugh  “Okay, you can sleep in here tonight. Just wake me up if you have another bad dream, alright?”

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seokmin ~

Dokyum would be a little startled when his child shook him awake. He had been expecting the worst, so when he heard it was just a bad dream he was really relieved. He would scoop them up and place them on his lap, smiling reassuringly “You’re so silly! There’s no such thing as monsters!” He’d say with a giggle and ruffle their hair affectionately. Once they were all tucked in and comfortable beside him, he’d turn the lights back off and tell them to try and get some more sleep. He loop his arm around them, pulling them close and rubbing their back reassuringly. Though he seems totally collected, he would make sure to stay awake a while after they fell back asleep because he was secretly nervous they might have another nightmare. 

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mingyu ~

Mingyu would be one of those dads that just has answer for everything, even if it makes no sense. (You’re cold? Your socks are too thin. The plant died? The soil was defective) So, when he woke up to his frightened child, he came to the conclusion: “You had a bad dream because you didn’t eat enough dinner! Let’s go get you a snack.” He would carry them to the kitchen, lifting them onto a chair. After pouring them a glass of milk and sliding a bowl of grapes their way, he would lean on the counter lazily and watch them eat. Mingyu wouldn’t be able to help smiling- his kid is just so cute. “You feel better, right? What’d I tell you? Your appa is always right~”

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minghao ~

Minghao would peer down at his child with tired eyes as they talked about their dream. He wouldn’t interrupt once, waiting until they were finished to smile and pat their head, “There’s no reason to be afraid. Don’t you know your appa will protect you?” He wouldn't hesitate to pull them to his side in bed. Papa Minghao is always up for cuddling- he loves to hold his little one close. He would pepper their face with little kisses, tickling their sides as he does so. They would giggle and squirm away from his hands, only for him to reach out and pull them back. He would bury his face in their hair and smile, “Get some sleep, baby. I’ll be right here with you all night.”

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seungkwan ~

Seungkwan would just be the cutest dad ever aww. He just genuinely loves talking with his child. Even when they were too young to speak, he would have one sided conversations with them and love every second of it- They’re just so cute! So, when they tugged on his sleeve, whispering that they had a nightmare, he would sit up and pat the spot next to him, “Why don’t you tell me about it?” Bobbing his head along, he would gasp and frown at all the right parts. “That’s so scary! You know, I had a dream tonight too~” He would then proceed to make up a silly dream, making them smile. Soon enough, they will have completely forgotten about their nightmare. And when he finally got them back to bed, he’d laugh to himself, thinking how lucky he is to have such an adorable kid.

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hansol ~

This cutie would be up the second he hears his child’s voice. He’s a very laid back person, but I think as a parent he’d worry a lot. “What’s wrong? Are you sick? Do you think you’re gonna throw up??” They’d shake their head and explain that they were scared because of a nightmare, and he’d furrow his brows. “Ah~ my poor baby. Listen, I’m going to tuck you back in bed- But don’t worry, I’ll stay at your side all night.” He’d then take them back to their room and pull up a chair at their bedside. He’d hum a few songs and rub their back comfortingly until they finally fall back asleep. Hansol would honor his word, staying beside them the entire night. He managed to stay awake too- he was just too worried they’d be scared and he wouldn’t be able to help them right away.

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chan ~

In my opinion, being a dad would come naturally to Dino. It just seems like he’s been treated like the baby maknae for so long that he’d be ready to prove that he is mature. So, he’d be pretty fast on the draw when his kid shook him awake. “Did you have another bad dream?” He’d sit up, hoisting them onto his bed and tucking them in in one swift movement. When they nodded and told him they were scared, he’d smile softly and take their hand in his “Listen to me~ No one will ever hurt you as long as I’m here. I’ll keep you safe, you know that, right?” He would always know just how to comfort his child, and therefore would have no problem getting them back to bed and making them feel safe.

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Sports Reporter Riley Matthews whole world is turned upside down when Shortstop Lucas Friar signs with the Yankees, can she keep the secrets she’s held onto for the last thirteen years, can he keep the secrets he’s held onto?

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Author Note: Did you all enjoy that little cliffhanger or two last week? Hopefully nothing else comes up this week that will keep me from posting, but hey I got my stuff out of storage so it’s all good. Ask box is of course open if you have any questions or feedback.


Josh pulled the spaghetti out of his hair as he looked across the table at Lillian, “This night just gets worse doesn’t it?”

“Kind of” She picked the meatball off her lap and tossed it onto the plate in front of her. “I think we should call it a night before one of us gets injured.”

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Apparently Henry views the Evil Queen as his mother too.  

Can we please have a moment where he says, “Mom can you please dress like a normal person, the evil overlord numbers are embarrassing.” *thirteen year old boy voice*
Monday 25 July 2016 - Australia's Shame It almost defies belief but right here in Australia there is a prison system that locks up 10 year olds and places children as young as thirteen in solitary confinement.

It almost defies belief but right here in Australia there is a prison system that locks up 10 year olds and places children as young as thirteen in solitary confinement. Children have been confined to an isolation wing with no access to sunlight or running water. Some held for weeks on end, deprived of basic necessities. Deprived of hope. On Monday night Four Corners reveals the shocking truth about the treatment of children behind bars, where young offenders have been stripped naked, assaulted and tear gassed. Held by a system that seems bent on breaking children instead of reforming them. This confronting investigation will send shockwaves around Australia.


So, I’m seeing a lot of people posting pictures of their cats, and since mine are the best ever they couldn’t be left out! The darker colored one, the one in the backpack and window sill, is Violet, she’s three and an absolute hairball, but she’s my girl! The perfect little black and white one that I literally could not be more obsessed with is Felix and he is thirteen weeks old today!

Love How You Hate Me - Sam x Reader

A/N: Ah! This was supposed to be up, and it just didn’t end up working. I didn’t even realize until I saw an ask questioning it when I came back, along with the lack of usual notes. I apologize. I accidentally saved it as a draft rather than publishing it. A dumb move, to be sure. Anyways, I apologize for what’s ahead. But, plot! Hope you all enjoy!

PS. Yes, I know most of this is roughly season 10, and there’s more recent items mentioned. It doesn’t completely follow the show time line. I just really like those little tidbits, and felt the need to include them. ;)

Previously:  One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven | Eight | Nine | Ten | Eleven | Twelve | Thirteen | Fourteen | Fifteen | Sixteen

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Warnings: Drunk Sam. Kinda angsty/sad. Nothing huge!

Word Count: Roughly 2400

Two weeks later, and you’d been babysitting for Bane and Alice. Instead of leaving them alone to handle the rambunctious child after they’d arrived home, you’d stayed and woken up with her. It had been the most normal morning you’d had in your life. You loved every second of it.

“You have to keep it quiet.” You lightly scolded the infant who was jabbering at you enthusiastically. Which only led to her getting more amped. “Oh, really?” You chuckled, as she stopped with her lip stuck out as if she was put out that you weren’t understanding her. A loud squeal emitted from her lips in frustration. “Oh my.” You clucked before blowing on her belly to get one of those little giggles of hers. Her feet and arms jerked in response to her laughs.

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For the prompts thing: Q being utterly exhausted from working non-stop all night and James finding him fast asleep on his desk? Thanks so much! <3

((Yes! I love workaholic Q:) sorry this turned out a lot more angsty than you probably wanted))

007 was notorious for being the most difficult, irresponsible, careless, disrespectful agent at MI6. James Bond could be counted on for breaking and loosing equipment, dropping off the face of the earth, ruining national affairs, demolishing large buildings, and disobeying direct orders. Which was why everyone freaked out when one of the other agents acted out, from 007 it was expected but from another agent it was nearly an act of treason. It was all hands on deck whenever these things happened, M was insistent in this after the debacle concerning a past 006.

The Quartermaster was pacing before the screens in Q branch, it was two in the morning and it had been nearly thirteen hours since 003 had last been in contact with them. His minions had gone home hours ago, after they’d located where the rouge agent was residing that night. Q however insisted on staying and monitoring the agents activity, R had stayed too, but Q could hear her quietly snoring from her desk in the back of the room. A good thing, Q surmised, since she had been there nearly as long as himself.

Q fell into a chair and rested his head in his hands, he’d ask Moneypenny to check in on his cats in the morning if there was no progress in the mission in the next hour or so.


James stepped out of a cold, brisk shower and towered down as quietly as he could, not wanting to wake his well sated partner sprawled across the bed in the adjacent room. This one had been a bit clingy, and Bond was not in any position to want that type of morning after, or any type of morning after really.

After dressing quickly, James slipped out of the flat and made his to MI6 in the dreary early hours of a London morning. A ghost city in the early morning fog, only inhabited by the sleepless and himself. Entering the building, Bond meant to head for the gym or perhaps the shooting range, but found his path headed for Q branch instead. The room appeared empty as he entered, but the flickering main monitors suggested otherwise.

James approached the front of the room silently, checking the rows of work benches for any inhabitants before noticing the familiar mop of brown curls bent over the desk at the room. Smiling at Q’s sleeping frame, Bond carefully moved to stroke Q’s hair brush from his face.

“003 made contact half an hour ago,” a meek voice sounded from behind Bond, causing one of his hands to reflexively move towards his holstered gun before realizing it was only R. “I didn’t want to wake him, but…”

James understood the open ended statement and nodded, “I’ll make sure he doesn’t return until he’s well rested.” Bond spoke softly, carefully removing the Quartermaster from his chair and cradling him in his arms.

“And R?” He turned to face the young woman. “I’m sure Q would prefer if there was no evidence of this.”

“Of course, 007.” She smiled. “Thank you.” Waving off the Double-0 as he carried Q out of Q branch.

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Just did XIII-2's "The Future Is Hope" paradox ending, and I can't stop thinking how much the "quest for the thirteen crystals" would be an awesome spin-off. Just imagine Serah/Snow going all classic Fantasy up in the Fabula, Hope/Noel fighting off assassins in Academia, and Lightning/Sazh making preparations for the clash with Caius.

I want flan ending spinoff where you run around as flan Serah lmao

TrackingBoard reports that Casey Affleck has been set to star in My Abandonment, the movie adaptation of Peter Rock’s novel set to be direct by Winter’s Bone’s Debra Granik, from a script she co-wrote with her producing partner Anne Rosellini.

The book, inspired by a true story, is told from the perspective of a thirteen-year-old girl who lives with her father live in Forest Park, an enormous nature preserve in Portland, Oregon. They inhabit an elaborate cave shelter, wash in a nearby creek, store perishables at the water’s edge, use a makeshift septic system, tend a garden, even keep a library of sorts. Once a week they go to the city to buy groceries and otherwise merge with the civilized world. But one small mistake allows a backcountry jogger to discover them, which derails their entire existence, ultimately provoking a deeper flight.

Last seen in Triple 9 and The Finest Hours, Affleck will appear next in Kenneth Lonergan’s Manchester By the Sea, scheduled to hit theaters this November, and alongside Matthias Schoenaerts in Lewis and Clark. The actor is also in pre-production as a director with Far Bright Star and The Miracle Shot, a Josh Hamilton biopic.

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I'm stealing the prompt from the other anon: "2. Haymitch realizing for the first time that he feels attracted to Effie or maybe even has feelings for her." Could you write for Between Lives or the Ballad? 😍

The Ballad of A Drunk & His Lady: Without Effie

Haymitch boarded the train with a disgruntled frown on his face. The Peacekeepers had been jostling and pushing him forward and he wanted to scream at them to stop mishandling him but he couldn’t find it within himself to put up a fight.

At the train door, he paused and glanced behind his shoulder, taking in the sight of the district he was about to leave behind. He was not a sentimental man by nature but Twelve was his home. Once this train departed, he might never see Twelve again. There were so many things that were not certain and his return was one of those. He might die trying to get Katniss and Peeta out of the arena. He might die enroute to District Thirteen. Hell, he might even die drying out in Thirteen. His fate was hanging by a thread and this could very well be goodbye.

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greg works with cars, he probably let steven drive the van in parking lots and stuff because he's a cool dad. my uncle (he was a mechanic) let me drive one of his cars around the empty lot at his shop when I was thirteen

He washes cars. He doesn’t fix them, or have access to them. And the van is not a stick. It still doesn’t quite make sense.