thirteen year old brother

Justin told me, “I think we’ve always tried to be [inclusive], it’s just early on we didn’t necessarily have the tools or the understanding of how to be that way. I think mainly that’s because we grew up around people like us. So that was our default. But that expanded. ‘People like us’ has gotten a lot broader since we’ve had a much broader audience.”

The turning point was furries. It was around episode 30, not even in response to a listener’s letter, but to a Yahoo Answers question from a thirteen-year-old furry wondering about coming out to his family. The brothers’ comedy comes from escalation, each taking the previous joke farther and to sillier lengths. In this case, the joke—the “joke”—was about how freaked out and disturbed they were by furries.  

The next episode, in the middle of answering another question—from a listener afraid of being made fun of for being in their school play—Justin segued into an apology. “Like, if you look at us. Last week we talked a lot of yay about furries, but to cover up the fact that we are all right now, as we record the show, wearing furry costumes.” Griffin said, “I’m a lynx.” Travis: “I’m a sexy cow.” And Justin? “I’m an apologetic tiger, because I feel bad to our furry friends.” Griffin chimed in, “I feel wicked bad!” He continued, “Let’s put this question on pause, cause we need to address this. I think that hatred comes from fear, and fear comes from misunderstanding.” And the brothers owned up to misunderstanding furries, and thanked the listeners who’d written in to set them straight.

As Justin told me, “Afterwards, we got these tweets from people who were like, ‘Hey, I’m a furry, and I like your show, and that sucked.’ I don’t know who we thought was listening, but we certainly didn’t think furries were, ‘cause we didn’t know any growing up. Once we realized that we hurt these people, we felt like garbage about it. So we were like, let’s make the decision to learn, and talk to these people, and celebrate them and become wildly pro-furry. What we realized is, isn’t it also a lot funnier to be wildly pro-furry. I think it’s funnier to be really into everything, permissive of everything.”

It’s not that they’re pretending to be pro-furry because being pro-furry is silly. The McElroys decided—and the success of MBMBaM proves—that actually being enthusiastic about everything opens the door to better comedy. Justin: “We realized it was a lot funnier than saying no all the time. It dovetails with basic improv rules. So we just started saying yes to fucking everything. You cannot trip us out any more!”

You know what the McElroys remind me of?

There’s a character in Community, Dean Pelton, who is a side/recurring character in the show. He’s rather effeminate, gets great enjoyment out of extravagant costumes and outfits, regularly crossdresses, and eschews the term “gay” because it’s not an expansive enough term. (Pansexual and genderqueer are most apt for him.)

And during an AMA, someone told show creator Dan Harmon that as a genderqueer person, they loved Pelton and how open and positive the character was.

Harmon’s response was gracious, and pointed out that with Pelton, often the joke was not that he was a weirdo or an outcast or anything like that. The joke was… happiness. That this person was performatively queer, and that the joke wasn’t at his expense, but that he was happy and people like that could be happy.

And that feeling is a close relative to what I feel with the McElroy content. It’s the same thing we say about jokes about race or gender or sex; make sure the joke is with the group, not against them. Comedy used to put down the downtrodden is bad; comedy used to uplift is one of the great goods.

I dunno. They just make me happy in a world where, right now, a lot of forces want to hurt me. And that’s important.

MBMBaM is almost never explicitly political, but—sad as this may be—in late 2016, inclusive compassion became a political act.

My Brother said he saw half an episode of Black Butler

Brother: Yeah, I think Sebastian moves at a speed impossible for a human.

Me: *snickering behind hand*

Brother: Like he set a table in half a minute.

Me: *more snickering*

Brother: I’m pretty sure he isn’t human.

Me: *downright hooting with laughter* Oh, this is so going on Tumblr.

forever laughing at the fact that at eighteen i sat my dad down and told him that i was gay and ended up crying and it was a really emotional mess

then a year and a half later my thirteen-year-old brother came out to my dad when they were both sitting on the couch watching friends and he said “i don’t get why the girls aren’t all over chandler he’s hot.  by the way i’m pretty sure i’m bisexual”

On 17 July 1918, four young women walked down twenty-three steps into the cellar of a house in Ekaterinburg. The eldest was twenty-two, the youngest only seventeen. Together with their parents and their thirteen-year-old brother, they were all brutally murdered. Their crime: to be the daughters of the last Tsar and Tsaritsa of All the Russias.

{Holliday Grainger as Olga, Michelle Dockery as Tatiana, Jessica Brown Findlay as Maria, and Georgie Henley as Anastasia.}

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sterek - things you said that i needed to hear

Derek’s sixteen when he meets Kate.

He’s fresh off his first real heartbreak with Paige and he’s just looking to forget.

He doesn’t tell anyone about her which normally he’d never get away with, but his mom’s letting a lot slide ever since she’s had to pick up more shifts at the hospital and he knows she’s told Scott to give him some space to get over his heartbreak.

He wishes they wouldn’t though; he doesn’t need space.

Thus he finds Kate.

It’s fun. Or at least Derek knows it’s supposed to be. He’s not sure how he really feels about it.

Then one day, he’s eating dinner in the kitchen before he plans to meet up with Kate again. (They never go on dates not real ones at least).

“Woah, is that a hickie?” Stiles asks as he pokes Derek’s neck.

Derek has to resist the urge to punch his little brother’s thirteen year old best friend. Stiles has never known when to just let things lie.

“Fuck off,” Derek snaps.

“Just asking, geez. No need to get your panties in a bunch,” Stiles says, but his voice wobbles a little at the force of Derek’s anger.

He doesn’t leave though.

Derek can tell he’s still hovering at the edge of the kitchen door.

“Do you need something?”

He’d do anything to get Stiles to stop bugging him.

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“August 1966. The Who are playing in Torquay and my family are staying in a hotel there too….the SAME hotel the Who are staying at! Me and my brother get to meet them, get their autographs give them our ‘Batman’ comics and, armed with my new 'Polaroid’ camera get these pictures. Not a bad night for a fifteen year old and his thirteen year old brother.” - Richard Stansfield

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Bellarke, milkshake.

“My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard,” nineteen year old Bellamy Blake wiggled his ass, in response to his sister’s shrieks of laughter. 

“Bell, please stop, you’re so embarrassing.” thirteen year old Octavia could barely look her brother in the eye. 

“Please do go on,” the blonde in the doorway was smiling. 

“Clarke,” Bellamy blushed, frozen to the spot. 

“I feel like I should pay you,” the girl continued. “In singles.” 

This town sucked every shred of life out of my body.
Blood and all. Bones and all.
This town and this house, in the middle of a dead end street
on the wrong side of the tracks.
This town, full of grown men who can threaten underage girls
without even the blink of an eye.

This town introduced to me my first boyfriend,
and his parents who tried to kidnap me. Twice.
This town housed the woman who would one day drag my mother
from a moving car in front of my whole school.
This town raised a boy who would eventually rape my friend, 
and bite off her nipple, when she was only thirteen years old.
This town then raised that boy’s little brother,
who once said he couldn’t wait to grow up and be just like him.
This town brought my mother and I abusive boyfriends, 
who crushed us like twigs within their hands.

This town is full of people who never take
any responsibility for their own actions.
This town says that if you ever run into drama,
it must have been your own fault.
This town has victim blaming down to a profession,
but I refuse to be another causality.

This town is hell on Earth, but I will rise above.
This town won’t bring me down anymore.
This town never had any idea who I really was.

—  This Town | I.S.

So, I just screamed at my friend;s thirteen-year old brother.

Him: Aren’t Eren and Mikasa brother and sis-“


Him: But, they adopted-


Him: OKAY FINE. *gives me a look like ‘ashley chill the fuck out’