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Me: I’m so tired of the fandom, everything is exhausting, idk if I have the energy anymore

Louis: [posts thirteen seconds of a song]

Me: [posts twenty times in seven minutes, screams at my phone, begins to shake, loses all sense of poise and dignity, freaks the fuck out]

Don’t pander to me, kid. One tiny crack in the hull, and our blood boils in thirteen seconds. Solar flare might crop up, cook us in our seats. And wait till you’re sitting pretty with a case of Andorian shingles. See if you’re still so relaxed when your eyeballs are bleeding! Space is disease and danger wrapped in darkness and silence.

Happier, Aren’t You?

Tom Holland
Song: Happier by Ed Sheeran (This song fucked me up by the way)

Part One ||| Part Two ||| Part Three 

Saw you walk inside a bar
He said something to make you laugh
I saw that both your smiles were twice as wide as ours
Yeah, you look happier, you do

Oh, ain’t nobody hurt you like I hurt you
But ain’t nobody need you like I do
I know that there’s others that deserve you
But my darling, I am still in love with you

Tom could feel his chest tighten at the sight of [Y/N] and her new boyfriend walk into the same bar he was about to head into. It was difficult to be this close to her. Tugging at his tie to loosen it, he flickered a look towards Harrison who was cautiously waiting for his reaction.

“You good?” Harrison asked. 

Nodding and shrugging his shoulders, Tom cleared his throat. “Yeah, yeah. I’m good, I’m good.” Clearing his throat again, he motioned towards the bar, “Let’s go.” 

Harrison pursed his lips, “You sure? There’s another pub down the street we can hit.” Harrison had been against Tom’s decision on breaking up with [Y/N]. He knew Tom like the back of his hand, there was no way that Tom was ever really, truly going to move on. 

“I said I’m good, let’s go. All our friends are going to this one.” Tom replied with a colder tone than he had meant to. 

“Alright, mate. Let’s go then.” 

Tom’s heart was racing, they hadn’t spoken since the day after he had broken up with her. He had checked up on her, knowing in his head that it was too soon to be texting her but he couldn’t resist in hearing her voice one more time. She had sounded absolutely broken and he knew she had been crying all night. The call lasted only thirteen seconds but it was thirteen seconds of confirmation that he had made the biggest mistake. 

He hadn’t fallen out of love with her like most people did in his kind of situation. Tom just couldn’t find time to make her his number one priority like he wanted to. And to him that wasn’t fair to her. He wanted to treat her like a Queen, like his world revolved around her because at one point, it completely had. With his newfound fame, she became second to a lot of things and even though it seemed like she didn’t mind, it bothered him. 

As soon as he walked into the bar with Harrison, all of their friends cheered and hollered. He laughed along with them, telling himself to not search for her. But, it was like a magnetic pull, his eyes found hers instantly. She was the first one to pull her gaze away and he was thankful for that because he wouldn’t have been able to if she hadn’t. 

“Come on, Tom. They saved us a table over by the bar.” Harrison shouted over the music and chatter. 

Nodding, Tom finally tore his eyes from her and followed his friends. He desperately tried to ignore the fact that [Y/N] was just a few feet from him. Laughing with friends, he had to remind himself to fake the smile that his friends wanted to see. Eventually, it became a little bit easier with each passing hour and with each passing beer. Soon, the idea of [Y/N] being there was fading until he received a notification on his phone. Glancing down, his heart sank a little.

@yourusername just posted a picture for the first time in awhile, check it out.

Knowing that he shouldn’t engage in looking at her Instagram, Tom ignored his better judgement and swiped to look.

@yourusername happy ✌️

Tom chewed on his lip, bringing the bottle to his mouth. He took a swig before double tapping the picture and clicking his phone off. Continuing to fade in and out of his friends conversation, he couldn’t help but think of how different he would feel if she was sitting next to him. Or if it was his hands holding onto hers. 

“I’ll be right back.” Tom said as he leaned towards Harrison’s ear.

“Want me to come?” 

Shaking his head, Tom sighed. “Nah, man. I’m just going to get some air.” 

Harrison nodded, “Alright…” He could read between his words but respected his decision to go alone. 

Pressing a smile, Tom patted his shoulder and headed towards the exit. Running a hand through his hair, he broke apart the neatly gelled style. Looking up, he searched to find some stars. One of his favorite pastimes with her. Stargazing. But the city was far too lit for him to find any. Sighing, he started to walk a little, wanting to just go to bed and forget of having seeing her with him. 

“Did you intentionally like my picture or was it something petty?” 

 Tom jumped at the sound of her voice, swiveling to face her. His mouth sat open, shocked to see her standing in front of him. She looked ten times more beautiful up close, it hurt. “[Y/N]! Uh, um, I.” 

Stepping closer, her voice was firm with her eyes glossed over. “I can’t do this, Tom. Please just don’t remind me of you.” 

“[Y/N],” Tom bit his lip, “I, uh, I, um. I just want you to know that I’m glad you found someone.” Looking down at the sidewalk, he mumbled out. “I’m happy that you’re happy.” 

“I am happy, Tom.” She responded, her voice quivering slightly. “But the thing was, was that I was happy with you too.” 

Tom closed his eyes, sighing. “Love,” 

Shaking her head, she gritted her teeth, “Don’t call me that.” 

Opening his eyes, he looked up at the sky. His teeth still scraping over his lips. “I made a mistake,” he said defeated. 

[Y/N] scoffed with tears in her eyes, nodding. “Yeah, yeah you did.” 

Finally meeting her gaze, “You look happier with him then you did with me. So it wasn’t really a mistake for you to love me.” 

Her brows knitted together, her hand reaching for her torso, “A mistake for me? Are you mad?” [Y/N] twirled in her steps, her hand running through her curls. “You only think I’m happier with him because you aren’t happy. I was incredibly happy with you Tom.” Shaking her head, she frowned. “You broke up with me because you wanted me to be treated the way you thought I deserved. Little did you know the way you treated me was everything I wanted.” 

“So you aren’t happier?” Tom asked quietly.

[Y/N]’s mouth opened and then closed. Sighing, she looked away from him, chewing on the inside of her cheek. “I am happy with him. But I’m not sure I love him yet and that was the difference between our relationship and this one. I loved you with everything in me so of course I was happier then.” 

Tom kicked a pebble, shoving his hands in pants, he murmured. “I was happier with you then I am without you.” Looking up, “If he ever decides to be stupid like me and lets you go. I’ll be here, [Y/N].” 

 “How can you still love me after I’ve moved on?” 

“I’ll never hold it against you for finding someone, love. Because there are so many others that deserve you but I’m still in love with you and always will be.” Pressing his lips, he flinched as he felt rain drops hitting his face. “Would you tell Haz that I’ve gone back to the hotel?” 

Part One ||| Part Two ||| Part Three


Star Trek (2009) dir. J.J.Abrams (1/3)

Don’t pander to me, kid. One tiny crack in the hull and our blood boils in thirteen seconds. Solar flare might crop up, cook us in our seats. And wait till you’re sitting pretty with a case of Andorian shingles, see if you’re so relaxed when your eyeballs are bleeding. Space is disease and danger wrapped in darkness and silence.


potential book covers for the three parts of Not Easily Conquered and an additional cover for the letters themselves.

anonymous asked:

Prompt: Kim and Trini watching Supergirl together.

Thanks for the prompt!

Monday nights were sacred. On Monday’s they had a rule: if the world wasn’t at risk of ending and there were no imminent threats, then they had to be over at Trini’s - mostly to show her mother she did in fact have friends - to watch Supergirl.

Trini, of course, blames Kimberly for getting her into the damn show. She had been fine with messing on her phone or with doing homework while her f=girlfriend watched it, but Kimberly would just complain they weren’t doing anything together. Trini had rolled her eyes and had let out a deep breathe, but had gone to join her girlfriend, nonetheless, scooting herself down the bed so she could sit next to her.

“We have to start from the beginning.” Kimberly had said as she messed around with her phone for a couple seconds, her eyes furrowing in concentration. 

“Wait, what? What are we watching?” Trini asks, trying to peek over Kimberly’s shoulder. It didn’t take long before the starting monologue of Supergirl blared out in her room. Trini groans because she’s heard this before - Kimberly talks about it every chance she gets - and she knows the other girl is already on the second season.

“Just give it a chance.” Kimberly whines next to her as she rolls her eyes. 

“Fine.” Trini says, a small huff escaping her lips. She doesn’t complain further, though, because Kimberly smiles at her with that really big smile she gets when she’s really excited, so she figures she can indulge her in watching the firs few episodes until they fall asleep. Also, the small kisses she gets from her girlfriend throughout the night don’t hurt either.

But she didn’t realize that’s how it starts, and she hates herself for being so weak. It didn’t take long for Trini to be invested. In fact, the next morning, when she woke up with Kimberly’s dark hair in her mouth and the girl curled around her, she hadn’t remembered how or when she had fallen asleep. Kimberly had laughed and given her a knowing smirk before pulling her out of bed a few minutes later. 

Then, she finished the first season. All of it. It took her three days of almost no sleep. She had been glad she had finished, now she could move on with her life.

“You know there’s a second season, right?” 

Trini wants to shoot lasers at her girlfriend. Kimberly laughs as Trini glares at the wall above her head, Trini’s hand tightening around her pen, trying to control the urge of snapping it in half in the middle of chemistry. She didn’t need to see the second season, though, because she was fine, she was almost an adult and she didn’t have an addiction to fictional characters. No, she didn’t.

“I have them on demand, wanna come over tonight?” Kimberly says from across Trini, a smirk playing on her face as she waits for a response.

It takes her a total of thirteen seconds before she lets her shoulder sag. “Ugh, fine,” Trini concedes, still glaring at the wall as she curses herself for being so weak.

She doesn’t sleep that night. She had gotten to her girlfriend’s right after school, secretly thanking whoever it was for not having to save the world - at least tonight - and she didn’t leave until the next morning for school - she tried to ignore the weird looks she got…mostly because she was wearing her girlfriend’s clothes.

Trini had the biggest TV, so when she had invited her girlfriend over to watch the latest episode, who was she to dictate what they watched. It wasn’t a secret Kimberly never missed an episode - it made it easier on her to have an excuse to have to watch it. And everything would haven been fine if she wasn’t so…invested.

“Can you believe this prick? Who does he think he is?” Trini says outraged as she glares at the TV, making gagging sounds every time the white potato crossed her screen. “Kara could do so much better than him - she’s got two choices for crying out loud: Lena or James. And she went with this guy?”

“They’re not real, babe.” Kimberly whispers in her ear, pecking her neck before running her fingers through brown hair, caressing her neck every so often when Trini would curse at the screen. 

“It doesn’t matter,” Trini whines as she let herself lean back against her girlfriend’s chest. “My little brothers watch this, and look what he’s teaching them.”

“Baby,” Kimberly says with a sigh, a small chuckle escaping her lips, “just ignore it.”

“I can’t,” Trini points out, turning to look at her when the commercials began, “he’s shoved in my face every two seconds. Why can’t we go back to season one and add Sanvers? My babies are suffering, Kim.”

Trini glares at her girlfriend when she sees the tell-tale signs of a smile on her face. 

“Don’t,” Trini warns as she watches Kimberly cup her mouth, her smile big enough to spill over. “Stop it,” Trini says again as she shoves Kimberly’s shoulder lightly, but it only causes Kimberly to laugh out loud faster. Trini hates that she can’t actually be mad because she can’t help but think how beautiful the other girl is. She watches with wide eyes as Kimberly’s eyes squint and her lips pull upwards enough to see her white teeth. The melodious laugh making her heart speed up as a shiver threatens to run down her spine. Ugh, she hates her.

“Stop,” Trini says again, a smile now forming on her face. “Babe, stop or I’ll go watch with Zack - at least he doesn’t judge.”

That makes Kimberly laugh even harder. Trini huffs and crosses her arms, willing Kimberly to stop laughing with a seriously look. She’s not surprised when it doesn’t work, so she pushes herself up and crosses the room to the chair near the corner.

“I’m sorry,” Kimberly says between laughs, trying to pout but her laughter got in the way. The show comes back and they both quiet down. Trini tries to ignore the pair of eyes looking at her from across the room because she laughed at her when her smol children were in distress. She huffs again and it doesn’t take long before commercials begin again.

“Come on, babe,” Kimberly says with a pout as she stands and makes her way to Trini, extending her hand out for the other girl to grab, “I’m sorry.”

“You don’t mean it.” Trini says with a scoff as she squares her shoulders and moves her jaw to show her irritation.

“I do,” Kimberly says, tugging on one of Trini’s arms until she pulls hard enough to stand her up, wrapping her arms around her waist as she tugs her in closer. “I mean it, I won’t laugh anymore. And I agree with you - Kara can find someone better.”

“Like Lena-”

“Or James.” Kimberly says and Trini can’t help the twitch of her lips as she stares at her girlfriend, her brown eyes hypnotizing. She tilts her head when Kimberly cups her cheek, her thumb rubbing softly against her skin. Trini rolls her eyes when she feels a shiver course down her spine because, really? Is this what love sick feels like? 

“Can we just get back to watching Supergirl? Maggie is going to be on soon and I can’t miss my wife.” Trini says as she pushes her way to her bed, climbing it and making herself comfortable.

“Excuse me?”

anonymous asked:

HELLO KIMBAP MOM! How have you been? I love your scenarios so much and i wanted to request a hoshi soulmate!au??? If that's okay? Preferably involving fried chicken? If not then it's alright! Take care ❤~

- “why… did this have to be my soulmate hint?”
- you look down at the plate of jokbal sitting in front of you, and you regretfully take your chopsticks and pick up three or four slices of meat before shoving them into your mouth
- your best friend laughs “what’s wrong with it?? i think it’s cute!! it’s a lot more fun than my timer” they say while pointing at their wrist which reads “02:17:13:51”
- you say “at least you know that you’re going to meet your soulmate in exactly two years, seventeen hours, thirteen minutes, and whatever seconds. you can prepare yourself for it. my soulmate’s going to find me stuffing my face with whatever he made me crave”
- your soulmate hint is probably the most frustrating one of all
- you crave whatever your soulmate is eating
- it isn’t fun when you’re in the middle of a final, and your stomach growls, begging you to eat some tuna kimbap
- it isn’t fun when you’re sitting in your room in the middle of the night craving cotton candy ice cream, only to remember you don’t have any at home
- it isn’t fun, but you obviously make him crave foods as much as he does to you, so you can’t really complain
- while it can be annoying at times, you like that it helps you take care of him in a way
- some days, you don’t get cravings at all, and you fear it’s because your soulmate hasn’t eaten all day
- when this happens, you head over to the first restaurant you see and order as much as your wallet allows you to, and you eat and eat until you get the slightest craving of something
- it works all the time, and you sigh in relief when you’re sitting in bed, craving the exact same foods you ate earlier that day
- knowing that he’s eating well makes you happier than ever
- once your best friend has caught onto your soulmate hint, they got really excited
- “hey!! the second you’re craving something, let’s head to the nearest restaurant that serves that!! maybe you’ll be able to find him that way!!”
- you exclaim “that’s such a good idea!!!”
- and while this isn’t always possible, you still love to try
- because finding your soulmate would be the greatest thing….. (can you imagine all the food dates HECK YEAH)
- most of the time, your cravings happen during class, and it gets you so jumpy because you could be meeting him RIGHT NOW but you know there’s nothing you can do
- weekends are the best times for you to go hunting for your soulmate, so you and your best friend like to go running around the city looking for the restaurant your soulmate could be at
- while walking around the shopping district with your best friend, you suddenly make a face and they ask “a craving???” and you nod your head
- you say “…fried chicken. it’s definitely fried chicken.”
- your best friend says “oh there’s that restaurant everyone’s always talking about!! i heard they have the BEST fried chicken, you think it could be there??”
- you laugh “almost EVERY restaurant here sells fried chicken. there’s no way that’d be the one.”
- your friend says “you never know!! let’s go!!”
- you both hurriedly head in the direction of that restaurant, and you feel horribly disappointed when you see the long line outside
- you say “this is really not my lucky day….”
- a server suddenly walks outside asking everyone how many people are in their party
- the responses range from four to six people, but when he asks you, you tell him “we’re two people”
- the server says “perfect, we have a table for two available, you can follow me”
- your best friend jumps up and down excitedly because they’re excited to try the food, and also you might finally meet your soulmate!!
- your best friend says “this place has TONS of food in the menu, so all you have to do is search for someone who’s eating…. fried chicken…. oh”
- your mouth falls open in disbelief to find EVERYONE in the restaurant eating fried chicken
- you say “i…. am not going to find him.”
- the server brings you over to your table, and you both take a seat while going through the menu
- while reading through the items, your best friend suddenly exclaims “HEY I JUST HAD AN IDEA”
- they apologize before continuing “ok i know how hard it is to fight your cravings BUT…. what if you ordered something else?? if your soulmate really is here, we’d be able to see which boy at which table is ordering the same food as you”
- you grin “YOU ARE A GENIUS” while flipping the page of your menu to check the other available meals
- you’re desperately craving fried chicken, but if this could help you find him, you don’t care if you’re going to be dying in bed later on
- you decide to pick the spicy japchae when the waiter asks you what you’d like to eat, hoping that this could help set you apart from everyone else eating there
- it’s pretty warm inside the restaurant, so you take your cardigan off to hang around the back support of your chair
- but while when you turn around to do so…. your eyes land on the cute boy sitting two tables away
- his cheeks are squishy and his eyes are slanted and his smile is contagious…..
- you see him reach over for another piece of fried chicken and your heart skips a beat hoping he could be your soulmate….. but then you remember that everyone there is eating chicken and you’re like “nope. not taking anyone else’s soulmate.”
- you turn back around, and you grin happily when you see your server setting your food on the table
- you say “thank you” and pick some noodles up with your chopsticks before stuffing it in your mouth
- while eating, your best friend suddenly says “i… i don’t know if this is a coincidence, but the boy behind just ordered some japchae too”
- you subtly turn around to see the same cute boy from earlier slurping the same noodles you ordered
- you’re just about to shrug it off when the boy’s friend says “hoshi, you know you can’t eat spicy, why did you order that??”
- after downing a glass of water, “hoshi” replies “i don’t even know, seokmin?? i’m just….. craving it”
- you drop your chopsticks after hearing this, and your best friend asks “is it…. him?”
- you say “i….. i don’t know for sure??”
- when your waiter passes by, you ask him for the menu and order the first thing your eyes land on, which is tteokbokki
- the second your waiter puts it on the table, you shove two spicy ricecakes into your mouth to see what the boy will do
- just as you thought, ffiteen minutes later, the boy and his friend have tteokbokki at their table
- your best friend is thoroughly convinced after hearing this, and they tell you “go talk to him!!”
- you say “but!!! what do i say??? i knew i should’ve dressed cuter—”
- your best friend laughs “your soulmate is sweating and dying at the table over. i think you’ll be fine”
- you nod your head and get up, making your way over to the two boys
- when you do, you clear your throat, making them look up at you in confusion
- you say “hi, i’m from the table over there” while nodding at the table your best friend is sitting at
- seokmin scratches the back of his head, saying “oh sorry!! are we too loud??? we get that a lot”
- you say “oh, no!! it’s not that, just….” you look over at hoshi and grin “if i had known my soulmate can’t eat spicy foods, i wouldn’t have eaten them in the first place”
- hoshi and seokmin’s mouths drop, and they look over at your table to see the exact same orders they have sitting on yours
- there’s silence
- and then
- hoshi gets up from his seat and pulls you into a hug, jumping up and down excitedly while exclaiming “i’ve been looking for you for so long!!!”
- you shyly bury your face in his chest when you see a bunch of people look over at you two, and you say “i-i’ve been looking for you for so long too!!!”
- a waiter walks over to you and tells you both to lower your volume, and you and hoshi apologize nonstop
- he says “what’s your name?? i’m soonyoung, but everyone calls me hoshi!!” and you tell his your name, making him grin even wider
- seokmin laughs “hoshi can’t eat spicy, so i hope you can help him finish this!!”
- he gets out of his seat and gestures for you to sit down
- you turn to your friend who gives you a thumbs up, and you smile at them before taking seokmin’s seat in front of hoshi
- you asks seokmin “but what about you??” and he says “i told seungkwan i’d help him out with something today, so he’s all yours!!” before slipping away
- hoshi laughs nervously “this…. isn’t exactly how i hoped to look in front of you.”
- he’s sweating from the spicy food and his hair’s a mess from getting too excited after meeting you, but he’s your soulmate and in your eyes, he’s absolutely perfect
- you laugh and say “don’t worry, you can prepare yourself for our next food date.”
- hearing this, hoshi’s eyes sparkle, and he already can’t wait for your next date

thank you for your request!!