thirsty louis


no question about it i’m ready to get hurt by harry again.

Interview addressing newest hate rumors
  • Interviewer: Harry, Louis, I speak for all the fans when I say I must ask what caused such a rift in your relationship?
  • Louis *nodding*: Well, it all started when I realized Harry was a selfish-
  • Harry *brows furrowed*: Do not finish that sentence this is a losing battle, Lewis.
  • Louis *clears throat*: When I discovered Harry ruthlessly steals the covers
  • Harry: Well maybe I wouldn't have a need for all the blankets if your feet weren't made of ice!
  • Harry: No, you have an ignorance to SOCKS, Louis, things designed to keep your feet wa-
  • Louis *throws his hands up*: I can't. I just can't do this. I need to leave. I can't be near him right now
  • Harry *to interviewer*: Now you've done it! IS THIS WHAT YOU WANTED? [in the distance] Loubear, ice queen, wait up!
  • [Storms Out]
  • *Interviewer looks into camera like on The Office*
fem!larry fic rec masterpost

Because fem!larry is a blessing.

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Masterlist Revival

Since I’m going to start writing again I’ll start by posting the masterlist again for those of you who want to read some things over again or have missed some :)

  1. Concert you guys go to
  2. Names
  3. Date
  4. Massage
  5. Turn On’s
  6. Thoughts about another member
  7. Questions
  8. Night Out
  9. Undressing ☆
  10. Laughs
  11. Meeting For the First Time
  12. Walking Around A City ☆
  13. Metro Station ☆
  14. Paint Fight ☆
  15. Reading
  16. Booty
  17. Checking You Out
  18. Make-Up
  19. Accidents
  20. Tangled ☆
  21. You’re A Fan But Pretend You Don’t Know Them
  22. Love/Hate
  23. Teach Me ☆
  24. Songs
  25. Games
  26. Closed Eyes
  27. Perfumes ☆
  28. Lips
  29. Watching TV Late At Night
  30. He’s A Punk
  31. Random
  32. Homecoming
  33. Pmsing
  34. Homework
  35. Beauty Problems
  36. Autumn
  37. Friends + ☆
  38. You Do A Challenge/ Internet Fad
  39. Love Disappointments
  40. Miss You
  41. Sweaters
  42. Trails ☆
  43. He Takes Your… ☆
  44. He Gives You Sex Lessons (Not Dating)
  45. He Comes Back From Tour And Surprises You
  46. You Love Him but He Doesn’t Love You
  47. Meeting The Family
  48. You Act Like You Hate Him ☆
  49. Winter
  50. Touch
  51. New Year’s Resolutions
  52. Fears
  53. Museum/Art Gallery ☆
  54. Your Sex Song
  55. Soothing
  56. Time Off
  57. Sick
  58. Curse
  59. None (must’ve forgotten it)
  60. His Tell ☆
  61. Bet
  62. Writing
  63. Picking A Best Man ☆
  64. Protective
  65. Moving-In
  66. Plane Ride
  67. Picking Furniture/Decorating ☆
  68. He Has A Stomachache
  69. Kitchen Activities ☆
  70. Prejudice
  71. You’re In The Same Class
  72. Working Out
  73. Playing With Your Hair
  74. Love Letters
  75. Buying A Pet
  76. Drunk
  77. Adrenaline Rush
  78. AU: He’s Your Professor
  79. Style ☆
  80. You Catch Him Looking At You
  81. He Punishes You
  82. Tension
  83. Forgetting
  84. Touchy Subjects
  85. Mornings
  86. Tea ☆
  87. Familiar Face
  88. Sassy
  89. Warmth
  90. Steal
  91. You’re Ticklish
  92. Valentine’s Day
  93. Your First Time ☆
  94. Going Into Labor
  95. Gifts
  96. Lipstick ☆
  97. He’s There For You
  98. Vibes ☆
  99. Irresistible
  100. Proposal
  101. Where He Likes To Kiss You
  102. Blush
  103. Best Friends In Love
  104. Sports
  105. Shy
  106. Amusement Park
  107. You’re In A Relationship But One Of the Boys Dislikes You
  108. Jealous
  109. Marks ☆
  110. Habits
  111. Gentleman
  112. You Wear His Clothes ☆
  113. Hugs
  114. Road Trips ☆
  115. Lessons
  116. Crazy Acts of Love
  117. AU: He’s Your Older Brother
  118. How You Make Up After A Fight
  119. Shopping
  120. Secrets
  121. When He Realizes He Loves You
  122. Sexual Tension
  123. Festivals (Musical) ☆
  124. Talk
  125. AU: Different Job ☆
  126. Temptation ☆
  127. Opposite
  128. Places To Cuddle
  129. He Wants Kids But You’re Not Ready
  130. Restless Nights
  131. He Confides In Another Girl
  132. Rain ☆
  133. Health Problems
  134. Kinks
  135. Quirks
  136. Notes
  137. Stains ☆
  138. Teasing
  139. Embarrassment ☆
  140. Gazing
  141. Kisses
  142. Showers ☆
  143. Natural
  144. One Night Stand
  145. Trust
  146. Based on “Sex” by The 1975
  147. Based on “Photograph” by Ed Sheeran ☆
  148. Let Me Love You
  149. Crave
  150. Sparks
  151. Whisper
  152. He’s A Virgin But You’re Not
  153. Breathing
  154. Runaway
  155. Camping ☆
  156. You’re In The Mood But He’s Not
  157. Forgotten Anniversary
  158. Sex on the Tour Bus ☆
  159. Hickeys
  160. He Grabs…
  161. Red Carpet
  162. Flowers ☆
  163. “Let’s Try…” ☆
  164. Hands
  165. AU: Soulmates
  166. Colors
  167. AU: Maid ☆
  168. Threesome
  169. You Give Him A Haircut
  170. You Work For Him And Have Sexual Relations
  171. Fool’s Gold
  172. Stars ☆
  173. After Work
  174. Cold Coffee’ by Ed Sheeran
  175. Money
  176. He Dates Your Best Friend But You Like Him
  177. Iris by the Goo Goo Dolls
  178. Nudity ☆
  179. Zodiac Signs
  180. Comfortable
  181. AU: He’s A Prince ☆
  182. AU: Different Time Period ☆
  183. AU: Single Parents  ☆
  184. Storm
  185. Blackout
  186. Holiday Meeting
  187. Misunderstanding
  188. Tears
  189. Dreams
  190. Neighbors/Roommates ☆
  191. Proud
  192. Broken ☆
  193. AU: Single Parents Part 2
  194. Pretending To Be A Couple
  195. Hiding ☆
  196. AU: You’re A Doctor
  197. Road Rage ☆
  198. Too Hot
  199. Romantic
  200. AU: He’s Your Annoying Brother
  201. Summer
  202. Sharing
  203. Superstition
  204. Sugar
  205. Illegal ☆
  206. He Teaches You How To Play An instrument
  207. Drop
  208. Erotic ☆
  209. Not Pretty Enough
  210. Goosebumps
  211. Distance
  212. Floor ☆
  213. Balance


  1. Louis
  2. Louis Part 2
  3. Niall: Under The Willow Tree
  4. Niall: Water Park ☆
  5. Zayn: First Night Over
  6. Harry: Accident
  7. Liam: Permanent
  8. Zayn: Destiny Text
  9. Zayn: Destiny Text Part 2
  10. Zayn: Destiny Text Part 3
  11. Zayn: Destiny Text Part 4
  12. Zayn: Destiny Text Part 5
  13. Zayn: Destiny Text Part 6
  14. Zayn: Destiny Text Part 7
  15. Harry: Tough Match
  16. Niall: Sex Talk
  17. Louis: Post Office Trouble ☆
  18. Harry: Lucky Number 13 (Series) ☆
  19. Harry: Lucky Number 13 (Series) Part 2
  20. Harry: Lucky Number 13 (Series) Part 3
  21. Harry: Lucky Number 13 (Series) Part 4
  22. Harry: Lucky Number 13 (Series) Part 5
  23. Harry: Lucky Number 13 (Series) Part 6
  24. Harry: Lucky Number 13 (Series) Part 7
  25. Harry: Lucky Number 13 (Series) Part 8
  26. Harry: Hiccups ☆
  27. Harry: All Natural
  28. Ziam: Kiss
  29. Niall for Emily: Just Friends
  30. Niall: Greek God AU ☆
  31. Niall: The Real Thing
  32. Harry: Protector
  33. Niall: Stockholm Syndrome ☆
  34. Liam: Midnight Writings
  35. Louis: Laundry Room ☆
  36. Harry: Over Thinking
  37. Harry: Song Session
  38. Harry: Peace Maker ☆
  39. Harry: Flower Power
  40. Louis: Change
  41. Niall: Sex Talk Continued
  42. One Direction: Smiling Through The Pain
  43. Harry: College Acceptance
  44. Niall: Two Great Accomplishments
  45. Niall: Soccer Game
  46. Harry: Clouds And Meadows ☆
  47. Niall: Cup of Coffee’ ☆
  48. Louis: Thirsty
  49. Harry: Irreplaceable
  50. Niall/Harry: Aquarius
  51. Louis: Tossing and Turning
  52. Zayn: The Ball
  53. Liam: What Happened in Venice?
  54. Louis: The Lighthouse (Series) Part 1 ☆
  55. Louis: The Lighthouse (Series) Part 2
  56. Louis: The Lighthouse (Series) Part 3
  57. Louis: The Lighthouse (Series) Part 4
  58. Louis: The Lighthouse (Series) Part 5
  59. Louis: The Lighthouse (Series) Part 6
  60. Louis: The Lighthouse (Series) Part 7
  61. Louis: The Lighthouse (Series) Part 8
  62. Louis: The Lighthouse (Series) Part 9
  63. Zayn: First Night Over Part 2 ☆
  64. Niall Imagine: What’s Missing
  65. Liam: Superbowl
  66. Liam: Red Shoes Part 1


  1. Harry Smut: Taken For Granted ☆
  2. Liam Smut: That Dress
  3. Harry Smut: Valentine’s Day Lust
  4. Louis Smut: Dominant
  5. Liam Smut: Beach Day
  6. Zayn Smut: Not All Is Lost
  7. Zayn Smut: Fury ☆
  8. Harry Smut: Brutally Honest
  9. Niall Smut: Camping 101 ☆
  10. Louis Smut: Sweet ☆
  11. Niall Smut: History Repeats Itself ☆
  12. Harry Smut: Golden Elevator ☆
  13. Louis Smut: Hard Game
  14. Niall Smut: Do It Yourself
  15. Niall Smut: Dr. Horan ☆
  16. Zayn Smut: Psychology ,Cake, and Sex
  17. Liam Smut: First Lesson
  18. Harry Smut: Pole Master 

Harry Styles must be trapped in the Kim Kardashian game because the only places he’s ever spotted are London, LA, Miami, and New York. 

Louis Imagine: Thirsty

Requested by:  dragonsloth

Queuing in line for a day paid off. The front row was even better than you imagined it would be. Of course, the security was annoying and serious but the boys were hilarious and although the pressure from the girls wanting to get closer to them built, you and your friend were still having the time of your lives. Your friend was captivated by Niall but all you thought about was Louis in those black tight jeans and black tank top.

Harry was quieting down the audience.

“Now, I’m gonna count until three and you try to be as quiet as you can.”

The boys were all around him, talking between  each other until Harry’s glare weighed on them so much that they stood quiet. Harry shook his head and turned to the crowd. 

“One… Two… Three!” the girls were still screaming in the pit so Harry found the culprit and and put his hands on his side, just like a mother would, and the girls were quiet. 

He shushed the crowd a little more and right at that moment Louis was giggling with Niall. 

You turned to your friend and told her “Gosh I’m so thirsty right now.” she shrugged not being able to help because she didn’t have water with her but someone else heard you.

Louis was looking right at you and crossed the stage to reach for his water and threw at you giving you thumbs up. You were shocked but still managed to mouth a thank you trying to seem normal.

Your friend kept slapping your arm in excitement “Y/N! He gave you his bottle!”

It was hard to believe but it was true. Some girls tried snatching it from you but you opened it and drank it defensively, until the next song came on and you were left alone.

For the rest of the concert, Louis appeared to be walking more often on your side of the stage, singing lyrics right in front of you and throwing you what now you counted as five water bottles, standing half full at the bottom of your feet. 

“If anyone needs water, this girl’s got half a store!” Louis joked pointing at you as you covered your face from all the eyes that were now on you. 

At the end of Best Song Ever, Louis’ part was already sung so he find a way to find you in the crowd and told the security guard that was in front of you to let you pass as soon as the song was over so that you could met him backstage.

Everything seemed surreal but when the man told you these very words, you had to agree. You would be crazy not to. 

The man opened the gate just enough to let you pass and waving goodbye to your friend you made your way to the back. 

You were shaking and excited and you hoped that you could keep your cool and impress Louis.

The man lead you to a black door, knocked and left you without saying a word.

The door opened and you found a very cute and sweaty Louis.

“Hey water girl, glad you could make it.” you entered the room and looked around at the rack of clothes he probably uses for different concerts, a couch with some chips and then back up at Louis.

“You weren’t supposed to hear that! But thanks for the water, I could have died.”

He chuckled and showed you a table with more water.

“I’m sure you would’ve. Here’s some more, you know, if you’re thirsty for other reasons.”

You blushed and nodded. “Great job on stage, by the way. Loved No Control.”

His eyes lit up and you knew you’d said the right thing

“I had so much fun singing that!” Louis was adorable and very funny and kind but it was almost midnight and you needed to get home before your parents worried about you.

“Listen, I have to go. I wish I didn’t but this wasn’t exactly planned.” 

“Nah it’s cool. Just wanted to have a chat with you. You seemed fun and you sang along to all the songs so thank you.”

You were about to walk out when he spoke, “Maybe a hug? And a selfie? You know, I don’t do this often.” you smiled and gave him the tightest hug you could muster and he took the picture both with his phone and yours. 

“Hope to see you again!”

“Me too, trust me.” he smiled and left you to explain for the next week this amazing story to all your friends. 

but can we please talk about how thirsty Louis Tomlinson has always been

like even from the x factor

this really is just ridiculous

like Louis please don’t try to play it off

sometimes it even has a hint of fond to it

but sometimes its just really kind of sexual

But harry has had his moments of weakness as well

Except he really can’t hide his emotions

like hot damn

In conclusion when you are as hot and pretty and as cute as Louis Tomlinson and harry styles how could you resist but to be too thirsty all the time