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anyway I can’t wait for Finn to put his hand on the back of Rey’s head and smile at the free flowing hair, set free from the three buns, that he’d quite like to run his hands through; and for Rey to run her hands over Finn’s shoulders, admiring his new jacket and how attractive and brave and smart he looks in official uniform

Reigning Champions; Part Four

Fandom: WWE

Pairing: Dean Ambrose/Roman Reigns/Female Reader

Rating: Holy shit M.

AN: Thirst Party Saturday ho! This is set during/after Survivor Series, as I’m sure you all know. Tagging @tox-moxley, @hardcorewwetrash and @oraclegazes, as is my custom. Enjoy!

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Cards on the Table (Taron Egerton)

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Summary: They dealt the cards in their hands when it came to their relationship, but there was always one that they kept hidden in their sleeves.

Author’s Note: I don’t normally write imagines for real actors, but my thirst levels are off the chart and I couldn’t help myself when I got this idea. I wrote it mainly for myself so I just want to publish it here for fun. Enjoy!

Their relationship always seemed a bit simple once they laid their cards out on the table.

Being cast as one of the main bodyguards for the villain in the new Kingsman movie meant spending quite a bit of time with the main cast. Even more so when her role involved seducing Taron Egerton’s Eggsy Unwin in the script. They got along quickly, and it didn’t take her long to know that she was attracted to him.

Who wouldn’t be? He was very cute and sweet and made her laugh. She had almost let it develop into a crush. Almost.

After a long day of shooting on the set, Taron, herself, and a few of the cast went out to a nearby bar for drinks. A few rounds in, the conversation had turned in the direction of relationships and types. She had no type, she said. If she was attracted to a guy, she was attracted to him; it didn’t matter what his hair color, eye color, or race was. Simple.

Taron’s was simple as well. “I like older women,” he answered. That was his card, and that was when she knew she didn’t stand a chance; she was two years younger than him. One of their co-stars said that people always end up dating beyond their types. She (almost) wanted to believe that was true and keep that glimmer of hope, but her thoughts quickly shut it down. Why wouldn’t it work between Taron and an older, more mature woman?

She was most definitely not that.

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*Thirsty af bitch voice* neeeed more klance

maybe a kiss, not like this

I mean, i am not forcing the creators or hating on them or anything but i am definitely crying about it………..i am desperate, okay!