Okay, my first reaction to this cast was, “The girls are cute, the boys are meh.” but after taking some time to think.. I really like this cast. They don’t 100% seem superficial or anything. They’re pretty different from the last few seasons for sure. Hopefully they’re as “over the top” as they say they are. 

Like this could actually be a good season!

no but honestly, like jongin singing lucky on stage, finally seeing him on stage after such a long time.. it makes me so emotional.. and i just love him so much.. and i want him happy and healthy, and to always be smiling, and so just have everything he wants in the world.. because he deserves it. and hes just so perfect and so precious and his voice when he sings, its so beautiful and i cant stop being emotional over him !!!! please love jongin !!!! 

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please oh heda of fanfics, make the lexa twins + clarke smutty au happen, if possible🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽 we will be forever grateful

Hahaha I am no heda of fics but thanks and I hear you thirst kru, you want a threesome w Lexa, her twin and Clarke. I hear it and I guess I shall comply. When I can squeeze some writing time I’ll write it ✌🏽️🙈😏

Dearest BK,

I am writing to inform you that I got us two new followers!!!! Yay me! I am, as the kids say, the Surprise! They’re porn blogs! Love, DC P.S. I blame this on finding your Sin Bin Stash this summer. P.S.S. This has nothing to do with me, myself, being a thirst monster. P.S.S.S. My hand slipped.

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