[ Tempest ]

A Naruto/Vampire Knight Crossover

summary: Rival schools, Cross Academy and Konoha Academy, have decided to try to settle their differences by exchanging students. And everyone, both Day and Night class alike, can’t help but admit that the three K.A. representatives are very strange. Rocky roads and thin ice ahead; a most turbulent tempest.

pairings: NaruSakuSai, MultiSaku, SakuraCentric, VKcharacters/Sakura


guess who spent the past month rewritting a fic that hasn’t been updated in five years!!


heeeeres reggieee uvu moth prince heck yeaH

the gloves and pants hide the maSSIVE amount of fluff on his upper arms and thighs sdkjflsj not to mention that his hands and legs look much more insect-like under the clothes. was thinking about modeling him after a real moth (probably would have been a lunar moth) but!! i had a lot of fun with just h aving fun sjkdlf

bUT YEAH hes a big sweetie uvu

variscite! another new gem oc/gemsona

shes formerly part of yellow diamond’s interrogation unit but currently works with record keeping for hw. variscites can pull memories from other gems through touch, often forcefully (depending on the circumstances, hence their role in interrogation)

she was made towards the end of the rebellion so she didnt see much interrogating action, but she works with the homeworld records/history department by cataloging memories from older gems who volunteer their knowledge

her gem is on her forehead uvu

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