she’s a therapy gem, mainly for soldier gems suffering from ptsd. Rhodonites are gentle emotional healers with calming auras that promote the release of fear and offer grounded support during times of painful stress and panic. She’s a very kind and caring gem and has helped many gems through dark times. though rhodonites are often seen as a luxury, their help is available to any and all gems.

[my commission info!!]


Commissions!! First time I’ve ever done this, but, as the post says, I’m moving out of my childhood home and into an apartment at the end of the summer to attend my next step in a college education. I’m super nervous and I’d really like to be making some extra cash alongside my current part-time job. So!


Lineart - torso: $10 (+ $5 for additional characters)
Lineart - full body: $15 (+ $10 for additional characters)
Flats - torso: $15 (+ $10 for additional characters)
Flats - full body: $20 (+ $15 for additional characters)
Full color + shading - torso: $20 (+ $15 for additional characters)
Full color + shading - full body: $25 (+ $20 for additional characters)

And $0.50 for simple backgrounds (solid color besides white, gradients, simple shape, simple pattern, etc.) and/or transparency.


• Ocs! Just please have at least one good reference picture.
• Characters from pretty much any fandom (preferably animated, I’m not too confident on drawing irl people in my style).
• Gemsonas!! Same as ocs, I will need some reference for the character.

WON’T Draw

(mostly because I am either uncomfortable with or I don’t feel satisfied with my drawing ability)

• NSFW material (some nudity may be accepted)
• Gore
• Complicated robots/mecha

Anthro/furry is a maybe, it depends on the complexity of the character.


Payment will be handled via PayPal and will be needed before I start your commission. However, I will send you periodic WIPs and will gladly accept your input to anything that you would like changed until you are thoroughly satisfied with your commission.

Available Slots

I will be opening 10 slots at first to see how well this goes.


If you’re interested, please email me at and we can discuss what you would like commissioned and the information I need. PLEASE don’t message me through tumblr, my messages have a bad habit of being deleted. I will send you an invoice via PayPal once I have all of the information I need to get started!

If you have any questions, please feel free to send me an email! Please signal boost if you can and thank you ahead of time! u◇u

variscite! another new gem oc/gemsona

shes formerly part of yellow diamond’s interrogation unit but currently works with record keeping for hw. variscites can pull memories from other gems through touch, often forcefully (depending on the circumstances, hence their role in interrogation)

she was made towards the end of the rebellion so she didnt see much interrogating action, but she works with the homeworld records/history department by cataloging memories from older gems who volunteer their knowledge

her gem is on her forehead uvu

[my commission info!!]