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Whoever wants to do this, go ahead

1. Which song would you choose to be a single from third album?
2. Who’s gonna get married first?
3. Jesy with short hair or long hair?
4. Purple, red, pink or nude lipstick on Jade?
5. Afro or straightened hair on Leigh?
6. What’s your favourite outfit on Leigh?
7. What do you want on album 4 - more acapellas or ballads?
8. Who’s the best dancer in the group?
9. Boy, The End or The Beginning acapella?
10. Sissy That Walk, We Are Young or Bills, Bills, Bills cover?
11. Which song should girls cover for the upcoming tour?
12. Salute music video - yay/nay? Why?
13. Worst LM music video in your opinion is?
14. If you could tattoo LM lyrics, which ones would you tattoo?
15. Who was your favorite in the beginning and who is your fav now?
16. Which song should have been chosen as a single from Salute album?
17. Who would you want to see as an opening act for LM on GW tour?
18. Collaboration with Nicki or Beyonce?
19. Would you have girls release the LGBT version of SLS video BUT have to erase Move from your memory forever?
20. Who was the best dressed in SLS video?
21. Who should change their hair color and to which color?
22. Colorful Mix or All-Black Mix?
23. Would you rather girls NEVER perform Salute again but have them perform SLS part 2?
24. Which LM song do you sing the most?
25. Is it good that LMLY was a single or not?
26. Good Enough, Love Me Or Leave Me or These Four Walls?
27. Pop music for LM or R'n'B?
28. Clued Up - yay or nay?
29. Who do you think loves their bandmates the most?
30. Would you rather: have Jake as your boyfriend OR look like Leigh-Anne?
31. What’s better - Little Mix ruling the world but NOT cracking America OR girls cracking America and being lousy in the rest of the world?
32. Where are you from? ☺️

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I hope that 2014 was at least okay for you and LET’S KICK ASS IN 2015!! Hope you all know how much I love you, even those who I missed in this follow forever! I am not gonna tag anyone okay I’ll msg you maybe ily (no bolded favs this time bc ily all ok bye thanks for making 2014 for me!!!)!!!! also sorry if i missed anyone! its probably bc idk your new/chaneged url bc of christmas :( i still ly

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