A short thriller but it is so climatic in its simplicity. Graphic looks cool in those engine and we must belive that this studio won’t disapoint us and this great universum. Post apocalyptic world are the best.

Le temps d'un autre de Robert Goddard

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Broché: 600 pages
Editeur : Le Livre de Poche (25 février 2015)
Collection : Littérature & Documents
Langue : Français
ISBN-10: 2253184225
ISBN-13: 978-2253184225
Disponible sur liseuse: Oui
Prix éditeur:8€30


 Robin Timariot est à la croisée des chemins. Son frère aîné, Hugues, vient de décéder, et Robin doit décider s’il reste à la Commission européenne à Bruxelles où son avenir semble tracé,…

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Bad Team makes a Good Trade!

And it’s only nominally a trade, but the Avalanche tossed the 6th round pick they got in the Max Talbot trade (not a good trade) from Boston right back to them and got the rights to UFA Carl Söderberg.

The deal here, IMO, is Söderberg will have agreed in principle to the broad strokes of a contract before that trade ever happened. What the Avs did was lock up a guy who is a legit Ryan O'Reilly lite a few days before they trade the real thing.

This is a smart risk-reducing way to get some insurance ahead of a very big trade.
It remains to be seen if his contract is reasonable–the rumours aren’t, but they are avoiding having to enter into a bidding war for the guy by giving up what is, in isolation anyway, a near valueless pick.

I am thirilled that they are getting a genuine 2-way player who has skills that actually fill their holes–unlike Jarome Iginla who you never need if you have Matt Duchene deployed correctly.

Next year will still suck as a host of horrible contracts are still on the books. $3 million give or take for Jamie McGinn? Come on.

And that’s the only deal leading into draft day. Something’s holding things up. Phil Kessel? Cam Talbot? Both? Come on guys, get up, have your coffee and make deals!