Le temps d'un autre de Robert Goddard

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Broché: 600 pages
Editeur : Le Livre de Poche (25 février 2015)
Collection : Littérature & Documents
Langue : Français
ISBN-10: 2253184225
ISBN-13: 978-2253184225
Disponible sur liseuse: Oui
Prix éditeur:8€30


 Robin Timariot est à la croisée des chemins. Son frère aîné, Hugues, vient de décéder, et Robin doit décider s’il reste à la Commission européenne à Bruxelles où son avenir semble tracé,…

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SpongeBob SquarePants: Ghouls Fools - Vincent Waller | Kids & Family |551718704

SpongeBob SquarePants: Ghouls Fools
Vincent Waller
Genre: Kids & Family
Price: $9.99
Rental Price: $3.99
Publish Date: August 28, 2012

You’re in for thirills and chills and really funny stuff with this SpongeBob SquarePants lineup featuring the sea’s least-scary scary ghost, the Flying Dutchman himself! Aye, this here set has the spooky special double-episode, Ghoul Fools, where SpongeBob and Patrick find themselves in the middle of a ridiculous feud between a crew of ghost pirates and the Flying Dutchman. Then the boys make the mistake of disturbin’ the Flying Dutchman’s sleep, so he turns them into ghosts … SpongeBob gets a lesson in tying knots from the first-place winner in the fancy knottin’ contest for the last 3000 years … Mr. Krabs trades SpongeBob for the money in the Flying Dutchman’s pocket, all 62¢ of it … the boys are off to, argh, find buried, argh, treasure with, argh, Mr. Krabs and his, argh, familiar-looking treasure map … the Flying Dutchman overstays his welcome at SpongeBob’s house, rendering all his scares a total bore, so it’s up to SpongeBob to help Dutchie get his ghostly gift back … and Mr. Krabs learns the scariest, most awful thing he could ever imagine – his money wants to be spent! You’re in for hours of ghostly good tales from SpongeBob SquarePants!

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