“ Being dead is just another kind of being alive. Except you’re dead. “

- Markus Velafi

I enjoyed painting this chibi on SAI*+*+  

Markus is so far my favorite character from Thrilling Intent. I can’t wait to catch up to the YTseries and see what else this guy is up to! 

I implore you guys to give this tabletop series a try! It starts off slow but it picks up after several episodes! \o/  

Viva “Horatio Protagoniste”

Edit: *I went back and fixed his facial expression. I like it better when he’s smug. haha* 

Edit2: Why hasn’t anyone pointed out he was missing his F A B U L O U S tail?! *His tail has now appeared! Albeit, I’m face palming myself for realising now that it’s not the same color as his horns. MARKUS, Markus why do you give me such a hard time?!* Let’s pretend this never happened*


Poor japan he’s so innocent and…. #thirdwheel #gerita #aphjapan

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Poor japan he’s so innocent and…. #thirdwheel #gerita #aphjapan

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Always nice when Corgnelius finds a doge he likes playing with. #ThirdWheel #ThyNameIsStumphrey

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A Third Wheel’s Journal vol. 1

It was a light bulb moment—coming up with this series—while I was in the midst of editing these photos during an unexpected little date of my bro and his girlfriend. So if you’re wondering what the ramblings would be about, it would revolve around my feelings and thoughts while I sit in casually taking sips and bites here and there as they chatter and laugh softly like an ordinary couple without a dragged little nibblet in between their supposed moment of intimacy.

I’ve always been close to my brothers. Especially my eldest brother, Laurence. I call him my big bear brother because he’s obviously the fluffernutter. So he started dating this woman named Cathy last 2013. Cathy is fondly called Miss Cathy or just Cathy at home. But in my blog, she’s Artemis Cathy, a promise I made to her over the phone when my brother rebuked me lightly of unknowingly forming the habit of calling her Miss every. single. time. we talk. Well, she’s a teacher that’s why. And I don’t know why but it feels easier to me that way. Okay. ‘Nuff of that.

Ever since they started going out, they’ve easily grabbed my favorite one-true-pairing-in-real-life badge and I love them both equally. They’re so good together, basically each other’s best friends. Believe me when I say this ‘cause I won’t be joking, how lovely it is to find someone you can call quirky, unintentionally-derogatory names and still have late night heart-to-heart conversations with. There are times when they like to tag me along on their dates and I’m grateful for them for not thinking I’m some freeloading letter-b who only wants free food.

Haha. They do want to treat me out anyway for being their biggest fan so, they’re okay with me tagging along. So the pictures above doesn’t signify my very first time third wheeling behind them. I’ve been tagged along a bunch of times already and this one’s just the most recent. We were at Taza Mia and we had some of their delish appetizers for an afternoon run. French fries, nachos and buffalo mojos (not pictured). The food there was the bomb, as well as the prices (hehe of course i’m being sarcastic). 

Anyways, being a third wheel to this amazing couple isn’t as bad as what most people would actually think. Yes, it does emphasize my single-ness at the moment but I’m okay with that. I couldn’t be any happier right now, to be honest. 

A Thirdwheel’s Journal vol. 2

We went walking around the quadrangle yesterday. And by we, I mean my brother, his girlfriend, my sister, her boyfriend, my other brother and me. Sounds fun, no? Well, it kind of was. Thanks to my big bro here who’d always crack me and Artemis Cathy up. 

As usual when I walk, I’d plug in my earphones first and immediately the outer world around me shuts down. I like to keep it that way, though of course I’m cautious of incoming cars or joggers that I may have grown a line of at my back. 

This walking was pretty special, though. It was Father’s Day and on Saturday, my mom had me decide whether we’d go walking or not. Of course, we were! Won’t let a chance to pass without getting a bit pumped up, amirite. It was also special because I’m with this couple again! They’d shown me yet a whole lot of things I’d never known. They were practically each other’s best friends.

Dropping fart jokes, sleeping next to each other, sharing a merienda plate and still finishing off the other’s food, joking around while walking, taking pictures and more more more. Their laughter’s basically the music to my ears yesterday. I loved seeing them laugh. There are time when I hate my brother for being so corny and pa-cute when she’s talking to ‘Mis Cathy. He’s barely a softy at home to everyone, though he’s mostly like that to me and I know it only happens when he’s happy. And he’s happy when everything’s at the pinnacle point with him and ‘Mis.

And truly, I like it when they’re happy. They are still #goals. 


Jiyong can’t help being jealous at BaeRi’s chem😏😂😂😂💕

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