Hey guys! My dog Mimi is sick and I need some funds. I’m doing a $20 special on all custom energy Auric field portraits!
18x20, I email at full resolution so they can be printed at various sizes or used how you wish.

I use a facial photo of a client as reference and intuitively create a piece from what I am picking up off it.
I can make them for couples and families as well! Each of these pieces are unique to the client. Over 1,500 made so far!

I can also make custom pieces with imagery or symbolism of your choice blended in.

Please; I don’t post my work here much anymore but I really need the help. Contact me if interested!

My PayPal is

Thank you, even if you just share the post!
-Alex / MentalAlchemy


Some new custom energy portrait pieces made for clients!

I am making a huge move to Germany for a year and need to save up.. Only have 3 months to prepare myself!

If you’re interesting in supporting by buying a piece, they’re only $25 today!!

I work off a photo of a client and intuitively portray energy in these pieces, and I can add custom imagery or symbolism as well. Can make them for two people , too!
Is my paypal!

Contact me any time! :)
-Alex Fitch (MentalAlchemy)