Look all around you, darling.

Look at your neighbour who divorced her husband even though it’s still not accepted to do so in your middle class third world society. Look at how she steps out and goes to work and takes care of her son and her old parents all on her own.
Does she need anyone? No.

Look at that old man who’s been coming to your house for the past two days to refurbish all the furniture in your house. Look at how he travels hours across the city to reach your house, carrying his sewing machine and his foldable working table on his tiny bike. He works from 9 am to 8 pm tirelessly and only asks for a glass of water occasionally.
Does he need anyone? No.

Look at that real life story of that woman on TV who waited seventeen years for her husband to return from war. Not even knowing whether he was dead or alive, she was a prisoner of war too. And when he finally returned, he said he doesn’t love her. Look at how that small town girl learnt to stand on her own feet, be “the man of the house”.
Does she need anyone? No.

Look at that withered old lady who earns her meagre daily wages by cleaning gardens like yours. Your uncle who works half way across the world and hasn’t seen his son in 5 years. Your ex-boyfriend’s mom who has lost everyone except her son and tries her best to make life better for him. That blind man outside your college who stands outside everyday selling pens, both black and blue.
Do they need anyone? No.

Maybe these people are put all around you to teach you that all you need is yourself to fight all your wars.

But just in case, if you haven’t got that neighbour to look at, that old man, that woman on TV, that withered old lady, that uncle, that ex-boyfriend’s mom, or that blind man, then go stand in front of your mirror. Let the sunlight pour through the window and right into your eyes and watch how it changes colour. Watch how it fills with power. Watch how much strength you hold, all inside you.

So if you ever feel like running behind someone who let you go because you think you “need” them to survive, look all around you. Look in the mirror.