Third person action, twin-stick shooter hybrid Video game. This actually looks pretty Cool, Reminds me of Vanqiush.

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[1/7] favorite video games: spec ops: the line
► “another one of your victims—from a soldier who was ‘just following orders.’

Bioware Plans to "Strongly Support" Mass Effect: Andromeda Post-Release
Bioware Plans to “Strongly Support” Mass Effect: Andromeda Post-Release

Despite not offering a divisive season pass with Mass Effect: Andromeda, developer Bioware plans to support the game extensively (and for free!) after its recent release. This was said by Bioware’s Ian S. Frazier on his Twitter page in a response to an inquiring user. This would probably…

TC’s The Division: Damn right, just a couple of stars, there’s always time for @thechaoscauser and me to fit in a small cardio workout.


射程でならべ! By pr on Pixiv

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Having lots of fun replaying Resident Evil 4 on PC.

Thanks, mouse aim, for making a good game awesome.