Sabi ko sa sarili ko, i want to go to LaBoracay after i graduated college, huhuhu Pero di ko pa sya nafufulfill. Soon, sana *crossfringer* kasi pag napufrustrate ka sa mga bagay na di mo makuha baka Greediness na ang labas non which is Toxic sa katawan and di healthy sa mind. In Gods perfect timing, siguro makakapunta din ako doon. I entrust God with all of my plans in my life, less hassle na mas safe pa. 💞💞

People I ❤️

So I’ve been seeing so much love for fellow writers going around on tumblr lately that I just wanted to take a minute to appreciate some of my friends and fave writers on here. I know I’ve been pretty MIA lately, but I’m so grateful for your kindness and for the stories you share with us!

 @hanny-bananny​ was one of my first friends on tumblr, and is a ray of sunshine online. Not only is she super supportive of every writer, reader, and follower who comes her way, she’s a very gifted author and has so many wonderful fics! Once you’ve finished her masterlist, check out her Sunday Reading List rec list!

@madamredwrites is another kind and wonderful soul. She writes beautifully in-depth fanfics and has a heart of gold. If you’re the kind who likes a slow-burn multi-chapter fic, be sure to check out her “Water Under the Bridge” series! She gives the best feedback and always seems to leave sweet replies when you need them most.

@criminal-minds-fanfiction aka @cherrybombs-and-rabbitholes was one of the first writers I read in the CM fandom. Her work is vast and so very good. You want smut? Fluff? Angst? A combination of the three? You’ll find just about anything in Cherry’s fics. The “queen of angst” is also a wonderful person to go to for advice and encouragement, and she’s acted as the mother duck of CM writers for quite a while. 

@bookofreid was another blog that inspired me to start posting on tumblr! B is like the older sister you’ve always wanted, managing to churn out words of wisdom to the many questions about life that her followers send, as well as beautifully written prose fics that will move your heart. She’s a sweet soul, and is always befriending folks.

@criminally-yours has recently restarted her blog, and has a number of really cute multi-chapter fics up! She’s super friendly (I know I sound like a broken record but seriously everyone is so sweet!) and updates pretty regularly. Which is more than I can say for myself, haha!

@reidbyers is a writer I wish I would’ve discovered sooner because all. her. stuff. is. SO GOOD. She also covers a wide range of characters and ships! If you’re aboard the ReidxAlvez bandwagon (at this point who isn’t tbh) she’s working on a new fic called “Suck It and See” that will blow your mind. Jen is also very funny and very kind!

@dontshootmespence updates more than I thought was humanly possible. I’m still not entirely convinced she’s a person and not a magic fanfic writing machine. But she’s lovely and sweet, therefore, she must be real. 😉 If you’re in need of new fics to read, check her masterlist, and you won’t be disappointed! Not only is the sheer quantity of her work amazing, but the quality is also top-notch.

@zugzwangxo is another prolific writer of our favorite group of profilers. When she’s not writing, she’s hysterically funny, and knows not to take things too seriously. She knows how to practice self-care and is the queen of dealing with negative anons, and still managing to be a supportive friend and talented writer!!

@xinhaleredveinsx is a total sweetheart and lovely human. She’s gentle and sweet, and her stories are wonderful. Just enough angst and just enough fluff. And series “Lip-Stained Love” is sooo good! Though her masterlist may not be as long as some older writers, she’s a good friend and always spreading a little love.

I also want to give love to @finding-doris @milkandcookies528 @multipotens @ohsnapitstaz @youcanletgonow @lookingforgalifrey @icanteven25 @raybradbruh @breakawayfromeveryday @thehogwartsdormitories @wizardsintherapgame and anyone who has ever requested a story from me or left feedback for me.

What makes this community so special is the people in it and the kindness they show to each other. I don’t think I’ve come across any writers who tear each other down - instead we all build each other up and encourage each other, and I just love that so much. 

So thanks to all of you for making our bit of the CM fandom so lovely.