me (surrounded by decadence and luxury, poetry, narcotics, debauchery, art and filth, seated on a great stone throne, where a pair of slaves wave palm fronds painted with gold leaf to cool my reclining form. a third feeds me grapes. i watch through regal kohl-painted eyes as the small folk build great marble idols in my likeness): yeah so once you start reading the tyranny bit of the republic as a how to, things get way better

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Dark Brett show us the forbidden ideologies

Hyper-forbidden ideologies:

Forbidden ideologies:

Ideologies just normally banned:

things i think about more than i should: what if Kravitz has a third form aside from handsome man and dude skeleton and that third form is a giant skeletal monster whose maw, like, drips shadows and whose eye sockets burn bright red and he uses this form for chasing/fighting crafty necromancers or powerful undead demigods

basically what if taako had the ultimate monster boyfriend, really

Chinnamasta Jayanti.

May 8-9 2017 marks the special day dedicated to Goddess Chinnamasta, She is the sixth or third of the Mahavidya forms of the Divine Mother, as a Vidya She represents sacrifice. Another name of Chinnamasta is Prachanda Chandika. Chandika is a famous name of Devi, it’s often translated as ‘fierce’, Prachanda Chandika could mean the fiercest of the fierce, and Her image certainly suggests this. In his famous translation of Chandi Path, Swami Satyananda (of Devi Mandir, Napa, California) interprets the name Chandika as ‘She who tears apart thought’, this to me is a better understanding of the name, and in the case of Chinnamasta we see this literally as She goes the extra mile and tears off Her own head.

Her popular story tells how Parvati goes to bathe in the river accompanied by two friends, suddenly the urge for union with Lord Shiva overcomes Her and She turns a dark colour, simultaneously Her friends complain that they are hungry. The urge for union and the call of Her friends become overwhelming for Parvati and She severs Her own head, three streams of blood surge from Her neck, feeding both Her and the two attendants. This is a strange story that has been given volumes of explanation, but it highlights several important lessons.

The connection with the rise of Kundalini Shakti is obvious in the image and story of Chinnamasta. The three streams of blood represent the Ida, Pingala and Sushumna, pathways or channels of prana and Kundalini in the system. The rise in the body of spiritual energy cutting through the various knots of ignorance until the body can’t take it anymore, the head blows off, the urge to unite Shiva with Shakti accomplished. The feeding of the two attendants reminds me very much of the motto of Sri Ramakrishna Mission given by Swami Vivekananda-‘For one’s own salvation, and for the good of the world’, striving for divinity within ourselves but also seeing divinity in humanity. The sacrifice here is our heads, not in the literal sense but certainly Chinnamasta will take the mind, She is the most mind blowing form of the Divine Mother.


Okay so, that episode Starscream tries to join the Autobots? What if he wasn’t such a clod and didn’t reveal that he killed Cliffjumper? What if he actually got in and started working for the Autobots?

Of course, at first, Starscream would only join Bots because he wanted to use them to get rid of Megatron and become the leader of the Cons, because of course he would. But then he would start to realize something, little by little. 

He notices that even though the base in dirty and food is scarce, he feels much more relaxed here than he ever was on Nemesis. There is none of that looming feeling of Megatron beating you senseless, drones disrespecting you, Knock Out and Breakdown laughing at you or Arachnid humiliating you. He is free to do and be whatever he wants to be, as long as he doesn’t piss off the Bots, and that actually seems harder than he first thought. Sure, at first they are all on their toes about Stars, but after few weeks, they treat him like he was part of their team.

Stars goes to missions with Bumblebee, and learns that it was Megatron who stole his voice, and feels sympathy over him, for he too has been hurt by Megatron in the past. He hangs out with Bulkhead and learns that he isn’t just a “dumb big guy” he always though he was, and that Bulk is actually one of the first to accept him and support him. He helps Ratchet out and goes back to his scientific roots before the was and when Ratchet learns that Star used to be a scientist, they start having long debates and conversations about different formulas and eventually Stars helps Ratch make the perfect formula for synthetic energon. Arcee is not as easy, but once Star cracks few jokes about Arachnid, she warms up to her. The two joke around and grow quite close. Eventually he is even let to meet the kids and grows to find them, annoying at first, but later quite entertaining. Miko gets him into music, Raf wants to learn about Cybetronian science, and Ratchet isn’t a very talkative person so Stars makes a great teacher, and Jack is a great listener and supporter, even when Stars in denying his sorrow and inner pain.

But it’s Optimus that finally seals the deal. The two are on a mission together, and Starscream screws up, majorly. It’s nothing deadly or too dangerous, but it still causes him to panic because Megatron has beaten him for less. He gets on his knees and begs for Optimus’ forgiveness, sure that the Prime will beat him otherwise. But instead, Optimus stares at him, confused and even shocked, when he realizes why Stars is acting like this. Instead of hurting Stars, he embraces him and tells him that he is not angry and that it wasn’t Starscream’s fault. Stars doesn’t believe what just happened. Optimus, a PRIME just forgave him for his mistakes, and… comforted him. Starscream starts to re-think his choices and plans for using the Bots. For the first time in centuries, he has found someone he can truly respect and want to call his leader. He has found people who care of him and love him despite their bad past together. He has found something he thought long lost… a family.

So now, he accepts the fact that he indeed is an Autobot now. He keeps his aerial-form, he loves flying too much to give it up, but gets another, third form for himself. A motorbike. A TWO-WHEELER. Everyone know’s his hate of land-vehicles and two-wheeler’s especially so this is a special moment for everyone. Starscream asks for Ratchet to replace his Decepticon-symbol with an Autobot-one. He starts to work full time on taking down Cons. He gets better weapons and learns new fighting techniques. Just so that he can be useful for the bots, just so that he can make Optimus proud. 

Under the sharp and cold Con the Bots find a fun-loving, strong, smart and even caring Cybetronian, who just wants his home back. He no longer cares about leadership, now that he has a leader he truly supports and cares about. And who also cares of him. 

One time on the battlefield, one drone refuses to attack Starscream. It’s Steve. He begs to join “Lord” Starscream and serve him again like he did before. Stars takes a look at Optimus (who smiles and nods) and then helps the drone to his feet. “Please, call me Screamy. All my friends do.” And Steve joins the Bots.

Wheeljack and Fowler are bit harder, seeing how Starscream did keep them prisoner and tortured them. But both see how he has changed and understand that war is a serious thing and people on different sides sometimes need to do horrible things for their own side’s benefits, and eventually forgive him.

And the Smokescreen happens. Oh dear, does Smokescreen happen. Starscream is so exited to have someone new to join he hasn’t met before. He is no longer the youngest bot! Smokescreen is all confused like “YOU’RE Starscream!? No! That can’t be! You’re supposed to be evil and shit????” but soon they before great friends. Starscream finds amusing how formal Smokes is especially around Optimus, for he knows that the Prime is a kind and caring soul and not a military officer. Ultra Magnus and Stars never truly get along, but they too learn to tolerate each other.

But then, something happens that changes his happiness back to pain. Because of course.

Arcee happens to make a joke about their and Cliffjumper’s past, and Stars remembered. He really did kill part of Team Prime. He had been PROUD of that fact before, but now… Arcee tells him how she felt about him and how she misses him every day, only making Stars feel more bad than before. Stars starts to isolate himself from the others. He can’t bear to look at them or be with them. He killed their friend after all. It was long time ago, but that didn’t make it any better. Stars is in pain and cries every night.

Eventually he comes out of his room, asks for everyone’s attention. He has to do this. He can’t keep it in. Everyone gathers around, worried of their friend. Stars looks at them. “I don’t deserve this” he thinks. The Bots are asking him what is wrong. Stars tells that he has to come clean, for he can no longer live with the guilt. With tears in his eyes and crack in his voice (more than usual) he says it…

“I killed Cliffjumper.”

There is a silence. No-one says anything. Starscream closes her optics and waits. He knows, he just KNOWS he will be killed for that. But he doesn’t care. He is ready. More ready than ever. He is willing to take the punishment. 

But it never comes. Arcee walks to him, the boys telling her, panicking, to “not do it”, thinking that she will hurt him. But she doesn’t. She takes Stars’ servos in her own and looks at him in the optics and asks…

“Did you kill him quickly?” 

Stars tells exactly what happened, what Cliff said to trigger him and cause him to do it. He tells that Cliff died rather quickly even if not painless. Arcee, instead of being angry, hugs Starscream, for everyone’s surprise. She thanks Stars for telling the truth and being honest with her. Now she can finally put Cliff to rest in her mind. Sure, she will always miss Cliff and wish he wasn’t dead, but she can’t hate the “new Starscream” for the “old” ones mistakes. 

Everyone joins in the hug and tell Stars that they forgive him. He was a con back then, his job was to kill bots! He wasn’t himself back then! He was pressured by Megatron! He was not a monster for killing in a war!

Starscream can only cry. Whether it’s tears of pain or happiness, only he knows.

The war is over. Megatron and Unicron are defeated. The well of Allsparks is working again. Kock Out has joined the Bots. 

Starscream helps with the rebuilding of Cybetron. He is more quiet than before. He hasn’t forgiven himself for his actions, and he just lost Optimus, the leader he was ready to die for. But he is still happy to be alive to see the war end and promises to protect his new home with all he has.

Then Bumblebee comes to him and asks if Stars would like to become the new leader of Voss.

Whether he says yes or no… well. I let everyone make their own conclusions.

Wishing Spell

This is another simple spell and this time for wishes, this can be used to fulfill a range of wishes

Ingredients: 3 bay leaves, a piece of paper and a pen or pencil

During a new moon write on the piece of paper and visualize the wish coming true. Then fold the paper into thirds and for each fold place a bay leaf inside. Again visualize your wishing coming true. Then fold your paper into thirds agin forming an envelope.

After doing all of this keep the paper with the leaves in a dark place while you keep visualizing it coming true. Once it comes true burn the paper and give the ashes to the wind as a sign of thanks.

I’m not sure how long it will take for the wish to come true it depends on the person. But I hope you have an amazing night/day and blessed be 😊

Jersey Pt.2

writer : wantstobeastilinski
warnings : smuttttt, public smut, dirty talk (?), rough
pairing : stiles stilinski x reader
also what is this crap

It had been a week since the entire jersey situation, and Stiles was really making you wait. He teased you, but never touched you. His words messed with you, and Jesus Christ you needed release.

You were watching lacrosse practice, and the sight of the jersey made you want to jump him. Malia noticed and scrunched up her nose. “You smell weird.”

You rolled your eyes and looked at your friend. “It’s arousal, sweetie. That boy hasn’t fucked me in a week and I’m getting quite stressed.” The werecoyote nodded and leaned back.

“Then make him do something. Make him jealous, or turn him on.” You looked at her for a second, a thought coming to your mind. You smirked and stood up quickly, grabbing your bag. “See you later, Mal. I have to do something.”


You were sitting in the backseat of Stiles car, giggling to yourself as you watched him struggle to get to the car, probably mad you weren’t there. Oh how he would be surprised.

He saw you and quickly got in, raising a brow. “Why aren’t you up here?” He asked, huffing. Then, he noticed you were wearing his flannel and gulped.

You smirked and slowly started unbuttoning it, his eyes widened as he looked around the deserted parking lot section. He turned his head back to you only to see you in a bra and licked his lips.

“I’m horny, Stiles.” You whined, slowly sliding your legs apart. You were wearing a black skirt and the movement made Stiles able to see your soaked panties. He let out a groan and you bit your lip, letting your hand dance to your clothed heat. You whimpered as you pressed your finger to your clit and he let out a low growl

He hated when you touched yourself, always stating he could make you feel like that, no, even better.

He quickly moved to the back and grabbed you by the hair, making you let out a gasp. He smirked and looked down at you.

“Come on, princess. If you were that horny, all you had to do was ask me to help” he teased. You narrowed your eyes, but before you could answer, his fingers were slipping through your panties. You moaned and bucked your hips, and he quickly shoved his fingers in your pussy. You whimpered as he sped up, biting his lip.

“You are so wet, baby.” He whispered, moving his head so he could kiss your jaw. “And it’s all for me.”

You felt a fire building up in your belly and you moaned out. He could tell you were close and sped up once again, watching you intently. You soon came, withering and arching your back. He felt his pants tighten at the sight of you coming undone beneath him

“Good girl.” He whispered, taking his fingers out of you. You watched with hooded eyes and he licked them clean, bucking your hips again. He quickly rid you of your panties, a gasp leaving your mouth as the cold air hit your heat. You moved your hand to the tent of his pants and he moaned lowly.

You quickly unbuttoned them and slid them down slightly. Before you could take off his boxers, he pulled them down and put your hands behind you. “No time, baby. We don’t wanna get caught, do we?” He said seductively. You shook your head and he let his dick slip through your folds, making another beautiful moan fall from your lips.

He did this for a while, but soon pushed in you, a long moan leaving both of your lips. He was slow at first, and you were tired of it.

“Faster.” You whined, moving your hands to his chest. He raised a brow and moved his hands to your hair. He sped up quickly, a scream leaving your lips at the sudden change.

“Good girl, scream for me. Let everyone know who you belong to.” He furrowed his brows as grunts fell from his lips.

You felt the burning sensation again and raised your hips to meet his. You clenched around him and he growled, soon thrusting harder and speeding up his pace. You could tell he was close as well due to the twitch of him inside you.

You clenched around him once more and he came, a long groan falling from his lips. His release set you off, the feeling of his hot liquid hitting your walls. You came loudly, scratching his chest lightly.

“Stiles!” You screamed when he didn’t finish thrusting. He looked you dead in the eyes, letting his finger find your clit.

“You are gonna come one more time, little girl.” He growled, speeding up. You arched your back as you felt your third orgasm already forming.

“You look so hot, baby. Withering beneath me, trying to hold back. But I don’t want you to. Oh no. I want you to come on my dick. And then, I’m gonna take you home and make you come on my face.” He hissed, and that set you off.

This orgasm caused your vision to blurry, your moans even louder as you screamed his named. Once you were done, he pulled out of your heat. The only sound was the heaving breathing of you both.

You looked up at him, smiling weakly. Stiles pulled up his boxers and pants, and buttoned the flannel around your body. He kissed your head and nuzzled your nose with his.

“That was hot, baby doll.” He whispered, helping you in the front seat and following suit. He quickly drove off, his hand finding yours. He was driving slow, humming lightly. You pouted and he looked over at you questioningly.

“Whats wrong?”

“Well, I’m impatient for us to get home and you eat me out, baby.”

le subjonctif en français

this is one of my first original posts so here goes!!

the subjunctive mood (le subjonctif in french), as a learner of any language knows, is a tricky and daunting grammatical concept. however, (in my opinion) le subjonctif is much easier than the subjunctives of its romance language cousins for two main reasons: its easy conjugation & the fact that it always comes after que

first, let’s start off with the conjugation. to form the stem of the subjunctive, you take the -ent off of the third-person plural form of the verb (ils/elles). for many verbs, this is the same as taking off the -er, -ir, or -re. the personal endings are as follows: e, es, e, ions, iez, ent. for a regular verb, it’s the same conjugation as the present indicative with the imperfect endings for nous and vous. however for irregular verbs, this is different. for example, the subjunctive of devoir is que je doive, for lire it is que je lise, and for écrire it is que j’écrive. there are five verbs whose conjugations do not follow the same stem form: être, avoir, aller, savoir, and faire

  • être → que je sois, que tu sois, qu’il soit, que nous soyons, que vous soyez, qu’ils soient
  • avoir → que j’aie, que tu aies, qu’il ait, que nous ayons, que vous ayez, qu’ils aient
  • aller → que j’aille, que tu ailles, qu’il aille, que nous allions, que vous alliez, qu’ils aillent
  • savoir → que je sache, que tu saches, qu’il sache, que nous sachions, que vous sachiez, qu’ils sachent
  • faire → que je fasse, que tu fasses, qu’il fasse, que nous fassions, que vous fassiez, qu’ils fassent

unlike in spanish, portuguese, or italian, there is no confusing “flip flop” of the vowels and 90% of french verbs’ subjunctive conjugation looks extremely similar to their present indicative.

now, i’ll move on to the many uses of the subjunctive. in general, the subjunctive is used to describe a situation that hypothetically may or may not occur, but in actuality, there are only a few memorisable instances where the subjunctive is necessary.

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The Overdue Rant about Civil War (Alternately: Fight me, son!)

So I was reading a fanfic and a comment was congratulating the author on Bucky’s portrayal in the first chapter. That, I had no problem with. My Problem was when the commenter claimed that Tony in CACW essentially “came out smelling like roses” To which I started this, a reply that never got posted:

How exactly did Tony come out smelling like roses?

1) His best friend was crippled.

2) He lost his girlfriend

3) Not sure where the story with Nat is going, but he essentially was betrayed a second time by her

4) The government is breathing down his neck

5) And he was basically left in Siberia to die. It doesn’t matter that an SOS might have been automatically sent when the suit deactivates. At no point in the movie is Steve told this. He ASSUMED, which is a dangerous thing to do when you leave one of the smartest men in the world, injured, in a base (that is clearly still active) owned by one of the most dangerous terrorist organizations in the world. Steve is an American soldier. No man left behind was and still is a motto that’s lived by. He should know this.

Not to mention the shield. Steve shoves a metal disk through armor into Tony’s chest. Bucky tries to crush him by pressing on his chest. This is a man with a damaged chest, and several INCHES of METAL keeping him alive for several years. Extremis or not, Tony’s chest is still a mess against a normal fighter, let alone a man with that kind of strength.

I get it. Bucky is a victim, and this story is doing a good job telling his story. But I don’t believe that Bucky would be so angry against Tony. Look at Bucky’s face vs Steve’s while Tony’s watching the video. While Bucky’s feeling guilty, Steve is just closing himself off. He doesn’t want to deal with the fallout of his own decisions. This is a guy who, if he didn’t know, at least SUSPECTED Bucky’s part in one of his benefactor’s murder. Not to mention everything before that. Did we forget that Bucky nearly dropped a tunnel to escape? Victim or not, Bucky still killed people, or nearly killed people. He is dangerous, and he knows that, accepts it. What about all those officers sent to apprehend him? As far as they know, they are being sent on a dangerous mission to apprehend a legendary super-assassin. Of course they go in, guns blazing, especially since they encounter not one, but TWO super soldiers in the apartment, then a third in the form of a car-jumping Black Panther. What does Cap do? Instead of holding Bucky down, or knocking him out, and blocking the bullets with his BULLETPROOF shield, he tears through them like a wrecking ball, hurling his shield at them, throwing them down stairs, and punching them in the chest. If some of them weren’t crippled in real life, it would be a miracle.

I’m not trying to hate on Steve. But I do hate it when people look at Tony and say, “He’s an ass, he’s a failure, he made Ultron, he’s the villain.” If you acknowledge that Tony’s an ass, you also have to remember how judgmental Steve can be, because, let’s face it, Steve was totally comparing Tony to Howard and Bucky in the first Avengers movie.

If Tony has failed, you also got to remember the questionable judgment calls Steve’s made—who lets a former Hydra guinea pig on a super powered team without any sort of therapy, or mental screening, or grace period? The same woman who DIRECTLY unleashes the Hulk on a populated city. The same woman who OBSESSES about a man because his name was on the missile (that was probably a dud, because when does Starktech fail)? Tony didn’t push the button that launched it. That’s like going after the CEO of the Mars Company because your kid chokes to death on an M&M.

If you remember that Tony made Ultron, you also got to remember that Bruce was right there with him. BRUCE. The man who KNOWS how dangerous some untested technology can be, but is right there working with Tony (not hating on Bruce, because SCIENCE BROS!). And what is the reason Tony is working so hard to unlock these secrets? Because a little witch tampered with his mind. The same witch, who again, only bothered to switch sides when it occurred to her that maybe mass murder wasn’t that great once it’s right in front of you. So yeah, Tony made Ultron…along with Bruce, Wanda, Pietro and Thor (who by the way, CHOKES Tony, a mortal…and is stopped by no one), who considering how often he’s telling the team about how mortals aren’t ready for the wider universe, and how primitive they are, is still ready to let Tony tamper with the magical Stick of Destiny. And yet Steve—along with the whole team—somehow forgets this. And Steve freaks out about how he has to save his best friend, and go with him “‘till the end of the line”, but everyone ignores the fact JARVIS, TONY’S best friend (and practically his son) dies, and no one but Bruce bats an eyelid.

If you think Tony is a villain, you also have to remember where Steve started from. Steve was desperate to join the army and his best friend, to do something worthwhile. There’s nothing wrong with that. But he continually lies to get the army, even though he can barely do exercises without dying. Now I understand that the condition of Steve’s body is not his fault and the guys he trains with are hammed up to be jerks and the whole thing is supposed to an underdog story. But everything Steve does only proves he’s a danger to himself and everyone around him. He jumps on a grenade, which everyone else jumps away from. It’s supposed to a moment that proves how good and self-sacrificial he is. All it does is show how suicidal Steve could be. Granted, his sense of self-worth is probably full of holes at this point, and so I can understand how he may feel the best use of his time and body is to ensure no shrapnel hits his teammates. Okay. That sucks for him, and he really did need some help. BUT. That suicidal tendency makes him a danger to his teammates. In a real battlefield, Steve would be the type to stand his ground against enemy fire while everyone is retreating. That would heroic, except for the fact that he would not last long at all, and his team would KNOW THIS, and someone(s) would probably stay behind to either fight with him or try to save him and get killed themselves because Steve DOES NOT KNOW HOW TO CONCEDE, which is all well and good, until someone other than himself gets hurt.

Not to mention he doesn’t seem to be able to predict long-term consequences. He orders the Widow Leaks, and yet we barely see him mention the fallout later. Not the fallout of SHEILD = HYDRA. I mean the fallout of hundreds of agents having their covers blown, probably while in hostile territory, and thousands of people who now don’t have a job, because they devoted all of themselves to SHEILD, and probably don’t have much in the way of safe-houses, family or friends. And yet all we seem to get out of Steve is the fact that HYDRA is active and thus all must be destroyed, even the ones who worked for them unknowingly. Like, you couldn’t have had it sent to Tony and his uber AI, and had them separate friend from foe, and not leave a gaping hole in the world’s protection? This lack of foresight, and unwillingness to correct it, despite being constantly warned about it, makes him just as much a villain as Tony will ever be.  


How to Fairy Tail:

You’re a force of seventeen wizards and three cats trapped on an island with two incredibly powerful forces you have no hope of taking down: Zeref, the actual Black Wizard aka Most Evil Dude Ever, and Grimoire Heart, a force of wizards all of Wizard Saint strength and beyond who are mopping the floor with you and have already near-fatally wiped out half your members, including all of the strongest ones. You are essentially broken and do not have strength enough to protect your wounded, let alone fight off Grimoire Heart. You also have a third threat in the form of the Magic Council, who in order to take Zeref and Grimoire Heart out of the picture, are planning to fire Etherion, a city-destroying nuclear satellite laser, at the island you’re on, and they don’t give a shit whether you’re still on it when they fire it. The dude who works for these people has a handy teleportation ability that can get you and your wounded off the island without Grimoire Heart or Zeref being able to catch you and before Etherion is fired. He is being a hero right now and extending this offer, which is essentially your only hope of survival.

Instead of taking that offer, deny it against all logic and reason because you’re too stubborn to admit when you’re beat, and when he tries to talk sense into you, respond by threatening the lives of the Magic Council–those dudes that he literally just told you are holding Etherion over your heads and who already don’t like your sorry asses. After all, pride and the ability to flex your muscles even on your deathbed are far more important than actually surviving!

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