Personally, I interpreted Asriel’s various forms as his own projections… the first stage was how he was when he was alive. The second was the person he felt he should have been- the future that was torn from him with his life, who he might have been as an adult. The third form, a manifestation of his own self-loathing and anger, a real monster, made of metal and chains and claws and teeth. 

So, in a potential chara boss battle, I would imagine the same three stages. The first stage being regular tiny baby chara in a tshirt, and the third stage being melting face, knife wielding “demon” chara, but the middle stage? An adult chara, child of the royal family and potential adopted heir to the Dremurr throne. A life and future lost to them, forever. Along with a mix of the Asriel/Chara fusion I imagine, as well, because Chara hates humans, and probably hates being human. 



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things i think about more than i should: what if Kravitz has a third form aside from handsome man and dude skeleton and that third form is a giant skeletal monster whose maw, like, drips shadows and whose eye sockets burn bright red and he uses this form for chasing/fighting crafty necromancers or powerful undead demigods

basically what if taako had the ultimate monster boyfriend, really


Form III: Soresu
Soresu is the third form of classical Lightsaber combat and is regarded as the most defensive. Form III originated as set of stances and maneuvers designed to counter incoming blaster fire. As the form developed into a more mainstream combat style it became more popular and eventually progressed into the defensive form it is today. Unlike most other forms, Soresu focuses almost exclusively on defense and parries with few attack actions. It has been said a true master of Soresu would be virtual invincible.
It has been said that the only reason any Jedi survived the Clone Wars at all was due to Soresu. They certainly did not win, but the impossibly strong defensive styles of Form III meant many evaded ultimate defeat. (x)

Yo, Grammar: What's up with "shall" and "will"?

Hello, thenickedwards.

The traditional rule in standard British English is that shall is used with first-person pronouns (“I” and “we”) to form the future tense, while will is used with second and third person forms (youhesheitthey):

  • I shall call you later tonight.
  • They will not be in stock if you wait too long.
But when it comes to expressing a strong determination to do something, it’s the other way around: will is used with the first person, and shall with the second and third:
  • I will not eat green eggs and ham!
  • You shall eat it, Sam-I-Am!

In American English, “shall“ is virtually interchangeable with ”will,“ except in asking questions (see below).

Therefore, all of the following sentences are correct:

  • She called to say that she will be late.
  • shall play the role of Hamlet.
  • Melanie will bring doughnuts for the entire class.
  • Soon, they will heed Gandalf’s warning.

However, “shall” and “will” are NOT interchangeable when it comes to questions.

We use “will” in the following types of questions:

  • Will the test be difficult?
  • Will you marry me?
  • Will you be sad when we’re gone?

We use “shall” in questions that involve “I” and “we”:

  • Shall I bring you a cup of tea?
  • Where shall we go next weekend?
  • Shall we dance?



The boys meet under the warm sun, with a strange fuzzy feeling mixed with anticipation..