third year films

Whoops! Havent updated for a while because third year film. And now I gotta work on my portfolio for co-op this summer. Busy busy stuff so here’s a layout. 


Marci’s friends drag her out dancing, but her anxiety gets the better of her.

My third year SVA film!! I worked super hard on this one, I hope you enjoy!
Music by Cooper Goodwin (@gooseworxmusic)
Thanks to my awesome friends, family, teachers, and classmates for supporting and encouraging me along the way! and thanks for watching!


Apocalatte - That’s Boss Productions | Sheridan Third Year 2012

James Ghio | Kanako Iwata | Nathan Dewey | Luke Smith | Aaron Fryer | Emily Choi | Jason Burch | Anton Wong | Chris Gallant | Ibrahim El-Dulaimi | Michael Huerto 


YES so our third year film is now online! we missed the deadline of the festival we were hoping to enter, so we’re allowed to make the film public.

this film was our baby! we worked really hard on it and i hope you guys enjoy the fruits of our labour! :D


Hello! This is the reason I’ve been so inactive! It’s my third year film! I’ve had a really good time working on this, and I hope you have a good time watching it!!


my third year film at CalArts! about a startling medical discovery :-O

hope you enjoy :-) big thanks to everyone at CalArts for helping and supporting!

Hey ya’ll. I’m auditioning voice actors for my third year film! If any of you are LA-based / live near CalArts, you’re welcome to audition for any of the roles. At some point, the chosen ones will need to meet up with me in person so we can hit the recording studio > u o)b 

(Note: This is a free opportunity / unpaid)

Please contact me at if you are interested. Thank you!! 

I found my voice actors! Thank you!!


Third Year Film!! A bunch of kids try to steal a radish, but trip all over themselves

It’s been a great school year! Rest well, everyone

Music by Zachary Ross


This is my third year film! It’s the first time I tried funny stuff hahaha.It’s about the mutual fear of patient and the dentist. The lyrics is Russian means“This is scary. I am scared. Can I leave? This is dangerous.“ Thanks everyone for the help!

Watch other films made by my classmates:


my third year film ~ enjoy!


My third year film inspired by the past three years of floor/bed/couch surfing! This film wouldn’t be possible without everyone who helped me!! 

Watch the other fantastic films made by my incredible classmates here!


My third year film at CalArts!! A mailgirl’s day goes awry after a sleuthing dog manages to steal her mail. 

A big thank you to all of my teachers and peers who helped me in making a CG film this year! Your guidance was so greatly needed.