third wheel xd

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Elise has never seen T100. Natasha's mentioned before that she doesn't own a TV so even though I'm sure she's aware of it, she's probably never seen it either. But they look at each other. They just look at each other, everyone else disappears and nothing exists but the words, the characters, their connection and each other. Fuck me.

Ooh wow this ask was blocked by my extension LMAO.  Oh, I didn’t know she didn’t own a tv, it’s not really necessary to me either.

That last sentence was so fucking rude maybe I should’ve left this blocked 😭  Remember when they did all those collabs and made everyone feel like a third wheel XD


Reaction no. 144: When your friends start whispering to each other right in front of you.

So today I finally got my taohun copies of “Exodus”

And let’s see, maybe I got their cards too?..

thirdwheeling level: Chanyeol