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Reaction no. 144: When your friends start whispering to each other right in front of you.

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Your art is 😍 but why do you torture my poor baby Stanley so? 😭

Thank you! And…sorry for being a horrible person I guess °v°;; I really like Stanley and I just love to portray him as the sassy third wheel…that’s it…xD all joking aside, please don’t take my doodles too seriously. I don’t mean to offend anybody :)

Sonamy Report #2 Episode 8

So I’ve been hearing a lot about this ‘are they on a date!?’ stuff, and I’d like to clear the air.

It’s not stated, but I’m sure they kinda think so.

Sonic was probably like, “Man, I’m hungry. Hey, Amy. Want some grub?” as casual as he could, and Amy happily agreed.

This isn’t a huge hint at them together,… but what makes me suspicious is that Sonic is trying to be charming and even that 'us’ had me raise an eyebrow. He was TRYING to be witty and funny, and she was the only one around so… it must be for her, right? Then again, he could of just been his normal self.

What really made me believe this was Sonic’s subtle way of asking her to eat with him for a possible 'good time alone together’ is when Amy says, “Sonic, let’s not make a scene.” and he looks so sad and disappointed. He listens to her instead of just doing his own thing, suggesting he’s trying to please her, and keep her happy. That usually happens on dates, just saying. He didn’t like it that Eggman technically 'ruined’ their lunch (though it was mostly Dave) but you can tell he’s upset even more so when he’s waiting, not looking at Amy, maybe embarrassed? (Boys usually plan the date anyway, so if this was Sonic’s attempt for just the two of them to enjoy a meal together, it really was going downhill…) I should also mention, looking back, when Eggman cut, Sonic harshly defended that “We were waiting!” which is also an indicator, not just of his annoyance towards Eggman, but he’s thinking of Amy too. Food for thought XD

It’s kinda the sad truth, with Eggman around, Sonic won’t ever really be able to explore a romantic interest in Amy, cause he’s always foiling Eggman’s plans or trying to save the world. Sad, isn’t it? I hope they get more moments of Sonic trying to reach out to her, but who knows? It could of been Amy who suggested food, but based on Sonic’s body language, I’m pretty sure it was him.

They both probably didn’t 'officially’ say 'this is a date’ but in subtle ways, it kinda was. They were alone, they were clearly going to joke around and chat over some grub, and Sonic seeming to listen to Amy so quickly but look so troubled over Eggman the whole time definitely suggests my theory.

All in all, Eggman’s a HORRIBLE third wheel XD He probably came out to ruin their date, to be honest XP (He does keep tabs on what Sonic’s doing, you know ;) Is it me? Or is Eggman always looking for Sonic’s attention in a negative way? XD lol!)

So, overall, a bit of hint you guys! XD Maybe Sonic and Amy ARE growing closer… but I wouldn’t call them 'officially together’ just yet XD

So today I finally got my taohun copies of “Exodus”

And let’s see, maybe I got their cards too?..

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