third wheel haha


I was in the mood to draw only one thing cute but the pile quickly grew bigger and bigger oops

Feel free to use for science as avatars!

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Ew how disgusting how could you even ship taejin when REAL army's know that It's namjin that's cannon, obviously , just delete your blog and- haha jk I love your blog so much you're one of my faves, I just came here to say ily ✨

Oh little FakeNam’jin anon!

For a second I really believed you! HAHAH jump scare!!! Thank you for your compliments, I’m happy that I’m one of your faves and lots of love to you too.

Have a Tae vs. Nam’jin (aka Namjoon done with third wheeling Taejin for the sake of his bromance ship) pic cause you’ve earned it!!!

Lots of love to the Nam’jin good peeps too!

  • Nozomi: I wanna see Elicchi in a sexy dress.
  • Eli: *blushes* Not infront of the children!
  • Nico: what do want to see me in maki chan?
  • Maki: I don't wanna see you in anything.
  • Honoka: wow, maki, that's really gay.
  • Maki: *blushes* That's Not What I Meant And You Know It!


Rise randomly asks these kind of things with a straight face.

I got the idea while talking to nera-loka on why he drew Kanji’s piercings and scar on the wrong side of his face. TOTALLY RELEVANT RIGHT?! XD

So Caspar asks a really weird and confusing question, Oli is like: what the hell (look at his face, haha :’D), Joe is like: I’m ready; Caspar goes on, talking even more confusing stuff and Oli is like: WHAT THE FUCK?! and Joe is like: Oh, I know! And yes, of course he’s right omg

Anyone remember from Jim’s video when he says they’re talking their own language (here, in case you haven’t seen it yet) and THEY ARE SO DOING IT AGAIN HOLY FUCK

Like Joe can read Caspar’s mind because he knows him so well and ugh, my little Jaspar heart can’t take it


“Should have known I’d find you two down here. Little warning next time? I thought you eloped without me.”

Code Geass characters! Suzaku and C.C. are dating! Your reactions?

As requested by anon

Gino: Woah, Suzaku? Dating again?! It’s a miracle!

Gino: Anya, get the streamers! This calls for celebration!

Anya: Woohoo.

Gino: See, even Anya is excited!

Kallen: C.C. is quite aways from Euphemia.

Kallen: That boy’s gonna have to learn to take a lot of snark. A lot.

Kallen: Although…if those two are dating then that means Lelouch is…

Kallen: Still an emotionally closed off workaholic. And dead. 

Kallen: [sigh]

Mao: Who is THIS?!

Dalton: Girls have always liked a man in uniform. A skintight knightmare spandex uniform, all the better!

Milly: Suzaku’s penchant for spinkicking must make for some wild antics…you know…upstairs.

Rivalz: Gee thanks Milly, now I’ll be puking for a week. AGAIN.

Charles: HMMMM…

Charles: Suzaku, do you think you could persuade our mutual friend to-

Suzaku: Your Majesty, I said no.

Charles: But you’re my knight!

Suzaku: I also tried to kill you! Face it Charles, the Ragnarok Connection just isn’t going to happen! You’re dead!

Charles: Hmph. Naysayers.

Lloyd: So the pilot 98% compatible knightmare pilot with a geass witch…

Lloyd: Oh, the experiments I could perform on their future child!

Cecile: …Lloyd…how many times do I have to remind you that human experimentation is BAD

Jeremiah: Amen to that.

Jeremiah: They must have bonded over their mutual loyalty to Master Lelouch! There is no stronger foundation for a relationship!

Lelouch: Oh, so you guys are dating.

Lelouch: That’s cool, I guess.

Suzaku: Oh? Than-

Lelouch: I mean it’s not like I feel left out or anything!

Lelouch: It’s just, you know, we’re the Zero Requiem trio. I don’t want to third wheel or anything, haha!

Suzaku: Lelouch, I don’t think you have to worry about that. You’re dead, remember?


C.C.: Shall we go, Suzaku?