third time's the charm maybe

What went down in Climatika
  • Alec: welcome to this gameshow! vote for one of these small children to become a weather person!
  • Aurore: what are people voting based on?
  • Alec: well, they pick which of you they like more
  • Aurore: so it's just based on people's whims rather than our qualifications?
  • Alec: ok Aurore, that's enough, now let's get voting people
  • Marinette: get back here you little s**t
  • Manon: *doesn't get back here*
  • Alya: hey Marinette, that hot guy is at the park
  • Marinette: omg I love that hot guy!
  • Manon: hey Marinette, you're supposed to be babysitting me
  • Marinette: I can totally handle it
  • Alya: your life is literally a burning shamble of chaos and awkwardness
  • Marinette: ikr, now let's go to the park
  • Alec: yeah, the numbers are in and Aurore is a poor, pathetic, sad loser mcloserface
  • Aurore: real mature Alec
  • Alec: are you going to turn evil now?
  • Hawkmoth: HEY GUYS
  • Alec: this is a surprising development that I could never have anticipated
  • Climatika: *f**ks s**t up*
  • Marinette: it's not stalking if he doesn't see me
  • Alya: *facepalms*
  • Vincent: hey, imma need a girl to pose with Adrien
  • Alya: this plot development is as fake as your accent
  • Vincent: now that's just hurtful
  • Alya: hey Manon, I'm a magical unicorn
  • Manon: so am I!
  • Manon: *transforms into a unicorn*
  • Alya: this definitely didn't happen in this episode
  • Manon: fine
  • Climatika: *shows up, f**ks s**t up*
  • Marinette: Tikki, activate anime! *transforms*
  • Climatika: *keeps f**king s**t up*
  • Adrien: Plagg, work with me for a minute
  • Plagg: f**k you Adrien, imma eat this cheese
  • Adrien: *transforms*
  • Chat Noir: hey ice queen, what are you hoping to accomplish here?
  • Climatika: idk
  • Chat Noir: maybe you should come up with a plan?
  • Climatika: *hits Chat Noir so hard he literally makes pinball noises when he crashes into a bunch of parked cars*
  • Ladybug: hey Chat Noir imma poke you in the face
  • Chat Noir: kk cool
  • Ladybug: let's go attack her now
  • Climatika: here have lightning
  • Ladybug: ok that didn't work, let's attack her again
  • Climatika: here have wind
  • Ladybug: third time's the charm?
  • Climatika: here have ice
  • Chat Noir: speaking of charms, maybe you could use that one power you have that's always the key to taking down villains?
  • Ladybug: sorry I can't hear you
  • Climatika: here have a bus
  • Chat Noir: WHY
  • Climatika: idk
  • Hawkmoth: can we come up with a plan?
  • Climatika: yeah, bc I have no idea what I'm doing here
  • Hawkmoth: let's go to the TV studio and somehow make a broadcast bringing Ladybug and Chat Noir there, and then take their Miraculouses
  • Climatika: that doesn't sound like much of a plan
  • Hawkmoth: I'm trying, ok?
  • Climatika: in the process can I make a literal freaking tornado around the TV studio?
  • Hawkmoth: that seems excessive
  • Climatika: says the person who spends his entire life in a f**king butterfly dome just so he can steal jewelry from teenagers
  • Hawkmoth: let's not get personal here
  • Ladybug: ok she's at the TV studio, let's go
  • Chat Noir: is it a trap?
  • Ladybug: easy Admiral Ackbar, it's not a trap
  • Climatika: it's a trap
  • Chat Noir: I totally called it!
  • Ladybug: fine
  • Climatika: *attacks*
  • Ladybug: lucky charm!
  • *towel happens*
  • Ladybug: imma fabulous flying beetle girl
  • Chat Noir: cataclysm!
  • Climatika: *crashes through billboard*
  • Ladybug: *steals umbrella, throws it to Chat Noir*
  • Chat Noir: *throws it back*
  • Ladybug: bye bye little butterfly
  • Marinette: *goes to park*
  • Vincent: Adrien, pose with the small kid
  • Marinette: my heart is destroyed forever
  • Alya: it really isn't

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Do you have anymore fic recs! (Wooo Verkwannn!)

Of course I have more xD


(I included ff’s who aren’t complete yet, bc i love them xD)

• third time wasn’t the charm but maybe the fourth was? by intherainstorm

• zeal by syuobi

Possibly Maybe (I’m Falling For You) by KittyJihoonie (thenightbird)

Our Twenties by citruseungkwan

What’s A Soulmate? by starlighttrash 

•  In Bloom by miltonicsimile

• the riptide prince by boo98 (butter)

• Apple Initials and Thumbprint Soulmates by divabooT

• Found In Translation by naegahosh

• Show Me Your Fallen In Love Face by unfunny

• All I’m Asking For by unfunny

have fun~

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Ereri Underrated Fic Recs by kagekii

Hello, lovelies!

In this fic recs I recommend you all the wonderful and precious underrated fics that I‘ve read so far on AO3. I was tired of all those fic recs in which are recommended always the same popular fics, so I’ve done this :D!

All those beautiful fics are completed and the possible trigger warnings are tagged!

- Undercover Lover by SimplyTsundere

 FBI Agent!Eren x Gangster!Levi |E| 30/30 | Warning for Past Suicide Attempt 

FBI Agent Eren Jaeger goes undercover into The Legion, a notorious group running drugs through the city of New Orleans, to avenge the death of his best friend and partner. How will his life change when he realizes that sometimes things aren’t always as black and white as they seem?   

- Recon Incorporated by freshia

Assistant!Eren x Boss!Levi |E| 11/11 | No Trigger Warnings

He was just looking for a way to pay the bills — a job that was easy, fun, and something he was into. Where could he possibly go wrong with a travel agency? 

- Kissing Booth by cinnamon_skull

College AU/Soccer players |T| 2/2 | No Trigger Warnings

Eren’s soccer team hosts a kissing booth at the Spring Carnival to raise money for charity. What will he do when he’s unexpectedly forced to work a shift with Levi, team captain and his secret crush?

Steamy kisses up ahead.

- My Home Is Where Your Heart Is by bfketh

Babysitter!Eren x Parent!Levi |E| 11/11 | No Trigger Warnings

Single father Levi is left scrambling to find an after school daycare for his daughter, Mikasa, when his regular babysitter announces that her husband’s job is being relocated. The only problem - they’re all far more expensive than he can afford.

The solution to his dilemma comes in the form of a college student, Eren, who will do it for a fraction of the cost - as long as Levi will save him from a steady diet of ramen and pop-tarts by feeding him dinner every night before he leaves.

- Maybe Third Time Isn’t The Charm by murakamism(VintageHandle)

Highschool AU/Soccer Player!Eren x Judoka!Levi |T| 19/19 | No Trigger Warnings

How could Levi have known that that dorky freshman he had rejected one year ago could turn into a ridiculously attractive soccer player? He wants those stupid big bright eyes and that wide smile that’s sweeter than crystallized sugar and that glorious butt that he saw when the object of his affections decided to reject him and run away but hey, Levi Ackerman does not give up. He doesn’t lose either.

An intimidating dorky senior chases a passionately dorky sophomore. It’s high school.

- Art Of War by catsonfire

Neighbors AU |E| 11/11 | No Trigger Warnings

Noisy neighbors, nursling dinosaurs, satanic box cutters, shitty convenience store management, the word ‘fuck’, hereditary (but not really) homosexuality, beer and ramen, pennies, truckstops, strippers, closets, semi-public defacing, rings, house parties, “recreational” drug use, accidental rendezvous, toxic stew (don’t eat the stew), nice abs, housewives–batteries not included, over-educational movie sessions, copious domesticity, kittens named after landlords, a shit joke at participating locations, and many, many happy endings.
A modern AU in which Eren moves into the apartment directly above Levi’s.

- Give Your Best by lowermiddlechild

Highschool AU/Football AU/Quarterback!Eren x Marching Band!Levi |E| 10/10 | Warning for Homophobic language

I sighed and jogged my sorry ass back to the locker room. That’s what I get for rushing. Karma strikes again. I pushed the door open and turned the corner and froze. Reiner was in the locker room. Missing some clothes, sporting a serious boner, and making out with another guy. Well shit.

- A Forged Wedding by mistyhollowdrummer

Assistant!Eren x Boss!Levi |M| 30/30 | Warnings for Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Major Character Death, Rape/Non-Con

Modern AU, based off of the Japanese game: “I… Don’t think I heard you right. What did you just ask me, Rivaille?“ 

"I’m asking you to marry me for a month. How did you not hear me right?" 

- Love’s A Menace by seaofteeth

Tattoo Shop AU/ Piercer!Levi x Client! Eren |E| 5/5 | No Trigger Warnings

“Your favorite customer is here!” Hanji continued and damn them, Levi could practically hear their shit-eating grin. That could only mean one thing.

- Never A Rose by PlayingChello

Tattoo Artist! Eren x Florist!Levi |E| 11/11 | Warning for Talk Of Sexual And Emotional Abuse

Levi owns the Petal Wings flower shop and enjoys it as well as he can. At least until the new tattoo shop next door starts blasting music and irritating his work flow. He decides to take it upon himself to tell the shitty owner to turn it down. But there are just a few things standing in his way….

- La Maison Des Chats by AuraFelix

Mouline Rouge Settings/Prostitute!Eren x Painter!Levi |E| 16/16 | No Trigger Warnings

How can a romanticist’s heart escape the cruel realism that tears apart every emotion one can develop upon meeting their other half? Will it be able to remain ignorant of certain aspects of reality in order to create a world of self-perception? Or will it face the brutality of fate that defies the logic of that pure heart, guided by color of nature - green, that sees through the very walls of self-defense, destroying them with it’s shining warmth and exposing it’s very soul to world’s beautiful feeling - Love.

- Temporary Mistake, Permanent Fix by ChappyTheBunny

Tattoo Parlor AU/ College Student!Eren x Tattoo Artist!Levi |T| 33/33 | No Trigger Warnings

Mistakes happen. A slip of the tongue, a broken glass in the dishwasher, or an embarrassing typo in the middle of a text message. They’re small hindrances to everyday life, yet they can all be fixed by either an apology, a dust pan, or an asterisk. There is one thing – and only one – however, that Levi has never considered to be a mistake, and that is a tattoo. It’s not because he’s been a tattoo artist for over a decade, and it’s not because he’s owned his own tattoo shop for half of that. It’s because he’s a man who lives by the past and believes in its importance. So, why? Why erase something that, at one point in time, you wanted to be a part of your body forever?

- The Misanthrope by kazuma85

Canon Divergence |E| 14/14 | Warning for Underage

The story is set in an AU world where Eren was only a child when the humanity won against Titans. When he’s fifteen, he meets Levi, humanity’s introverted hero, who is not exactly the kind of person people believe he is.

- Warm Water by KeroseneShowers

Canon Divergence |E| 8/8 | Warning for Underage

Levi’s shower breaks. Desperate measures ensue. 

Neither Tarnished Nor Afraid by mongoose_bite

Police AU/Vigilante!Eren x Detective!Levi |E| 19/19 | Warnings for 
Graphic Depictions Of Violence and Minor Character Death

Levi is a rare thing; a man of honour in a city eternally selling its soul. They gave him a gun and a badge, and he walks the cruel and indifferent streets of Southport doing what he can for the forgotten ideal of justice. Someone else in Southport has an interest in justice as well, and he leaves a bloody trail of corpses in his wake as he tears through the city’s underworld.

Levi’s duty is to hunt him down, whether he is an avenging angel, a monster, or something slightly more complicated than either.

- Starboy by shulkie

Modern Settings |M| 10/10 | Warning for Major Character Death

In 1996, my boyfriend Eren Jaeger was abducted. In 2014, he suddenly reappeared. Only, he’s still sixteen and what’s more, he doesn’t remember anything that happened to him during his disappearance. This is a story about first loves, humanity, and maybe-alien boyfriends.

- Sex Bomb by cottontale

Gym/Yoga AU |E| 3/3 | No Trigger Warnings

Eren was covered in glitter and smelled like lavender. God, he loved bath bombs.

- Wake Up by Emiza 

Modern Settings/Dreamwalker!Eren |E| 24/24 | No Trigger Warnings

Eren dreamwalks in his sleep and invades people’s dreams by accident. He usually can avoid alerting the dreamer of his presence, but one day he’s caught by a mysterious man whose touch feels like fire. However, the man only thinks of Eren as a figment of his imagination. 

- Steered Straight by kylar

Military AU/Deliquent!Eren x Captain!Levi |E| 21/21 | Warnings for Graphic, Depictions Of Violence, Major Character Death

Levi is a military Captain with the US Marine Corps in charge of a very small, elite reconnaissance force responsible for surveying enemy territory before the military formally makes its move. Eren is a rebellious trouble maker who shuffles in and out of lock-up until his twenty-first birthday when the judge offers him a choice between military service or prison time. Little does he know that his decision, and the unapproachable captain he’s stuck with, will change his life.

And that’s it!

If you guys want to recommend some more, please do it! I’d love to have some new fic recs ;3

Love y’all x

between yooka laylee and mn9 i’m really concerned about Bloodstained

like, the metroidvania formula is still fun and the genre isn’t dead at all, it’s just another entry in a decently saturated genre by the guy that basically made it 

but then again

megaman games are still fun and mn9 didn’t go too well

and despite what everyone says i think that 3d platformers can still be fun and yooka laylee didn’t go so well either

maybe third time’s the charm

maybe just buy axiom verge and hollow knight

The last thing I’ve got written for that Other Time Travel AU I am Not Currently Working On

Okay, here’s the last bit of The Other Time Travel AU That I Am Not Currently Working On. (Is that the title I was using?) Anyway, not a true scene, just another riff for a direction the plot could take.

 If anyone’s wondering why I’m adamant about not working on this AU, it’s because I have absolutely no friggin’ clue over who to use as the villain/the time travel macguffin. I sort of hinted at Maul in the last scene, but I feel I need to watch a lot more of the Clone Wars before I commit to that. (I need to watch the rest of it anyway.) So I’ve got ideas for pretty much everything up to the point where all our heroes assemble and… nothing. So instead, I’m working on The Dark Path Lit. Since Palpatine is obviously the bad guy there and it works better for pantsing the plot.

Anyway, here you go:

Keep reading

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You are beautiful and I hope to heaven and hell that you don't do anything rash. You are loved. Whatever happened, you are loved and cared about and supported. You may not know by who, but there are many people who care about you. Please don't do anything rash ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Thank you

Don’t worry

I’ve thrown those white poisonous droplets at the wall across my room before

Third times a charm

Maybe this time, I’ll break them

I got a ticket for Sunday for Alamo City Con. I’ve never been to it before, but Karl Urban is a guest. The first two times I was at a con he was a guest at, he had to cancel because of filming. So maybe third time’s the charm?

Though idk what makes me nervous. The possibility of missing him again, or the possibility I will ACTUALLY MEET HIM. This dude got me into Star Trek in the first place and considering how much Star Trek has changed my life for the better, this is a FUCKING BIG DEAL FOR ME. Considering my track record with meeting celebs at cons, I’ll probably be at least mostly nonverbal and make a FOOL out of myself. Again. I’m going to need to write out a letter of what I want to tell him because there’s no way I’ll be able to say it.

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Long ago two races rules over the earth: Humans and Monsters. One day, war broke out between the two races. After a long battle, the humans were victorious. They sealed the monsters underground with a magic spell.

But still humans felt the monsters were a threat and wished to burn the mountain the monsters were sealed under to the ground. 

Anyone who walks one foot on that mountain will die by my blade.”
“The war. Is. Over.”

Many years later….

Mt Ebott 201X 

Legends say those who climb the mountain never return.

Humans and Monsters have different souls when a monster dies their soul disappears but a human soul persists after death until it is ready to move on. Eventually the soul shall reincarnate….

During the war of humans and monsters a red soul made a mistake and regretted it the rest of their lives. The second time that soul was born they tried and failed to fix that mistake. Maybe the third time is the charm… 


((Woah, this is a pretty good rewrite of the intro including the theories.))
((Nice work.))


>So here it goes, I love to be different, unique. I can also somehow pull off pretty much any color in my hair, it can handle light to dark and in between really well, its a gift. My inspiration was the ah-mazing Elie Saabe dress Taylor wore at the Grammys. Im so proud of how well it turned out. Taylor has been an inspiration for me to be a better person, work harder, enjoy lifes little moments, and now through my hair😍 Id love for Tay to at least see it in person, so Im asking you fellow Swifties to spread this around. Ill be at the show in Detroit tomorrow in the B stage pit. Please come say hello. (I hope Tay at least catches a glimpse at the show but who knows, I wont say I dont want to be chosen for Loft 89 because thatd be a lie. It would be a dream to meet her in person and be able to thank her. Maybe third time is a charm) But I digress. So, thank you for the inspiraton to this wonderful mermaid-esque hair, to be strong, to know amd love yourself. Screw the haters, theyre gonna hate. 💞

Addiction n Relapse

Darkness, dark magic, is a drug. Those who have used dark magic, liked it, get addicted to it. It starts out small. Immobilizing things. Taking a heart. Humans or unicorns. The first you take you just squeeze, but put back. Maybe the next time you use it to control. Third times a charm and you crush it. Maybe you start using dreamcatchers to see people’s memories to get a hindsight on peoples story, their weakness. You make deals that are in your favor. You rid of your enemies. 

The lure of darkness is strong

Darkness, doing what ever you want, is a freedom, a power. You’ll feel in complete control of your life, your walls, but what’s really controlling you is the darkness, fear.

There are three prominent figures on OUaT who use dark magic: Three core characters.

Regina Mills, Emma Swan, and Mr. Gold. Last night all of them were seen having a relapse back to their darkness. Their fear had them reaching for what makes them feel in control, what gives them a comfort. Darkness.

In, what they thought could be their last moments, they, naturally, sought out control and power to soothe their fear.

Regina reverted back to the Evil Queen. Instead of spending her last moments with Henry and Emma, the two people responsible for her wanting to redeem herself, Regina relapsed. Fear lead Regina to seek out what has helped her when she’s felt without control in the past. Darkness.

Zelena has brought out the darkness in Regina since she came to Storybrooke. Especially in 5a has Regina’s resistance been tested. Zelena has been a constant temptation for Regina to give into the darkness.

In a moment of fear, Emma planning to sacrifice herself, Regina had a relapse. She stayed away from the people she loves, the people she fears for, and sought out someone to destroy.

Rumple has had a centuries long addiction to dark magic, to power. He can’t resist it. He prioritizes it above all else. He too, in a moment of fear, saw an opportunity to get control and power, and he took it.

Emma’s darkness protects her secret. Emma’s secret is protected with H00k. Emma keeps H00k and the darkness to keep her secret.

When she has to let go of the darkness and H00k, she feels like there is nothing to protect her secret. She feels exposed, she is scared.

When Emma is scared, that is when her walls go up, and she pushes away the people she loves.

So now, without her darkness, without her beard. The moment she sees an opportunity to get one of them back, she runs to it. Emma’s fear of being outed, has her relapse.

(Notice the snarl. The tone. That’s the darkness. H00k is her darkness)

We saw it with our own eyes in the episode. When Emma let’s go of H00k she is the closest to her true self.

The three of them having a relapse, collectively leads them all to literal hell, where they’ll be tested. This is a do over. A chance for them to do things right. Can they resist the lure of darkness, look deep within themselves and admit their fear? Will Regina admit Robin isn’t what she wants? Will Emma admit she’s gay? What will Rumple have to face?

Their fear has lead them to hell. Their bravery will be what gets them out of there.

Emma’s in front. It’s Emma’s fear leading them all to hell. 

It’s Emma who has to once and for all, face her fear, be brave, and get everyone back.

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I don't know if you do recs or not? I was wondering if you know any Ereri fics that have no or very little (so I could skip it) smut?

i am 100% happy to do fic recs although i haven’t read anything long in a while plus non-smut fics deserve more attention tbh

(this ended up a longer than i expected seeing as i only started reading fic like four/five months ago oops but these are all T+ rated at most i think)

i don’t tend to read anything ongoing for various reasons so these are all complete

30k+ fics

10k+ fics

under 10K fics

okay and now for shameless self-promoting

humour/fluff: where dreams come true | appearances can be deceiving | blond levi | photo(shoot me)
fluff/light angst: when the rain stops
angst: to you 2000 years from then | why don’t you talk? | not anymore | i found

the recs are all from AO3 but i read a lot of ficlets on tumblr and the people who spring to mind for those are momoicchi27 perksofbeingawaifu cinnamonskull mybrainproblems erenbaegerr and bfketh so deffo check out their writing tags for more stuff

Fic Prompt Continued

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They slept together after Ryan’s wedding but never talked about it. Kate finds out she is pregnant but doesn’t know how to tell him, especially after the events of 47 seconds.


post 47 Seconds and The Limey


previously on prompt…

“I’m still here,” he says.

“Right,” she nods, and even she can hear the skepticism in her voice.

“I was trying not to be here,” he admits, rubbing both hands on the tops of his thighs. Crushes his hands into fists. His mouth twists and his eyes - oh God, his eyes are terrible with grief. “I was trying to get over you because it looked like I had it all wrong, that I was reading into things. I - have an overactive imagination, you know, and the last few weeks - months - have conspired to prove me, once more, inventing the world I want rather than the world that exists.”

“No,” she cries out, clutching her elbows. “No, it’s not - an invention. Is it?”

He shakes his head. “Is it? A story I wrote to make myself feel better.”

“No.” She clears her throat. “No, you didn’t make it up. I’m in love with you.”


“In,” he repeats dumbly. “In love with me. You’re in love with-” He gapes, entirely astonished, words failing, because he just convinced himself he’s been convincing himself.

God, she looks absolutely terrified.

“Me,” he finishes lamely, and that’s what does it. Turns the key. Bridges the chasm that has existed between the Then and Now, between Maybe She Might Someday and You’ve Been Fooling Yourself, so that everything meets flush and true, the overlay exact.

She’s knotting her fingers, but she lifts her chin. “I’m a little - worried - that this is what has you most surprised and not - the baby.”

His face breaks wide with a kind of instantaneous joy; he reaches out and hauls her across the too-long length of the couch and up against him. He knows he’s squeezing too tightly, knows he’s crushing her. “The baby,” he echoes. “The baby - we made a baby.”

She chokes out a noise that might be a laugh if he wasn’t holding her so tightly. He has to release his grip just to see her face, and though it’s clouded, she does seem a little bit - maybe a little bit excited.

“Castle… um, are we - or is there still maybe the chance you would - I mean, we can work on it, right? It doesn’t have to be today, because it’s clear I’ve messed up somehow, really badly, if you thought you’d made it up - I mean, you knocked me up, for God’s sake, how can than have been made up-”

“Beckett, what are you talking about?” he chuckles, still feeling a rushing upswing towards giddiness. It makes his voice lack substance, like he has too much air. “I don’t even know half the things we’ve said to each other.”

She is such a self-contained vessel. She holds herself apart even with his arms wrapped around her. Stiff. Unyielding. She wasn’t that way that night in the hotel after Ryan’s wedding. She was-

“I just mean do you still want me? Because I want you. But it’s gone on too long now and-”

“What?” he croaks. “What would make you - no, no more of this talking without saying anything. Let’s clear this up. I want you. Yes. I already said - but maybe you just didn’t believe me - so here it is: I love you. Still. Still do, can’t make it stop. I don’t want to not love you because it’s like being void, a wasteland. And - hey, let’s get married.”

What?” Her mouth has dropped open, her body jerking back.

He beams. “Yes. It’s perfect. And - the baby-” Just saying ‘the baby’ makes his heart pound so hard. The baby. “Why keep holding back? We’re good together. We’re perfect together-”

“Castle.” Plaintive. As if she’s saying, stop messing around.

“I’d like to think-” and then he stops, because, really, isn’t that what got him here in the first place? I’d like to imagine, I would like to believe. “So, that’s a dumb thing to say. Right. Let’s go with - when you said at Ryan’s wedding, maybe the third time is the charm, I got all these really vivid images of being the one - the one you walked down that aisle towards. Being - the one.”

She opens her mouth, closes it.

“Think about it,” he insists. And then because it’s already so much, “Think about it?”


“Because I kind of got the impression you already had, at some point, and that was the point of us waiting, so that it was a solid foundation for - for marriage,” he finishes, feeling stupid now. She’s looking at him like this is entirely a shock and he really did think she wanted this too.

Wow, he has been wrong at every turn, and maybe I’m in love with you has some conditions or limitations on it in her mind that it doesn’t for him. He marries when he’s in love, quite obviously. So say two previous marriages. So marrying for love is probably a really, really stupid thing to do. Two strikes, Rick. 

Think of something better.

“I mean, you’re pregnant,” he gets out. “And the baby - isn’t that enough of a reason to get married?”

“Like that worked out so well for you before.”

His heart plummets.

Kate claps her hands over her mouth, sitting up straight, horror behind her eyes.

He nods, swallowing the ache in his throat. “Yeah, no. You’re right. You’re - I definitely don’t want a repeat of that disaster. I’m not sure I could handle seeing you on your knees with your director. Or whatever the equivalent is - I’d say captain, but that is just-”

“I’m so sorry,” she rushes out. “Oh, God. That is not what I meant to say.”

Sorry really doesn’t fix that kind of - and well, now he gets it, right? “But you make some good sense,” he says, offering a smile. It’s hard to pull off. He’s not sure he did pull it off. “That’s a really good point. We’re still pretty - our communication isn’t so great. And getting married when we’re already this messed up…”

Well this just sucks.

This is not beautiful or joyful or anything. This is just one wound after another, and you would think he’s figured it out by now. That he would just stop risking himself for love because the hurt is just - it sours everything.

 After his messy divorce with Gina, he really ought to have learned, but instead he turned around and fell in love with the first woman to test him. A detective whom he has knocked up and is all wrong for and yet-

“Okay, yes. Yes, Castle, marry me.”


Lumière, darling

A Chris x Ella Oneshot.

Summary: Aristotle was a great philosopher. Ella figures out just how much when the curtain is finally lifted and the light finally shines through.

Note: So here is my first piece. Feel free to leave comments and I’d appreciate it if you’d message and give ideas on how I could improve. Also, please message if you’d like to be tagged in the future. Hope this brightens up your day a bit :) -N

For as the eyes of bats are to the blaze of day, so is the reason in our soul to the things which are by nature most evident of all” (Aristotle).

The first time he asks her, she pretends she’s asleep. It happens when they’re both sitting in the back of his car, on their way back to the hotel from the diner the cast went to dinner for. She’s so tired that she simply lays her head on his shoulder, taking in his cologne and wondering how on earth is he so warm when it’s literally freezing outside? She vaguely remembers the sound of tires against the gravel, the soft whisper of the wind, the tinkling of the first pearls of rain hitting the car roof and creating abstract patterns on her window. But she does remember, clearly, the soft and careful - slightly husky - voice. His voice. He asks her, more like breathes the question out, and waits for her response. 

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Daryl Dixon - Serendipity

Word count: 4625 

Trigger warnings: None

Tags: Daryl, Fluff

Plot/Request: Can you write one where the reader and daryl fall in love and a week after they confess their love the prison falls and the reader and Daryl get seperated and she ends up in Alexandria before the rest of the group does and when Daryl and everyone comes in she doesn’t realize its them until she hears Daryl’s voice so she runs to him and the reunion has lots of fluff and lovey. Thanks. LOVE YOUR IMAGINES!!!!

Note: This was really, really fun to write. And since I didn’t have anything else to do at work I kept on writing and it turned out to be really long. Hope you like it!

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