third street aleworks


So we made the haul up the 101 to Santa Rosa, CA to meet some long time friends that we hadn’t seen since the wife and I got married in 08. Our plans were to meet at Russian River for dinner and brews yet upon arrival, we saw…the line. So we find everyone standing in line and fall into conversation not realizing the line we were in for 20 mins already, was just to get in line again, for another 2 hours. Yo, I get it. Super famous brewery and all, but damn 2 hours? So the dude at the door recommended a joint around the corner that sat 9 of us as soon as we walked in. 3rd street Aleworks. This place was fantastic all around. They make some really delicious beers and try let me try them all… for 12 bucks. Deal.

4oz of each was a great way to sample their offerings and I ended up buying a growler of their “Puddle Jumper Pale Ale.” After dinner we walked back over to a “less” crowded Russian River to have at least one pint. Standing room only inside as it was shoulder to shoulder from wall to wall. So crazy. But we managed to order and I tried the “Hop Father IPA” which tasted quite like a smaller Pliny. Just look at that board in Russian River! Sooo many beers and definitely not enough time to try them. Oh well, needless to say it was a great evening of friends, food and awesome beer even if it didn’t go quite as planned!