third streaming


What a wild ride that stream was omg. You guys come into MY house and you bloody KINKSHAME me. I’m so mad.


Thank you Faust for making such great female characters :DD Here’s her Thrilling Intent universe trio Aesling the Neckstabber, Vachon the SPELL-er of SWEET AIR, and Koh Kura the totally legit magician.


Ryan Hartman ft a very [happy] David Savard

CHIvsCBJ // 3.31.2017


The collaboration collection: the @flufs edition! 

I sketched and lined these mother truckers and Flufs did the amazing colouring. I have to say, they’re definitely an amazing artists to work with, one of my faves,  but that might be because of the conversations we have as we’re doing these XD

1st image: We wanted to draw Lewis. Nothing more to it than that.

2nd image: Our first Chilluminati stream prompt. We donated to ask what to draw and the prompt was Lewis riding a bear.

3rd image: Second Chilluminati prompt. We cheated a little but only because they kept adding things to it afterwards. Lewis facing the Presidents of the United States and a Watermelon Sonic.

4th image: Third Chilluminati stream prompt. We followed this prompt to the letter. Lewis as King Xerxes from 300 being carried on the throne by Barry clones, with Sjin, as princess Leia, chained to Lewis’ nipple rings and Tom as Salacious Crumb.

Okay guys it looks like this is gonna be the stream, likely starting around 9 EST-

-comic page (or doodles about To Victory as I answer questions I can)
-Mianite doodles (s2 probably but I love Capsize so who knows. Wizards.)
-if I’m still up then, whatever pops into my mind. Maybe draw Nobody Owens or try to discreetly draw TV spoilers.

Sounds good? Feedback lovely as always!

anonymous asked:

hey uhhhh ive missed a few streams lately n i was wondering which stream was the one where steph calls mat beautiful?? im sorry im stephew trash with not a lot of stream time lately lmao ^.^ hope u have a beautiful day, love! xx

I do believe it was this stream! I unfortunately don’t have a time stamp for you, but I’m pretty sure it was somewhere in the front third of the stream??

lyrics on my mind rn
  • mind over matter (young the giant): "and when the seasons change, will you stand by me?"
  • semi-automatic (tøp): "cause i'm twisted up, twisted up inside my mind."
  • teeth (cage the elephant): "an entire population of critics and no painters to be found"
  • all apologies (nirvana): "all alone is all we are."
  • migraine (tøp): "shadows will scream that i'm alone."
  • carried away (passion pit): "please don't ever note me as your friend"
  • fake plastic trees (radiohead): "it wears me out."
  • sunday morning (no doubt): "i thought i knew you well — so well."
  • semi-charmed life (3eb): "how do i get back there to the place where i fell asleep inside you?"
  • car radio (tøp): "and now, i just sit in silence."
  • mr. jones (counting crows): "when everybody loves you, that's about as funky as you can be."
  • sail (awolnation): "maybe i should cry for help. maybe i should kill myself."
  • cough syrup (young the giant): "life's too short to even care at all."
  • the a-team (ed sheeran): "she's stuck in her daydream."
  • sunday morning (maroon 5): "in darkness, she is all i see."
  • jackie & wilson (hozier): "i need to be youthfully felt, cause god, i never felt young."
  • life on the nickel (foster the people): "my eyes have been closed to the world; oh, the world's got nothing for me."
  • fever (the black keys): "fever got me guilty, just go ahead and kill me."

anonymous asked:

Do you think the hickey thing is why they didn't post the video into the GTLive archive channel?

…you know I didn’t even notice they didn’t post the third Stanley stream. I’m not sure why they didn’t, but I doubt it’s because of the hickey.