third streaming


What a wild ride that stream was omg. You guys come into MY house and you bloody KINKSHAME me. I’m so mad.


Well to those who missed my tweet/draw along to the RoosterTeeth Extra life stream yesterday here’s a recap of the craziness. Unfortunately, I missed probably a fourth to a third of the stream due to work and the fact I hit my 24-hour mark around 5am and only had 4 hours of sleep the night before. However, It was magical and worth it in so many ways. While I’ve been working on not waxing poetic as much, I feel like this calls for a bit. 

For various reasons, I was really losing faith in humanity at the beginning of this past week but seeing all the generosity and hilarity unfold during that stream really brought that back for me. It’s the kind of humanity that I love, and enjoy seeing. It’s the one that is unified for a cause laughing and (at times even) singing together to try and help people. It’s the part of humanity that will sacrifice themselves mentally and physically in order to bring a smile to someone’s face. It’s the part of humanity that I’m proud to be a part of. This is a beautiful community, and it has been proven to me time and time again. So, thank you, Jack, Caiti, Miles, Michael, Lindsay, Barbara, Burnie, Ashley, and everyone else involved (cause this list would be fucking long), and thank you to the souls that donated. Thank you, @roosterteeth , not just for the kids but thank you from me, for reminding me that people are good and at the end of the day we can accomplish the impossible together.

As a final note, I also wanted to congratulate Michael and Lindsay, you two are great people and will be wonderful parents.

As a final final note, the incongruity of this long speech, full a feels, being framed against a backdrop of a live stream that had a comedic relief dildo at 2 am CST is not lost on me. It was great. Trust me.


The collaboration collection: the @flufs edition! 

I sketched and lined these mother truckers and Flufs did the amazing colouring. I have to say, they’re definitely an amazing artists to work with, one of my faves,  but that might be because of the conversations we have as we’re doing these XD

1st image: We wanted to draw Lewis. Nothing more to it than that.

2nd image: Our first Chilluminati stream prompt. We donated to ask what to draw and the prompt was Lewis riding a bear.

3rd image: Second Chilluminati prompt. We cheated a little but only because they kept adding things to it afterwards. Lewis facing the Presidents of the United States and a Watermelon Sonic.

4th image: Third Chilluminati stream prompt. We followed this prompt to the letter. Lewis as King Xerxes from 300 being carried on the throne by Barry clones, with Sjin, as princess Leia, chained to Lewis’ nipple rings and Tom as Salacious Crumb.

I’m on some weird level of vibration at the moment,

I took a deep breath and concentrated on being nothing except the “me” within and it was like *POP* and I felt this super weird headrush and now my crown and third eye are like SUPER vibrating. And I feel like I’m in a cloud and I feel so relaxed and at ease and like I want to laugh at everything and cry because shit is so beautiful so like I don’t know what tf is happneing but I think I like it… so yeah Im sending some love to ya’ll as I write this cause my heart chakra is also lit af.

Demiromantic + nature moodboard for anon!

[Image description: 9 pictures in a 3 by 3 grid. Row 1 - first picture shows a trail in a forest, bordered by trees on both sides, and the trail and trees are covered in snow; second picture shows an aerial view of many trees, with white text that says “nature is my home” over it; third picture shows a cluster of white anemone coronaria flowers with yellow centers. Row 2 - first picture shows many tall trees, with white text that says “All good things are wild & free” over it; second picture is the demiromantic flag, which consists of a right pointing black triangle on the far left, and 3 horizontal stripes, in the following order from the top: a wide white stripe, a thin green stripe, and a wide light gray stripe; third picture shows a stream running through a forest, bordered by mostly bare trees on each side, with white text that says “blessed are the curious for they shall have adventures” over it. Row 3 - first picture shows a view of trees from below, showing a lot of the trunks and the tops of the trees, with patches of sunlight showing through; second picture shows multiple trees surrounded by ground that is covered in foliage, and sunlight shining through, with white text that says “Keep Breathing” over it; third picture shows a large cluster of trees with sunlight shining through. End image description.]

No reposts or removing caption.

Season III premieres today!

So here there are the official design sheets for the characters to start fangirling

It premieres at 11pm (Japan Time) and altough people are already sharing ~official links~ to ~legally~ stream it (huly, crunchyroll, etc), there never was an official message from these websites claiming that they will be streaming the third season.

So let’s wait and see.

Looks like Crunchyroll will have it

Gunther Schuller, the composer, conductor, teacher, and music historian who coined the term Third Stream for his synthesis of jazz and classical music, died yesterday in Boston from complications of leukemia. He was 89.

Schuller grew up in a musical family and studied French Horn, playing professionally in the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra and in the pit of the Metropolitan Opera. But he also became interested in jazz, and for a time combined his classical career with performances in jazz ensembles led by, among others, Miles Davis. As a composer, Schuller was self-taught, once describing himself as a high school dropout without a single earned degree. He taught music and composition at Yale and the Manhattan School of Music, wrote several books, directed the Berkshire Music Center, and served as president of the New England Conservatory. He was also awarded a Pulitzer Prize and a MacArthur Foundation Grant. Terry spoke to Gunther Schuller in 1988.