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What a wild ride that stream was omg. You guys come into MY house and you bloody KINKSHAME me. I’m so mad.


Thank you Faust for making such great female characters :DD Here’s her Thrilling Intent universe trio Aesling the Neckstabber, Vachon the SPELL-er of SWEET AIR, and Koh Kura the totally legit magician.

With the gloam of late harvest,
I grow weary of extended rumination,
this longing for a breath,
a sigil,
a smoke signal painfully foreign
from my own.

Lingering need in me expresses at length
the dialectical in both forms.
With lament of my position
and to sate the venerable gods,
I am still enthused to entertain semantics.

Does the liminal space between two doors
potentiate another world?
I am no Diogonese
but I have toiled in lofty verbage.
Spent my time mired in excoriated row,
wisdom’s sultry trappings.

Like a great myth writhing
to come undone,
I have parables to teach now,
to rest within my worried palms.

Awareness creates in me a faux bedfellow,
an overworked croft,
this decadent loam.
Transient existence attempting to elucidate
the contemplative madness,
to truly feel inspired
by the keenest owl eyes.

I praise those oculars
for the knowledge therein,
the fit of me,
the fevered fractals
that shine like rogue amber.

I vibrate the collective
of a quietly dawning introspection,
expand and recoil this flailing coup d'état.
These endless nights on a solipsistic marble,
a restless froid dimension
inside poetic lungs.


Ryan Hartman ft a very [happy] David Savard

CHIvsCBJ // 3.31.2017
Pyrotechnics Plays DST: 11/16/17 Part One
In which Windienine's connection gets a bit wobbly. Thumbnail courtesy of temporallywithered on tumblr!

Thank you, everybody, for participating in last night’s stream! It was an amazing success, overall, and I’m incredibly happy that such a large number of skilled players participated!

@lifeblossom , @temporallywithered@cheesenuggets101@itstheblob , @leoasskerville , @riotraze@heckmate@yogkitt@birdthany@dswilson , and @woot100 !

Healthy Paranoia

Double check✔…Triple Check✔…Quadruple check✔

Oh what the heck

One more time won’t hurt

I avoid the sun cause I have been burnt

“What if” gives life to scenarios

Fear of the consequences amplifies it like a stereo

My healthy paranoia shields me from deaths scythe

But it keeps me grounded unable to reach a new height

How Best to Support THE BOLD TYPE (or really any show you love)

Hey Interwebs,

Since I have a personal interest in the success of this show AND I truly believe that it’s doing something necessary AND beautiful AND entertaining, I wanted to break down how you can best support THE BOLD TYPE before/when/after it premieres on Freeform, July 11 at 9/8C. (It’s a two hour premiere.)

Originally posted by jane-sloan

Unless you belong to a Nielsen family and your TV habits are being recorded by the Nielsen company, watching live via your cable provider does not contribute to the total measured viewership. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t watch live on your big, beautiful television. It’s a visually stunning show. So go ahead and do that! 

HOWEVER. There are also several ways to make your eyes contribute to the ratings success of THE BOLD TYPE. Which improves the chance that more episodes get ordered and we can continue to feed you the good stuff.  If you want to help boost ratings, here are a few of the ways to do so:

(1) Set your DVR to record the series. Watch your recording.

(2) Watch the series on or on the Freeform app. Watch on Hulu. Not on some third party streaming site. Not by ripping the episode off the internet and watching it from your hard drive. Tempting though that may be, it doesn’t actually help a show get renewed. The more often you watch on a legitimate Freeform/Hulu platform, the better. The longer you watch, the better. Big brother can even tell when you start watching and don’t finish an episode. Creepy, right?

(3) Engage on social platforms. You can do this even if you live outside of the US and Canada. Consider tweeting (ideally live as the episode airs, or in the days surrounding an episode) using the Freeform-promoted hashtags, e.g. @theboldtypetv​, #TheBoldType, etc… For networks like Freeform that cater to socially savvy audiences, social engagement is part of the measure of a show’s success.

(4) Create positive buzz. Reach out to people you think should be watching! This is one big way new viewers will find the show. If you’re an artist, share your fanart. If you’re a writer, get to writing. If you vlog, vlog about the show! Etc….

Am I missing anything? Let me know! I will edit.


The collaboration collection: the @flufs edition! 

I sketched and lined these mother truckers and Flufs did the amazing colouring. I have to say, they’re definitely an amazing artists to work with, one of my faves,  but that might be because of the conversations we have as we’re doing these XD

1st image: We wanted to draw Lewis. Nothing more to it than that.

2nd image: Our first Chilluminati stream prompt. We donated to ask what to draw and the prompt was Lewis riding a bear.

3rd image: Second Chilluminati prompt. We cheated a little but only because they kept adding things to it afterwards. Lewis facing the Presidents of the United States and a Watermelon Sonic.

4th image: Third Chilluminati stream prompt. We followed this prompt to the letter. Lewis as King Xerxes from 300 being carried on the throne by Barry clones, with Sjin, as princess Leia, chained to Lewis’ nipple rings and Tom as Salacious Crumb.