third star to the left

“The Naked Time” was the first episode of Star Trek in which Eddie Paskey spoke any dialogue. Paskey, playing what would soon be a recurring role as Lt. Leslie,  was so nervous the first time he was asked to deliver dialogue that he repeatedly flubbed his lines. Many of them were rewritten for Nimoy’s Spock to deliver. However, he was on time, inexpensive, and knew his way around the set, so producers retained him over the course of the series.

Paskey appeared in 57 episodes of the series, generally playing Lt. Leslie, but also acting as crewman Connors in “Mudd’s Women,” serving as the driver who killed Edith Keeler in “The City on the Edge of Forever” and performing dual roles in “Patterns of Force.”

Paskey left Star Trek during its third season due to back pain and severe headaches that were exacerbated by the studio lighting. 

list of movies that nobody asked for that i am down to watch any time in no particular order:
-The Labyrinth
-Pacific Rim
-Red Riding Hood (the one with Amanda Seyfried. honestly in my top 5 movies)
-Only Lovers Left Alive
-Third Star (i need a week to recover from this one tbh)
-The Corpse Bride
-Howl’s Moving Castle
-Princess Mononoke
-Spirited Away
-ok. let’s be honest here. pretty much any Studio Ghibli movie. except that Yamadas Neighbors one. and Grave of the Fireflies. fuck that movie.
-What We Do In the Shadows
-Pride & Prejudice & Zombies

oh dang this list is getting long. i’ve taken a bucket ton of cold medicine jazz so i’m a-rambling away.

tbh i was gonna make a “my fav animes” b/c that is all i have been watching all day but then i realized. everyone would know i am an animoo loving ass.

snow-fragments  asked:

You gotta show us your Tatoos sometime! If you wanna that is

Can’t show since two are too close to sensitive areas, but I can tell. My first tattoo is low on my right hip. It’s a heart with my husband’s name in it (yes, I know that’s frowned upon). It has angel wings and barbed wire around it. My second tattoo is a Pikachu on my left hip. My third one is a green and black nautical star on my left shoulder blade. 

Out of all of them, I regret the nautical star. A friend offered to pay for any tattoo, but I didn’t have time to really come up with one, so I went with a generic design. Bad idea. The tattoo looks fine, but it has no meaning like the other ones do. *Shrugs* My next one will be the Fairy Tail symbol, just struggling to figure out where and what color. 

I want a Lucy one, but that’ll make things difficult with a hand tattoo for certain jobs. My second thought was Natsu’s, but I have a lot of freckles there and I know they’ll show up against the red. I have none of the other side, but then it would be a Romeo/Old Lisanna, and I don’t want to match either of them. So I’m still trying to decide what I want. Plus if I do more cosplaying later I’ll want to be able to cover them easily. 

Oops, kinda got off topic. Anyways, those are my three tattoos. :) Thank you for asking! :D

The Best Pick-Up Line

Marco Diaz looked over his reflection in his bedroom mirror for the 20th time this morning.
“Today is the day. Today is the day! You are the MAN, Marco Diaz!” He continued to try and hype himself up. “Okay, once more over the checklist!” He pulled a yellow notepad from seemingly nowhere and began to go over it with his pen. “Checklist? Check. Outfit?” He looked himself over AGAIN, staring at his combination of jeans, converse, a BLUE hoodie (has to make it memorable today. Had to spice it up.), and a gray undershirt. “Check. Words? Check! Okay, I’m ready!”
“Ready for what?” Came a sudden cheerful voice from behind.
“Gah!” Marco jumped; turning to see Star grinning at him.
“What are you up to Marc Marc?”
“Oh-um-well-” Marco stuttered. “Just checking out the, um,” He swallowed hard. “Gun show?”
Star cocked her head to the side. “Gun show? Where? Why do you have guns in your room? I thought guns were ‘a bringer of unnecessary danger’.”
“Yeah aheheh, it’s just a little Earthly humor is all! Isn’t it funny?” He awkwardly laughed. “You idiot! You forgot to flex!” He thought to himself.
“Oh. Hahahaha! That is funny!” Star giggled to herself. “Anyways, come on! We’re gonna be late for school! Or should I say-”
“Don’t say it!”
“GUNna be late! Get it?!”
Marco buried his face in his palms and trudged down the stairs, Star trailing behind. Marco pretty much stumbled through their walk to school; unable to speak or move properly. After mustering up the strength to say he was fine for the third time, Star eventually left him alone. The day only got worse for Marco from there. In English, when asked what he thought Romeo and Juliet was supposed to be interpreted as he answered a distant ‘Stars are pretty.’ In art class he was chastised for drawing a field of butterflies when he was supposed to be sculpting. In math class he failed his first test since…ever, because he had been to busy staring at his blonde companion and didn’t notice the time go by. Star continued to grow more and more concerned with each blunder; but shook it off as Marco just having an off day.
“Okay Marco: one more time! From the top:” he cleared his throat and made his voice sound as low and he possible. “Hey Star? Are you the sun? Cause you’re the center of my universe.” He looked at his reflection in the boys bathroom. “Dang…that is the best pick up line ever! Star is gonna have to say yes to that!” He walked triumphantly out of the bathroom; finally ready to ask Star out.
Ever since he realized that Jackie was a lost cause and Oskar was taken away to some private school, Marco had started thinking about Star more. The way she moved, the way she spoke, how angry he’d gotten when Tom tried to get her back…seriously fuck Tom. Eventually he had come to terms with the fact that he was in love with his best friend. So he began to develop a brilliant plan to sweep her off her feet. Also to stop choking on his words when he tried to ask her out. But no more of that! Today he would woo her with what was quite possibly the best pickup line ever and she would become so entranced with him that she’d kiss him and they’d live happily ever after. Probably. Maybe. If he was lucky.
“There’s she is.” He thought to himself; watching Star grab something out of her locker as the last of the students had left for the day. “Okay Diaz, remember. Suave, elegant, and graceful.”
He out on a pair of sunglasses, strode over to her, slid gracefully into to the locker next to her, placed his hand on the locker and gave her the sexiest look he could manage as he pulled the glasses off.
“Hey Star? Are you the-woah!” Marco yelped as he tripped on his own two feet and fell down a flight of stairs. A big flight of stairs.
“Ow! Ouch! Owie! Help! Ow! Ow! Ow!” He screamed each step of the way. “Why! Are! There! So! Many! Stairs!?” He added.
Star watched; too baffled by the turn of events to do anything. It was only when he got to the landing that she recovered.
“Marco!” She yelled from the top of the stairs. “Are you okay?!”
“I’m fine!” Marco retorted, a little woozy from the fall. “…Star did you spill fruit punch down here?”
Star looked around her rapidly for a source of fruit punch she could have accidentally spilled. ‘No!“
”…I’m not okay!“ He replied before promptly passing out.
One quick call to emergency services and ambulance ride later Star was sitting down in the waiting room of a hospital.
“Doctor? How is he?” Star asked a graying older man.
“I’m sorry…your friend is dead.” He out a comforting hand on her shoulder.
Her eyes went wide and she dropped to her knees, tears in her eyes. “MMMMAAAAARRRRCCCCOOOOOO!!!!!” He screamed dramatically.
“Oh you wanted Marco? I’m sorry, I thought you were here for Andrew. Marco is in the next room. He’ll be fine; though he is a little loopy from the morphine we had to give him when we stitched him up. That’s what you get for playing the pronoun game. Sorry.” He excused himself and left to break the news to Andrew’s family.
Star wiped her eyes and got off the ground, walking into Marco’s room.
“Heeeyyyy Star…I feel funny…” Marco greeted dazedly as she entered.
“Marco, what were you doing!? You’re usually so much safer! And I know you aren’t that klutzy unless you’re nervous!”
“…hahahahahahahahAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!” Marco began to laugh.
“What’s so funny!?”
“Heheh…klutz is a silly word…klutz klutz klutz…oh that sounds weird…”
“Marco you almost died! Seriously, what has been going on with you!? Why are you acting so weird around me lately!?”
Marco beckoned for her to come closer. “You want the tri…tra…truth?” He stumbled. He whispered in her ear. “I was trying to impress you by being all suave you so you’d go out with me and do the kissy kiss…” He smiled in a haze. He giggled. “I even had the best pick up line ready for you. Wanna hear it?”
Star stared at him for a second, before nodding. “…sure, I guess…”
He put his mouth close to her ear again. “H-hey Star? Are you the sun? Cause you’re the center of my universe…” He pointed little finger guns at her lazily. “But you have to keep it a secret. Don’t tell Marco I told you; he’ll get mad at me…” He whispered.
Star backed up and looked at him once again. He was half hanging off the bed, half-heartedly pretending to shoot with his fingers with a big goofy smile on his face. He was looking at her with half-lidded, tired brown eyes. He giggled and smiled.
“Okay, I won’t tell him. But you might wanna tell him that I’ve always kind of known. I can hear those sweet things he says under his breath in the house. Also, tell him I said 'yes’ and give him one of these for me.” He bent down and kissed his cheek. “I’ll see you later.”
“Okay…bye Starry warry…” He waved before falling asleep.
The next morning Star walked up to the hospital with the Diaz’s; ready to take Marco home. They got up to his room, where seemed a whole lot more coherent; if sleepy. He seemed to have no memory of the time he was on the morphine; seeing as how he couldn’t remember what had happened last night in the room. He shrugged; figuring nothing to crucial would’ve gone on while he was a nonsense-sputtering mess.
“Morning son.” Mrs. Diaz greeted.
“Mornin’ mom.” Marco yawned.
“Good morning sport.”
“Mornin’ dad.”
Star walked up and hugged him tightly. “Morning boyfriend.” He greeted into his ear.
“Mornin’ Star…WAIT WHAT!?!?”
The End

(A table of contents is available. It will be kept up-to-date as new posts are added. Disclaimer: If you are planning on basing your own fictional magic system off an existing magic belief, please do extensive research into anthropology and discussions from people of that belief. Avoid direct appropriation and be respectful!)

Part Three: Manifestation :: Performance

One of the more obvious aspects to magic building to think about is how the magic is performed. I don’t just mean what the stage looks like and what order to do tricks in to get the best crowd reaction, either. I’m talking about how your characters make the magic happen.

Words: Are the literal words where the magic is? Does your character need to speak the correct language in order to access their magic? Does speaking it in a specific order lend to its potency? Are words completely unnecessary? Do words actually decrease potency but increase accuracy? Are they considered for novices only?

The speaking of spells is perhaps the most common of usage techniques for magic. The casting of spells in fiction often requires speaking the appropriate words, usually transcribed in Latin or some other kind of ornate, often dead (or half-dead) language. Try thinking of words in different ways, ways that surprise rather than become a predictable stereotype.

Actions: Do spells require certain movements to be completed? Perhaps the magician must dance in a specific way in order to invoke the magic. What kind of actions must be taken? Is there a particular order to them? Are certain movements common to every spell? Consider not just the movement of the body but also the preparation of the space where they cast. How important is mental prowess? What kinds of outcomes may happen if a character isn’t in the right headspace when they cast?

Each spell in Harry Potter requires a specific style of wand-movement, most notably the swish-and-flick of the levitation charm, wingardium leviosa. The hands and arms are most often used in current fiction. Consider why that may be. Is there another part of the body that may provide more power to a spell? Actions incorporate more than just the way a body moves but also the things the body does. Think about the different actions a magician may take in order to cast a spell, then take that in five different directions.

Placement: I’ll talk about materials later, but with the performance of the magic, think about what has to be in place for the spell to work. If your magic requires materials, what kinds of set-up make a spell more powerful? Does the environment matter? Can your magicians cast anywhere, or do certain planet-phases (moon, sun, third-star-from-the-left-of-the-ship’s-prow, whatever) dictate any kind of power flow? Does the time of day impact anything? Do certain items need to be in your character’s hands or on specific places? Are there any pedestals involved, or diagrams drawn? 

Fullmetal Alchemist uses alchemy circles for magic. Specific markings within the circles dictate different things for how the spell should react and what it should do. Without getting spoilery, having the circle on your body allows for different uses as well. Think outside of what the magic is capable of doing, and really dig into some alternative manifestations than the old stereotypes. Magic systems should be unique and interesting; the only way to achieve that is to go outside the standard and start experimenting. 

Next up: A change of heart (and body)!

Peter Pan

A modern twist of Disney Prince

“Wendy, one girl is more use than twenty boys.” –Peter Pan

“…And he’s brave,” you sighed softly as you kissed your little brother’s forehead as you tried to get him to fall asleep after scaring the monsters away from under your bed. “So brave, and every night he comes here and makes sure you stay asleep because he always helps little boys,” you explained.

“Why does he do that?” He wondered sleepily as he clutched to the teddy bear in his arms. You cupped his face and gently rubbed a circle into his cheek.

“Because he knows what it’s like when your parents aren’t there all the time,” you said sadly. You swallowed the emotion that brimmed in every part of your heart and swelled up to create tears in your eyes that you refused to let fall in front of your brother. If he saw the tears, he would know it’s real: he would know that you aren’t his mother and that his real parents aren’t parents. Just people who are supposedly the ones who gave birth to him…and then forgot how lovely he is. He has no parents. Not real ones. Not the kind that care for every single problem.

“Can I tell you something?” He whispered.

“Of course,” you smiled gently at him.

“I’m glad I have you as a mom,” he told you sweetly. “Since…ours isn’t so good…all the time,” he murmured. “And I’m glad you know the monster slayer,” he continued. You blushed and smiled gently as you listened to the screaming on the floor below. How they could do this, day after day, night after night, torturing your poor four year old brother…you were used to it, unfortunately. But it was better for your brother. You had nineteen years of experience. And a few more months of working and you would be away from your parents and making your life better for your brother.

“Goodnight, cutie pie,” you whispered as his eyes drifted shut.

You crept down the hall to your room and shut the door, leaning there and closing your eyes wishing that it would just get better…easier for the two of you. Tears almost started to fall when you were scared shitless by a voice. “That was nice of you,” a boy with feathery brown hair and bright blue eyes smiled at you as you startled. Your jaw fell open and you reached for you phone to call the police, but the boy was quicker than you–yanking it away and throwing it on your bed across the room. “What are you doing here?!” You started to swing a decorative pillow at him. You wanted to scream but you had to whisper or your parents would here.

“Hey! Quit it! I’m the monster slayer!” He hissed at you as he pulled the pillow from your grip.

You stood there, stunned. “You’re the what?” You asked.

“Monster slayer,” he repeated. You shook your head and laughed without humor.

“You’re not real, stop it, you’re scaring me–you’re creep! You came in here and heard me tell my little brother a story about a fake person that keeps monsters from hurting him–”

“I’m not fake,” he said and whipped out a sword from his side. “I slay monsters,” he repeated. You stared at the sword and he rolled his eyes as you looked so scared and nervous. He put it back. “Do you actually think I could hurt you?” He said and walked over to you.

“I don’t know what you’re capable of because you’re a stranger,” you told him knowingly.

He smiled impishly at you. “I’m not a stranger, you talked about me…to your brother…every night….” he said knowingly.

“Then that would mean you need to leave,” you told him and pushed him toward the window. Because you have little boys with no mothers or fathers to care for.”

He nodded knowingly. With a happy smile like he’d just convinced the devil to buy Girl Scout cookies from his little sister. “I do, and I’d like to take you with me.”

Why?” You asked with an eye roll.

“Because they need a mother, they’ve never had one, and you heard your brother…you’re the best mother he’s ever had,” he shrugged. “Come with me,” he said. He flipped his hair out of his eyes and smiled gently at you. “Please?” He asked sweetly. You bit your lip. You couldn’t go with him…if you…if you went with him, there was no telling you would come back…and you couldn’t leave your brother. He saw the anxiety in your eyes. “You’ll be home before he wakes up,” he promised. “Nothing will happen to him,” he breathed softly.

You stared at Louis. He was incredibly pretty you had to admit. Blue eyes that sang like waves in the middle of the ocean. His hair so soft looking you wanted to nap in it. His skin was tanned and his body looked so cozy to snuggle with. He wrapped an arm around your waist and gazed into your eyes a moment. “What? What’s wrong?” He whispered and gently rubbed the small of your back soothingly with his thumb.

“I can’t leave him…” you whispered.

He sighed softly. “Darling, nothing will happen to him,” he promised.

“How do you know?” You whispered.

“I wouldn’t ask you to leave him alone if something bad was going to happen to him,” Louis promised. He pressed his lips to your cheek.

You blushed and looked at him curiously. “Okay,” you whispered to him softly. I trust you.


“You want me to fly?” You said in amazement as he twirled around your lightly.

“How else are we going to get to Alwaysland, darling?” He rolled his eyes and dipped down.

“Louis, I can’t fly, it’s impossible,” you told him.

“Oh come on, love! All you need is faith, trust…” he hopped back down to the earth and held your hand and then reached into his pocket and smiled as he blew whatever was in his hand in front of you so it draped your appearance and got in your face. You spit a bit getting whatever he threw at you out of your mouth. “And some pixie dust,” he smiled.

Then he grabbed your hand jumped from your window sill holding to your hand tightly as you gasped in shock as you flew. “Where the hell are we going?”

“Third star to the left and all the way to dawn,” he breathed in your ear.

You sighed softly at his warm breath tickling your ear. He was so kind and gentle to you. You really, really couldn’t say a bad thing about him.


When you landed you were hesitant to follow him. He looked so at ease and you just…you weren’t sure you could. There was so much unknown and you…

“Why do I need to be here?” You asked. “There’s a bunch of you guys running around and you’re…you’re surely much more capable of doing anything than I am…”

He turned to look at you and blinked curiously. “Don’t you know, sweetheart?” He asked. “One girl is more use than twenty boys…” he shrugged and grasped your hand in his. He twisted your fingers together kissing your knuckles softly. “They’ll love you, if that’s what you’re worried about,” he said softly and tugged you into the little home that Louis had made for him and the boys. They were all playing with fake swords and rough housing. But they all stopped the moment they saw you. They looked at Louis. He introduced you.

“Is she our new mother?” One asked. You looked at Louis. They were all adorable, a little scruffy, but truly adorable.

“Sure,” he shrugged. One of them, the smallest little one walked up to you and pulled on your pant leg. You crouched down to him and he smiled shyly at you. His little round cheeks turning pink.

“You’re pretty,” he whispered softly. You blushed and gently cupped his face and pressed a kiss to his forehead.

“Thank you, sweet,” you whispered gently.

He giggled as he walked back to some of the other boys saying you kissed him. You stood back up and looked at Louis. He smiled gently and came over to you and pressed a kiss to your nose. “You are pretty,” he said softly and held you close to him. “Inside and out,” he murmured.


You played with the boys for a bit and got them to clean while playing. Louis watched in awe at your ability to enrapture so many little rowdy boys. Then they all jumped into bed as you started to tell a story. A short little story about a little boy who met a little girl when they were very young. The little girl took care of the boy whenever he got hurt or was worried or unable to be comforted by someone in his life. And the little boy did everything in his power to protect the girl. They didn’t know it, but they loved one another.

“You can’t love a girl!” One of the boys protested. “They have cooties!”

“Do I have cooties?” You asked him.

He smiled shyly and shook his head. “No,” he said softly. “But you’re different,” he told you. “You’re married to Louis.”

Louis smiled and kissed the top of your head as you blushed at the prospect. Louis was protective, kind and lovely…but to think you could be married to someone so sweet…you were worried.

You could easily get caught up in all this. But you had your own little brother to worry about…but you already loved these little ones. Louis scooped the little one up and placed him in his bed. “Mother dearest has to go now,” he said softly.

“Aw, but mother! I wanted to see you again!” Another little boy cried.

You frowned and you wrapped your arms around the little one and held him up. “You’re going to sleep,” you whispered to him and kissed his forehead. “All of you are…and I’ll come back again,” you realized you were going to as you said it. You realized you wanted to. Louis was right. You were needed here…and you had to admit…you liked to be needed…even if it wasn’t really your job to be needed. You tucked him in and went around to each little boy and kissed them goodnight. “You know when you’re asleep? And you still know you’re dreaming?” You whispered to them. “That’s where I’ll be, always…” you promised. “I’ll always be there and here…”

“You’re going to come back?” One asked.

Louis stared at you and waited patiently for your answer. “You’re going to come back?” He wondered.

You looked at the floor and nodded. “Of course,” you said softly. A smile covered your lips as you looked at Louis. “What good is a boy without his mother?”

He grinned. “I’ll be right back fellas, no getting out of bed,” he ordered.


Louis brought you back to your home. He showed you your brother through his window sleeping soundly and warmly in his bed. You sighed with relief as Louis brought you back through your window. You sat down on your bed, exhausted from your journey and he sat beside you. “Thank you,” he said softly. “You have no idea how much that means to me…to them,” he breathed.

You took hold of Louis’ hand. “Do you really not have a mother?” You asked him.

He shook his head. “Nope,” he said softly. “And at first, I took little boys away from their mother’s because I was jealous…but then I saw you,” he said softly. “Taking care of your brother like the mother neither of you ever had,” he mumbled. “And I started taking care of little ones that didn’t have a mother…or a sister like you,” he said. “You’ve probably changed their night from that small little meeting,” he explained. “They looked so happy. So thank you,” he murmured.

You blushed and looked at him curiously. “I didn’t–”

“You’ve done more than enough,” he said and carefully cupped your cheeks in his hands. He was gentle and looked so kind and sweet. He leaned in, brushed your lips with his. You almost moaned and breathed out with happiness. You smiled on his lips and he responded with a chuckle that made your lips vibrate against his and made other parts of your core vibrate.

“I love you,” he whispered after a moment of sweet kisses.

“I love you, too,” you answered quietly once you realized it was true.

He smiled and leaned again to kiss you. “So much use…and so much love…” he murmured and peppered your mouth with kisses.

You felt like you were dreaming. And that’s where you loved one another. In your dreams of one another.

Star Light, Star Bright (Bumbleby)

“Okay, you see those three stars there, and the other three next to them? Totally Ember Celica. Now there’s a constellation that packs a punch.”

“Resistance was never an option for you, was it?”

“You know you love the puns.”

“Maybe I do. Oh, take a look there. See anyone you recognize?”

“Ha, ha! Told you my little sister was a star. Look, it’s even got the rose petals trailing behind her! Heh. You think there’s a cookie constellation somewhere around here?”

“If there isn’t, there’s going to be.”

“Ooh, ooh, see over there? It’s us, taking down Roman’s mech!”

“I can definitely see the soon-to-be-junk-pile if I squint, but where are we?”

“You gotta remember about scaling. Look, see, those four really bright stars?”

“Ah, yes. Clearly, the third one from the left is about to go supernova.”

“What’s the point in living if you can’t light up the sky every now and then?”

“Mmm, speaking of points. That’s Neptune’s hair, right there, if I’ve ever seen it. And to be fair, it’d be hard not to.”

“Having a hard time saying you’re wrong. Oh, wow. I think those might be the most beautiful stars I’ve ever seen in my life.”

“Which ones? Neptune’s hair?”

“No, not those. Wait, you’re telling me you can’t see them?”

“Not at all, I’m afraid.”

“I guess it sort of figures. You’re probably the only person in the world who can’t, now that I think about it.”

“Which stars are you talking about, again?”

“Hee, hee. The ones in your eyes, kitten!”

“ … you know, Yang, it’s going to be awfully difficult for us to find constellations if we keep having to stop so I can kiss you senseless.”

“Like I’d ever back down from a challenge.”

Maybe it wouldn’t be so difficult, after all. Yang’s lips always left Blake seeing stars.

we all know about the second star to the right. but what would happen if you went to the first start to the right. the third. the twenty second. what if you went to the second star to the left. what then. what then

she was my perfect cup of tea,
until I remembered how I loathe
what is essentially leaf water.
she was the second star on the right,
until I saw the third one on the left,
brighter and pinker and sweeter.
she was the brightest crayon in the box
until my mom bought me a new set,
with the newest glow in the dark colors.
she was the love to my bug
until i saw what lovebugs look like
and I am not going near that.
I loved every bit of her,
but only in parts that were never glued together.
you either loved all of me,
or none at all.
she was the right side of the wrong coin,
I was the right number on the wrong dice.
the odds were never in our favor,
nor were we,
in the first place.
—  the right side of the wrong coin, a.m.