third space feminism

Matriarchy requires Female Supremacy

Many radical feminists on this site call for one of two things; separatism or matriarchy. However, both of these cannot be achieved without female supremacy. I wish they could be but merely take a look at the world and you will realize this cannot happen.

Men are greedy and domineering. Not by nature, but by socialization. A socialization that has stayed strong despite generations of women trying to change it. Further, the patriarchy has adapted to the attempts at freedom made by women. The trans movement is one such example. Allowing men to enter into any female space. Third wave feminism is another way the patriarchy has adapted. Men now throw around a few key words while saying that porn is “empowering”. I could speak more on these topics but other feminist writers, such as @marsinlibra have spoken better than I could on the topics of trans activism and porn use/bdsm.

The patriarchy has been around for thousands of years and it will take a full on upheaval in society to dismantle it. The reason separatism cannot be achieved without female supremacy should be obvious. Men would never allow such a space to exist. Even female bathrooms aren’t safe, so how would a whole community of women be safe without a force to protect it?

Matriarchy will never occur without female supremacy because men can’t let things be about others. It rankles most men and as a result a society that prioritizes women’s rights would be savagely attacked.

The only way to ensure compliance is by taking control completely. Yes, this sounds harder but it isn’t. Men, and the patriarchy, have several weaknesses.

1. Men are governed by their dicks. Never have I seen this to be more true than on this site. This is a tool that can be utilized.

2. The patriarchy, and many men, underestimate women. Yet, women are earning more advanced degrees than men. Soon that will become apparent. Once the means of economic power are seized much more will follow.

3. No one would expect it.

Please realize women of the world that female supremacy is not a bad thing! It is the tool to freedom and a world where us men can finally be resocialized in a proper way.

I am not calling for a fetish world, but one that enforces female rights. I do not endorse ideas that incorporate kink and other such trash. We must aggressively pursue female liberation!