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I Know Humans Better Than You

Characters: Jaime Reyes (Blue Beetle), Reader (You).

Requested by: Anonymous.

Synopsis: Reader is sad and Jaime doesn’t know how to comfort her so the scarab helps.


A/N: Y/N = Your Name.
Oh god, it’s probably crap.
I tried not to force why you were sad onto it.
Hope you like it!

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“Your mate is in distress.” The scarab chirped.
“I have noticed.” Jaime growled back.
“You must provide comfort.”
“I’m trying.”
“You are standing in the room of nourishments.”
Jaime sighed and closed the pantry doors that he’d been staring in for hours.


Jaime poked his head into the bedroom where you were stretched out over the whole mattress.
“Give her the food she likes. From the place you humans all enjoy.”
Jaime moved away so you couldn’t hear him. “A burger- that’s a good idea.” Jaime couldn’t help but agree.
“And that coacoa and milk treat.”
“For once, I am thankful you can talk to me.” Jaime grabbed his jacket from the back of a sofa and car keys and headed for the nearest fast food restaurant.


The grease from the burger and chips seeped through the paper bag as he set it on the passenger seat.
“Cocoa and milk treat.”
“Yeah, yeah. I know.”
“Wrap her in your arms too. You humans also seem to find happiness in that gesture. The brain chemistry is altered.”
“Since when did you actually understand people, bug?” Jaime questioned, looking around for a convenience store. “You used to tell me stay away from her because my hormones were going loco.”
“Now hers are. Provide comfort before drastic measures are taken.”
“Don’t joke like that!” Jaime snapped. Anger evident on his face. An old lady’s brows furrowed in confusion as she stared at Jaime through the windshield.
“Just return her chemicals back to the standard.”


“Do you remember her preference, Jaime Reyes?” The scarab commented as he acknowledged Jaime was standing, looking at the rows of chocolate bars.
“I think-”
“Third one from the left on the bottom shelf.”
Jaime was amazed. “Thanks, amigo?” He reached for the chocolate and was sure to to take note for future reference.
“I am being a better mate than you, Jaime Reyes.”


“Now. Hold her.”
Jaime sat on the bed and you felt the mattress sink and you groaned. He lay down and wrapped an arm around you, pulling you close to his chest. He smiled as you nuzzled your head into the crook of his neck. “I have a surprise for you.” Jaime said.
Jaime hung the bag over head and let her smell the oily food.
“Oh, my hero.” She sat up and took the bag, immediately diving into the chips.
“I was right.” The scarab chimed in.
“Ssh.” Jaime scolded.
“Was he actually helping?”
“No. No. It was all me.”
You managed a raised eyebrow and a smirk, but there was still a sad look on your face.
“What’s wrong?” He wrapped an arm around your shoulder and kissed your forehead.
“It’s just-” you explained your problem to Jaime and he listened intently.

Dean/Cas: Tangential Equations

For Nicolle (castiel-sexhair) who requested a college AU with nerd!dean and punk!cas / 2,495 words

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“I cannot believe you dragged me to this hell hole.”

Dean crosses his arms over his chest in frustration, turning to his best friend, Jo, and giving her an annoyed look.

“Oh, come on.” Jo shoves Dean’s shoulder. “This is gonna be fun. Stop being a loser.”

“Dean’s just mad because he isn’t going to get a full night’s sleep before his last first day of college.”

Dean turns his glare on his brother Sam who just appeared with a beer in hand at his side. “I have an 8:00am class tomorrow, bitch.”

“Calm down, jerk.” Sam claps Dean on the back. “You’re a senior now! Live a little.”

“Yeah, a college senior who needs to get a 4.0 this semester for his grad school applications.” Dean mutters, looking around the dive bar Jo and Sam dragged him to against his will.

“For the love of – remember when you used to be fun?” Jo rolls her eyes at Dean. “Before you decided math was the love of your life?”

“Besides,” Sam adds. “The semester doesn’t officially start until tomorrow. You don’t have homework yet. Your super smart math genius brain needs a break after a summer interning at MIT. No excuses, man.”

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Chapter 1: Tied Together

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College AU!Jungkook, Jungkook x Reader

Summary: The name tattooed to your wrist was always your destined to be partner, whether you liked it or not. It was nothing new to anyone and though the results may be shocking, everyone still lived with it. What you didn’t expect was that you ended up with you ex bestfriend, Jeon Jungkook.

    It was all a mistake. How could you, of all people, be tied to the one and only Jeon Jungkook? The person who was your best friend through elementary to middle school, but suddenly dropped you. How could you have to love someone who was so out of your league and ignored you every time you passed by him? It was impossible and it didn’t make sense to you.
As you walked through the campus towards your last lecture, you noticed Jungkook with him usual group of friends. Taehyung was sitting on the small table top and Jimin right next to him. Your walking sped up and you tried desperately to get away from them, but while doing so, you heard a sliver of their conversation.
    “Hey, Jungkook. How did you get her as your destined partner?” Taehyung snickered. Your eyes widened at the remark, but you didn’t look back, in fear that they might be talking about you. Once you got to your lecture, you sat on the third row on the far left, hoping no one would notice the new name tattooed on your wrist and the little tie that came along. Not long after the lecture, you left the hall and went to your dorm. As you kicked off your shoes, your phone began to ring.
    “[Y/N]! We have plans, don’t you remember?” Sunghae said. You cocked your head to the side , trying to remember the plans and you eyes widened. You looked at your clock and noticed you only had 20 minutes to get ready and leave.
    “Uhh, yeah, of course! I was just getting something from my dorm.” You replied, grabbing a pair of jeans and a coat.
    “Liar. You better be here in 20 minutes or I’ll actually come and kill you,” Sunghae said. You rushed out the door towards the small tea café and looked through the window to see your friend already sitting at a table. Opening the door, you greeted the lady at the cash register and slipped into the chair across Sunghae.
    “Gosh, [Y/N],” Sunghae joked, “took you long enough.” You gave her an apologetic smile and showed your wrist to her. She looked down curiously and scrunched her eyebrows together. “[Y/N]…” Sunghae mumbled. “No way. Is this a joke?” You looked at her cautiously and shook your head.
    “Sunghae, tell me why I would joke about having him on my wrist?” You muttered, pulling your wrist away and sliding the coat’s sleeve back down. You let out a long sigh, “I was just as shocked as you. It’s not like I wanted this to happen.”
    “Do you think he has your name on his wrist?” She asked. “Because if he does, it was truly meant to be. Though, I am really sorry for you if it was.” Sunghae took a sip of her green tea frappuccino and set it down. “You know,” She spoke, “it can’t be that bad. You should probably tell him soon.”
    Shaking your head you replied, “No way in hell, Sunghae. He’s just going to ignore me like he usually does. I mean, what’s the—” You were interrupted by the sudden bell of the door and familiar laughter flowing through your ears. Your eyes widened as you looked at your friend and she nearly choked as she watched the boy who walked through the door. Giving Sunghae a warning look, you ducked your head down and sipped on your tea.
    “Jungkook-ah,” Jimin’s voice sounded, “let’s get a cake!” Your head slowly turned to the register and noticed the back of Taehyung, Jimin, and worst of all, Jungkook. It took everything in you not to get up and leave Sunghae sitting in awe, but you kept your cool as you drank the, almost gone, tea. You watched as Jungkook and his little group walked towards a table to the far left of yours and you noticed the regular smirk on Jungkook’s face as he sat down.
    “[Y/N]!” Sunghae shouted, but in a whisper. “This is your chance to talk to him. I know it’s sudden, but it’s better to do it now then to do never.” Your eyes glared at their table and Taehyung seemed to overhear your conversation and looked over. His eyes travelled over to you and then back to Jungkook. You nervously tapped your foot on the floor and watched as Taehyung kicked Jungkook’s shin and looked over at your table once again.
    “No, now let’s go,” You told Sunghae. You grabbed your stuff and quickly moved towards the door, but not fast enough for Jungkook to grab your arm. He looked you up and down slowly, noticing the faint color of matte lipstick on your lips and the coat which went over your hoodie. He saw how you trembled under his touch and the light tint of red on your cheeks.
    “Where are you going?” Jungkook asked smugly. “Don’t leave so soon.” You flicked your wrist away from his hand and glared down a him. Your heart was racing and anger filled your veins. After so many years, he now just notices you. After so many years, he failed to acknowledge your presence. After so many years, he is now just starting to care and that hurt you.
    “I have all the right to leave after you left me, Jeon,” You muttered. “It’s not like you care anyways.” You gave the boy a cold stare and rolled your eyes, exiting the café. If you were to be brutally honest with your feelings, it hurt when you said those words to Jungkook. Even though you long forgot about the way he used to always talk and comfort you, it still stung your heart nonetheless and that’s what made your eyes sting and hands tremble. You had lost someone of so much importance and it was all coming back to you once again. “Sunghae, I can’t talk to him anymore,” You choked out. “It’s too much to handle.”
    Sunghae nodded and said, “That’s alright. Maybe you can another time, just not now. I understand that.” You let out a sigh and smiled at your friend who helped you towards her car. “Let’s go get some ice cream and then talk about dumb boys.”


The plants I’ve gotten recently! They sit in the window that gets the most light, but I have a full spectrum light for them too since I’m in the basement. Thought I’d add some color to my room :3c 

Really don’t know a lot about the care for the one in the third row, left side, so if anyone has cared for this species I would like to know how! It has a pretty generic species on it and google hasn’t really yielded any good results. Waiting to know more about it before I transfer it to a new pot. 

Really proud of how I potted that succulent. Not really sure the species of the plant in the styrofoam cup, it was sold at the reptile store and I’m hoping to put it in with Furiosa or Ephyra, but I want to know species on it first.

anonymous asked:

Where is the third photo from /post/137438107616/ from? (third as in the one on the left of the second row) Thank you!

it was from last year’s CW promotional stills! i honestly don’t remember the source, but it was part of the self-advertising commercials they do with all their tv shows. this is the full image: