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[1/7] favorite video games: spec ops: the line
► “another one of your victims—from a soldier who was ‘just following orders.’

Misadventures in Target (William Nylander)

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Could you do #112 from the prompt list with William nylander? ❤😀😘

#112: “You walked away. Not me.”

Word count: 1309

Author’s note: This is probably more lighthearted than you wanted it to be, but I need some fun prompts after this week.

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Target is your comfort zone. There’s something about the vague smell of popcorn, coffee and home accessories that just soothes a person. You could browse the Dollar Spot for hours, and you weren’t ashamed that half of your wardrobe came from Target. Moving to Toronto, you were a little dismayed that Canada was completely devoid of your favorite store, which was why you made it your mission to hop the border to New York as often as you could. In your opinion, nothing bad can happen while you’re in a Target.

Unless you bring your boyfriend with you on his day off.

In your defense, William insisted on making the near-two hour drive to Buffalo with you, no matter how much you protested.

“I wanna do all the fun couple things that people do at Target! Plus, I’ve never even been to a Target before; I’ve either been in Canada or Sweden my entire life, and if I am in the States it’s for a game. Let me come with you!” After twenty minutes of hearing his pleas, you finally gave in.

The look on William’s face upon entering Target was something that you wished you were able to take a picture of. Although the cliche makes you cringe, he really does look like a kid in a candy store, eyes wide as he takes in the vibrant lights and various signs for whatever holiday is three months away from now.

“So this is why everyone likes Target so much.” He says in a hushed voice. You can’t help but giggle as you grab a cart, placing your purse into the basket while grabbing William’s hand, making sure he doesn’t get trampled by soccer moms looking for their next deal.

“C’mon, Willy, let’s get out of the way.” You absentmindedly wander towards the Dollar Spot, falling into a familiar routine as you scan through the different items.

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The Suffering!

Because I haven’t met anyone that actually played this game, The Suffering is a third-person shooter made in 2004 by the now-defunct Midway Games, and it remains one of the scariest games I’ve had the pleasure of playing, between its wretched, oppressive, absolutely NSFW atmosphere and a pretty fascinating and dark plot. Just a shame the voice acting comes a little wooden at times

SO, the main gist is that you’re an amnesiac duder sent to a really shitty prison on a really shitty island because you murdered your family, maybe, and minutes after you arrive the place suddenly comes under attack by supernatural horrors. Supernatural horrors designed by Stan Winston studios, actually representing different kinds of execution, and all of them looking like Silent Hill had an one-night stand with Clive Barker. SUCH AS….

The Slayers! The basic enemy in this game, they represent death by beheading, and act like rattling, scuttling sword spiders. Their heads are actually severed from their bodies, and shooting them off just makes them angrier

The Marksmen represent death by firing squad, even popping out of the ground tied to posts. They got FLESH GUN BAGPIPES on their backs, and can even force shrapnel out of their wounds to attack you

The Mainliners are death by lethal injection. Wretched little goblins that try to syringe you to death, bleed corrosive fluids, and are pretty uncomfortable with that if their constant groaning and heavy breathing is any indication. They also manifest out of blood and pools of water, because why not?

The Noosemen are obviously death by hanging, but these are SKINNED torsos that rip themselves out of blood stains in the ceilings! They’re the least encountered enemies in the game, but guaranteed to show up when you least expect them unless you pay attention

The Burrowers are death by live burial, and though it’s hard to see here, they’re actually clad in body bags. Attack by flailing their chains about and leave a wormsign wherever they go

Festers are an interesting case. They represent death from being eaten alive by rats, and indeed their bodies are brimming with angry rats (EXPLODING angry rats), and the island this game takes place has a shipwrecked, ancient slave ship where that sort of thing just happened. But their light skin indicates that, rather than the slaves, these are the reincarnation of the SLAVERS that left their cargo to such grisly fate. Sweet, sweet karma hell

And finally the most obnoxious enemies in the game, the Infernas. Actually the reincarnation of three puritan girls that accused random people of witchcraft so they’d get burned at the stake for shits and giggles, then commited suicide once the guilt got to them. On top of being pyromaniacs, they keep reviving as long as the ash piles they crumble into are intact!

There’s a little more to this game, and the sequel has its own set of assorted nasties, but this post is long enough as is (plus the sequel wasn’t that good)

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Me, several times a year: why is no one else making The Sims. There are approximately 9000 first person shooters, 9000 more third person shooters, several dozen fantasy MMOs, fucking thousands of realtime strategy games, hundreds of turn-based RPGs. Hell, I can go on Steam right now and pull up half a dozen golf simulators. But there is just this one fucking dollhouse game and it is owned by EA and half terrible and why isn’t anyone else picking up the fucking slack