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⊹ Top 5 Chanbaek moments ⊹

  I’ve put together some of the classic Chanbaek moments here, so hope you enjoy it!
 If you were already a Chanbaek shipper at that time, you will never forget that day. I thought I was going to have an attack, I’ll never forget. The Chanyeol came racking his chest and Baekhyun’s immediate reaction was to pull him through the hair … Please explain.

First moment - 25.11.12

SMTOWN Bangkok

 The way he holds it in Chanyeol’s hair….

              This is very beautiful!

Second moment - 28.01.13

  Idol Olympics

I remember waiting so long for the fansites to start posting the photos of that day while everyone was patiently waiting and wondering what was going on, out of nowhere we got that Chanbaek flurry, they were literally stuck together.

(Watch Channie’s hand caressing Baek’s leg)

What on earth did he whisper in Baekhyun’s ear ?!

Third moment - 15.11.16

Baekhyun update on your instagram account  (@baekhyunee_exo )

Comment by Chanyeol: “I saw this photo as soon as I opened the Insta, I ran out of breath and I sweated cold.”

                           ( Me too Chanyeol … me too …)

Fourth moment -  18.06.16

ChanBaek in ‘Suwon Kpop Super Concert’.

          Channie playing “discreetly” on Baekhyun butt

          Okay, Chanyeol, we saw this!

During pre-recording, the Baekhyun microphone stopped working, so he went to Chanyeol and approached their faces to be able to speak into the CY microphone.
Chanyeol also leaned down a bit so that Baekhyun could speak better.

                 ( OTP!! )

Fifth and last moment - 26.11.16

Birthday of Chanyeol.

Baekhyun in instagram: “Chanyeol-ah ~ Happy birthday ~~~~ ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ~~~~ 🙆🏻 I love you !! > <Happy Birthday !! > <Ooh ooh ~~~ 💋 #Chanyeol'sBirthday ”

• Chanyeol (@real_pcy) commented on the post, “Thank you, but why did your lips have to be all things possible?

• Baekhyun also commented: "Alcohol … I did not drink … If I say I did not drink alcohol, it seems strange.”

Note: Baekhyun typed in a cute way.

It was a small thing, but I hope you, dear reader, have enjoyed remembering those classic moments! Xoxo!

TW Preference - How they let you know they love you without saying it

A/n: I had a lot of fun writing this so I hope you like it ^-^ 

Masterlist | Request Something!

Stiles Stilinski 

Stiles liked to kiss you whenever he could. Usually when you were in public or with the pack it would be on the cheek or on your forehead but both of you favoured them. Whenever you made a witty comment or pointed out something important that the pack had missed he would pull you closer with his arm around your waist and press a kiss to just below your hairline. If you or him had to leave to go somewhere without the other, Stiles would not let anyone go anywhere without placing a quick kiss on your cheek. But sometimes, mainly in private, he’s just so in awe with how beautiful and talented and wonderful you are that he will place a finger under your chin so he can kiss you properly and you know exactly what he’s trying to convey when he does.

Scott McCall

While he was very proud of how hard you worked and everything you did for the pack, Scott knew that sometimes in the whirlwind of life you forgot to take proper care of yourself. Scott would turn up at your house in the early hours of the morning and found you sitting at your desk still researching, he knew he would never convince you to go to bed so he would close your laptop and lead you there. Without a word, he would lay down with you and wait until you fell asleep before he would close his eyes with you in his arms. Every so often you wouldn’t turn up in the cafeteria for a few days and Scott would find you in the library. “Have you eaten today?” “Urm.” “Y/n, when was the last time you ate a proper meal?” He would see your guilty smile and roll his eyes but you knew he only did all this because he cares. 

Isaac Lahey 

You knew that Isaac had a troubled past but you’d never be able to tell on a normal day because he puts on a happy face and is ready to make sarcastic or funny comments whenever they’re needed. This is all most people see. But you know when he’s seeming a little off and when you get to your house later you tell him that it’s okay and he usually immediately falls into your arms. You can practically see the walls that he’s spent years building crumbling in your hands and you know that Isaac would let them fall for anyone else. You knew how much trust it must take and you were glad that it was in you. 

Derek Hale 

Most of your evenings were spent in Derek’s loft and so he took the opportunity to cook the most wonderful food he could for you. When you arrived after school the loft would usually already smell of the spices he was using to prepare it. Time after time you told him that he’s too busy to be bothering with all this effort. “It’s not too much effort if it’s for you.” If you couldn’t stay for dinner he’d either give you some to take home with you or a few cookies or a slice of cake to have after whatever you were going to have at home. Although you were still a bit apprehensive about the whole thing you’re favourite was when he gave you a box wrapped in brown paper with the instructions to put it in the fridge and eat it at school the next day. It was always amazing to unwrap it in the cafeteria or the library and find one of his wonderful recipes and a note on top reminding you to enjoy your day.

Liam Dunbar 

Liam had been nervous when he asked you out and this anxious energy hadn’t seemed to disappear, only shift. During the school day he would find you between classes to check that everything was okay and once you’d reassured him he would shuffle quickly to his next class after placing a kiss to your forehead. You had to keep your phone on silent and away in your bag because it was always vibrating with texts, how are you? x, everything okay? x, just checking in x. To some they would seem annoying but you appreciated how much he cared about you. Once, during a Lacrosse game, after you had been hurt a little by a werewolf looking for Scott, Liam would hardly take his eyes off of you where you were safely guarded by Lydia, Malia and Kira. He got ran into more than a couple times and eventually Coach had to bench him after he was completely swept off of his feet, it was all quite endearing. 

Jordan Parrish 

“You’re so intelligent" 

"Have I told you how beautiful you are?" 

"How did I get so lucky?" 

"I’m so proud of you, you should be proud of yourself too" 

"Sorry, I just keep getting lost in your eyes" 

Every time Jordan gave you a compliment you’d feel the blush spread across your cheeks immediately, you could never stop it. Whether it was over text or face to face, he would never go more than half an hour without telling you that you ‘made things so much better when you were around’ or that 'your smile lights up the whole room’. He knew that you had struggled with self-esteem issues and wanted to completely change that. So while it was sometimes embarrassing, Jordan made you feel a whole lot better and you wouldn’t trade him or his ways for the world. 

Allison Argent 

While you and Allison had things in common, there were obviously still some differences. Most of them were what you got up to in your free time. What surprised you most is how keen Allison was to give up some of her free time that she could have spent practising archery going with you to take part in your hobbies. You could tell when she wasn’t really enjoying it and knew that it wasn’t likely that she would do it again with you but you were so grateful that she tried when most people would have a conversation about it with you once before changing the subject. After a while of experimentation, you and Allison found something you could do together which often turned out to be the highlight of your week. 

Lydia Martin 

Lydia talks a lot, you definitely knew that, but what you didn’t know that the majority of the time when she was talking to others the subject was more often or not you or something you’d done. When Stiles told you about it, you were completely blown away. Apparently, she loved to talk people’s ear off about how kind and caring and intelligent you are. When you asked her about it, you found her innocent and slightly embarrassed face adorable and you couldn’t believe how lucky you were.

Kira Yukimura 

As you found out pretty quickly, Kira wasn’t the best at showing her affection for you, but she was always making up for it. Before you even opened your locker you knew that there would be a sticky note on the inside of the door below the picture of you two telling you that 'I haven’t seen you today but I know that you look stunning’ or 'I hope you have a wonderful day’ or 'Keep your head up, someone might be falling in love with your smile (p.s. Someone is and it’s me’. You would tuck it into the front of your notebook so you would see it all day before putting it in a small box in your room with all the others. But that was not the only note you would find all day. You are pretty sure Kira had other people doing it for you because, during the day, even more notes of the same nature would turn up. Your bookmark would be replaced when you got it out to read it at lunch. The page you were working from in your text book had a small post-it note that she’d doodled a heart and a smiley face on. You’d open your pencil case in your third class of the day to find another that had definitely not been there in your other classes. Sometimes you just could not believe the extent that Kira would go just to show her affection.

I've Come Home - Prinxiety Fanfiction

An attempt at some Prinxiety angst. Also posted on my AO3 account of the same name. Constructive criticism/ feedback is appreciated.

The day started like any other. They all bid Roman goodbye to do…whatever he did when he left to take care of business concerning his kingdom. Anxiety kissed him as he walked through the door. What none of them knew was Prince wouldn’t come back that night.
Or the next.
Anxiety was constantly sitting by Roman’s door by the time it opened on the third night. He jumped up, as Morality and Logic came running, to give his boyfriend a piece of his mind for disappearing for 2 nights. Except it wasn’t Roman that appeared in the doorway.
It was one of his advisors. The 3 sides were confused, no one in Prince’s kingdom was allowed to enter the mindspace…unless it was an emergency. Anxiety’s heart dropped into his stomach. The advisor handed him a folded piece of paper and left, the door swinging shut.
Anxiety held the paper in a trembling hand for what felt like forever before handing it to Logan. He couldn’t read it.
Logan took the paper and unfolded it, eyes quickly scanning over the words. He turned to Patton and started to whisper something, though his eyes never left Anxiety’s shaking form.
“Anxiety…” Morality started, placing a hand on the darker sides’s shoulder.
“Tell me what it says,” Anxiety whispered.
“Do you really think that’s a good idea kiddo? I mean-“
“Just tell me what it says! I need to know.”
There was a beat of silence. “There was an ambush. He’s gone missing. Presumed dead but they can’t find a body,” Logan explained.
A sob escaped him as Anxiety’s hand flew to his mouth. His knees buckled and he fell to the floor as the proverbial dam broke. Morality held him as Anxiety completely broke down. He cried, he screamed, he punched the floor. Anxiety had lost his world. He lost his rock. He lost his Prince.
Anxiety slowly came back to himself, grief subsiding to a deep, dull ache in his chest. “Think of what this will do to Thomas. He’ll never be the same. Prince really was stupid this time,” Logan rambled.
“Are you serious?” Anxiety shrugged on Patton and stood face to face with the logical side. “Roman is gone and you’re calling him stupid for it.”
“I didn’t-“
“Don’t even try to explain yourself. I don’t want to hear it.”
Anxiety barged past Logan to his room.
“Ann, wait!” Morality called.
But Anxiety was too busy slamming his door to hear. He didn’t come out for days. Only eating when Morality forced him to, only sleeping when he passed out from exhaustion. He just missed his boyfriend and he was never going to see him again.
This carried on for weeks. Anxiety didn’t turn up to record videos, he never even left his room. That was why he never answered the door when there was frantic knocking at 3am. “Leave me alone!” He shouted, voice breaking from all the crying he’d done. That frantic knocking turned into frantic banging. Anxiety sighed, wiping his eyes and storming over to the door.
When he flung it open, he stopped. Roman was standing there, clothes ripped and dirt all over him but he was there.
“Ann,” Roman sobbed, pulling the other in for a hug. “I’m so sorry for leaving you.”
“H-how?” Anxiety stuttered.
“There was an accident. Me and my guards were ambushed. I’ve been trying to get back here, to get back to you.”
“I’m so glad you’re here. I thought I’d lost you,” Anxiety cried.
Roman wrapped his arms around his boyfriend. “I’m here my love. I’ve come home.”

elmarayahs  asked:

supercorp prompt! kara nearly loses alex and lena helps her deal with it. "what is a kryptonian without light? lost."

that amazing line is from this fic so everyone should go read that instead of this cause it’s sooo much better

If she’d been asked, just hours earlier, what her favorite scent in the world was, Kara would have confidently answered it was the smell of Eliza’s chocolate pecan pie baking in the oven, mixed with Midvale’s beach air. Her favorite activity, she would have said, was soaring high above the clouds, basking in the sunlight. Her favorite memory, she would have added, was the day she spent with Jeremiah soon after landing on Earth, as he took her hand in his and merely sat with her—not expecting words or trust or cooperation, but asking for a chance to be someone to her.

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The Piscean Witch’s Tarot and Oracle Giveaway!

Last year was a tumultuous one for me, and I couldn’t have gotten through it without my amazing followers and now friends, so I want to give back to all of you. 

This giveaway will have THREE winners and each one will get something amazing. 

First Winner will receive the newly released Idiosyncradeck Tarot by @thecrackedamethyst, which I personally have been lusting over FOR A YEAR.

The Second Winner will receive the new Amethyst Oracle, another deck by @thecrackedamethyst.

And last but not least, the Third Winner will receive a Zodiac ring of their choosing from Zenned Out Jewelry.

Here’s how to enter:

1. Be a follower of mine.

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It’s that simple guys! The winner will be announced on February 4th, at 11:59 CST. It IS open for international as well. So best of luck to everyone!

Disclaimer: this is not in association with any of the stores mentioned, I will be purchasing everything with my own money.

EnnoTana Week 2017!

EnnoTana Week is an open participation event running from May 30th to June 5th to celebrate this beloved ship! Just tag your work with ‘ennotana week’. Fan art, fics, photo edits, etc - whatever you want to do! Let’s fill this tag!

May 30: Third Year / University / Post University
May 31: Home / Family / Pets
June 1: Jewelry / Flowers / Movies
June 2: Childhood Friends / Rivals / Roommates
June 3: Confession / Domestic / Affection
June 4: Fairytale / Fantasy / Fourth Wall
June 5: Free day!

If you’d like to know more, including rules, check out the info page or feel free to send an ask!

Misunderstandings Pt. 1

Genre: Angst (SFW for now)

Pairing: Jumin Han x MC/Reader/You

a/n: This is the first fic we’ve ever posted! Hope you enjoy, requests will be answered shortly. Prepare yourself for angst! 

Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, part 5, part 6

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ledgem  asked:

#2 'moving around while kissing, stumbling over things, pushing each other back against the wall/onto the bed' for our fav chopsticks-couple Zer0/Rhys, pls :3

trying to figure out how to get zer0 to kiss without having rhys do this or zer0 take off their mask was…a Trip. i hope this handwaved version is acceptable :~)

zer0/rhys, mild sexual content (nothing explicit), bad haikus, probably bad alien science, and inappropriate usage of the ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)  face

(for this prompt meme)

It’s been exactly four weeks, six days, and two hours since Zer0 left for their mission. Rhys would count the minutes and seconds down as well, but he feels like that might be a little obsessive. So instead, he keeps track of the hours, and only checks his personal inbox four times a day.

Okay, more like every hour he’s awake.

When he wakes up on the seventh day of the fourth week, his inbox is empty except for a link to a compilation of cute skag videos from Vaughn. Rhys watches it over breakfast (coffee, black. Eggs, only slightly burnt) and sends back an appropriately emoji-filled reply. The thumbs up and smiley that he gets back from Vaughn doesn’t need a response, so he tabs back towards the inbox, where there’s a new message from Zer0 waiting for him.

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Prokofiev - Piano Concerto no. 3

I am disappointed in myself for missing Prokofiev’s birthday yesterday. Though I was also feeling sick all day, so I wouldn’t have gone out of my way to write a thought out post for him. Wrongs are being righted: here is his third piano concerto, one of his great masterpieces that is also considered to be one of the top piano concertos of the last century. It opens with a sense of nostalgia in the orchestra, until the energy picks up and the piano rolls in with child-like hyperactive runs. We quickly shift into a more “grotesque” and violent episode before the next main melody, paired with the interesting choice of castanets, dances through. This movement is an interesting display of orchestral color and texture, using the piano more as a percussive element to the orchestra, more integrated than the tradition of concertos-as-showmanship-pieces from the prior generations. The second movement is a set of variations on a simple theme, and like all good variations we are given a series of contrasting moods and levels of energy. The finally sneaks in with a bit of a sarcastic haughtiness, before becoming a rowdy exercise in dexterity and endurance, balancing the main melody with a slower, more lyrical countermelody. The finale surges in an uplifting roar of the major key. This concerto is one of my favorites. I’d first heard it in high school and was taken in by the “heavy metal” energy in the first movement. Though it isn’t ever one note, one mood, I can’t help but associate it with summer afternoons walking around a city neighborhood. Different sights, sounds, colors. Of all the performances, I decided to share this iconic recording of Martha Argerich at the piano, her hands blurring through the dense passages as if there was no effort involved.


1. Andante - Allegro

2. Tema con variazioni

3. Allegro, ma non troppo

Dad!Cullen Headcanons:

- Inquisition disbanded: one morning, he hears a giggle from his bedroom and Cullen finds his child with his old, furry cloak. The big trunk where Cullen and his wife keeps their herilooms is opened. It’s the third time that week. Smiling, the child pretends to be a lion and when the Inquisitor arrives, she finds his husband adjusting his old helmet on their child, telling them one of mum’s old adventures.

- Inquisition not disbanded: Cullen and Inquisitor’s child wakes them up, one morning, wearing dad’s cloak. Despite the effort to walk with that heavy cape, they lift their curly head and announce that, today, they’re going to help dad and mum with their work. May they have daddy’s cloak just for that day, pretty please?

heads up that I’m not gonna post spoilers until at least another day or two because I’m on holiday; when I do, it’s all going to be tagged as “vld spoilers” so you can easily avoid them. But i did watch the third season and it was glorious hfhsghsh I can’t wait for you all to watch it and come scream to me about it!!!!!!!!!!!

I’ll be there pt. 3

Originally posted by captaine-duckling

Jughead x Reader

You and Archie have been writing songs after school for a few weeks, when out of the blue Archie suggests that you both preform in Riverdale’s Variety Show. With the performance right around the corner it’s hard for you to focus with other thoughts floating around in your head. Will you ever tell your secret crush/ best friend how you feel? Will he even feel the same way about you? But at least all your friends will be at the show cheering you on…Right?

A/N: Hi everybody! This is the third part of I’ll be there. I think I am going to make the next part the final part to this story. I have not yet finished the last part so it might be a while until it’s posted. If you have any suggestions on how I should end this series feel free to message me! I am open to your opinions. Thank you all again! :)

Warnings: None

Word Count: 833 

Part 1  Part 2


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Marauder’s Headcanon #16 (part 1)

-The first time Sirius met a boggart, he was eight and he was helping Regulus and Kreacher clean out the attic. He opened an old, dusty trunk that likely hadn’t seen the light of day for generations, and out stepped his mother. Sirius didn’t understand what was going on, because he had just seen her downstairs with his father, and why would she be hiding in a trunk, anyways? She bore down on him and Regulus, and when Regulus screamed for someone to make it stop, Kreacher took it as an order. Sirius didn’t understand that afternoon until years later, when they learned about boggarts in third year DADA.

-It wasn’t until their sixth year, in post-OWL DADA, that Sirius faced a boggart again. This time, he was faced not with his mother, but with his little brother. Sirius and Regulus looked so similar that most people couldn’t tell them apart, so when a young, grey-eyed boy with rumpled hair and haunted eyes appeared holding out a dark-marked arm, everyone in the room thought Sirius was afraid of joining Voldemort. In reality, he was petrified that he was already loosing his little brother. No one else saw the bruises on boggart-Regulus’ face and throat. He couldn’t manage to cast the boggart-banishing charm; after all, what could make his abused, scared, haunted little brother’s face funny?

-Sirius ran into a boggart again shortly after graduating while on an Order mission. This time, he was met with the bodies of his friends, and blood. So much blood. Peter and Remus and James, all dying, moaning, crying out to him for help. Sirius again couldn’t manage the spell- he was too busy starring at James’ glassy eyes.

-Sirius didn’t have to face a boggart again until after azkaban, during the events of GOF. This time, he saw Harry, all that he had left of his best friend, bleeding out. Sirius still couldn’t best the boggart- after a lifetime of living in fear, he simply didn’t know how to banish it.


I’ve been sorting and organizing my AO3 bookmarks and I thought I’d throw together a list of some of those I deemed worth keeping (or even a second read) for my own edification. A lot of this has probably been mentioned in one place or another before, so I apologize if it’s old news to others! 

I’m not copy/pasting warnings or ratings, so please please please read the tags and warnings on the actual fics themselves before you dive in!

***for all-time favs


***build a war on your assistance by grue

General Hux is busy picking up the pieces of his career after the implosion of Starkiller, but he makes the time to accept the cut off bits of corpses that Kylo Ren brings to him as courting gifts.

 Dawn Is Coming, Open Your Eyes, Look Into the Sun as the New Days Rise by MellytheHun

General Hux makes several mistakes; his first, existing on the same plane of reality as Kylo Ren. His second; saving Kylo Ren from certain death. His third; striking a deal with the beauty-marked, raven-haired devil himself. 

Last Order by Ayame_no_kimi

Hux is fed up with Snoke. Kylo Ren is having a series of bad days. Not everything goes according to plan. This picks up right where TFA left off.

A Flicker of Brilliance by deluxekyluxtrashcan (rhoen)

In the wake of the destruction of Starkiller Base, things start to change for both Kylo and Hux. Their futures are now uncertain, and the uneasy tolerance of each other that they shared has been altered too. As they struggle to understand and maintain their place in the world they thought they knew, both men are forced to reevaluate more than just their loyalty to Snoke, and to the Order, and find it leads to something they never even thought an option.

Wake Up, Sleeper by penpenhooray

It would seem odd that the Resistance should always seem to get their information just a bit faster than the First Order. Of course, General Leia Organa knows the risks her mole is taking by sending her life saving information. Luke was confident in his padawan’s ability to infiltrate the First Order to destroy it from the inside, and he trusted his pupil’s instincts. And Hux? Well, he’s spent over a decade as a sleeper agent within the bowels of the First Order when he feels an awakening in the Force, and he’s decided it’s time to begin the destruction of the First Order. And he’s going to bring Ben back to the Light if it’s the last thing he does.

Bear by saltandrockets

Captured by the Resistance, Hux lies about being pregnant to avoid immediate execution. There’s only one problem: It turns out not to be a lie.

Life Sentence, No Cellmate by hollycomb

Hux follows orders and loses his way. 

***First in a massive multi-part verse that is well worth the read and (I think) on just about every rec list out there for Kylux.

***Beyond the Storm by kaeda

Five years after the defeat of the First Order, a mostly-redeemed Jedi runs into a grouchy fugitive war criminal on a planet far from Republic space. Together, they fight crimethe dark side.


Hux  AUs/Ben Solo AUs  

Escape Velocity by Clarice Chiara Sorcha (claricechiarasorcha)

Brendol Hux Jr., only son of a former First Order commandant who sold out to the New Republic, struggles to find a means of advancement in a political world that rejects his Imperial pedigree at every turn.Then he meets Ben “Call me Kylo” Solo, Jedi school dropout, and the trajectory of both their spiralling lives cannot be but irrevocably altered.

The Enemy Ahead by codenametargeter

To get away from the influence of his father, Hux defected from the First Order when he was 17 years old. Now, years later and a Major in the New Republic Fleet, he still can’t outrun his First Order past. Fed up with the New Republic’s unwillingness to act, Senator Leia Organa and General Tycho Celchu have given him a secret mission to find indisputable proof that the First Order is out there waiting to strike. The only problem? They’re also sending Jedi Knight Ben Organa Solo.

***Ex Machina by sual

An AU inspired by Ex Machina where Ben Solo never became Kylo Ren, General Hux is a droid that used to be human, and they might just be what the other needs.

Earth-Based AUs

***Family Values by SpookMouse (carinacove)

“Alone on Thanksgiving? Mad at your dad?

I am a 28 year old felon with no high school degree, and a dirty old van one year younger than me painted like Eddie Van Halen’s guitar. I can play anywhere between the ages of 20 and 29 depending on if I shave. I’m a line cook and work late nights at a bar. If you’d like to have me as your strictly platonic date for Thanksgiving, but have me pretend to be in a very long or serious relationship with you, to torment your family, I’m game.” Or, Hux brings Kylo home for the holidays.

I want to F*cking Tear You Apart by Megsense

Somewhere in the 2000s.
Hux is just a little misanthrope. Sure, he might carry a scalpel in his satchel and day dream of death, but he lives mostly in his head. He’s not dangerous, right?
Kylo is a scene queen, hiding behind a mask of make up, labels and on-line popularity. He lives loudly, he’s bold! He’s unique! He’s just a little precocious. How could any of that ever be a bad thing? Myspace AU inspired Fanfic. Not nearly as innocent as it sounds.

Blue Milk by zamwessell

Kylo Ren’s teen angst bullshit has a body count.
A new high school brings with it a new start, an unlikely friend, and a new chance to screw everything up.

Sam’s Jacket

gif is not mine

Title: Sam’s Jacket

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Word Count: 776

Warnings: fluff

A/N: I heard @cyrilconnelly was having a rough day, so Sam Fluff is needed!! I hope you all enjoy this! I will be posting a third fic today because WE HIT 200 like WOW. I’m still blown away!

You walked throughout the bunker, your footsteps echoing off the walls of the bunker.  You usually slept in Sam’s bed when he was gone.  It helped you sleep.  When Sam was gone you would always worry that something would happen to him.  

You opened his bedroom door, poking your head in.  Your eyes immediately went to the jacket on his bed.  He forgot his jacket.  They must have been in a rush.  This caused you to worry even more.  

You picked up the jacket, slipping your arms into the sleeves.  The jacket was way too big for you, but that’s what you liked about Sam’s clothes.  Ever since you started dating Sam, he would always find his shirts and sweatpants would go missing.  Turns out that you stole them from Sam when he was away.

You grabbed your laptop from your room that was in between Dean and Sam’s rooms.  You shuffled your way to the library.  You knew what city they were in, but not what their exact location was.  You opened your laptop and decided it would relax you if you knew where they were.  You traced Dean’s number first, then Sam’s; they were at the same place.  

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For my 300 follower give-away I’m starting off with these things I picked up at AnimeFest. I’m only leaving this open for a couple of days, so its going to be quick.

Like/reblog (each is worth one entry) this post for a chance to win one of the three sets. I will randomly draw three names on Sunday, August 20th.

First person gets to pick which of the three they want, the second will get to pick from the remaining two, and the last set will go to the third person.

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hello! my name is Keren, and I’m a new studyblr blogger. I know the year is three-quarters in, but I went back to school after a three-year pause, so I really need the motivation. I wanted a place to jot down my progress, as well as any and all motivational posts and “how-to” guides.

currently, I am an irregular third year student at the Adventist University of the Philippines, taking up development communication. this is my third course, after taking up metallurgical engineering in the University of the Philippines Diliman, and multimedia studies in the University of the Phillippines ( Open University ). I hope I finally graduate this time.

some other things to know about me, but in bullet point form because paragraphs get boring REAL QUICK:

  • I’m a part-time working student! I’m a barista at Starbucks, working six to ten hours a day.
  • I have depression, and so posts involving that and how I manage life and working and studying at the same time will pop up.
  • I am self-taught on Photoshop. if you have any tips, please redirect them my way!
  • I write poetry! I self-published my first collection Self-Apologies on my 20th birthday! find my poetry blog @kerenchelsea.
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A few days ago @softgolfdaddy @fullonlarrie @allwaswell16 and maybe some other people (idk I’m sorry I forget!!) tagged me to post something from my WIP. I finally opened the doc after a few days away so here we are:

“Harry, did you see this?” Liam holds out his phone to Harry, who sets his fork next to his lunch and takes a look.

It’s an Instagram page, and one of the pictures is of his face. There’s another of the heart tattoo on his arm. A third picture shows Louis in class, clearly taken behind cover of a backpack.

“What am I looking at here?” he asks, handing the phone back to Liam. Louis reaches across the table to intercept it, and his face mirrors the same confusion once he’s looked.

“This, my friends, is an instagram ‘proof’ account, dedicated to the two of you,” Liam announces.

“A proof instagram?” Louis asks, confused.

“A… proofstagram,” Harry says, giggling into his salad. In unison, Liam, Niall, and Louis groan.

“It’s got all this stuff about how the two of you are together,” Niall says.

“I heard about that,” says Kristen, one of the math teachers who’s sitting at the next table. “Confiscated a kid’s phone today when they were looking at it. I have to say, the evidence is pretty damning.”