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bisexual newt scamander headcanons

-newts first boyfriend was a sixth year, when he was a fifth year. obviously in the 1920s being gay was a no-no, but there was a quiet corner of the hogs head they could comfortably hide in.

-they were together for the best part of seven months, until a seventh year found out

-newt in the hospital wing for two days

-the sixth year was in for three, because he was hit with a nasty hex while defending his smol bf

-newts first girlfriend was a cute girl in his herbology class in third year

-totally wasn’t leta lestrange I mean what

-after the fifth year incident newt decided to stay away from guys and repressed his bisexuality

-fifth year newt scamander asking madame pomphrey is there was a “cure” for people like him

-madame pomphrey being one of the few people in that time that was cool with it, and explaining that he’s perfectly normal

-honestly lets just appreciate madame pomphrey i love her

Being in a relationship with Newt Scamander would include:

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Warning: A little bit smut.

A/N: I’m FBAWTFT trash and Newt Scamander is the purest soul I’ve ever seen beside Credence. 

  • The first time you meet Newt Scamander is in your First Year in Hodwarts just before you were sorted into a house. You’re nervous and when he notices it, he walks over to you and tells you not to be afraid of the Sorting Hat. He tells you that he will be proud of you when you walk up the stairs to be sorted into a house. 
    • After you get sorted into your house, you smile brightly at him and he smiles back. 
    • A few days later you find out his name and that he is in his Third Year and was sorted into Hufflepuff. 
    • Ever since then he’s one of your best friends (even if he belongs to a different house).
  • After you graduate Newt picks you up and takes you with him to travel the world to find the most beautiful beasts you’ve ever seen. 
    • You love listening to his stories and facts about the beasts he hides inside his case. 
    • Newt’s very passionate about his research and you’re the only one who is allowed to come into his case.
      • Most of his beasts accept you as their friend.
      • You love playing with and caring for his little friends.
    • While your parents don’t think it’s a good idea to travel around the world with Newt because it gets dangerous, they still think he’s a good man. Newt would protect you at all costs.  
    • Lots of running. 
  • You both love books and you love reading together, cuddling with each other on the bed or couch.  
  • You both practicing magic together.
  • Him being interessted in your hobbys.
    • Him trying everything out you like. 
  • When you’re sick Newt takes care of you until you feel better. The same goes the other way around.
  • One day, after a tiring chase, he kisses you and you kiss him back, burrying your fingers in his fluffy hair while his shaky hands are placed on your hips. 
    • Him apologizing for kissing you and you slapping his shoulder lightly, telling him it was okay and that you liked the kiss very much.
    • Him blushing a little bit.  
  • Your relationship is pure and innocent. Most of the time you share chaste kisses, hold hands, make stupid jokes, play pranks, talk and cuddle. 
  • You’re the one who takes the first steps. 
    • You straddle him on the couch and kiss him passionately after he told you how beautiful and clever you are.
    • Heavy make out sessions happen more often. 
    • You get more comfortable and start touching each other ‘above the belt’. 
      • (You even try to make him touch your boobs, sometimes even under your shirt.)
  • Him telling you he’s still a virgin and you rolling your eyes, telling him you knew it all along because you two were constantly together beside the time between his and your graduation. 
    • Him knowing if you’re a virgin or not. 
  • The first time he eats you out/sucks you off is weird because he doesn’t know how to do it correctly, so you tell him.
    • Newt’s embarassed and you both start laughing. 
  • His first blowjob ends up with him struggling to keep still. 
    • He gags you accidently with his cock and apologizes for hours after that. 
  • Your first time happens a few days after he tells you he’s in love in you. 
    • You’re both clumsy, but take your time.
    • Much laughter.
    • And moans.
    • And tender, soft kissing.
    • You both are very eager to pleasure each other with your fingers and mouth.  
  • You going with Newt to New York and meeting Jacob, Tina and Queenie, your new friends. 
    • You trying to make Jacob ask Queenie if she wants to go on a date.
  • You trying to help Credence but it’s too late. 
  • Taking away Jacob’s memories doesn’t make it better.
  • Newt comforting you. 
    • Cuddling in bed for hours. 
First Kiss

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Request:  Can you do a first kiss imagine? Like the reader and Newt are good friends, and the both like each other, and they have their first kiss + some fluff. Thanks :)

You were out in England shopping with your good friend Newt, you needed to get a dress for a friend’s wedding and you were currently picking out a few to try on. You had a few in your hand and you went to the changing rooms. Newt was going to wait outside and give a few opinions on the dresses. This was the third one you’d tried on, you personally thought this was the one. You stepped out of the changing room and waved to Newt to come over. When he saw you he did a double take, he found it hard enough not to do that in every-day life when he saw you but now, it was just so difficult not to.

“Y-Y/N! You look beautiful! You look wonderful, brilliant!” Newt rambled before slapping a hand over his mouth and turning red.

“Thank you, Newt.” You said blushing. He stepped forward.

“I like this bit here.” He said, tugging slightly on the sleeve. You nodded.

“So I think this is the one.” You said, smiling.

“As do I.” Newt replied, smiling fondly at you.

“So will I change back in to my normal clothes then?” You asked awkwardly. You found Newt just to be looking at you.

“Uh, um, yes.” Newt said quietly. You nodded and headed back in to the changing room. You couldn’t manage to get the button out at the top of the back bit of the dress. You were embarrassed and inevitably you’d have to ask Newt for help and you didn’t know if you were ready to, as you knew when he unbuttoned it for you, you’d blurt out that you liked him. Being stuck in the dress however, was not an option so you just decided to call him in.

“Newt?” You called out.

“Yes? Is everything alright?” He asked.

“Yes, I mean no, it’s not, I can’t unbutton this, could you come in and help me?” You asked awkwardly. Little did you know, Newt was slowly turning beet red at the thought of unbuttoning your dress. “Newt?” You asked again.

“Yeah, yes. I’ll come in.” He stammered. You opened the door and ushered him in quickly. You still had the full dress on so it wasn’t going to be revealing you in any way.

“Yeah, see those few buttons at the back? I can’t get them out.” You explained.

“Ah right, okay. I’ll just unbutton these right now for you. I’ll just need to come a bit closer, there we are. Hi.” He whispered on the back of your neck, making you shiver.

“Hello there.” You replied.

“So there’s one out. On to the next one then.” Newt said awkwardly. He managed to get them all undone and you turned around to face him.

“There’s something I’ve been meaning to tell you.” You said shyly.

“As have I.” He replied.

“You go first.” You said, hopefully he would tell you he liked you first.

“Well, um, I have t-taken quite a f-fancy to y-you and I w-wanted to s-see if y-you felt the s-same.” He said nervously, looking at the floor.

“I do.” You replied softly. His head snapped up, and you took his hand in yours. He reddened and you smiled softly.

“Would it be okay if I kissed you?” He asked, shyly.

“Yes. You never have to ask me that.” You breathed. He stepped forward and placed his shaking hands on your cheeks, he leaned in and placed his pink lips on yours. Time had stopped and you both were in your own world. You put your arms around his neck and your hands tugged softly on his hair. You were kissing like there was no tomorrow and with no intention of stopping. He put his hands on your waist and pulled you impossibly closer to him. You felt wetness on your cheeks, and you opened your eyes to see that he was crying. You pulled away, “Did I do something wrong?” You panicked.

“No, no! I’m just, happy, really happy is all.” He said, bashfully. You blushed and took him in your arms again. You pressed your lips to his one final time before pulling away and resting your head on his chest. He pressed a chaste kiss to your forehead. “Who knew, such exciting things could happen in a changing room?” He joked. You giggled softly, nodding.

“No shoo, while I change.” You said laughing, pressing a kiss to his cheek. He laughed but went, closing the door behind him. When you were finished you came out and wrapped your arms around him, he smiled and placed a kiss to your hair.

“I think this is the start of something truly magnificent.” He admitted.

“As do I.” You replied, kissing him once again.

tips for college freshmen

- Whatever your high school teachers have told you about college is probably incorrect.

- You will get sick in the first couple of weeks because your body has never had to live with 400 other people and deal with all their germs. Always have tissues and chapstick on hand (especially in your backpack)

- Save the syllabus the teacher gives you on the first day. It will have all important due dates and criteria in it

- Don’t buy the book until you know you need it. Textbooks are hella expensive and I only used about a third of the ones I bought my freshmen year (be careful though cause the bookstore can run out)

- Check amazon & other sites for competitive textbook prices

- If you’re lost, ask someone for directions. They won’t care, especially if it’s the first few weeks

- Talk to your teachers. Sit in the front row. It’s almost always a good thing if the teacher knows who you are. Make connections with the ones that stand out to you because you will need them in the future (i.e. grad applications or other recommendations)

- When given an assignment, read it and do what it is asking. Do what they ask you to do. (this one is coming from my mom who teaches freshmen and every year someone tries to go above and beyond but ends up not answering the original question)


- 8am classes suck. Don’t take a class that early unless you have to. You will regret it.

- Try to schedule your classes back to back but don’t forget to factor in some time to eat

- Get a planner or calendar of some kind so that you can see just how much time you have to write that paper

- Freshmen always travel in packs. That’s how we know you’re a freshman. If you don’t want to get moo’d at (because you move like cattle), don’t travel in a huge pack of people

- You don’t have to be best friends with your roommate. You may not even get along. But you do have to live together. Be patient. Talk to them. C.o.m.m.u.n.i.c.a.t.e.

- Don’t be afraid to eat alone.

- Separate your darks from your lights when doing laundry and never never never wash anything in hot water unless you want it to shrink and wrinkle.

- Unless you’re in a science course you probably won’t have to bring the textbook to class. You may never even open the book. See tip #4

- Go to a frat party at least once (if your school has frats). You might love it; you’ll probably hate it. Either way it will definitely be an experience.

- Don’t drink jungle juice unless you saw the person make it. Never accept an opened can of beer. Keep track of your cup. Roofies are real and very dangerous. Always have a friend to walk home with.

- Say hi. Just say hello to people. It’s so easy to make friends in the beginning because everyone else is just as scared and new as you are

College is a blast. Best four years of your life and it flies by compared to high school. Have fun. Be safe. Make good choices!

Bad News Bears

My friends and I have started to play a campaign, and most of us  except for about five of us are very new to the world of D&D. Our party is rather large (Dragonborn Fighter, Dwarven Bard, Dwarven Barbarian, Tiefling Paladin, Human Warlock, Elven Druid, Halfling Ranger, Half-Elf Cleric, and me as a Human Rogue). At this point in the campaign, we’ve just accepted an escort mission to take a noble to the next city over safely. Remarkably, our DM has been having bad rolls for our encounters while we were traveling, so the first leg of the trip is otherwise conflict-free. It’s about the third or fourth day when something happens.

Note that before we had this session, a few of the players had shown interest in adopting a bear into the party, and the DM allowed that into the encounter roll. So, of course, the one thing we do encounter…. is a baby bear.

Ranger: (Is it bear time?)

Bard: (Please, no, I don’t have the spell yet)

DM: You find a baby bear next to the body of its mother. The mother bear has been filled with arrows and stripped of her meat.

Rogue: ( *jokingly* We have to put it down)


Rogue: What? It’s just a bear.

The Bard, Paladin, and Warlock all roll animal handling, and do okay-ish but definitely not what they want.

Warlock: *reaches out to the cub*

Bear Cub: *swipes at him*

Rogue: I can’t believe we’re stopping for this

Fighter: *shrugs* What can you do?

Paladin: *reaches out her hand for the cub to sniff, forgets she’s wearing full body armor, takes off her glove and tries again*

Bear Cub: *is not receptive*

Bard: Okay, okay, I’m going to take out one of my costumes and dress up like a bear.

DM: Alright. Roll a die-20.

Bard: *rolls a 13*

DM: You get a bear costume….but it’s pretty big on you. The bear just stares at you looking confused.

More Animal Handling checks:

Warlock: *15*

Paladin: *15*

Bard: *2* (OH FOR FUCK’S SAKE)

Rogue: (The universe does not want you to have this bear)

After a few more checks, the baby bear eventually runs off. Cue disappointed cries from the Bard, Warlock, and Paladin and laughter from the rest of the party. The warlock even expressed disappointment that he didn’t a chance to “scare it into submission.”

Strings of Fate - Part 4

(Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3) (Part 4) (Part 5) (Part 6)



Soulmate AU
“Funny how I finally got what I always wanted, but it was given to you instead.”

Warnings: mentions of blood, maybe swearing? 

Word count: 3109

A/N: I am so happy I finally managed to post this! I know I’ve been missing from tumblr but school has been really busy and guess what? I AM NOW A CERTIFIED POLYGLOT!!! aaaaaaaagh! I’m so happy because I Invested so much time into this certification for the past few weeks (hence, my absence from tumblr) but I’m finally done and winter break is near, so I hope you’ll get another chapter really soon

Anyways, enjoy! and thank you to @wingtaken @aubzylynn @mellifluous-melodramas and @poe-also-bucky for being such amazing human beings

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Two days later and you’re sitting on a park bench, your third cup of hot chocolate in under one hour safely tucked between your hands, the steam rising softly from the thin layer of foam.

Nat is late.

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  • the fluffiest boyfriend to ever exist
  • so loving, kind and generous when it comes to you
  • makes sure you’re always happy + healthy
  • you doing the same for him, bringing him food all the time and making sure he eats it
  • you probably have to fight taehyung for him
  • taehyung is like the third person in your relationship
  • omg like that post ‘this is my bf jimin and his bf taehyung’
  • kisses all over your face every morning
  • you’re always poking at his cheeks
  • telling him how cute he is
  • you don’t fight often at all
  • but when you do it’s usually over something pretty bad and lasts a few days
  • you’re the first one to break bc jimin is terrifying when he’s angry
  • lots of make-up sex though
  • sex would v often
  • it doesn’t matter where you are, he’ll have you against any available surface
  • the boys complain abt how loud the two of you are
  • jimin’s smile is even brighter when you’re around 
  • he promises he’ll marry you one day

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NPC Wizard: “You’ve been here a lot and I’ve come to like you… somewhat.”

Human Fighter: “Yeah, your items have helped us very much. My party has probably been here a few times too.”

NPC Wizard: “I see many people each day. I wouldn’t know who they are.”

Human Fighter: “One has four arms, the other talks in third person wielding a scythe and crow mask, and the third is a shifty halfling too nice to be trustworthy.”

NPC: “Oh! Those assholes who keep showing up and yelling at my front door!”

-My character talking with the “Racist” Wizard.

Harassing an elderly woman in a wheelchair? Be prepared for a long transaction.

This story resurfaced after finding this sub, happened back in 2012.

I used to work at a CVS/Pharmacy in downtown Long Beach. For those who don’t know, that’s in the midst of LA, but thankfully on the shoreline so I wasn’t surrounded by city. However, the clientele were just low-life LA city trash. Overall I had amazing coworkers and the occasional nice person to come through and make things tolerable.

So one day it’s later in the afternoon and of course we have a line of people forming as they get off work to do shopping before headed home. I’m the only cashier, I see a few people get in line, I’m going as fast as I can, but sometimes people come too fast in the late afternoon. So I page my backup cashier to come up. Within a minute or so they’re here, and we have 2 people, but still the line grows, so I page the third cashier [My manager, Monica, real names, whatever]. She comes up, and now there’s a line of probably 10 people that formed in a good 5 minute period, with people constantly coming in and lining up still.

Everybody in line gets it, it’s 4-5 in the afternoon, it’s a rush time for a quick trip. I get this one lovely older woman in a wheelchair, very nice, but obviously confined to a wheelchair and can only move so fast. She buys her stuff, and has to slowly put her 5 items into her bag on the wheel chair, carefully placing each item into the bag to make sure it’s secure. She can’t move out of my station since she’s bound, so I just wait patiently while she does her stuff. Unfortunately, the next guy in line (We’ll call Drunk Ass), isn’t as patient. He begins yelling from the line that I need to call the next person. I tell him she’s in a wheelchair and I’m not forcing her to move. She looks up at me and just smiles, and continues putting her stuff away. Keep in mind it’s been about 30 seconds since we finished, nothing crazy.

DA: “You’re taking too long. You’re too slow, you had to call 2 extra cashiers up just to get people out, what’s the hold up? What’s wrong?”

Me: “Sir, she’s in a wheelchair and putting her stuff away, I’m not going to rush her out, just please wait patiently for her to finish.”

So Drunk Ass comes up to my line anyway. The poor lady is still working on putting her bag back around her wheelchair, and this guy stands right up against her wheelchair, and plops his items down on the counter. I don’t initially grab any of his items until the woman finishes, but he pushes them closer anyway. So I start scanning, and then an idea hits me.

Anybody who’s been to a store like this (CVS, Safeway/Vons, Rite Aid, Walgreens) knows you pretty much need one of the club cards to receive the sale price. You can probably see where this is going.

Me: “Do you have a CVS card?”

DA: “No.”

Me: “Okay, well just so you know you can’t get the sale price without a CVS card.”

DA: “They always scan one of those cards for me, just do that.”

No please here? Oh boy, I’m DEFINITELY going to oblige now!

Me: “Sorry, sir, they’re very strict that I can’t just scan new cards, they actually track if we scan too many new cards in a day.”

DA: “I have a card, I just don’t want to get it out, just scan that one.”

Me: “Again, sir, I can’t do that. I can look up your phone number though.”

DA: “I don’t have it tied to my number, just scan that card.”

Me: “I have to have your card to give you the sales, I’m sorry. They’re very strict about our numbers.” (This is actually true for the most part)

So at this point Drunk Ass is getting visibly upset. He’s definitely a little drunk, his face is getting red, and he just wants to buy his stuff and go home. Then the unexpected happens, my manager Monica speaks up to the side, I had no idea she was paying attention.

Monica: “Sir, you’re holding up my line, I’m going to need you to give him your card or just pay.”

Oh to hear your manager catching on to your game and rallying against the awful customers. Drunk Ass ended up paying for his stuff without the sale price, cost him an extra $1 IF that, and I never saw him again. As he walked out the door I looked over to my manager and she’s just grinning ear to ear at what we just did.

Never a dull moment there, but I’m glad I no longer live there, nor work for a company as awful as CVS. I have more stories I’m sure I can post, but here’s to my first!

Oh, Princess - A.I.

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Alright, so, first off….I got WAY too excited and carried away with this. It’s eight pages in my drive. Second, Daddy!Ash, and when I say daddy, I mean “I’m going to fuck the shit out of you” daddy. Third, I hope this is what you wanted anon…

Warning: Smut x10. Slight BDSM?

Four months and sixteen days. That’s how long it had been since y/n had last seen Ashton. She wasn’t usually one to keep track like that, but considering she hadn’t gotten the chance to visit during his mini tour due to her sister’s wedding and not having any extra time to take off of work, you could say she was frustrated. All she had wanted to do when he got home was have a nice day in at his apartment, watch a few movies, have a couple of rounds of sex, and call it a night, so when Ashton had called her up that morning asking if she’d be his date to a fancy dinner with management instead of staying in, you could say she wasn’t pleased.

“Hello, love,” Ashton said, grin on his face as y/n opened the door to her small apartment. Ashton dressed in formal attire had always gotten her riled up, which just added to her frustrations even more. “Why don’t you look excited?”

“If we’re being honest here, I’m not,” she said back simply to head into the living room to retrieve her heels, the white dress she had on falling to mid-thigh hugging every curve of her body with flowing sleeves making her look like an angelic version of the devil himself.

“And why not?” he questioned lifting up the shawl she had draped over the couch ready to lay it over her shoulders.

“Because I haven’t seen or touched you in over four months, Ash, so the last thing I want to do is get dressed up to go out when I could be in my room lying beside you completely naked, preferably with your head between my legs,” she said back, crossing her arms, Ashton’s jaw dropping slightly at the words that escaped her lips. She stepped closer to him running her manicured nails down the front of his button up, back to the top where she unbuttoned the top two buttons preferring to see bits of his chest hair rather than having the shirt look like it’s choking him. “Wouldn’t you prefer that, daddy? Seeing your princess naked, ready to take your cock all night long?” Ashton knew what she was doing, trying to keep himself composed to at least make it to dinner. He didn’t really have a choice on whether or not he could go, but there were no restrictions on how long they needed to stay.

“Come on,” he barely choked out, draping the fabric over her shoulders before tugging her out of her apartment, a groan escaping her lips. She thought she had him wrapped around her finger in that moment, which only meant she would need to try harder, and what better way to get a good night of sex than to tease him in front of the boys?

The ride to the large restaurant was quiet, Ashton’s hand resting on y/n’s thigh while he drove the ten minutes into Sydney deciding to valet his car rather than attempt to look for parking. Y/n had seemed to forget what had happened at the apartment, letting Ashton’s arm snake around her waist as he led her inside to a small room in the back filled with his band mates, their dates, as well as members of the management staff and their dates. A few bottles of champagne lined the table as a few appetizers scattered around, the couple finding two seats in between Michael’s date and Calum.

“Glad you could finally join us,” Luke teased as Ashton waited for y/n to sit, pushing in her chair before taking a seat next to her, flipping Luke off in the process.

“I was running late,” Ashton said letting the blame fall on him, which was true, Y/n was ready for once when he had shown up at her door, taking a minute for him to figure out how to style his now short hair, something he wasn’t necessarily used to. The group shared a bit of small talk, y/n joking with Michael’s new flavor of the month as she shared stories from when she visited the boys in Montreal.

“Can I grab any drinks?” a waitress asked, perched happily in between Calum and Ashton as the blonde turned to his girlfriend, poking at her thigh trying to grab her attention.

“Babe, I know you won’t drink the champagne. Do you want a rosé or a pinot noir? I can get a bottle?” he questioned stroking at her thigh with his thumb in a comforting way, driving y/n crazy only adding to her own issues at the moment.

“Rosé’s fine. I don’t care which one,” she said letting her own hand land on his, stopping the movements as he turned back to the waitress requesting the bottle, as well as two wine glasses instead of the champagne flutes.

“Of course, sir,” the waitress giggled, y/n’s lips curling into a frown as the girl shamelessly flirted with her boyfriend who was just too oblivious to notice she wasn’t just being nice. But, this was also the boy that needed y/n to literally strip for him the first time they had sex for him to get the hint. It was hard enough being deprived of sex for one hundred and thirty-nine days, this was just the icing on the cake. She scooted a bit closer to Ashton, catching his eye only for a moment before he turned back to Calum, engaging himself in a deeper conversation as her hand landed on his thigh, raking her nails lightly up and down as she rested her head on his shoulder trying to make the gesture seem as innocent as possible. She was going to make this experience as difficult as possible for him.

Once everyone received their alcoholic beverages, the appetizers were passed around, y/n skipping on most of them not being a huge fan of seafood, but gladly taking the bruschetta passed around, letting it sit on her small plate, her hand only leaving Ashton’s leg to grab at the large plate before passing it down on it’s way through the table. She waited until Ashton had taken a piece of the tuna bite on his plate, moving her hand down agonizingly slow to cup at his crotch, squeezing it lightly causing him to choke on what was in his mouth, moving the same hand to his back rubbing soothing circles as he cleared his airways.

“Are you alright?” Luke asked from across the table, looking at him nervous, Ashton holding up a thumb as he continued to cough into his elbow, throwing a glare at his girlfriend who kept the best poker face he had ever seen. There was so much sympathy thrown onto her face, but her eyes held that lust filled, devilish look he had grown to know from the escapades in the bedroom. This was on purpose.

“You alright baby?” y/n questioned gripping at his wine glass, holding it to him for him to take a sip, putting it back on the table once he could breathe properly once again. He moved his mouth towards her ear, keeping his face as normal as her could not wanting to throw up any red flags with the guys knowing he would never hear the end of this.

“Don’t fucking start with me, princess. Now is not the time,” he basically growled in her ear as she furrowed her brows turning to face him as if she was confused, cocking an eyebrow up slightly.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about, daddy?” she said, the name reserved only for the bedroom slipping off her tongue in fluidity as if it was supposed to be out in the air like that. “I bet I could suck you off right here and no one would notice.” His cock twitched in his pants as he became aroused at the thought of getting head in public, in front of his band mates and, pretty much, his bosses: so vulgar and tempting, enticing him even more.

“Princess, if you let one more vulgar thing leave that dirty little mouth of yours, daddy won’t let you cum tonight,” he whispered again, pulling his head away from her not letting her respond as her mouth hung open slightly in shock and disbelief, arousal soaking her panties just at the thought of understimulation and how good her orgasm will feel when he does let her cum. It would be something new for them, and that excited her more than anything at this point setting her over the edge of her frustration. She didn’t even care about dinner that this point. She wanted to go home and fuck Ashton so good that she wouldn’t be able to get out of bed in the morning.

She sighed in content before placing her hand on his thigh once again, fingers dancing atop his dress pants as she ate the piece of bread with the tomato mozzarella mixture that resided on her plate. Once she had finished that, she stood up to head to the bathroom, only to pull off her panties and return moments later with them shoved into her hand, sitting down with her hands folded in her lap.

The waitress had finally returned with the entrees, once again standing between Ashton and Calum, dropping off both entrees for the men as y/n laid her panties on Ashton’s lap, a playful gleam in her eye as the waitress caught sight of what she was doing, knocking over Ashton’s glass into his lap. He didn’t bother standing up, just looking down as his wine coated crotch, catching sight of his girlfriend’s undergarment that should be on her body, his semi growing hard, now, just waiting to be touched. He grabbed the flimsy fabric, quickly shoving it in his pocket as he stood up from the table, all eyes on him.

“Are you alright, Ash?” Michael asked, catching a glimpse of the boy’s eyes, mistaking his lust for anger as he shook his head slightly.

“We’re going to go,” he said simply, moving to the side waiting for his girlfriend to stand up, the color draining from the waitress’s face as she apologized profusely thinking it was her fault the beautiful man was leaving, having no idea that y/n had set him over the edge. Ashton liked to play sexual games with his girlfriend, teasing the other in public was one of them, but he didn’t enjoy the thought of some other guy catching a glimpse of her bare pussy due to lack of clothing. He had mentioned that time and time again. The table looked between the two, Ashton’s frowning face as y/n pouted, bottom lip jutted out, poker face hiding her excitement and nerves at once as she thought about the punishment she knew was to come. He grabbed her hand in his, pulling her to the exit without another word, handing the valet a slip of paper before the man went running to retrieve his vehicle.

“Ash,” she mumbled not enjoying the silence. As many times as she had pulled something like this in public, he was never this quiet, only earning a shake of his head, a small chuckle leaving his lips.

“Oh, princess, princess, princess,” he said, the car pulling up, parking right in front of them as he opened the passenger door for her helping her  inside of the car. That was all he had said, the entire way home, a stuffy silence filled the car as y/n shifted in her seat nervously, looking at Ashton out of the corner of her eye, his clenched jaw, hands gripping the wheel as his eyes were fixated on the road. She went to reach towards his leg, only to have him grab her wrist before it could graze the fabric on his leg. “You really don’t want to do that right now.” She moved her hand away deciding to just leave it be as he pulled into her apartment complex, helping her out of the car before making their way inside to her small apartment, Ashton escaping to the kitchen as y/n followed him slowly, now worried she had pissed him off instead.

“Ash,” she said barely above a whisper as she watched him pull out a glass from her cabinet, heading towards the freezer to fill it with ice.

“Go lay down,” he said back simply not turning to look at her as she bit down on her lip, shifting her weight between her feet.

“Look, I’m-,”

“Daddy said to go lay down, princess, so I don’t know why you’re still standing here,” he said cutting her off, finally turning to face her, his eyes clouded with lust. The look he was giving her was something new, and it had her knees weak. She quickly made her way towards her room, sitting on the edge of the bed knowing better than to do anything she wasn’t told to do. She had already worked him up enough for today. “Such a good girl,” he muttered watching her from the doorway, her eyes shooting up to meet his, taking her lip between her teeth as he moved to set his glass on the stand next to her bed before beckoning her onto her feet, his body replacing hers on the bed. “Strip.” She hesitated, but only for a second before pulling down the zipper on the side of her dress, letting it slip from her shoulders and pool at her feet leaving her in just a bra and heels before unclasping the bra, tossing that to the side as well. She stopped, not sure if he meant the heels as well when he said to strip, watching his eyes rake up her body. They had been together for a little over two years now and, yet, he could still make her feel insecure and vulnerable with just once glance. “Want me to go over the rules, princess? Daddy’s added a couple of new ones for tonight.” She nodded her head slowly, arms crossing over her bare chest as he quickly pulled them away, revealing her body to him. “Words.”

“Yes,” she squeaked out, Ashton raising an eyebrow, smirk tugging at his lips.

“Yes, what?”

“Yes, daddy,” she mumbled, her hands intertwined with his as he pulled her hands to his lips, placing a soft kiss on each knuckle.

“First, and foremost, darling, I am in charge. You do not tell me what to do, you ask, yes?”

“Yes, daddy.” His hands let go of hers, placing them on her hips softly and slowly, trailing them up her sides.

“Number two: what’s our safeword, princess?”

“Red.” His hands started to trail back down her body as slow and soft as they had going up.

“And when do we use this safeword?”

“When I’m uncomfortable or am hurting.” A chill ran down her spine as goosebumps coated her skin at the feeling of his skin on hers. He lifted a hand to her mouth, his thumb tapping at her lips for her to open, sticking the digit in for her to suck on it as he watched her.

“Number three: you ask permission to cum,” he said watching as she nodded her head, tongue swirling around the tip of his finger, teeth grazing lightly as he bit down on his bottom lip. “Number four’s a new one princess. And this is only for tonight, okay?” She nodded her head once again as he moved his finger from her mouth, standing up in front of her, only to lift her up and turn her around to place her on the bed. “Don’t you dare cum until I say so.” He pressed his lips to hers roughly as she returned the favor, hands running through his hair as he grabbed at her thigh, pulling her leg up to wrap around his hip while the other hand pulled out the panties she had taken off at the restaurant. “Arms up,” he commanded against her lips watching her eyes flicker with excitement, more than ready to lift her hands above her head for him as he dominated her. He tore the fabric at the seams so it would be easy to tie through the posts of the headboard, y/n’s eyes widening in shock. “You know how I feel about you not wearing panties in public. So next time, we’re going to keep them on, yes?”

“Yes, daddy,” she said, a blush on her face as he slipped her wrists through one loop, twisting the fabric before tying her tightly to the headboard, but not enough to cut off circulation in her wrists. He climbed off her body, making his way to her closet where he knew she kept her toys for when he was away. “Daddy.”

“Yes, princess?” he called out, pulling down the box on the top shelf, settling for the vibrator he had gotten her for her birthday the past year.

“What are you going to do?” she questioned, watching him return with the bright green toy, his shirt now unbuttoned as he pulled it from his shoulders onto the floor.

“I told you. I’m not going to let you cum,” he said turning it on to a medium speed, sticking it in his mouth to wet it before rubbing it lightly over her clit causing her hips to buck up towards him. “Hips stay down, princess.”

“But I didn’t say anything else bad,” she muttered, Ashton pressing the toy down harshly on her clit causing her to moan loudly before pulling it back to teasing her once again.

“You’re right, you didn’t baby. You were such a good girl until you went and took off your panties in the bathroom. So, now, I’m going to punish you.” He pressed down a bit harder on her clit, circling the vibrating toy over her nub as he turned it up another speed, letting the toy drop down to her opening to collect some of her juices, letting it trail back up rubbing over her. He legs started to shake as she tried as best as she could to keep her hips down, whimpers escaping her lips as she tried to hold it together. “You close, princess?”

“Y-yes, daddy,” she moaned, her hands pulling on her restraints as she cried out. “Can I cum?” she asked quickly, only to have the toy pulled away from her, a loud whimper escaping her lips as she breathed heavily trying to catch her breath.

“Why isn’t daddy letting you cum?” he questioned letting a finger trail up through her folds collecting the wetness spilling from her as she shook from the sensitivity.

“As a punishment,” she responded, eyes closed as she heard the vibrator turn on once again, bracing herself.

“And why is this your punishment?” he questioned pressing it to her her clit again as she moaned loudly once again, back arching off of the bed.

“Because you don’t like to hurt me,” she said quickly, panting heavily as pleasure took over her once again, her orgasm building up quickly from being denied the first time as she moaned loudly over and over, Ashton loving the way her body thrashed against the mattress trying to relieve herself. He’d rather watch her like this than watch her ass turn a bright shade of red, spanking her harshly. “Cum?”

“That’s not a full sentence,” he said, turning the speed up once again as she screamed trying desperately to hold it together, only to have him deny her orgasm for the second time. Her body fell back to the mattress, sweat starting to coat her body as she looked at him through hooded eyes. She could tell he was enjoying watching her beg, but knew he wouldn’t last much longer, especially when it started to become painful for her. He knew her body just as well as she did and what her limit was. He placed the toy down next to her body, situating himself between her legs, face level with her pussy, eyes gleaming at the amount of her arousal dripping from her onto her satin sheets. “Such a pretty pussy, baby,” he muttered letting his tongue lick a stripe up collecting some of her juices in his mouth before diving in, her arms tugging desperately at the restraints now, wanting to tug at his hair and push him deeper into her pussy. It didn’t take long for her orgasm to build up for the third time, now hanging on by a single thread as she tried to get the words to flow from her mouth.

“CanICum? CanICum? CanIcum?” she practically chanted, her words flowing together as he pulled back from her, another whine escaping her lips. “Fuck, Ash.”

“I’m sorry, what’s my name?” he asked gripping her face in his hand. “You didn’t seem to have any issues calling me daddy in front of the guys and management? Why not now in the comfort of your own bedroom?” She didn’t respond, letting her brain process what was going on. She desperately needed a release, but her cunt was so sensitive at this point, she wasn’t sure she could handle anymore. “I’m speaking to you princess.”

“I’m sorry,” she muttered looking into his eyes before looking away once again. “I’m so sorry.”

“I know you are, princess,” he said leaning up to press a kiss to her lips. “You’ve been such a good girl, handling your punishment.” He crawled off of her, feet touching the floor as he pulled off his pants and briefs, his cock standing at attention as he rubbed over his tip looking at her carefully. “You’ve done such a good job, it’s my turn to please you.” He didn’t bother with a condom, crawling back onto her before slowly pushing inside of her, letting out a moan from how wet and tight she felt around him.

“Fuck,” she moaned, her legs wrapping around him once again as he started to thrust into her at a quick pace, his hips snapping against hers harshly as one hand dug into her hip most likely going to leave bruises the next morning while the other held him up as she moaned loudly with each thrust. Her orgasm was approaching quickly, he could feel her tightening around her as she struggled to form coherent words, digging his face into her neck as he left love bites along her flesh.

“You can cum, princess. All over my cock,” he let out in a raspy breath, her body shaking from the orgasm as she squirted, the sight setting him over the edge as he pulled out, releasing over her sweat coated stomach as she caught her breath. They both took a minute to calm down, Ashton retreating to the bathroom to grab a towel using it to clean himself off of her before untying her wrists from the headboard, kissing at her skin repeatedly before peppering her face with kisses. “Was I too rough?”

“No,” she mumbled kissing his lips as she struggled to stay awake, Ashton catching the hint as he settled in next to her, cuddling her body tightly to his.

“I love you so much, baby,” he whispered in her ear as she nestled into his body even more than she already had.

“I love you too, Ash.”

Amoré - Part Two

Characters - Peter x Reader

Word Count - 1739

Warnings - Fluff

A/N - I’m so falling in love with this series. I really wish I knew where it was really going, I have a few plans but no end game just yet. I really hope you guys like this part!

Amoré Masterlist

You walked through a crowd of people. Each one, bundled up with heavy coats, hats and scarves to protect them from the chilling winter air. Tugging your scarf up to cover your nose, you pulled your cellphone from your pocket and clicked open your inbox. Checking the time, you started to grow worried that Peter was standing you up and just the thought made your stomach drop.

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I normally wait until Christmas to make my anniversary post about GG, but I think this year it’s okay to make that post a bit earlier than usual.

Nearly a month ago I took GG to his (and my) very first obstacle trail class. Being a blind horse, I expected to run into a few problems - however, after schooling on the course a mere 20 minutes, he’d already picked up the concept and ran it flawlessly. We pulled third place, which I was thrilled with. Then, it turns out we also got a Horsemanship Award for guiding a blind horse around an obstacle course.

On Christmas Day, it will have been 5 years since I first laid eyes on GG. At the time, he was a run down ranch horse no one wanted with a bolting problem, bought from auction for the pocket change price of $225. He didn’t know how to trot well under saddle, and had no idea what leads were.

Now, he’s the steadiest, most reliable horse I have ever sat on. He’s taught many of my friends and family how to ride - some even took their first rides on him. He taught @mule-madness how to post the trot and control the canter on a horse that had some enthusiasm, @think-like-a-thoroughbred how to sit the canter and how to ask for a leg yield, and he gave my younger cousin, @outclouding, the confidence to trot in a wide open field. And there no counting how much he’s taught me over the years.

He’s a favorite of everyone who meets him, from his his farrier, to his vet, to even his chiropractor. He’s the pride and joy of my grandmother, who regularly spoils him with treats.

GG has been through a lot in his life. He’s overcome his rough life as a ranch horse, suffering corneal scarring over both eyes, and even being run through a barbed wire fence on one terrifying occasion. Yet he still remains perky and ready to work, always looking for some kind of job. He’s lead trail rides, ponied young horses who tried to bite and cause mischief, and has shown in Dressage and won.

GG is truly a horse I can call “inspirational,” and I am so, so blessed to have him in my life. To five years, buddy, and to many more. Truly, the best blind horse ever.

Doris “Dorie” Miller was born in Waco, Texas in 1919. He was unable to finish high school, but helped around the family farm until just before his 20th birthday. He then enlisted with the Navy as a Messman, one of the few positions open to African-Americans.

On December 7th, 1941, Miller was a Messman Third Class serving on the USS West Virginia. He was a ship’s cook, with minimal combat training and no gunnery training, as the military was still segregated and African-Americans were not trained on the heavy guns.

When the bombs began dropping on Pearl Harbor, Miller ran to the deck of the ship and began assisting moving the wounded, including the captain of the ship. He then jumped on one of the anti-aircraft guns on deck and proceeded to try to shoot the Japanese planes down until ordered to abandon ship, at which point he continued to help move wounded soldiers from the ship.

Miller was hailed as the “Number One Hero” for African-Americans and considered one of the first American heroes of WWII. He was awarded the Navy Cross and after a massive community campaign, went on a war bond tour.

Miller returned to service on the Liscome Bay, where he died when the ship was lost at the battle of Makin Island.

Bonus: Admiral Nimitz, a native of Fredericksburg, Texas and CINCPAC during WWII, pinning the Navy Cross on Dorie Miller.

Jumin Han Fic Chapter 5

HOLAAAA BABIES~ So please don’t hate me because I released this SUPER late. It’s a short one and personally not a favorite, but I finished chapter 6 as well and it will be released this Sunday after a few finishing touches. Please show this post and yo gurl some loooove and reblog/like/follow. MKAY THANKS
Chapter 1 I Chapter 2 I Chapter 3 I Chapter 4

It had been over a week, ten days to be exact. Jumin had not seen the girl, he was at least looking forward to seeing her in class, but she missed both meeting days. Surely that would have quenched his need, hydrated his curiosity for her, his growing affection for her. He felt restless, he was a bit worried but more than that he simply wanted to see her. Again, this need for foreign to him; not once did he feel like this before. He was becoming desperate and made up his mind, he would see her once and then that was it. After that, he would go back to normal right?

He took his phone out and begun dialing. “Hello hello, thank you for calling Defender of Justice, agent 707, how can I help you Mista Trust Fund Kid, its quite rare for you to call me.”

“Luciel, please be serious, I need your help finding someone. She is my classmate and I need her address, her name is MC.” Jumin said, instantly regretting that he called Luciel.

“WOAAAAH. YOU? LOOKING FOR A GIRL? I guess Jumin Han does NOT gay? Who knew?” the hacker replied, laughing hysterically.

Jumin pinched the bridge of his nose, “What have I become,” he thought to himself. “Please be serious Luciel, don’t make me regret calling you. Can you do it or will I have to find other means?”

“Of course I can find her, but what’s in it for me huh?  I want to see my Elly~” Luciel chirped.

Jumin was willing, but surely he could not sacrifice his beloved Elizabeth to the hacker’s mangy hands. He needed to see this girl, though. He could feel his heart tightening simply from the lack of seeing her face. He pined for more. “Fine, you may see Elizabeth the 3rd for 90 minutes but Assistant Kang must be present and so will three bodyguards. I will have them shoot you at even the slightest sign of abuse. Got it?” Jumin replied irritably.  

“Wow, you must really like this girl huh? Well, while we were bartering I found her and her address. At least I know you have nice taste, who knew you would be into foreign girls huh?” Luciel said sounding awestruck. “Her address is XXX 5Xth Street, be safe~ GOD SEVEN OUT.” Like that, the eccentric man was gone.  

Jumin immediately called Driver Kim and gave him the address. He sat in the car, once again admiring the scenery of the city. He thought about how easily he had sacrificed Elizabeth the 3rd and tried reassuring himself that this girl was worth it. Deep down, he knew, she most definitely was.

“GUYS PLEASE CALM DOWN.” MC was shouting at the top of her lungs. She was at her wit’s end and felt like ripping her hair out. “We will not be doing any more activities if you cannot behave.”

Her three younger brothers and younger sister looked at her as if she had just said that the world was ending, and sat down immediately. She laughed to herself, thinking about how absolutely adorable her younger siblings were when she heard a knock at the door.

“Ugh who on earth could that be, I swear to god if it’s another Jehovah’s witness…” she walked to the front door, trying to wipe that paint off of her face and dust her clothes off. “Listen, buddy we’re not int-“ she was rendered speechless at the sight of the corporate heir standing in front of her.

“What on earth are you doing here?” she asked, still in disbelief that he stood in front of her. He cleared his throat, and fiddled with his tie, looking visibly uncomfortable. “You hadn’t shown up to class this week, so as a courtesy I brought you some notes. I believe a thank you is in the works? Or do you commons simply not use that word?”

She rolled her eyes and was about to tell him exactly where he could put his notes and entitled attitude when her two younger brothers and peeked from behind her. “OOOH who’s that your boyfriend?” they asked teasingly.

She laughed and was about to deny it when she noticed that Jumin was blushing profusely. She couldn’t help but find it adorable that he was so flustered with their teasing, it was a bit…cute.

“Mister, can you come inside and help me? I need to finish my art project and someone has to color” MC’s younger brother grabbed his finger and began dragging him inside.

“Wait you can’t do that, he has to get back to his work, right Jumin?”

He gazed at her for a while, before walking into her home and sitting in between the kids. “Well, I guess he is joining us.” MC thought to herself. She was looking at him; he looked so out of place with his 3-piece suit in her home. Suddenly she felt self-conscious, “He probably is thinking that my place is a dump. On top of that, I look like shit, with my tattered t-shirt and sweatpants.” A million thoughts were running through her head, but she looked at him, and he was being extremely genuine with the kids, trying his hardest to help with their art project. Her heart skipped a beat, she loved seeing him interact with her siblings. “Maybe I’ve been too harsh on him, he actually doesn’t seem like a bad guy.”

She walked over to the kids and the corporate heir and sat down. She watched him, as he listened intently to the kid’s stories, and gave advice seriously as if this was a business meeting and they were his clients. She laughed to herself, finding this entire odd situation so adorable, she thought she was dreaming. He glanced at her at the sound of her laugh and gave her a soft look with a small smile.

Sure, she had known that he was handsome, but until this moment she never felt attracted to him. The small smile was so genuine and sweet, she could feel her heart skip a beat when she noticed him trying to stifle a yawn.

“I wanted to apologize for being dragged in by the kids, you seem tired too, are you alright?” MC asked, trying to create small talk to slow the rapid pace of her heart.

“Ah yes, I anticipated that I was going to visit today, so I had to complete all of my work yesterday, causing me to lose some sleep. A few clients also called early in the morning to try rescheduling meetings which interrupted my sleep as well,” he answered robotically.

“But aren’t you the heir? You’re promised the company, why are you putting in so much effort?” MC asked, genuinely confused. She knew that if she was promised a multi-million dollar corporation she would definitely take it easy.

He chuckled, “Yes it may be true that I was born into a great opportunity, and I am very fortunate for that. However, I have to work twice as hard, I have to prove to everyone that I am not just a figurehead, that I was not simply handed this position because of who I am related to.”

She looked into his steely gray eyes in admiration. She felt a pang of guilt, for being so rude to him, when he clearly had been working so hard. She was going to apologize when all four of her siblings grabbed onto his arm, her younger sister whispered something into his ear. He blushed and simply nodded, sending the kids squealing. Confused, she demanded the kids clean up and get ready for dinner.

“Would you like to stay for dinner? It may not be some five-star restaurant food but it doesn’t taste so bad? We can have some coffee afterward too?” she asked, suddenly feeling self-conscious again.

“Yes I would love to , thank you MC.” He replied glibly as he stood to wash his hands.

She didn’t bother replying. She turned around briskly, “what on earth is wrong with me? Why am I acting all shy and happy because he’ staying for dinner? Good god, if I am turning into one of those annoying bitches at school seriously, smite me right now.” She began setting the table, thinking deeply about how the day was turning out, trying to deny how fast her heart was racing.


The third, and final installment of How To Knit. Part One. Part Two.  I’ll be selling the print version at table M11 with @dechanique at @spx, and we will try to have a knitting demo under the escalators one of the days; follow me on twitter @celineorelse to get updates. 

I do hope this little book has helped a few people feel confident enough to try their hand at knitting; I’ve tried to make it as approachable as I know how to do. Making it was one of the most satisfying projects of my life (even if it meant taking dozens of reference photos of my sausagey fingers) and I’m sad to see it end, but maybe I’ll do another knitting book some day. 

Stare at Me- Tom Wilson

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(Look at his eyes guys!!!)

Don’t worry anon, I’m a Caps fan too! (Among many others but Caps are the hometown team) And so here we go! One third of the brobeans! Plus I’m on a hockey players with children kick so you get a two-for-one! Enjoy guys!

Warning: None

Anon Request: Hi!!! I’ve literally been spending the past few days reading your imagines and I LOVE them!!! Personally, i’m a caps fan and if you’re not backed up on requests, do you think you could do one where y/n is at a caps game and Tom Wilson has eyes on her the whole game and they somehow meet after the game or something? Change it any way you’d like!!!


              “Mommy?” you daughter asked as she sat next to you, coloring.

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