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Could you write a Micah/Lloyd drabble? I'm a starving brightshipper and those two hurt my heart personally by being great.

this ask is such a mood

“Of course you know how to make flower crowns.” Lloyd snorted.

“It’s an essential life skill!” Micah plopped the band of dandelions on Lloyd’s head. “Plus, dandelions are pretty.”

“They’re a weed, shrieks every third grade teacher in a five mile radius.”

“Hey, I had a great third grade teacher. Don’t drag Mrs. Greger like this.”

Lloyd laughed. Micah laughed back, and held his hand. “Plus, I work at a flower shop. I know what flowers look good.”

“I’m not doubting you,” Lloyd assured him. “Can you even see the flowers against my hair, though?”

“Nope,” Micah responded happily. “They disappeared into that curly yellow mess, never to be seen again.”

Lloyd took the flower crown off and put it on Micah’s head. “There.” He smiled. “You look good.”

Micah turned red and started spluttering. “I, uh, thanks, you too, I mean, yah, uh-”

Lloyd kissed him to shut him up.

first lines

The love of my life @gaycousinlarry tagged me to post the first lines of my last 20 stories. I’ve only published 3, so I think I’ll post the first lines of my wips as well. I’m a cheat and I suck, sorry. Oh, also I will post paragraphs, because I double suck. 

1.  On The Open Road :  The car honked for the third time in the last five minutes. Louis was struggling to carry his large suitcase down the stairs. Fuck the elevator for being broken the only day he actually needed it and fuck Harry for being an impatient tit. As if two phone calls and honking two times wasn’t enough, he had to go for three. Right on cue his mobile started ringing again. Louis didn’t have to check to confirm who it was.

2.  No More Easter Eggs :  So, Harry thought to himself, while checking things off his supermarket list, we need thyme for the lamb and Easter Eggs for the kids’ hunt.

3.  Sweetest Devotion :  Harry was hoping for a sunny Sunday, a chance to spend the day in the pool, drinking Louis’ amazing cocktails and lounging around, getting some much needed rest and sun. Instead, his eyes met rain as soon as he opened them and looked out the window. It was already eight, when he woke up, but Louis was sound asleep, quick little huffs leaving his mouth, as he lied on his front, covered with the duvet up to his nose. With a smile, Harry pushed his soft fringe back -secretly happy his hair was growing long again- and looked at his boy.

The rest will be under the cut and are all unpublished wips 

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pretty exhausted by unsourced viral posts by people far too young to have been there claiming that people with aids routinely literally died at die-ins in the ’80s and ’90s, by the hundreds… look i wasn’t there either but i’ve never seen a credible source saying anything like this in all my reading and a lot of searching. i’m pretty sure it’s not true.

please take tumblr history with an enormous grain of salt. so much of it is garbage.

The Sailor Moon paper I wrote for my gender studies class

Last week, I mentioned the presentation I did on Sailor Moon for my gender studies class, and how my professor was so impressed by Sailor Moon’s themes that she told me she wants to show it to her kids. Anyway, I promised that I would post the paper the presentation focused on once I finished writing it, so here it is!

I drew quite a bit from a previous paper I wrote on Sailor Moon, but I also included a lot of new things. Particularly, I added sections on how femininity is often negatively portrayed in the media, Haruka’s gender nonconformity in the manga, and the presence of the Outer family.

Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon

It seems as though more and more frequently, the lack of female-centric media is being called into question. It appears as though the majority of movies, tv shows, and other media feature a male protagonist, with female characters being relegated to the sidelines. Even if there is a female protagonist, it often feels like she doesn’t get to develop strong relationships with other female characters. The lack of deep female relationships and overall female representation in media is indeed unacceptable; the same can be said for the lack of representation regarding LGBT people. However, I feel as though we should praise a particular series that not only delivers on those things, but proves that doing so can lead to massive success. It’s called Sailor Moon (known as Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon in its native country of Japan), an anime (cartoon) and manga (comic book) series aimed at girls. Sailor Moon is so impressive because it provides positive portrayals of femininity, female relationships (both platonic and romantic), gender nonconformity, and even non-traditional families.

Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon, which means “Beautiful Soldier Sailor Moon” in Japanese, was created by a female Japanese mangaka, or manga artist, named Naoko Takeuchi. The manga debuted in the girls’ magazine Nakayoshi on December 28, 1991 and ended on February 3, 1997; the animated adaptation premiered on March 7, 1992 and ended February 8, 1997. From the very beginning, Sailor Moon was a smash hit; originally intended to only consist of a single arc, its popularity caused Takeuchi to expand it to five arcs. In addition to the original anime and manga, Sailor Moon’s enormous popularity has resulted in, as of 2017: A series of stage musicals, 31 in all; three movies with theatrical releases; a live-action series that comprised of 52 episodes; numerous rereleases of the manga and anime; many video game spinoffs; many foreign-language dubs; and finally, a new, updated anime reboot entitled Sailor Moon Crystal that is ongoing.

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3 Billion Dollars [Part 14] - G Dragon Mafia!AU

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Summary: When your father owes 3 billion dollars to the mafia, he must repay his debt. Although things don’t exactly go the way he hoped.

Genre: Fluffy

Warnings: swearing, awkwardness, emotions

{part 1} {part 2} {part 3} {part 4} {part 5} {part 6} {part 7} {part 8} {part 9} {part 10} {part 11} {part 12} {part 13} {part 14} {part 15}


A/N: Sorry this is so late. Fair warning, next weeks will be too. Finals are starting next week so I’ll probably be writing a little less until summer starts. I hope you like this part! It’s extremely fluffy! Warning heavy stuff coming up! 

~ Admin Brooklyn


Honestly, you almost passed out a few times. Not by seeing blood, but six hours of fixing up wounds and almost doing minor surgery right after the events of the day. Currently, you sat on one of the waiting chairs, just now noticing the blood staining a small part of the floor in the corner. Seungri had left at some point during those six hours. Which left Daesung, who was washing his hands. You close your eyes, beginning to drift away to sleep right then and there.

“(Y/N), you okay?” Daesung asked. You open your eyes right away, nodding your head. You rubbed your eye with the back of your hand and sat up.

“Yeah, just tired,” you say. You run a hand through your hair, your eyes already starting to close on their own. Daesung opened up his phone, scrolling through his messages.

“Hey princess,” he said. You looked up at him. You leaned forward, your elbows resting on your knees. ”Do you think you could check up on Ji Yong Hyung?”

Your eyes widen a bit, starting to feel very underprepared to see him. You open your mouth, about to say something. Only to shut your mouth and give him a small nod. Daesung gives you a very small smile and puts his phone away. “I know (Y/N), you guys need to work things out still. He’ll be easier to handle now than he was when you fixed him.”

“I don’t really know what to say to him though,” you said quietly. You got up from the chair, running a hand through your hair. Daesung opens the door for you, letting you exit the infirmary before him.

“Just say how you feel,” he says, smiling down at you. You shake your head, his smile cause a small one to form on your face. “Honestly, just tell him how you feel.”

“Easier said than done Daesung,”

“True,” he said, nodding his head. “Keep in mind that you do have years of friendship to help you.”

“Yeah but-”

“And,” Daesung said, cutting you off. “I really think you’re underestimating how much he cares about you.”

Your gaze falls to the floor as you walk down the halls, thinking about what Daesung said. Ji Yong only likes you as a friend, right? Well, he hadn’t exactly said that he liked you more. But he did know about your predetermined marriage. Would that change the way he feels about you? He looks down at you and chuckles lightly. “Actually, I know you’re underestimating how much he cares about you. Trust me, if you ask him to move a mountain, he’ll ask which one you want and how fast he should be. He’ll do anything for you princess. That’s for sure.”

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Well, that was a cathartic episode. 

It read like a poem when I transcribed it. WTNV often does. 

“And a bit of the sky returned.” 

I love how happy Cecil was describing his weird town and acknowledging everything. He started out so sad, and it was like he came back to life as Night Vale became his Night Vale again. 

“Alice Isn’t Dead” had an episode where Keisha and (as i call her) Watcher alternated. On WTNV, Steve and Cecil alternated. Coincidence? Probably not. I loved this structure in both shows, it gives us the events in two people’s eyes. Parallel narration is cool. 

I could have done with a few more episodes of this storyline, because there are endless possibilities in the different parallel universes. But you never know when they explore something like this again. (LOL at the reality where cars are Stilton cheese, and the insurance agent consider living in that reality. I mean, I guess the cars would break down much more often and insurance guys would get richer?) Also I feel so sad for Cal. I know he was only in one episode, but damn, what a sad story. 

CECIL AND STEVE FEELS. That was beautiful. I love when Cecil takes off his radio presenter hat and just gets vulnerable and real, like at the end of “Ghost Stories”. Also, we get more detail of Janice’s disability. It’s actually very believable that Cecil felt replaced by Steve. (What happened to Janice’s father?) 

Cecil is finally acknowledging a lot of things Steve has wanted to talk about, in terms of Night Vale, the arrows and lines, etc. Steve, who has spoken openly about everything else, is finally acknowledging that Cecil’s mean words do hurt him. Just like Night Vale is finally acknowledging the angels, people are showing their true feelings, voicing them and being heard. Showing your heart and being vulnerable is a huge thing.(maybe especially for cis men?) You’re taking the risk that the other person doesn’t care and just laughs at your hurt feelings, or tells you to just toughen up. (Personal note: my family does this, and it sucks.) Cecil isn’t exactly subtle about it, and Steve had to put up a facade of self-deprecation, because it was so hurtful. He probably thought Cecil is just mean-spirited and would never take him seriously. But Cecil was able to finally acknowledge the reason he hated Steve so much. This is character development, for both of them. The Steve Carlsberg hating bits have been hilarious, but this just made me feel warm and fuzzy like a little..fangirl..caterpillar? That’ll do. 

I would have preferred hearing the various Hiram voices. We’ll hear from Hiram again, right? I really really like Hiram. 

I had an actual Russian Matryoshka doll, and all the dolls had the same hair and face. Design wise, it got simpler, but it was always the same hair color, so I was a bit confused by blonde and brunette dolls mentioned. I guess US ones have different hair colors and stuff? I’ve seen a South Park doll once, so maybe there are different designs. 

The part before the weather though, OMG. “Goodbye.” Have you no decency, Finknor?!! They even added the usual end music and TOTAL SILENCE. Stop toying with our hearts! 

Five years of WTNV. I should probably make a post about how I’ve been a fan for four years and all that it has meant to me. I don’t know if I can muster a coherent post right now. I’ll try to say something briefly. I can’t really fully express it. 

This show is a thing of beauty. You can just tell the creators and cast love doing it. The writing is carefully thought out and poetic, wonderfully whimsical and weird. All the characters are lovingly crafted and have their own voice, both in the writing and the acting. 

WTNV has helped me in times of depression and anxiety. It has introduced me to art and artists that I love, that I have learned from. Without WTNV, I wouldn’t know about Cecil, or Meg, or Dylan. I’m inspired by these people and the work they do. I have learned things about art and activism that will influence my own art. 

The fandom is diverse, intelligent, and kind. So are the writers and cast of the show. I have fangirled hard before, but I’ve never come across a cast with so much appreciation for fans and fandom culture. They have shown me the kind of appreciation and kindness that I never expected. My life is more beautiful because of this show. 

And hey,

Thank YOU, Joseph Fink. Thank you so much.