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The third of week three of my Fabulous Five-Dollar Friday commissions! Some PJO fanart for @mel-chan366! I haven’t drawn anyone else but Percy and Annabeth, so drawing Jason, Will, and Nico was super fun! And I can guarantee I’ll be drawing more of them in the future!! 8D (plus putting them all into ugly Christmas sweaters was way too fun~)

If you guys are interested in my Fabulous Five-Dollar Friday Commissions, I’ll be opening them up every Friday until Christmas, so keep an eye out!! 8D

The third of my last Fabulous Five-Dollar Friday commissions! Some Damen/Laurent in chitons for @nya-oi! Ahaaaa~ So happy with this one!! And thus starts my week-long holiday of just vegging out and not doing ANYTHING but enjoy the massive amounts of snow outside my door, and finishing off all the egg nog I can get my paws on xD

If you guys are interested in my Fabulous Five-Dollar Friday Commissions, I’ll be opening them up again over random times during the new year!! 8D

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for the five-sentence prompt thing... height difference (can never be enough of it)

“Stop it,” Hanzo says churlishly, swatting McCree’s hand away from the top of his head for the third time in five minutes. 

“Aw, but sweetheart,” McCree croons, wrapping himself around Hanzo from behind and dropping his chin on Hanzo’s head, “you’re just so damn cute I can’t stand it.” And it’s true, he’s always loved that Hanzo is shorter than him because it’s so contradictory; Hanzo is easily the physically stronger of the two of them, as well as the more stern and intimidating, so the fact that Hanzo has to crane his neck to look at him and can be easily picked up delights McCree to no end. 

“I can still kill you easily,” Hanzo says, “and I just may if you do not stop this nonsense.”

“Downright adorable,” McCree murmurs, and then Hanzo elbows him in the stomach. 

Miles Davis - Sorcerer [1967] 

Miles Davis - trumpet 

Wayne Shorter - tenor saxophone 

Herbie Hancock - piano 

Ron Carter - double bass 

Tony Williams - drums

[The third of five albums that this quintet recorded]

The album’s cover is a photo of actress Cicely Tyson, who at the time was Davis’s girlfriend [and many years later his wife]



My third film after Point Five and Jealous Gods. It’s in 3D, select side by side mode on any 3D viewing device to watch it in its intended form. Otherwise, just watch one side of it and ignore the other.


Tem. XVII; the situation out west.



This meme pose gave me three possible setups and I took it. (First: Jesse, Kix, Hardcase. Second: Echo, Rex, Fives. Third: OCs Dibs, Sketch, Shank.)

Saeran As a Babysitter For The Others Kids...Including His Own
  • Zen: Here's everything! Oh, yeah, here's a camera as well! Make sure to document everything! Bye, Saeran!!!
  • Saeran: Wait! When did I *door slams shut behind Zen* agree to this?
  • Daughter: Elfie? Elfie! Elfie! Elfie!!
  • Saeran: Why am I not surprise that you're trying to say selfie? Okay, whatever, smile for the camera. *camera clicks*
  • ___________________________________________________________
  • Jumin: She and Elizabeth Third eat five minutes apart. Make sure they stay on schedule.
  • Saeran: I don't remember agreeing to this!! *door shuts behind Jumin*
  • Daughter: KITTY!! *Elizabeth screeches as the child grabs her tail*
  • Saeran: DON'T DO THAT!
  • ___________________________________________________________
  • Yoosung: Are you sure about this? I'm going to only be at the office for a few hours.
  • Saeran: You told me you had something for that idiot brother.
  • Yoosung: I do. At the office and my wife is out of town so I need someone to watch my son. I'll be back~~
  • Saeran: Why does this keep happening?!
  • Yoosung: *leaves without looking back*
  • Son: Food? Food! Food! Food!
  • Saeran: What do you want to eat?
  • ___________________________________________________________
  • Jaehee: I don't want to leave you alone with my son...
  • Saeran: I think you might be the only sane one of the bunch. I can operate a phone. Would you like me to help you find a good babysitter?
  • Jaehee: Please.
  • Son: Wok. Wok. Wok.
  • Saeran: You really do work a lot if he's trying to say 'work'.
  • ___________________________________________________________
  • Saeyoung: Catch!
  • Son: Puter? Puter!
  • Saeran: Good idea. Let's put a virus on idiot's computer.
  • ___________________________________________________________
  • Saeran: Is there any chance you can take care of yourself?
  • Daughter: *two months old* *starts crying*
  • Saeran: WHAT DO I DO! ______!!! IT'S CRYING!!!!!!! HALP!