third gif ever

So this is my third ever blog of the month! i really hope you all enter and good luck!!


L O O K I N G  F O R

  • nice, active bloggers
  • clean, organized blogs with a tagging system
  • aesthetics or fandom blogs
  • bonus points for original content (make sure the link is easy to find)


  • winners:
    a follow from me (if not already),
    a spot on my updates tab for a month,
    a permanent spot on my botm page
    5 promos on request,
    a personal moodboard,
    a lyrics edit on request,
    my undying love&friendship
  • runner ups:
    a follow from me (if not already),
    2 promos on request,
    a personal moodboard,
    my undying love&friendship

so that’s it guys! good luck & i love you all! oh, and you can check my creations here if you want to!

Jaw dropping ain’t it?

Third time animating ever!
I regret everything!
This this took sooooooooooooooooooooo looooooooooooooong
But honestly… I think it turned out pretty good….

✏️ OMG! 🐋 Don’t have any sequels!

(that whale emoji is supposed to be a shark btw, just. Use your imagination for me, please.)

DUDE I LOVE THE WAY THIS CAME OUT!! Your lineart is so sketchy and I love how it ups the anti on Dre’s creep factor, it’s so good!!! 👏 You make me want to explore animation more- it’s so time consuming, isn’t it?! WELL THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SUBMITTING THIS!!! (I’m sorry it took so long for me to get to this!!! But I’ve held it close to my heart in my mail so dearly waiting to give you a proper reply 📝👌✨)

the time has come for my third ever tumblr awards!! 

so as some of you may know, i hit a huge follower goal of 10k about two weeks ago, and i love tumblr awards, and you guys seem to like them too so?? lets just jump right in!!!


  • must be following me
  • must must reblog this post (help spread the word)
  • and please (you dont have to but like pls) check out @dailygotgirls??
  • hopefully get over 40 reblogs or like this never happened


  • probably will end in like two weeks, but it depends on how many people enter
  • will be a winner for sure and up to 2 runner ups (depends on how many entries)
  • that’s it really


  • best icon 
  • best url
  • best hp blog
  • best got blog
  • best multi fandom blog
  • best creations*
  • best writing*
  • best up and coming blog**(under 500 followers)
  • nicest blogger***
  • best overall
  • personal faves!

*please send in your creations tag

**please send in your follower count

***nominate someone!!


  • both: a follow from me
  • winners: a icon pack of six, six promos, and 2 edits/gifs of your choice
  • runner ups: a icon pack of 3, 3 promos, 1 edit/gif of your choice
  • both, unlimited love from me obvi ❤

His Darth Vader kandi masks have gotten him dubbed Darth Raver, and now, Joe Alexander is on a mission to get his concoctions to as many people as possible. The 35-year-old began raving in 1998, attended the third-ever EDC in 2000, and has been spreading love and positivity ever since.

“If it takes a couple of hours out of my day to make kandi, of course I’ll do it to make someone happy.” Now if that isn’t PLUR, we don’t know what is. Read this inspiring interview with Joe and take a look at some of his incredible creations here: