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Hey there. A while ago you posted a fic rec post and said you might do one for original fic too. Just wondering if you're still planning on doing this as i'm curious as to what you like reading?

Hey there nonnie! I did say that didn’t I - my bad. Work and uni kind of got in the way. Anywhoo, how about a list now?

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(some will be NSFW)

General fic

House Rules  by Jodi Picoult - A teenager with aspergers who is obsessed with forensic science. And then the police come knocking.  ‘ Jacob’s behaviors are hallmark Asperger’s, but they look a lot like guilt to the local police.’

Losing You  by Susan Lewis . There are so many stories interwoven into the tragedy that occurs the night Oliver accidentally runs Lauren over. Like the reason Oliver was even behind the wheel that night, despite the fact that he’d been drinking, in the misguided attempt to save his  mother from herself, the toxic relationship between his dad and alcoholic mother, and Lauren’s own relationship with her mother and the secrets she was keeping from her. All come to a head that night and are slowly and painfully peeled back, exposing harsh truths and the damage they can do to each other and the consequences of those actions.


I have a soft spot for  Barry Lyga ’s books, particularly the  I Hunt Killers series. This features the son of a serial killer over 3 books. Also, the audiobooks narrated by Charlie Thurston make it even better. He seriously nails ‘dear old dad’s voice perfectly. Think Spencer Reid from Criminal Minds, but younger and much more psychologically damaged.

Barry Lyga also wrote  Boy Toy . This is quite a taboo subject but very emotionally hitting. It’s about a young teen (17?) who finds out the woman he lost his virginity to when he was 12 - his teacher - is being released from prison early. The story flits between present day and when he was 12 and the following months/years. It was sometimes uncomfortable reading but refreshing to read from a male point of view.

Split by Swati Avasthi . This starts with Sixteen-Year-Old Jace Witherspoon arriving at his estranged brother Christian’s apartment after being beaten by his dad. They haven’t spoken in years. Christian has built his life up again after years of abuse and had hoped his younger brother escaped it. Of course, with Christian out of the way, Jace takes the brunt of it. After an incident with his dad and some unspecified event (that you learn about as the book develops) Jace arrives hoping to tentatively re-build his relationship with the brother who walked out on him. This book deals with domestic and child abuse.  Also fits perfectly into my love for protective brothers in books.

Last Seen Leaving by Caleb Roehrig . This was an interesting read with a mystery that keeps you turning the pages. The main protagonist’s ex-girlfriend has disappeared.  Nothing seems to make sense. As well as the mystery factor it’s also a story of self-discovery for the MC.  This is really a gem of a read. The only issue I had with it is the characters seem much older than they are depicted in the book, but that’s really only a slight issue.


Lisa Henry (aka @thisdiscontentedwinter ) and J.A. Rock have written some of my fave books. The above recs were more YA and these are definitely not:  The Good Boy  (and it’s sequel) is both an angsty and kinky read. Lane’s parents have been found guilty of fraud. His mother is in prison and his dad’s on the run. Lane - suspected of being involved and wholly innocent - has been left with nothing and ends up trusting the wrong person. Physically and emotionally hurt and traumatized, Lane is taken in by the one person he never thought would help - Derek, one of the victims of the fraud. It’s a dom and sub story, pupply play and some BDSM. This was one of my first forays into MM fic and remains one of my faves.

When All the World Sleeps is probably my third favourite of the pair. It features a guy who sleepwalks. And when he sleepwalks he kind of does some serious shit. Like setting fire to Kenny’s house. With Kenny inside. Now he’s back home after serving his time and lives in a cabin by himself where he chains himself to the bed so he doesn’t do anything stupid. Like kill someone. Too bad people wont leave him alone. Then there’s the cop who doesn’t believe him. Cue some sexual tension. Of course, after some retribution from the townsfolk leaves the MC unable to save himself, the cop can’t quite rightfully leave him alone and chained up at night. so he agrees to do it for him. And the more time they spend together the more they fall into each other’s lives. Dom and Sub.

Less kinky and much more lighthearted is the Playing the Fool series. I think I have recced this before. This is seriously one of my fave series. Henry is a con-artist who has witnessed a mob-hit in the middle of his own hustle. Mac is the FBI agent who is tasked with finding the errant witness. Need I say more? Well, I will because no matter how many times I read this series (3 of them) I end up cracking up every time. Henry is a hoot. Charming to everyone except Mac who he enjoys winding up. They’re a perfect pair. Kind of. 

Of course, it’s not all a laugh a minute. You can’t have a  Lisa Henry and J.A. Rock without a little angst thrown in. They sprinkle just enough  of Henry’s backstory throughout the series to explain some of the reasons he is the way he is without giving too much away. If any character is going to stay with you after you’ve finished reading, it’s going to be Henry.

Oh, and I suggest you read it with the audiobook too. I love Nick. J. Russo’s voice.

I still have plenty of the author’s other works yet to read in my kindle.

Five in a Bed series by  M.A. Blisher - this is polyamorous. Domestic Discipline. And Daddy kink. One of my guilty pleasures. But there is a backstory to Danny and heaps of psychological angst so it’s not just a pwp offering.

Shadow of the Templar  series by  M. Chandler . Jeremy Archer. Art Thief. Simon Drake. FBI. UST galore. Actually, there’s not a lot of sex in the series. A lot is fade to black scenes. And that’s what makes the series so great. It’s not pwp. It doesn’t need sex to make me want to read the series. There’s actual plot. Cases. Action. And the fact that Jeremy and Simon both circle in and out of each other’s orbits. There’s selfishness, there’s conflicts of interest. There’s feelings. There’s sacrifices. And really, with their backgrounds and history, Simon and Jeremy existed before they were even Simon and Jeremy. * excuse me while I immerse myself in their orbits *.

Although I am yet to read all of the series, I quite enjoy the Voices  series by  Sarah Masters  - psychic and detective. working together. smexy times. Enough said.

Old School Discipline  by  Misha Horne - if you are familiar with this author then you’ll know spanking will be involved. And I just love characters who have smart mouth’s and bratty characteristics.

I still have plenty, but I’ll keep those for a later date 


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Liars and thieves, you know not what is in store.

I do not deny that my heart has greatly desired this.