third fav character

Imagine your first three favorite characters trying to take care of you when you get sick. Key word being “try”.

Smoke and Mirrors

I’d like to preface this by saying this is both gender neutral and safe for work. It is basically a conglomeration of strange plot bunnies into one weird story. It is lonely!reclusive!reader x magic!royalty!fc. It does include a tiny bit of blood, but after that it’s pure fluff. It’s probably the most cliche Disney movie type thing you have read in a while just as a warning.

** Please forgive me for grammar/spelling errors. This is a long story and I wrote it primarily on my phone. I did my best to proofread, but I can’t catch every mistake. Thank you!

Written by eel anon

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Ai Mikaze Uta No Prince-Sama

Requested by @wolfsflei ⋆

Imagine having a shitty day and to make you feel better your favourite character invites your 2nd, 3rd, and 4th favourite characters over to have a super cute sleepover with movies, snacks and a late night chat session complete with super lame, cute pyjamas. Everyone brings a stuffed animal

I Dare You

Written for the request “um hi could someone please write something (highschool/college setting) with a shy, awkward, a bit clumsy (maybe even a little nerdy) reader and a dark, mysterious but really charismatic (also could be popular - a class president or something) f/c where they’re at a party and they’re playing truth or dare or maybe 7 minutes in heaven (p much any party game) and they have to kiss or something please and thank uwu”

It’ll be a bit Christmassy and also a cute confession…? :P
I would have taken cookies as a payment buuuut this is my first time writing here ^-^

Gender neutral for you :D

Written by

FC is Fave Chara. YN is your name, FC/2 is your second fave chara and FC/3 is your third fave chara~

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imagine being the little sibling of your first favorite character, living with them and your second and third favorite characters, and you’re so weak they have to tend to you like a baby

Imagine your first five favorite characters having a sleepover with you, and after you leave the room to do something, they raid your closet and try on your clothes. You return to a mini fashion show of your favorite characters prancing around in clashing, over-accessorized outfits of yours.

Imagine you, your favorite character, and your second and third favorite characters playing Guitar Hero together. Your fourth favorite character sits on a couch and complains on why they weren’t allowed to join.

Imagine you and your second favorite character searching and exploring all of the Mushroom Kingdom in order to rescue your favorite character from the clutches of your third favorite character.

Imagine your favorite character revealing to your second, third and fourth favorite characters that you’re ticklish, and they grin at you suspiciously all day and make you jump just to mess with you and make you think they’re gonna unleash tickle hell on you at any moment, but they never do, and just tease you all day


Zombie au fic with male favorite character and pregnant reader? (bonus points if 2nd and 3rd favorite character are also there)

I will take this! I love zombies! also this is my first fanfic on this so im sorry if it sucks ass…

Written by: Anonymous (If you like this check me out on quotev @28113177)

(Contains swearing… And shitty writing)

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