third fav character

Imagine sitting on the couch with your favorite character and they suddenly deciding to pull you onto their lap. You two share kisses and giggle, whispering how much you love each other. How your second and third favorite character (aka your roommates) react is up to you.

So after reading the fic where the fave character is a king and the reader is a commoner, I REALLY needed a sequel to that! (hopefully I’m not the only one) So yeah; enjoy (sorry if it’s long; kinda got carried away… ^^;)

Male favorite character; gender neutral reader, second fave, and third fave.

Written by hypertomboi

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Ai Mikaze Uta No Prince-Sama

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Imagine your first three favorite characters trying to take care of you when you get sick. Key word being “try”.

eilowyn1  asked:

did you know that in the original pilot kerry is basically bulky dude #1? both lenny and bulky dude #1 were roles written for men that went to women because legion is just that awesome.

I’m so glad they cast Amber Midthunder and Aubrey Plaza instead of dudes. We needed more woc. Kerry Loudermilk is freaking awesome. She’s my second (or third) fav character behind Syd. Lenny Busker/Shadow King is freaky and gross but you still love her cos Aubrey does it so well. Legion is just too amazing for words. Smart choices from start to finish.

Imagine your first five favorite characters having a sleepover with you, and after you leave the room to do something, they raid your closet and try on your clothes. You return to a mini fashion show of your favorite characters prancing around in clashing, over-accessorized outfits of yours.

Imagine your second and third favorite characters unwillingly taking over a detective agency after your first favorite, who was a really successful detective, had passed away. Your second and third favorites are just laying around and not doing anything productive at first, but the spirit of your first favorite, upset over having their agency taken over by two slobs, starts bugging your second and third favorites until they give in and start fighting crimes and solving mysteries.