third fav character

Imagine having a shitty day and to make you feel better your favourite character invites your 2nd, 3rd, and 4th favourite characters over to have a super cute sleepover with movies, snacks and a late night chat session complete with super lame, cute pyjamas. Everyone brings a stuffed animal

imagine your favorite character, 2nd favorite character, and 3rd favorite character dressed as cheerleaders. They follow you around all day cheering for everything you do, good or bad

Imagine your favorite character, 2nd favorite character, and 3rd favorite character trying to bake a very complex cake for your birthday. They’re not really accomplishing much other than arguing and making a huge mess in your kitchen, but somehow eventually they manage to pull it off. 

Imagine you went to a haunted mansion with three of your favorite characters. Your second and third favorite characters can’t let go of your hands. Your most favorite character, since the other characters have your hands, is glomping you from behind and following you.

Imagine your first five favorite characters having a sleepover with you, and after you leave the room to do something, they raid your closet and try on your clothes. You return to a mini fashion show of your favorite characters prancing around in clashing, over-accessorized outfits of yours.

Imagine you, your first, second, third and fourth favourite character playing video games together on four player mode. The one not playing does a very annoying and funny commentary on the game

Imagine your first, second, third, and fourth favorite characters singing along to a song on the radio together.

Imagine your first, second, and third favorite characters all showing up suddenly to take you on a trip to the mall. If not to go shopping, then just to simply hang out, eat, and hope you get to watch silly things happen while you’re there.

Imagine your top three favorite characters sharing an apartment, and you are their landlord or landlady. Also, your fourth favorite character is the daily postman.

Imagine that your favorite character shows up at your door and takes you to a convention you’ve always wanted to be at. When you arrive, you meet your second and third favorite characters who have been waiting for you, and you all go to the whole con and have a great time.