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the mercy, reaper, genji, s76 s/o having a existential crisis because they are some type of monster(can you make more close of body horror, like 4 eyes or a third Eye, sharp teeth, they nail will be sharp enogh to cut someone if they dont trim them enough and a tummy mouth you can change these characteristics if you want) i really want to see how they'll comfort the s/o (bonus: s/o ask mercy to "cure" them/ reaper s/o say they envy reaper because he is a human and they arent)

Soldier: 76

During the first omnic crisis, you’re one of the soldiers under Major Reyes’ command. You don’t belong to the strike team itself, there’s nothing special about you that would secure you a place there, but you still follow his orders, no matter how rarely you see him in person. Captain Morrison is more of a familiar figure, as he makes a habit of checking up on the troops in person whenever he has the chance. Which is increasingly often as the war thins out the people and forces them closer together. And once, towards the end of the crisis, he leads what remains of your platoon in person. The major delegated the task to him and from the second he walks up to you, orders in hand, you know just completing the mission won’t do. Captain Morrison flew up the career ladder and this, despite his rank, is his first real command.

He’s nervous, eager to please, bent on going above and beyond the call of duty. He sees you all walking home with medals.

Barely any of you walk home at all.

It’s not his fault, you admit even at your most bitter. For all his enthusiasm and pathos he’s a good officer. It couldn’t have gotten worse, but you’re still glad it was him who led you into hell.

The moment you infiltrate the omnium, tasked with disabling the god program, shit goes up arse over tit. The omnic forces divide and conquer and as you flee towards the main frame you are accompanied by the agonised screams of your people. At the end it’s just you and the captain and neither of you expects to survive this.

“Specialist.” he says to you with the gravity of a man who’s about to send someone to their death. “Complete our mission.”

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