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Jun was worried for Mingyu.


With some parts of the F+TM’s Album “How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful” I’m tryig to tell the story behid “The Odyssey” fIlm, hope you like it <3

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Here’s “The Odyssey” by Florence and the Machine, the incredible, drama-filled collection of music videos from last summer’s timeless How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful. This is truly one of my favorite musical collections, and certainly deserves attention. Florence is a natural actress and they all FLO so well;) Enjoy!

Interact. Talk to people. Get to know strangers even if it’s for 5 minutes. Smile with them, laugh with them. Be kind. It makes you feel whole. We’re all apart of the universe connected through something so much bigger than our physical being. The rides beautiful but the souls you meet along the way are even better …✨

How Big,How Blue,How Beautiful: One-Liners
  • Ship to Wreck: "I can't help but pull the earth around me to make my bed."
  • What Kind of Man: "I already had a sip,so I reasoned I was drunk enough to deal with it."
  • How Big,How Blue,How Beautiful: "I'm happy you're beside me."
  • Queen of Peace: "And my love is no good against the fortress that it made of you."
  • Various Storms & Saints: "Some things you let go in order to live."
  • Delilah: "These chains never leave me; I keep dragging them around."
  • Long & Lost: "You wonder why it is that I came home - I figured out where I belong."
  • Caught: "As if the dream of you,it sleeps too,but it never slips away."
  • Third Eye: "And oh my touch,it magnifies! You pull away,you don't know why!"
  • St Jude: "Even though I'm grieving,I'm trying to find the meaning,let loss reveal it."
  • Mother: "Can you protect me from what I want? The love I let in,it left me so lost."
  • Hiding: "I know you've tried,but something stops you every time."
  • Make Up Your Mind: "The executioner's within me,and he comes blindfold ready."
  • Which Witch: "I'm not beat up by this yet; you can't tell me to regret."
  • As Far As I Could Get: "I drew bedraggled breaths because I am unloved."
  • Pure Feeling: "Staring out the window,I could see into the soul of every passerby."
  • Conductor: "She knows the song won't save her,but what else can she do?"