third church


Seokjin would be the pastor
Yoongi & hoseok would be the pastor’s kids
Maknae line + namjoon would be lambs 🐑


Gott sei mit unserm Führer
Gott segne seine Hand
Gott schütze unser deutsches,
heißgeliebtes Vaterland!

Freiheit ist unsere Sehnsucht,
Freiheit ist unser Gebot,
Wir wollen keine Knechtschaft,
lieber geh'n wir in den Tod!
Brüder laßt hoch im Winde
Hakenkreuzbanner weh'n
ruft über Land und Meere
Deutschland wird einst auferstehn!

Ruft über Land und Meere
Deutschland kann nicht untergehn!

Weitere nationalsozialistische Gebete

Hände falten, Köpfchen senken
und an Adolf Hitler denken,
der uns Arbeit gibt und Brot
und uns hilft aus aller Not!

Führer, mein Führer, von Gott mir gegeben,
Beschütz und erhalte noch lange mein Leben!
Hast Deutschland gerettet aus tiefster Not,
Dir danke ich heute mein täglich Brot.
Bleib lang noch bei mir, verlaß mich nicht,
Führer, mein Führer, mein Glaube, mein Licht.


master–commander said: “If you do desktop backgrounds, could you do some Project Freelancer (maybe with the logo)? If not, that’s totally fine too! Love your graphics! :)”

Aw, thank you! I hope you love these as well! It was really challenging, trying to make everything look engraved in metal. :)

Guys guys guys!! Today a little girl in the preschool class that I work in at church asked if I was a girl or boy!!!


“The means by which a humanoid may be constructed are as diverse as the choice of materials will allow.”
—Dr. Anton Szandor LaVey, The Devil’s Notebook.

Decades ago, Dr. LaVey predicted a future industry of android companions. As we are making our way into the second decade of the 21st century, a genuine bond between man and machine is closer than ever. The company that introduced The RealDoll to the world has started a new enterprise called, Realbotix. This new effort brings robotics and artificial intelligence to the RealDoll, with an end goal towards creating the illusion of sentience within the doll enhancing this product’s apparent realism.

The short video “Robotica,” recently posted by The New York Times, gives a startling depiction of how close the worlds of man and machine are now meshing. The video can be seen above.

Some members of society will be shocked from this video, some will be amazed. Some will find it appealing and others will find it appalling. Whatever the rest of the world may think, those familiar with the writings of Dr. LaVey will recognize this as yet another prediction of his that has come to be true. He spent numerous hours modifying and elaborating mannequins, discussing his efforts in his collection, The Devil’s Notebook. Magistra Blanche Barton touched upon this subject in her informative and insightful biography of Dr. LaVey, The Secret Life of a Satanist.

Watch the video above, then refer to the writings previously mentioned. Another case in point in which the world is now discovering what Satanists saw coming long ago.

—Warlock Jimmy Psycho

I am crying right now.

I am a Christian who sponsors a child named Kerene in the Congo through a child sponsorship organization called World Vision. I’ve watched her grow up. I’ve seen the pictures she sends. I’ve bought her goats for birthday presents and watched her get schooling and medical care for her six-person family that she would never get otherwise.

World Vision made the decision to hire married gay people last week.

Within two days, they lost 10,000 child sponsorships.

10,000. Ten freaking thousand. Ten THOUSAND children, tan, yellow, white, and black, who won’t any longer HAVE schooling and medical care thanks to these hateful bigots.

After those debilitating two days, WV reversed its decision, at which point the sponsorship-cancelling stopped “like magic”.

As a gay-loving, liberal, Democratic Christian, I have to say to you other “Christians” who would dare punish an innocent third party over a piece of doctrinal dogma:

Kindly fuck off my religion. I know that’s not Christly to say, but I’m not feeling very Christly right now, and not very loving, either. Fuck off my religion and stop using it as an excuse to hurt the people that Jesus loved, that he told US to love. He told us for our hearts to break for what breaks his, so seeing all these kids being thrown away, tossed like garbage? I hate you for it. I hate you. I hate you for being so callous and closed-hearted that you find yourself responsible for being the judge and jury of a charity organization, using children as the bargaining chips.

There are tears running down my face. I don’t understand how people can be so cruel. But one thing you’ve done for me, you hatred-filled, homophobic bigots: I will not ever abandon Kerene. I will not.

Guys!! After my sermon today, an older gentleman complimented me, and then he said, “You know, if anyone thought women couldn’t be priests, they should have heard you today,” and then he apologized and said he knew that wasn’t what I was doing with me life, and when I told it actually was, he was just so kind and supportive and it made me feel really good.

Yeah, I got slapped down before, but I’m still hearing the Holy Spirit calling me in that direction, not only in my soul, but also through others. He’s the third member of this church who has made a comment like that to me in the last month or so, and I think I’m gonna talk to my priest about officially starting discernment again, and I’m just really happy today!

What About All Those People Who Never Got A Chance With God?

Anonymous asked:

I have been raised in a Christian household & attended a Christian school my entire life. However, I only started taking my relationship “seriously” with God after graduating. Why did God choose ME to know of Him and place me in my aforementioned environments? What about those who live life never knowing about God? Why doesn’t God reach out to them? Since I know God, is it my duty to spread His Word? What about Catholics/Muslims etc.? Am i just blessed? But Isn’t that unfair to the nonbelievers?! :/


Hey my dear friend, thank you for your very sensitive gentle heart about this.  As an Asian born in America, I know that I could’ve easily been a Buddhist in Korea or a Shintoist in Japan or a Confucianist in China.  Or even a Communist or Marxist or Socialist.  Or a tribal villager living on a Filipino island.  Or one of those Tibetan monks in the mountains who only eats apricots and lives to 120.

This issue has always bothered me, as I found it rather disturbing that God would geopolitically confine Himself to one people-group for millions of years, and only recently branch out in the church era.  Even then, I would think a “loving God” could offer every person an opportunity to hear about Him, at least once, if He truly loved us.

So let’s consider a few things, some which we might disagree on, which is okay.  This is only from my own limited understanding of doctrine, the church, and our culture.


1) We actually have no idea how God is reaching people in the world right now.

I think a Westernized Christianese churchgoer tends to assume that evangelism is a package deal in which we make a specific offer, and if someone “accepts Jesus in my heart,” then it’s a closed deal.  Like this is the only way to go.  This is very much a post-Enlightenment idea in which all information must be transmitted by systematic form, line by line, until we can regurgitate it verbatim.

Yet if we think Jesus can only be shared by the confines of human language, then our view of God is much, much too small.

While I’m 100% supportive of mission teams, evangelism, and preaching the Gospel as much as possible, I think we’re limiting God when we box Him inside an academic Western checklist.  The Bible makes clear that God can speak through dreams, circumstances, images, visions, and in one case, even an ass.  We simply have no idea what our creative God can do with the limitless spectrum of people in this vast world.

Of course I don’t rely on this to dismiss evangelism, and at the very least, our faith must contain words.  But you’ve heard those stories of isolated tribal villages that have received dreams about Jesus and are now faithful Christians, without any contact from the outside world.  It could be crazy, sure, but I don’t ever want to downplay it either.  And the only way to find out this happened is to visit them, and if you find out they don’t know Jesus, then dear Christian: it’s suddenly on you.

In the end, I would never put it past God to reveal Himself in an imaginative number of ways that do not fit our tiny paradigm. 


2) It’s difficult to determine whether a person has “enough knowledge” to “be saved.”

I’ve always said that the Gospel is simple enough for the five year old and deep enough for the eighty-five year old.  The criminal who hung next to Jesus was saved in the last minutes of his life; a man like Nicodemus who knew about God his whole life was more lost than the prostitutes and prodigal sons.

This must mean that someone who dies in a school shooting and calls out to his bare little knowledge of Jesus could be saved.  A child in a tsunami or a person with Down syndrome or a man who’s lost his memories could still, at some point, understand the Gospel and not merely be saved, but safe. 

I don’t mean to sugarcoat this whole thing and say that a tiny head-knowledge will work for everyone.  I wouldn’t bet my life on it.  I just want us to ask: How much faith is really enough to get saved?  At what point must our lives prove what we really believe?  Where is the cut-off for saving knowledge and how do we even determine that?  Is there some point where our faith activates salvation?  Or is our faith truly given by grace and more about the object of our faith than the amount?

Romans 1 tells us that God shows Himself through everything, so that none are without Him.  This could be a stretch, but I might even say that God sees our faith by the grace He apportioned to each of us, so that we’re each accountable for what we individually know.  A teacher who tests his students on untaught material is a bad teacher, and maybe I’m being too soft here: but I don’t believe God is a bad teacher.


3) Not just anyone goes to Hell. 

Prisons aren’t built for people who don’t believe in the police.  They’re built for criminals.  I know this analogy is not perfect, but the concept of Hell is simply justice for those unrepentant people who’ve been a part of rape, genocide, oppression, slavery, and abuse.  I’m sure it makes God sick to His stomach: but if He was not a God against injustice, then He wouldn’t be loving at all. 

I’ve written several posts on this here, here, and here.


4) Seriously, God chose you.  Which is both good news and a wake-up call.

I believe that we must absolutely rejoice that God has called us.  If you’re a Christian, I hope you never get over it.  The God of the universe knocked on the door of your heart and said hello, to you.  This is nothing to be ashamed of or to be guilty over, because contrary to church culture, God does want us to feel good about some things. As if Christians need one more guilt-trip to be all somber and morbid on Sunday mornings.  So be joyful that He chose you, my friend.

But also know: Growing up in a “Christian environment” is not the blessing we think it is.  In the West, being a “Christian” is as easy as praying a scripted prayer or sitting in a pew one hour per week.  In the East, being a Christian can usually get you killed in a variety of slow unpleasant ways.  I’ve hardly ever met a lukewarm Eastern Christian: because their environment has already weeded out the uncommitted.

If we ever think, “Oh I’m so lucky to be a Christian in America” – we’re not only disrespecting every other country and Christian in the world by assuming a better culture, but we’re thinking WAY too much of ourselves.  Certainly there are advantages to our country, but there are so many slick subtle disadvantages: which are the most dangerous kind.

Trust me on this: Most Eastern Christians are appalled at our abuse of religious freedom in America, and would laugh to tears at the entertainment culture within Western church.  I don’t mean to sound like a superior snob here, but I’m saying: being an American Christian is more reason to give, share, love, and talk about Jesus, because we have the freedom to do so.  I say this with all grace for you, but if you feel sorry for third-world people who might never attend church like you do, then that exposes a blinded arrogance and a wrong presumption about our “Christian nation."  We must both rejoice in our faith and be humble in our fortune.

I’m saying this because I love you more, and not less.  Before we weep for some concept of the faithless person in another country, we so-called lucky Christians must first weep for ourselves.  Tears of joy, yes, and tears of grieving love for our neighbors who don’t know Jesus. 

– J.S.


Church of St Martin, Waithe 22.03.2014 by Paul
Via Flickr:
Sunlight through the stained glass window

A took a 3 Month Vacation...So Did Ted

So A went “away” after the Christmas Ball, then we get our mini time jump of about 3 months. No actual A endings (A could have had a minion set off the fireworks and steal the laptop) until Over a Barrel, which is when Ted came back.

A day earlier than he was supposed to apparently. Said he called Ashley and she didn’t answer. He said he wanted to surprise her. I am betting he showed up without calling (as he has been shown to do in the past) and got an eyeful.

Ted was gone for 3 months. Coincidence? Somebody ask this guy for a photo of him building churches in third world countries.

While I think he is a strong candidate for A I also think he is actually in love with Ashley which could help disguise his intentions as to the viewer. A seems to have a soft spot for people in love at times (he could have revealed Aria and Ezra’s affair) seemed tender in the A scene printing out Emily and Maya’s pics and again in an A POV shot watching Emily upset, the creepy A music was set softer. That being said I don’t think A has a soft spot for Hanna (putting it mildly) and this intrigues me being that I think it could be Ted. What could Hanna have done to cause his anger? Take Ashley’s attention away from him, or something big we have not learned yet. 

2016 Horoscopes as told by my friend Michael

Aries: You’ve been through trying times, Aries, but your greatest hurdle is yet to come. It will be no easy task, but with your signature iron will, you will be able to take the life of, or subdue, the live tiger that will be released into your home. 

 Taurus: You are not lost, Taurus, only misguided. You, like everyone, seek answers. You will find them, and they await buried beneath the rolling dunes of the Gobi Desert. Acquire or purchase a shovel and make haste to Asia. The hundreds of 5x10 holes you must dig will reveal what you’ve been seeking. 

Gemini: Though you’ve made great strides in improving the structure and foundation of your life, Gemini, you’ve been plagued by a mental anguish you can’t seem to shake. The centuries-old statuette of a forgotten Mayan emperor carries with it a great curse. The relic yearns to be returned to it’s altar. Only when it sees the sanctity of it’s true home once more will you be able to ease your mind. 

 Cancer: Love is near, Cancer, and it is soon to find you; if you let it. You too often push away those who try to show you affection. Others are often repelled from forming an emotional bond with you when, occasionally, plagues of gnats erupt from your mouth & ears. Some even claim to have seen the face of evil itself in the swarm. This is a habit you should try to kick this year. 

 Leo: Your health problems are holding you back, Leo. The methods you’ve been trying thus far have proven unsuccessful. You must stop taking traditional “medicine” and begin crushing centipedes (NOT millipedes) into a pulpy mush and consuming it, orally or otherwise. 

 Virgo: You’re a straight-laced individual, Virgo, for the most part. It is important for you to stop and take time to reflect and remember that sexual deviancy with animals is frowned upon in most industrial nations. 

 Libra: You’re going to get AIDS. Sorry.

Scorpio: Old routines are hard to quit, Scorpio. Your path to self-improvement is paved, but you will continue to stall along the way if you are unable to rid yourself of negative behaviors and rituals. You must cease travelling to that abandoned church every third Thursday of the month, and slitting the throat of a newborn piglet in the center of the aisle of pews. This conduct is attracting negative energy to you. 

 Sagittarius: You’ve been through many trials and struggles, Sagittarius, but all of that is about to change. You may think luck has not been on your side this year, but good things come to those who wait. When the moon next reaches waning crescent, various assorted jewels, gems, and gold will rain from the sky onto your residence. Be careful so to not be hit by the falling debris, though, as the velocity at which they will be travelling could prove to be lethal. 

 Capricorn: You doubt yourself too often, Capricorn. You are a ray of light into the hearts and lives of others. Your self-worth should not be determined by the foul insults shouted & shrieked at you by the terrifying ghoul that visits you in the night. 

 Aquarius: Trying new things often intimidates you, Aquarius, but doing so often yields great reward. This year, among other new experiences, you will taste human flesh. Turn to your friends and loved ones in trying to fight the unshakable urge for more, afterward. 

 Pisces: Others tell you that you worry too much, Pisces, and they’re sometimes right, but don’t think that all of your fears or concerns are invalid because of this. You should continue to stockpile canned food and firearms for the coming hell-fire, as you have been.