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Sumiyaa Taragai, blood sister of Yokhunan Taragai, played by @senpiee

Having inherited the ability to manipulate fire and communicate with the dead, she had been training to take over the role of tribal witch from her mother when her small settlement was attacked by Narmandakh.

Now living among the Kahkol, she struggles to keep her abilities at bay, haunted by the incident that claimed the lives of many relatives and friends. However, Sumi soon bonded with a young woman named Enkh, who had also lost most of her tribe. 

Enkh has become an older sister figure, and is doing all she can to help Sumi harness her powers and reunite with her brothers, mother and father– wherever they may be.


Finished expression icon (winky face) for @sagolii-snowflake (NEVER LETS ME TAG YOU TOLA) of her thip thip Mozu. I really loved working on this and streamed almost all of the process.

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why can't jeremy accept his dragon boyfriend for who he is: a blepping, thipping, snitking dragon boy who really loves his moon

he loves his sea cat boyfriend so much but like his bf he has his own Pull

a Pull to Stop The Blep

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What's a mlem?

[I’m glad you asked, friend!  Welcome to the First Temple of the Holy Mlem, I’ll be your guide.

Originally posted by aquaticgeckos

“Mlem” is a onomatopoeia for the noise made by the sticking out of a tongue and immediately drawing it back into the mouth.  (Urban Dictionary will back me up on this one.)  

The mlem noise is not exclusive to any one particular type of animal, but is frequently ascribed on the internet to the tongue antics of cute cats and lizards. Within the FFXIV community, however, a “mlem” is usually an affectionate term for au ra characters.  A mlem could be Raen or Xaela, it is not specific.

Alternative onomatopoetic terms for “that tongue thing” are “thip” or “blep”.  However, mlem is the superior term, no matter what anyone else will tell you.]

im a little lizard short and stout

here is my tail and here is my snout

thip thip thip, give me an bug

godzilla’s my mom lol