ladyleanam  asked:

Any pairing? Hmmmm... Ginny/Theo His hair gleamed silver in the moonlight and his eyes were pleading mercy. But she did not lower her wand.

“Sorry, Theo,” she said, her voice soft with regret. “I told you this would end one day, didn’t I?”

“It doesn’t have to be like this,” he said, hoping to change her mind, but he couldn’t compete against Harry Potter, not against his fame, not against the respect he garnered, not against the light he radiated and the good he brought into the world with every Dark wizard he defeated and captured.

A tear forged a trail down her freckled cheek, and though he wanted to close his eyes against what was about to happen, he kept them open instead so he could have one last look at her, one more second to remember their stolen nights together, their soft laughter, the secrets they’d shared.

And then, “Obliviate.”

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