I ate my roomates frozen thinmints

Ok, so this was a petty revenge I was on the receiving side of, with my roommate.

We both have girl scout cookies in the freezer, his are less than half a sleeve of thin mints. Mine are a box of samoas. Well, the other day we were playing a game together, and I went into the kitchen/freezer looking for something to eat. Since his thin mints were more accessible (therefore taking less time to grab the amount I wanted), I took them and ate them.

Fast forward a few days to yesterday, he goes looking for his thin mints and can’t find them. Asks if I ate them, and I said yes, and offered my samoas (the better cookie imo). Well, he didn’t want those apparently, and decided to snack on a pickle instead. Quick note, he likes pickles, I don’t like them or their smell, and he knows this. So, he decides to eat this pickle next to me on the couch, but I jousted him away with my feet. He left. (Also worth mentioning I was on the phone with my mom this whole time).

He comes back with a box fan, plugs it in, and proceeds to set it on his lap and point it my direction, so that as he ate the pickle, the smell would be blown over to me. -_- Surprisingly, it actually worked pretty well, and I decided to leave the room shortly after that.