Nice reminder to everyone! This not only apply for guys but all you females thats disrespect your man when he one of the few gentlemen there is left , or even if your partner deserves nothing but to drink bleach , end things right before going ahead and start with someone new. Its not fair for anyone.
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This post is incredibly important to me. All that I ask for is two minutes of your time.

Now be honest, have you or anyone you know ever uttered any of the following things:

“you retard”
“ugh I hate this, I want to throw up”
“omg they look anorexic”
“she’s bipolar”
“I want to kill myself”

You refer to someone as a retard for forgetting their notebook: Little do you know that their little brother is autistic

You aimlessly say that you want to throw up: The person you say this to has been battling bulimia for the past four years

You make the remark that someone looks anorexic: He or she is in fact anorexic, something that aren’t exactly proud of

Someone lashes out on you, you call them bipolar: Bipolar disorder is a psychological illness that 2.6% of American adults are clinically diagnosed with

You’re having a bad day and say that you want to kill yourself: The girl sitting next to you didn’t have a cold last week, she was in the hospital for attempted suicide

Choose your words wisely.



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#Batman busted flying commercial and not his private Bat Hover Cruiser , moral of this story is don’t bring weapons on a carry on even if you’re a #Superhero

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#TSAGoodCatch - These #batarangs were discovered in a carry-on bag at the Buffalo Niagara International Airport (BUF). While all throwing weapons are prohibited from carry-on bags, they may be packed in checked bags as long as they don’t violate any local laws.

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