I’m Kayla and this is my story on the journey of getting fit.

It started in April when I had to get weighed for the nurse. I knew I was overweight, I could tell, I could feel it in the way I’d get tired after a mile run and how I could only do 8 push ups. So when the nurse called me I dragged my feet. When I got on the scale my heart dropped. I weight 163. I was fourteen and weighed 163 pounds. It was terrible, every teenage girls worst nightmare. The nurse talked to me, saying I was big and I had to lose weight. It took everything in me not to break down right there, so I waited until the end of the day when I was home. I cried for hours. I hated it so much. I cried because I believed I was ugly, I cried because I was fat and I cried because I couldn’t wear shorts or tank tops. That night, after bawling my eyes out, I decided to actually take the nurses advice and start losing weight.

Let me tell you, this was very hard. I had to turn down many things I loved, such as chocolate, cupcakes, ice cream and cake and swap them for fruits. There were times I cheated on my diet and there were also times I hated everything because I was eating healthy and nothing was happening. Also, I believed eating healthy meant eating nothing, so I went days with eating a granola bar in the morning and downing 5 glasses of water. Eventually I got run down and my best friend helped me get back on my feet and come to my senses because eating nothing DEFINITELY isn’t the right way to lose weight.

Summer for me meant exercising more. I started going to the gym three times a week. I would start off slow and work up more and more. I continued to eat right and around the middle of June I gave up drinking nothing but orange juice (for the morning) and water. One day, I slept over with my two close friends, and they both commented on how I looked thinner. I personally didn’t notice this. They asked me if I went on a scale and I said no, because since that horrible April day I couldn’t even think of getting on a scale. Anyway, a few weeks later I went shopping with my mother for clothes for summer vacation, a weke at the mountains. I dropped a size in shorts, and went from a large to a medium in the sports skort section. My mother commented that I looked skinnier and healthier. I was so ecstatic. I continued the gym work out and eating healthy, but I still couldn’t bring myself to actually weigh myself.

Now I’m bringing you to today. Today I finally plucked up the courage to go on a scale. I needed to see it. I swear when I stepped on my heart was pumping. I was so nervous and anxious, in fact I had to step off and calm down first because I was fidgeting. So I finally got my result and I was scared to open my eyes. I knew deep down in my heart that if I gained weight or only losed 4 pounds I would lose faith in myself. But when I opened my eyes my faith was restored. I went from 163 to 139. 

Now granted I am at risk for being overweight, but I’m not ACTUALLY overweight. I lost, in total, 24 pounds in 3 months.

So, this is an appreciation post to all fitness blogs I follow, for giving me the strength and extra push I needed to be a better healthier person. Also, I went from wanting to lose weight to be prettier to wanting to lose weight to be HEALTHIER. 

For everyone out there who is working on losing weight, it’s tough, I’m not going to lie. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication, but if you’re truly determined nothing can stop you.

My goal weight is 127, that’s a LITTLE lower than an average weight for people of my height. 

I swear to you it is worth it in the end. I’m not afraid to wear shorts. I feel more confident. I’m more toned. So this is for anyone who needs inspiration. Keep on trying and never lose faith, because I swear to you good things WILL come.